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Found 9 results

  1. Sidecars are a great way to enjoy a motorcycle. One can carry items safer than they could be compared to being on two wheels. + Steering + Differential and Locking + 2 Cylinders Engine + LED Light Camellia Café presents a particular designed Motorcycle with Sidecar model being controlled by Mini controller. One steering servo motor is used to steer. One DC motor is used to as power. Wi-Fi technology is used to control this model via the local wireless network. MQTT technology is used to control this model via a wide wireless network, then, you and your children could manipulate this model anywhere with iOS, Android or Windows Devices. Mini - Motorcycle Sidecar en.pdf Just in Camellia Café
  2. Here in the UK we have a bank holiday coming up. In case you were looking for something to build, I have recently finished creating 4 C-models from sets 42026, 42046, 42011 & 42060. The first two were inspired by set 42010 (dirt racer), the second by the record breaker pull back and the pair of motorcycles by the double snap with hole which reminded me of the front forks of a motorcycle. As I've disassembled the models I've taken pictures so you can build them yourselves. Visual instructions are on bricksafe.
  3. Dear all, Here are a few pictures of a C-Model I did from the 42035 truck. When I bought the set, I thought there should be all enough to build a small motorcycle: Together with his little bro 8045-B: The motorcycle has exhaust pipe, a cap for the gas tank, some foot pegs. Pin holes of connectors mimic speedometers, 4-axle with stops suggests front lights. The model features 3 functions: Direction (!) One-cylinder engine driven by back wheel (16t + chain, 12t-20t) Sidecar's top opens via the spare wheel (16t-16t) For that last function, I could not use knobs as they are too bulky and prevent the top from opening wide enough. The sidecar can easily be separated from the motorcycle, as it holds by only two pins with friction. The sidecar has a small foldable sidestand. The one-cylinder engine is not centered (it is 2 studs wide, while the motorcycle is 5 studs large). The 20t is directly connected to the crank shaft, which allows the full thing to remain compact, a necessity at this scale. Here are a few more pictures: Any comment welcome!
  4. This diorama shows three different scenes from the movie Saving Private Ryan. All the action is taking place on Ramelle bridge at the same time (just for the purpose of this diorama), although in the movie there was a longer time frame between these scenes. The first scene is in the middle section, when Captain Miller on the bridge shoots with his Colt into Tiger I tank, just a second before P-51 destroys the tank. The second one is right after Tiger I explodes and German soldiers starts to run. Corporal Upham captures a small group of soldiers. Among the captured soldiers, Corporal Upham recognizes one German soldier who was captured and let go previously. The third sequence shows the arrival of the allies.
  5. Hi, I'm new here, 33yo AFOL and looking for feedback on my very first MOC. It's finally at the point where I'm not considering adding much more :) The motorbike has hopefully realistic frame no rear suspension, straight drive shaft (no chain) instead, the seat is suspended (I'm looking for smaller springs) PF lights only work with the battery pack in the side car front mudguard allows wheel to rotate with shock absorbers fully compressed 2 pistons per side to mimic R12's really big pistons, couldn't find a way to make a single piston the right size (~3x3.5 studs) hopefully discrete knob wheel you haven't yet noticed, for the motorized sidecar to input drive kickstarter lever and some stuff to fill in the and lacks speed-o-meter, couldn't find a way to fit it in, even without the PF light license plates what else? The sidecar has 2 PF XL motors for drive 1 servo motor for steering 1 IR receiver AAA battery box openable trunk with spare wheel several pieces in the wrong color (i.e. not black) or with stickers (I'll get clean ones from BL or just remove the stickers) several pins that go into the motorbike frame, plus the steering link and a couple more points to secure it, all easy to detach and lacks mudguard, I'm not sure it'd improve appearance enough to be worth the extra weight (already funded 1) SBrick so that the spare wheel doesn't make me lose control of the thing so easily More photos in BS. Apologies for their poor quality, I only get to my MOC/s late in the night and don't even have a proper white backdrop yet. Thanks!
  6. The BMW R75 is a WW2 motorcycle and sidecar combination produced by the German company BMW in 1938.
  7. Hi there I recently build this 1/42 scale Motorbike with sidecar. Its a bit smaller then the normal Lego Bike moulds, everything is build from little bits and pieces. Hope you like it;) Motorbike classic military side car.lxf by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr the door can be opened Motorbike classic black brown opened door.lxf by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr front view, for the handlebars i want to use minifig hands in grey - but LDD wont let me do that as a single item:/ Motorbike classic black brown with side car front.lxf by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr
  8. I want to build motocross sidecar, because we had two latvian guys, who were 5 time world champions - Kristers Serģis and Artis Rasmanis. As i don't have cross tyres yet, so i decided to create somthing like this
  9. legofrik

    WWII MOC Sidecar

    This is actually my first MOC for WW2. This side car is German Zündapp KS 750 Gespann. You can read more about this vehicle here (it's in German language) Images are old. Now it has mounted proper MG34 as shown on the last image.