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    Star wars
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    Cars, mustang, star wars, battlestar galactica, spaceships, fighters, warships, guns, mechs, mad max


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  1. Guyinaplaguemask


    I would love that. The use of the basket piece is amazing.
  2. Guyinaplaguemask


    Amazing! How did you do the head and chest, they look fantastic.
  3. Guyinaplaguemask

    71738 Titan Mech R̶e̶v̶i̶e̶w̶ Alt builds

    Are there instructions for these? I really like the jet one.
  4. Guyinaplaguemask

    REVIEW | 10294 The Titanic

    Does anyone have the measurements of this thing in inchrs? Trying to see if it will fit on my table
  5. Guyinaplaguemask

    Gundam WING X-0 (X-Wing Gundam)

    Dude, please give us instructions. I will gladly pay for them. This looks fantastic in every way.
  6. Guyinaplaguemask

    Modified TIE Fighter MOC

    All too well
  7. Guyinaplaguemask

    Modified TIE Fighter MOC

    You've been almost done for almost a month ;)
  8. Guyinaplaguemask

    [MOC] The Red Keep from Game of Thrones

    That is a lovely interior
  9. Guyinaplaguemask

    Modified TIE Fighter MOC

    You are insane (in a good way)
  10. Guyinaplaguemask

    [MOC] The Red Keep from Game of Thrones

    GOOD LORD IT'S HUGE!!!!! This thing looks fantastic, I love all the angles. Does it have an interior?
  11. Guyinaplaguemask

    [MOC] 1:200 Iowa-Class Battleship

    Oh, it's beautiful. I absolutely love this, the Iowa's are my 2nd favorite battleships (after the South Dakotas) and you have captured the detail perfectly. The gun turrets are probably my favorite part, the way you have captured the subtle angles while having the move is incredible. What is the BL price, I would love to have this beast on display.
  12. Guyinaplaguemask

    Mustang alternatives

    I could not find the Creator forum, so i posted the question here. Thank you for telling me where it is, I'll try to be more attentive in the future.
  13. Guyinaplaguemask

    [MOC] Micro city

    YEAH EXACTLY. I do think maybe more rusted cars and metal part lying around, but this looks amazing at the scale you've chosen Great job dude.
  14. I was wondering if anyone managed to make the rear of set 10265 more accurate, it should be concave. In addition, has anyone been able to make a Boss 302 or 429 out of it?