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  1. Sariel

    Technic Silliest Builds?

    Imperial Ankle Destroyer, of course.
  2. Sariel

    PFx Brick video test

    I doubt that. The freshest news on the website you've liked come from late 2017.
  3. Sariel

    PFx Brick video test

    As you can see, this thread is close to 2 years old. So it's quite probable that the project has been abandoned since then.
  4. LEGO Power Functions VS BuWizz in the 42095 set:
  5. Sariel

    RC Maus Tank

    Apologies for refreshing this thread, but I've just discovered that RC models of the Maus tank were actually built even before the real thing was ;)
  6. You don't need any additional software to see a 3D review. Just the regular YouTube app. I know, I've done a bunch of them.
  7. 42092 Rescue Helicopter:
  8. For the record, I managed to fit the stretcher through the rear door. It's doable provided you remove the stretcher's harness and fiddle around with closing the doors a little. I think the smooth floor inside the fuselage shows that the stretcher is supposed to go in there.
  9. It's appears to be a V1 receiver. There is only one motor per output here, not two like in the Crawler.
  10. Every year LEGO gives an unique set to its employees, a set that's not being sold in stores. This year they were kind enough to send one to all of the LEGO Ambassadors, too. I though I should share it with you. Merry Christmas!
  11. The 42065 VS 42095 duel isn't as obvious as it might seem:
  12. I think the essential problem here is the use of Technic pieces at this scale. If this set used mostly System pieces for the body, it would look closer to the real thing and more detailed, simply because System pieces can go below 1 stud in size. But since LEGO chose to use Technic pieces only, the result looks crude because they're simply too large to allow much detail and accuracy at this scale. Also, I agree it doesn't look bad, but I think this is largely due to the nice color combo (orange + black works every time). If this car's body color was mixed, say blue and yellow, I think it would look worse.
  13. The Corvette review is here, also added it to the first post. I'm afraid that Jim is a much kinder man than I am :) 42093: Corvette ZR1
  14. Yeah, it looks like they had a false start.