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  1. Carbohydrates

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2021 Rumors, Speculation

    The more I look at the challenger, the more annoyed I am by the side stripe. Thing's gonna be a pain to convincingly align, and you'd need a few purple pieces from your own collection to omit it because part of it is brick-built.
  2. Carbohydrates

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2021 Rumors, Speculation

    I don't know, what if? I doubt it, though, given how seriously LEGO has continued to crack down on leaks and even rumors. A number of people left the Ambassador / LEGO recognized media program recently when LEGO banned discussions about rumors - regardless of the presence (or lack) of any actual leaked media - from YouTube channels and such. To their credit, they did reverse this decision shortly after receiving a ton of backlash, but the fact that they made it at all reveals a lot about the corporate mindset regarding leaks right now. Consider also the incredibly short window nowadays between a set's announcement and its availability. Given the amount of control LEGO desires over their own press, a planned leak doesn't really make sense. With their recent explosion in popularity and difficulty keeping up with demand, I don't think they need that particular form of guerilla marketing to build hype, either. I think Occam's Razor applies here: it's most likely that a store simply screwed up and put it out too early.
  3. 2015 Jeep Renegade Another unique challenge, building a car like this in olive green! The idea for this one came from the realization that I could use a white Technic cross axle for the iconic X-shaped taillights. I'm not sure it's my BEST build ever, but given the limitations of scale and color, I'm very pleased with it!
  4. Carbohydrates

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2021 Rumors, Speculation

    I recall reading or hearing, from a past interview, that the Speed Champions line is largely dictated by what various auto manufacturers come to them with. Seemingly, what specific cars get built and whether a brand is even represented in the series or not seems to mostly come from the auto companies themselves.
  5. Carbohydrates

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2021 Rumors, Speculation

    I'm a little short of impressed by the Challenger, but I look forward to being delightfully surprised by some aspect of it. I don't care about the dragster at all so I won't even comment on it. I am a little curious about the Challenger's wheel situation, though. Using a dish or similar round piece in place of a wheel is a pretty common MOC technique, but I'm positive I've never seen this in an official set before.
  6. As always, thank you so much for your kind words! I'm glad you're enjoying my builds. 1967 Ford Mustang (10265) I will confess, I am ridiculously excited to show this one to you guys. It's my most ambitious model so far. I really wanted to replicate the 10265 Creator Expert set, including the mechanism to raise the rear axle, and I did just that! I also made the various hot rod add-on bits as well.
  7. Carbohydrates

    We want the amazing 60278 Crook's Hideout Raid!

    As far as I am aware, LEGO was under no outside pressure whatsoever to cancel this set. Their stated reason was that this isn't the direction they wanted their (typically more mild) City theme to go. I read the comments section on the Brickset article about this and it was all "virtue signaling" this and "cancel culture" that, and it just doesn't seem to apply in this context. LEGO has had a specific idea in mind for their image, and the curation of particular themes, since nearly their inception as a company. We all know the story of the yellow castle, after all. Their ideas change over time, but they still have a direction for the development of each and every theme, and different themes are handled differently. I'm positive set ideas along the lines of this get rejected internally on a constant basis. I feel as if certain ideologies about "cancel culture" are just very hot-button right now and perhaps folks are subconsciously seeking confirmation bias, trying to fit the square peg into the round hole to prove something about the way the world is perceived. Maybe that's not the discussion to have here, so I'll get back to the topic: I don't really see what's so special about this set. Given LEGO's explanation, I'd imagine the big brick-built dynamite stick would have to be removed in order for this to be released in any form, and that's by far the most iconic element in the set. Without it, it's just a simple dark red building and a couple forgettable vehicles. Is it really such a loss?
  8. Carbohydrates

    [MOC] Modular Antique Shop

    You must have had a ton of fun with all the mini builds here. The detailing is perfect, and the contrast of the cluttered ground floor against the sleek, modernized apartment looks great.
  9. Carbohydrates

