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  2. nick97

    Future Set Wishes and Speculation

    I would like to add my thoughts about set 42083. Lego also has a license for Ford. They already made a modern Mustang and an F-150 Raptor. They also have a 2016 and a 1966 Ford GT set avaible The leaked catalog showed there will be a 1968 Mustang and the official dutch Ford site state there will be a new mustang in 2018. (That's 50 years later, same as with the GT set.) The official english Ford site also state there will be a new Ranger in 2019. So I'm hoping set 42083 is a Ford Mustang or a Ford Ranger
  3. 9. Bridge The pull-back motor is winded up using the wheel en released by pushing the orange button above it. Before pushing the button, I need to connect the motor to the lifting system. The first switch is to connect it to the clock-escapement to slow down the system. The second switch is to connect the motor to the lifting mechanism (see video below). These switched are placed as its hard to wind-up the motor with all systems engaded. Video: Discussion topic:
  4. nick97

    [TC13] bridge

    As you can see in my video I'm moving two levers before releasing the pull-back motor. The first lever is for the clock-escapement, as it stalls when turned backwards. The second lever is for the lifting mechanism. When winding-up the motor I have to turn the wheel 7 times around. If I wind the motor with the bridge lever engaged, the bridge lowers only half of its way.
  5. nick97

    [TC13] bridge

    In my last post (from 3 January) I said almost finished build, as I wanted to build a small bridge house beside the bridge. The bridge would be controlled in such a building in real life. But I haven't had much time to do that, so I skip it. It already looks good enough to me. I can easily explain all the colors with a little imagination Blue is water, black and white represents the road. Yellow represents wood, as it is a smal old bridge. I don't have brown in my collection so I used yellow for it. Grey represent concrete. This part of the construction got damaged and is rebuild with concrete to reduce the change of breaking down again.
  6. nick97

    [TC13] bridge

    Hey all, Here are some pictures of the (almost) finished bridge: I added a small clock escapement to slow down the pull-back motor. In the video you can see it is much slower now: And one with view of the clock escapement:
  7. nick97

    [TC13] bridge

    Thanks! I tried it, but this way the pull-back motor (I use) won't turn the axle at all. I did found another system to slow it down, a small clock escapement I've seen in this video: This system slows the motor down perfectly. After winding-up completely, the bridge raises much slower than without. I will take some pictures tomorrow.
  8. nick97

    [TC13] bridge

    Thanks for the great comments! Thanks for the advise. I'll try to figure out something tomorrow
  9. Hey all, At the last day of the year I want to show you my build for the bull-back contest. The motor is winded-up using the wheel and relaesed by pusing the axle beside it. From the motor to the clutch it is geared using a 12/36 and a 8/40 combination. After the clutch there is also a 12/36 reduction. If I turn the wheel 4 times around and release it, then the second 36 tooth gear turns almost half around. That is enough for lifting the road completely. I added the clutch for some kind of safety. In neutral I won't wind-up the motor when lowering the bridge. And a video: Next step is building something to slow down the motor. Comments are welcome!
  10. nick97

    [MOC] Dodge Monaco

    Thanks for great comments It is indeed looking a bit colorful. That's because I don't own much parts in one color. The blue and black does look better together on the model than on the pictures. The red panels are the only in that shape I have and the combination looked good on the ocean explorer. I did think about ordering some parts, but then I realised it is just my first model. There has to be something to improve next time
  11. Hey all, I finally found some time to show you my finished model of a ’74 dodge Monaco. The idea came from the bluesmobile from the movie the blues brothers, which is a ’74 dodge Monaco police car. As I don’t have much panels in black and white, most of the body got another color. Most of it got earth blue from set 42064. I build my model using a blueprint of a dodge Monaco police car. I used sariel’s scaling tool to get some important measurements. The scale of this car is about 1 : 11.1. Functions: drive using two L motors steering using a servo two speed gearbox, controlled using an M motor motors and lights controlled using SBrick fake V8 motor, directly driven by the two L motors front independent suspension rear suspension with fake leaf springs opening doors, hood and trunk working steering wheel some interior BB put on top of rear axle, access from the trunk Pictures: Rear suspension Battery Box A few of the functions will be shown in a video that will come soon. This is the first MOC I made to look like a real thing. All comments are welcome, so I can learn from it for the next time Bricksafe folder with all the (WIP) pictures: WIP topic: For those able to, the model can be seen this weekend (november 25th and 26th 2017) at Mega Bricks Steenwijk (the Netherlands).
  12. nick97

    [TC12][WIP] Crazy Farming

    Hey all, FInally I have some time to show some progress. It was build a few weeks ago, but didn't have time to show it earlier. This is the final vehicle. All I have to do is make it look a bit better/filling some gaps. Functions: Manure tank for spreading liquids. Depends on the environment we're racing in. Blades for cutting grass, making better roads or bringing damage to other contestents. Blade for flattening out the roads and pushing others out of my way. A mill for shredding trees and bigger hills to clear the road. The manure tank has a simple machanism to spread fake liquids. In this picture it represents oil. If I fill it with blue pins, it could be water. Thanks for reading Comments are welcome!
  13. I made it to make it possible to steer the vehicle properly when not using the motors. It makes it a bit more playable for kids, otherwise it may be a bit useless.
  14. nick97

    [TC12][WIP] Crazy Farming

    Hey all, Here is some progress: Under the V8 wasn't enough room to fit a steering system. Now the steering system is between the two strait four engines. I'm currently working on a third function, which I will show in my next update. Thanks! I hope not. The two big strait four engines should offer enough power for the functions and for the speed.
  15. Hey all, Here I present my vehicle for TC12. All functions are manual, so no PF. As the name would suggest, it will have some farming related functions. * First function is the manure tank. Normally you use it for injecting manure on your fields. In this case I will use it for spraying liquids on the road to slow down other contestants. * Second function are the blades, which are normally used for mowing grass on your fields. Now it will be used for damaging other contestants. * Need to think about other functions… This is what I have for now, more progress soon.