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  1. Any news about the same position of CMFs in other boxes you buy?
  2. @ Man with a hat, It's possible. Maybe they pack one day in order I wrote, next day in different order and so on. Don't know, just guessing. @ greg3, I'm glad to help.
  3. I don't know how factory packed their boxes with CMFs, but it will be strange, If every box will be filled differently. Why changing the program and do that for every box? Or they fill it manually and one worker just had a good day and fill it for 20 CMFs in each section and all on the same order. Could be...
  4. @ gamejutzu, I can confirm it for the box from Jirny, LEGO EU Distribution center, Czech Republic. @ Sinthoras, exactly. , But box must be from Jinry. I guess, they don't fill each box with different order of CMFs.
  5. Hi all. My English is not so good, but still, I hope that this information will come in hand for some people who will like to buy just a few LEGO minifigures from this serie. Moderators, If this info already exist, sorry for duplicity. Please delete this post. Well, today I got the box of this CMFs. Inside of the box are 3 complete CMF series, each in one section (box has 3 sections - left, middle and right) and in each section, minifigures are on the same position. They are packed in the order - from front to back... 1. Shark Army Angler 2. Volcano Garmadon 3. Shark Army General 4. Garmadon 5. Shark Army Great White 6. Shark Army Octopus 7. GPL Tech 8. N-POP Girl 9. Sushi Chef 10. Flashback Garmadon 11. Master Wu 12. Lloyd Garmadon 13. Zane 14. Cole 15. Jay Walker 16. Lloyd 17. Spinjitzu Training Nya 18. Kai Kendo 19. Misako 20. Gong & Guitar Rocker I'm not 100% sure that all the boxes all over the world will have the same position of CMFs in the box. This box come from Jirny, LEGO EU Distribution center, Czech Republic.
  6. legofrik

    [MOC] Train Engine Shed

    Thank you!
  7. legofrik

    [MOC] Train Engine Shed

    THX m8.
  8. legofrik

    [MOC] Train Engine Shed

    @Boettner Builds THX, I'll be honored If you'll make a replica. @Kristel, THX!
  9. legofrik

    [MOC] Train Engine Shed

    @ColletArrow, yes I'll add some down-pipes directly on diorama. Geenery will be mabie added later on summer edition. @Cwetqo you wish. THX both for the compliments.
  10. legofrik

    [MOC] Train Engine Shed

    THX both of you!
  11. legofrik

    [MOC] Train Engine Shed

    Another creation for diorama on incoming event - in winter edition. No interior has been made. I also try to put on some icicles, but I didn't like them at all. When I'll put it on diorama, some utensils, decorations and accessories will be added. For now it is, what it is. Credits for "Stop buffers" goes to Karwik. I like the idea, but I made my own version of it.
  12. legofrik

    [MOC] Railroad Signal tower

    THX SpinX125 and Man with a hat. About complete layout, you need to wait until October 21st. In the mean time, you can see some pictures of our exhibitions here (use navigator on the left for browsing the events):
  13. legofrik

    [MOC] Passenger car 2nd class

    HA bricks link works OK, but they have their page temporary down.
  14. legofrik

    [MOC] Passenger car 2nd class

    @ColletArrow. I have made two of them. Here are together with BR80 made from Ha Bricks. I know about the solution with flexible wheelbase. Also with an option when connected two wheels with hose.But problem is, that than I can't use the custom chassis (like I want) and LEGO wheels together, because in case I mounted the turntable, the distance from wheels will increase for two plates. I tried it and it looks ugly. For our exhibitions we stop using LEGO curved rails and we use only ME Models, except with switches, so there is no problem with friction anymore. Yes, the doors. Problem is, that there are no "jumpers" in dark green color, so I used black ones on bottom and DBG on the top of the doors and I wasn't satisfied. THX for the tips!