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  1. Carbohydrates

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2022 Rumors, Speculation

    A lot of the car choices have to do with influence from the manufacturers, too. I think this is why we won't see, for instance, a Pontiac, because Chevrolet likely has no interest in marketing a dead brand.
  2. Carbohydrates

    [MOC] Fender Telecaster

    Right? Building a Tele was absolutely priority #1! Thanks so much! Very kind coming from you. I love your work. Hey, my #1 is a Les Paul! I think the carved top, edge binding, and differing colors on the top and back are gonna make that not quite feasible for now, though. Luckily, a Les Paul Junior is entirely possible... (a not-so-subtle hint of what my next guitar model will be). Thanks, that means a lot!
  3. Carbohydrates

    [MOC] Fender Telecaster

    21329: Fender Stratocaster was released yesterday and, you know, it's cool and all, but Strats just aren't my thing. Honestly, I'm much more of a Telecaster kind of guy. Of course, my first thought was to attempt this as a B-model or alternate build, but there's just nothing that could possibly represent the "ashtray" bridge and control plate that comes on the stock guitar. So, freed of the shackles of parts limitations, I had some fun with it! Fitting the control plate and jack meant I couldn't use the same nestled curved slope and arch combo that I could on the other side. I'm pretty sure this is just about the tightest, least gappy fit I could achieve here for a relatively seamless body. The selector is a box wrench between 4 sideways rail plates. I had to compress the string assembly quite a bit to fit it here. On the Strat, the pickguard covers the assembly up top and a back plate covers it from behind, leaving 5 plates' worth of vertical height to fit the string/guide assembly into. The Tele has a smaller pickguard and no back plate, so I only had 3 plates' worth of height to fit the same basic thing. This required the most iteration and revision, but we got there! The headstock, of course, is far narrower and more curvy than the 70's profile Strat headstock LEGO modeled the official set on. A fun comparison to my own Telecaster! Hope you enjoy!
  4. Carbohydrates

    [MOC] Corvette C4 - Skull edition

    Absolutely adore this. It's spectacular! Well done! Love the shaping, especially around the taillights. It does make me sad to see a C4 with gauges, though. It's all about that digital dash for me.
  5. Carbohydrates

    [MOC] KMP's Vehicle MOCS

    Quietly enjoying everything you post of course, but I have to specifically mention how much I adore this. Amazing job.
  6. Thanks, that's very kind of you to say! I appreciate it. That was my hope! All right, another new one: 1940 GMC Pickup Truck This is pretty outside of my ordinary range, but a viewer on my LEGO Twitch stream requested it, so here we are! It was pretty fun to shape, and I've never prominently used bright light yellow before. I'm particularly happy with the headlights, which took a while to solve.
  7. 1969 Chevrolet Corvette C3 This was inspired by how much I disliked LEGO's official Speed Champions C3. In fact, I started working on it on the 2nd of May, immediately after images of the official build were revealed! I wanted to take my own shot at it in my preferred 6-wide scale. I focused largely on the aspects I thought came up short on the official one: the roof line, the windscreen, the curvature of the rear deck, and the shaping of the bodywork over the fender arches. I'll be honest, I'm completely thrilled with how this one turned out! I think it's one of my best and I almost made a new thread just to show this one off. Oh, also, the rear deck clip assembly that holds the luggage rack is easily reversible so the rack can be added or removed in seconds.
  8. Carbohydrates

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2021 Rumors, Speculation

    I will die on the hill of the 6-wide Speed Champions cars! Classic SC forever! ...To answer you directly, I just don't display them side-by-side, hah.
  9. Thanks! In honesty, I'm working through a backlog of completed designs right now. I have 3 more, finished and ready to be photographed and posted, with a couple more nearly completed behind those.
  10. Thanks! I've only gotten to use those big curved slopes on 2 cars so far, but they work really well for their purpose. 1985 Toyota Hilux 4 x 4 Marty's truck from Back To The Future! I started with the fenders and sculpted everything else out around those. This build uses 51 SNOT bricks and brackets, nearly 1/5 of all of its pieces. The wheels have independent suspension, though the large tires prevent much travel.
  11. You're quite welcome! Here's a little something else: 1999 Mercury Cougar I mainly built this because it was my partner's very first car, but it was fun tackling a car shaped so differently than what I usually build. Plus, I finally got to do something in dark green! I'm especially pleased with how the headlights and taillights turned out on this one.
  12. Carbohydrates

    [MOC] KMP's Vehicle MOCS

    Kinda wanna just buy that set and spend an afternoon doing all your alternate builds.
  13. Oh, gotcha. Sure, I have a RB page most of these get posted on. The Daytona's instructions are free due to the strangeness of the techniques used - I don't like to charge people if I feel it's anything less than a smooth building experience:
  14. Carbohydrates

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2021 Rumors, Speculation

    Hm... I couldn't possibly believe a leak or anything. It has graphics across multiple pieces, which LEGO will not do in a modern production set. Not saying they couldn't make a set BASED on that model, but this reminds me more of when LEGO built a Hoonicorn as a gift for Ken Block - it was sadly never made into a set.
  15. Carbohydrates

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2022 Rumors, Speculation

    Personally, I'd also swap out the Dodge Demon. We just had Challengers in 2019 and 2021, so some variety from that may be nice. We've kind of run through the modern muscle options, but there's an enormous pool of classic stuff to explore! I'd imagine 2022 is going to be fairly non-US-centric though, and we sure don't need another Dodge set so soon anyway.