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  1. Third B-model of the 2H2017 is yet another "vehicle" (so helpful of LEGO to tell us that, now nobody will mistake it for a building ;) ). While it's the smallest of the three, I think it's quite interesting and good-looking, even if many of A-model's pieces are left unused and the functions are largely similar to those of the A-model.
  2. Thanks, I'm not sure if my spoken English is sufficiently good. I think there are many European builders with broad experience, good voices and decent English.
  3. It's just you. They're supposed to protrude forward.
  4. I think the crane's problem is that it's difficult to make it controlled from a distance and foldable at the same time. It's doable, but would require some complex connections requiring pieces this set doesn't have. And I believe it's possible to add a gear wheel at the crane's base to rotate it by a know when in upright position.
  5. As could be expected, the 42069's B-model is way more interesting than the 42070's one, even if it's not too pretty:
  6. I don't know, I don't follow EB that much, and I'm happy to review 4DBrix products as well.
  7. Wouldn't it be much more efficient if you used arched bricks inside to leave less empty space around the turbine?
  8. Here's my extensive review of just a few of the many custom LEGO-compatible train tracks made by TrixBrix ( I especially like the incline supports:
  9. I wouldn't be so quick to compare Porsche with the 42070. They're both big, but Porsche recreates an existing car from a famous brand and comes with a premium quality box and instructions book. 42070 is just a large truck with some flashy colors. It's not going to appeal to car enthusiasts, Porsche freaks etc.
  10. So a review always has to be positive? :) Sorry, but I don't think your arguments hold up: - it's smaller than 42055 for example, and than a number of other existing sets. Hell, it's got less pieces but higher price than 42069. - more wheels? 42043 has twice as many. Also, these aren't new wheels, we already got them from the much cheaper and much better Claas Xerion. - yes, larger price is what we always expect from LEGO. Why make sets better or more complex when you can just raise the prices ;) - I will be extra grateful for explaining how is leaving roughly 1/4 of the A-model's pieces completely unused related to effort and not laziness :)
  11. I thought there is always room for improvement. Example:
  12. Hard to pick one definite favorite, but I dream of getting the Control Center 2 one day...
  13. If you thought the 42070 A-model was bad, the B-model is here to convince you it was actually pretty good. In fact, it seems to have been built solely for that purpose:
  14. Thanks Jim! just one tiny correction: the book does not cover every electric motor ever made by LEGO. Some very old motors predating the 9V system and some Trains motors have been omitted due to their extreme rarity.