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  1. Yes, it's a lengthy video but most of it is taken by the speed build which you can skip. The largest offering from LEGO, big enough to hold its own Guiness World Record, is certainly not for everybody, but it makes one crazy display piece.
  2. I'm amazed by this set. It's like Model Team goes into space and meets quite a bit of Technic. I had to nitpick really hard to find any faults:
  3. I've had a chance to play with a pre-release version of the BuWizz 3.0 and here's everything I found out about it. And yes, it's FAST.
  4. We've all been there, haven't we? ;) The project is too silly to warrant a description so allow me to just share a video and a link where you can vote for it:
  5. Duplo tires on LEGO rims? I smell heresy...
  6. I've added two extra wheels that you guys requested and also introduced a "rarity" column, where each wheel is rated rare (in 3 sets or less), uncommon (in 4 to 12 sets) or common (>12 sets). Hope this helps!
  7. Edit: aaaand done! All rims/tires images are now hosted right there with the tool itself so they should pop up instantly, I hope. I guess now that I have a complete list of rims and tires used, I could try making nice renders of them all and using them instead... Gosh, why are there only 24 hours in a day?
  8. The smaller images are displayed directly from Bricklink, so it all depends on the connection you have with their server. I probably should just download them and host them myself, but haven't gotten around to doing it yet.
  9. Oh yeah, I have this one but totally missed it, sorry. I'll probably add it next month. I also have this idea for a "wheel builder" feature where you pick a rim and see all tires that fit it and vice versa, but this will take a while to make and I don't exactly have much time these days.
  10. One of my online tools for AFOLs, the LEGO Wheels chart, has received a major update, including: unified, highly detailed 3D images of all wheels 11 new wheels added dead links fixed rim/tire combinations updated overhauled code for easier maintenance The list of wheels now includes wheels released in first half of 2021, and the number of tire/rim combinations now reaches well over 200. The tool is available free of charge at If you’re an Android user, you may alternatively want to consider my free ad-less mobile app Sariel’s Wheels Table.
  11. I guess, but it's probably a fairly small difference.
  12. I think it's a bit too similar to the T-72 which I've already built, so no. I've developed this mechanism for my T-34 model, even though the real T-34 actually uses a simpler steering system, with a differential and brakes.
  13. Here's a mechanism for controlling your LEGO tanks that may be considered a good alternative to subtractors. It splits a single driveshaft in two and then puts each of these two shafts through a small 3-speed remotely controlled transmission. This effectively allows to drive at two different speeds and to turn with two different radiuses. It’s also fairly easy to add a transmission and/or a piston engine between the drive motor(s) and the mechanism, and – unlike with a subtractor – they will work both when driving straight and when turning. The primary advantages of this mechanism are realistic controls (with a PF remote you can operate levers just like in a real T-55 tank) and ability to use a transmission and/or a piston engine at all times. There are no differentials needed, which is another advantage because their inner gears can be broken under high torque. The disadvantages include the need for two PF Servo motors to control the mechanism and a larger size and higher number of specialized pieces when compared to a subtractor. Free building instructions:
  14. So, let's put a new spin on the whole "Can LEGO fly?" debate, shall we? ;)
  15. Sariel

    [RUMORS] 6x6 Mercedes Zetros

    I can confirm that I've heard nothing about the new Technic wave from LEGO yet. The "review window" has been moving around a lot lately and seems to depend on the licensed partner. For example I got the McLaren set very early and it was initially embargoed until early December, but then McLaren requested moving it to January 1st, which was way too late from the market's point of view.