    Graphics For Speed Champions MOCs

    I don't really mind stickers in sets too much. Obviously I prefer (and greatly value) prints instead, but stickers make sense to me, especially when introducing 20 new prints would make a Speed Champions set impossibly expensive. What I DON'T like is stickers being used to represent features that could, and should, be brick-built instead. I feel as if the early SC sets were particularly guilty of making headlights, taillights, exhaust pipes, vents, and all sorts of physical details out of stickers instead, and it's a real bummer. However, when stickers are only used to represent a livery or manufacturer branding or whatever, that's perfectly fine and even exciting to me. So, having explained my personal thoughts about stickers in SC sets, I'd like to show off a few of my own MOCs that I have designed custom graphics for. In all of these cars, the graphics are PURELY for liveries and advertisements and such. All physical details are still brick-built and the cars work perfectly fine with no graphics at all. Also, I do in several cases use STAMPS (STickers Across Multiple PartS). I know this is contentious and I personally dislike it in official sets since it makes taking them apart extremely annoying, but I don't typically take apart my own MOCs when they're completed, so I don't mind using such a thing on my own builds. Again, just explaining my process and apologizing in advance if you dislike the idea. First up is my Hoonicorn V1. You can see the complete, non-stickered version of my MOC here. This is a really popular model for Speed Champions MOCers because LEGO built their own version of this to give to Hoonigan Racing's Ken Block (driver of the real car) as a gift, so we all had the same inspiration and template to work from. As a result, many people make sticker sheets to make the LEGO model match the branding on the real car. I decided to do something different and design LEGO-centric in-universe branding to put on the car instead. This thing is full of references to LEGO, which I will detail: HOONIGAN replaced with HOONIKITTY. FORD logo replaced with the classic 1950s LEGO logo, recolored The skull on the roof is replaced with the classic LEGO skull. The crossed bones behind it are from the latest version of the Jolly Roger flag from 21322: Pirates of Barracuda Bay. Monster Energy branding is replaced with Vita RUSH branding, which is LEGO's in-universe sport beverage company (and racing team sponsor). Toyo Tires branding is replaced with Nutrax Tyres, a brand that was advertised on the red car in 8198: Ramp Crash. Smooth Oil and Heavy Cargo are brand advertised on 42041: Race Truck. Spark is advertised on the side of 75884: Ford Mustang Fastback. ENgyne and TOOLS are advertised on the side of ]60218: Desert Rally Racer. The pony badge in the grill is a LEGO horse in profile. I had a lot of fun with that, so I decided to do another. I had built a gasser variant of my '64 Ford Fairlane last year, and it seemed like a natural choice to turn into even more of a show car. This one doesn't really have any special or unique references. I used the Smooth Oil brand again, and I added Octan Racing and "Spin Wear," another racing gear brand from the Racers Tiny Turbos theme. Finally, I wanted to do another gasser to race against that one. The problem is, I hadn't actually BUILT another gasser yet! In fact, I still haven't, but I did finish designing one, at least. Consider this, then, a MOC reveal as well: I made a 1963 Chevy Nova gasser in dark azure, then I made some graphics for it. More simple, this time - less of a show car and more of a serious drag racing machine. Like the Hoonicorn, I filled this one with LEGO references, too. The car's number, 541, is a reference to 5541: Blue Fury. The name "Well Played" is a reference to the origin of the name LEGO, "Leg Godt" = "Play Well." Brick Street Custom is a speed shop from the Tiny Turbos line - 8154: Brick Street Customs The axle company, Cross, is advertised on the legs of 71021-13: Race Car Guy, which itself is a reference: "Cross axle" is the shape of a Technic axle. The other two part companies, "Cams - Red Bird" and "Pistons - Rally," are brands that I made up in reference to the first sets that the cam and piston pieces appeared in: 5591: Mach II Red Bird Rig and 8850: Rally Support Truck, respectively.
  10. Carbohydrates

    [MOC] KMP's Vehicle MOCS

    Always excited to see a new post from you in this thread. You have such a distinctive style that comes through in the things you build. Hey, this is stellar! I love any use of that particular mudguard piece in your fascia, but I especially love the cockpit here. Just detailed enough and perfectly scaled. Nice model.
  11. Carbohydrates

    [Opinion] Why you should generally avoid building Lego Skyscrapers

    Well sure, I think there can definitely be a tendency to prioritize size and scale over detail, but that's an individual's choice to make. The fact of the matter is that a skyscraper is just going to be a large build, and that's going to require a certain commitment of parts and design. Slapping one together because you want something tall is going to yield poor results, but it's more an issue of underestimating the undertaking, IMO. There are other things to consider, too. A single skyscraper in a city that's otherwise filled with short buildings is going to look awkward. If you're doing a downtown high rise section of a city, it really needs to be a whole neighborhood, or at least a block. Also, if your town is predominantly modulars or modular-style buildings, a skyscraper likely won't make a lot of thematic sense. Modulars are like caricatures of buildings. They're facade-oriented and quite shallow, intended to make up the face of a block but not its depth, and are just generally small overall. Skyscrapers tend to be much more proportionate to their real equivalents, going much deeper down a block to make the correct visual profile. As a result, they're far more likely to dominate a city build in the modular style rather than complement it.
  12. Thanks for the invite! I make a point of avoiding Facebook, but it looks like a nice group. I did see, within a couple minutes of looking, a guy knocking off my work as his own - fun stuff. I had to have a bunch of his stolen work removed from Rebrickable already.
  13. Carbohydrates

    LEGO IDEAS Vintage car contest, failed submission.

    Well sure, I'll talk about it here briefly, then, since I'm kind of avoiding posting things to my thread until I have the physical model built. The concept is: I was, by coincidence, already working on a 6-wide version of the Creator Expert Mustang when I saw your wonderful car in the thread here. As you may know, that set has a feature that allows you to change the height of the rear axle on the fly to give the car a more aggressive rake. You inspired me to build a similar mechanism into my own model! You can see that the badge on the decklid is actually a bushing on a grey Technic axle. Turning it engages a small gearbox between the wheels that cams the rear axle downward. Turning the axle liftarms about 20 degrees is enough to stance the whole car by about 2 degrees! And then, just to complete the package, I made all the little hot rod add-on bits, too. Thank you once more for the inspiration and the opportunity to talk about it here, because I'm very excited about this one!
  14. Carbohydrates

    LEGO IDEAS Vintage car contest, failed submission.

    Hey, what a wonderful build. I love this so much! And the cam mechanism to raise the suspension? Brilliant. In fact, it inspired me to try something - not quite this, but something like it - for one of my own models. I don't wish to derail your thread with a conversation about my own stuff, but thanks for posting this. Incredibly cool, cute, and inspirational.
  15. Wow, been a long time since I updated this, huh? Didn't do a lot of cars in the back half of last year, but I'm back at it again. 1983 Toyota AE86 Sprinter Trueno I tried this one a few different ways before I landed on this design, including 5 and 7-wide, but I feel like the classic 6-wide ended up getting me the most streamlined, finished-looking result. I'm particularly happy with the rear side window geometry - that's a 1x2 - 2x4 bracket angled against the top of the lower 18 degree slope, perfectly filling the 1/2 plate gap between it and the adjacent, higher 18 degree slope and giving me a surface to attach the C pillar tiles to. Also has the requisite paper water cup inside.