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  1. Sariel

    Mercedes-Benz SSKL

    I'm surprised too. I mean it's literally at least 50% Technic pieces. What happened, too few gaps for the Technic forum?
  2. Sariel

    Mercedes-Benz SSKL

    I have a thing for the early days of racing, and Mercedes-Benz SSKL, also known as "White Elephant" was a truly spectacular machine of the era, with distinctive stripped-down bodywork (they even cut holes in the stringers to reduce weight) and top speed of 235 km/h. So I've built a fairly simple model of one and if you're interested in the historical background and some photos, check out
  3. I thought the 10265 Ford Mustang was the best LEGO Creator Expert car ever. But that may no longer be valid:
  4. Never seen it happen, but should such case happen, of course I'll treat it as a new. Let it go.
  5. I beg to differ. On a principle, I don't mark part as new if it's been added to Bricklink already. You have to draw a line somewhere and this seems more objective than some arbitrary timespan. I mean, there are people to whom PF extension wires are new.
  6. In terms of release date, there's a 3 months difference between the set 42125 introducing this part and the 42121 re-using it. Even Bricklink, which isn't usually particularly fast about new pieces, added it at the beginning of January:;C=11
  7. It's a thin tire. Falls off rather easily if you just push the hovercraft sideways a bit.
  8. Not overly impressed with this set, I'm afraid. It looks good and it has nice colors, but in terms of playability it can't hold a candle to the 42076 or to the 42025 set's excellent B-model.
  9. A surprisingly good set here. I'm really impressed by how LEGO managed to make such a relatively small set look so realistic.
  10. They do! This video was shot at -10°C and there were zero problems with performance. Only problems with my hands freezing off because of having to use the damn touchscreen
  11. Sometimes you just want to plow through the snow in style, without bothering yourself with complex drivetrains, steering systems and whatnot (totally not being lazy here ;) ):
  12. There are several simple options for sharing images: I would also suggest considering using a tripod or better lighting, seeing as most of your photos are blurry.
  13. Sariel

    42124 Buggy Winter Mod

    Probably not on a snow this deep and soft. I don't think one buggy motor would perform that differently from two C+ L motors, plus I would need to rework most of the buggy to fit that motor in there somehow. As you can see below, L motors are a pretty good option for driving on snow:
  14. Sariel

    42124 Buggy Winter Mod

    Because I geared it down and used sprockets that are much smaller than 42124's original wheels. I expected that a lot of torque would be required, and with fresh, deep snow this appears to be true. On an older, hard packed snow you could probably drive the regular 42124 at normal speed, but then it wouldn't be much different from driving on solid ground.
  15. Skis instead of the front wheels, tracked bogies instead of the rear wheels and removing the differential -> some fun in the deep snow. To be honest, I regret not having any motorized 42069 version at hand.