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  1. Rogue Redcoat

    [CONTEST] Return of the Classic Pirates - WINNERS

    Check again the governor updated the post Congratulations, @Mazin I enjoyed your competition
  2. Rogue Redcoat

    [MOC] Revolutionary War Officer

    Here is my first MOC to be posted here, I have been a long-time fan of the Revolutionary War and I decided to combine some minifigures to make the ultimate officer of the Continental Army... Sorry for the bad lighting ;)
  3. I think if everything was laid out in a clear and concise order before the contest, like categories, voting process, etc., I think the contest would have gone smoother. Now if you had a helper or two I believe that the contest would be in perfect order, nobody's plate too full and nobody have to stay up late to provide for the community. As for future contests if it's promoted on all the social media platforms (perhaps promote someone as a social media moderator for contests), and also perhaps create a poll, to see what others would like for future contest prizes classic pirate sets (1990s) newer pirate sets (2015), or other things like a bricks and minifigure pool prize or an army builder prize like the (bayonets at dawn contest). Other than this I hope to see others contribute to the forum and help with the contests but with 117 entries I think you did pretty great @Mister Phes
  4. Rogue Redcoat

    [CONTEST] Return of the Classic Pirates - WINNERS

    Congratulations to the winners , I loved all the entries but we had to glean it down to just a few so cheers to the winners but I hope all of you, regardless of whether you won or not stick around the forum and share your MOCs, WIPs, Figbarfs, etc... And as always thanks to Governor Phes for organizing the contest
  5. A bunch of great ships and the pop of color on each one is very clever
  6. Rogue Redcoat

    Revolutionary War Soldiers

    More customs , but I love the Revolutionary War so I guess it evens out , Are you planning a MOC for these guys?
  7. Rogue Redcoat

    [ENTRY] Caribbean shipyard

    Awesome, I can't wait until it's finished
  8. Rogue Redcoat

    [ENTRY] Caribbean shipyard

    Looking nice
  9. Both @iragm and @Mazin were very helpful and provided unsurpassed critiques during the contest They also were very helpful to others and if in not mistaken, they made sure to leave some feedback on every entry. When my entry was updated they made sure to go back and read the post again to see what I had changed and provided more feedback to refine my builds, there were several others out there but these 2 were the best I saw,
  10. Rogue Redcoat

    [ENTRY] - King Kahuka's Outrigger Boat (Mini Set)

  11. Rogue Redcoat

    HMS Ironram [MOC]

    Nice work, perhaps it could use another row of cannons but overall a great start
  12. Rogue Redcoat

    [CONTEST] Return of the Classic Pirates - Vote Counting

    Exactly my thoughts
  13. Rogue Redcoat

    [CONTEST] Return of the Classic Pirates - Vote Counting

    I feel ban them from Eurobricks, but that's not my choice, do others have a say on this matter?
  14. Rogue Redcoat

    [CONTEST] Return of the Classic Pirates - Vote Counting

    I recall on the Classic Pirates website that it was stated one of the new members had the same IP address as the builder, I say we ban him and perhaps wait to see if the other guys respond (I doubt it, but...) Also, do we know about @Tibcsi83 and his votes? And isn't it all very suspicious that all the votes took place on September 6th? Just another reason to ban them