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Found 6 results

  1. Hi everyone, I have finished my Willys Jeep alternate of the Land Rover set, so I'd like to summarize the final model here. Features: - Live axle suspension with imitated leaf springs on both axles. It uses one shock absorber per wheel, also positioned realistically. I also tried to construct the core frame as is in the real life car. - Manual 4-speed gearbox in a classic H-shape. Additionally, there is a Hi / Lo gear switch and an RWD / 4WD switch, just like in the real car, and the positioning of those switches is as realistic as I could get with the limited space. The whole gearbox is in the middle of the chassis. - Working inline 4-piston engine as in reality, I tried to add engine details modelled after the real engine. - Functional steering wheel and also HOG steering in the back (which had to pass through the gearbox). - Foldable windshield and opening hood with stander included. I managed to get the windshield folding joint similar to reality. - The interior is clean and I tried to get the shape of the seats as close to reality as I could, although the square and flat front seats were hard to reproduce with the available parts in that color. - Detachable roof, again, I tried to reproduce the shape of the tubing. - Extras: Jerry-can on the back, and of course the spare wheel. More details about the design process are given on Rebrickable. Here's a video showcasing the functions: And some renders and photos: Building instructions are available on Rebrickable. Feedback is welcome! Cheers!
  2. This diorama shows three different scenes from the movie Saving Private Ryan. All the action is taking place on Ramelle bridge at the same time (just for the purpose of this diorama), although in the movie there was a longer time frame between these scenes. The first scene is in the middle section, when Captain Miller on the bridge shoots with his Colt into Tiger I tank, just a second before P-51 destroys the tank. The second one is right after Tiger I explodes and German soldiers starts to run. Corporal Upham captures a small group of soldiers. Among the captured soldiers, Corporal Upham recognizes one German soldier who was captured and let go previously. The third sequence shows the arrival of the allies.
  3. Some months ago a topic started here in EB by piterx, inspired to design a little, fast, simple and funny 4x4. My original idea was build again a Land-Rover Defender in small scale to help to the people who likes my previous Defender but it is too much big and expensive. But when I was starting the car I though about that will be even more interesting if I design a chassis which can be used in many differents 4x4. I finnally designed a modular 4x4 platform. I have called it Modular All-terrain Platform (MAP) This platform can be used in almost all 4x4s with live axles. I this category you can find many Jeeps, Land-Rovers, Toyotas and many other famous 4x4. This MOC has been designed to be easy to built, very strong and light, funny to drive and as cheap as possible. The width is 17 studs. The chassis comes in two versions RC and MANUAL, with many features, some of them common, and other specific for one version. Common features - Wheelbase The most important feature in this platform is the option to change the wheelbese very easily and quickly. You only need to change 3 parts, yes only 3 parts to use any wheelbease you want between 22 and 30 studs, without change any other part in the chassis. With all this options you can use it in any vehicle you want and the bodywork will always fit correctly and very proportionate. I have studied many 4x4 and the wheelbase between 22 and 30 with 17 studs of wide is enough to built almost any real 4x4 ever built. - 4WD The chassis has permanent 4x4 traction with two differentials. This platforn has not been designed to be used like a Truck Trial, so it is better use differentials and increase the usability on smooth surfaces. - Live axles suspension Like the bests 4x4 this chassis has live axles with 3-links configutation in front and rear. Also it has good suspension travel, specialy in the rear axle . - Steering by push-pull bar Again like the real 4x4s the front axles use a bar system to make the steering works. Very realistic, strong and reliable. I have measured more than 30 differents 4x4 to fix the steering wheel in the best possible position. MANUAL VERSION FEATURES - Interchangeable fake engine To be used in all possible 4x4s, it is necessary to have the options to use differents fake engines. I have included 3 differents engines: L4, V6 and V8. I have not added a L6 because there are not enough space to fit it. You can change the motor in less than 10 seconds. - Working steering wheel The position of the steering wheel is exactly the same as the RC version. RC VERSION FEATURES - Powered by PF Like the name sais, this version has Power Functions. It uses a servo motor fot the steering and 2L motors for drive. Actually the whole PF system is exactly the same as the set 9398 (Crawler). - 2 speeds gearbox This version also includes a 2 speeds manual gearbox. Perfect to go fast on flat floors and slow cross-country. The gear ratios: Low - 1:1 - Max speed: 1.3kph High - 1:3 - Max speed: 4kph Jeep Willys One of the most famous 4x4 vehicles ever made. This is the first bodywork I have designed because it is small and simple to build, and at the same time very famous and The exacly scale for the Willys is 1:11.6 Now as always a little video showing how it works. Complete instructions for both versions available now!! All info HERE
  4. This is my original lego design base on Jeep Willys used during WWII I only use the parts from 1 set of lego 31024. I am happy with the overall design except the wind screen, I just can't recreate it perfectly in this scale with limited parts. Please watch Review video here: Give me a thumbs up if you like it, Thanks for Watching :-) Build instruction video in LDD is here :-)
  5. legofrik

    WWII MOC Willys MB

    Here is my new MOC of Willys MB from WWII. You can read all about the vehicle here. Here is small improvement of connecting the steering wheel.
  6. -DoNe-

    Willys Jeep [MOC]

    I know, I know, the presentation is as always horrendous, but it is the best I can do for now (and for those who regularly check my stream knows that I usually change the photo a couple of times). But enough with that, this is my new designed willys jeep, now the back is heavily inspired by PA´s, otherwise I think it is pretty unique (as unique a willy gets these days).