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  1. It's all great but I'd love to see someone making LEGO fly in a more creative way than simply using over 3x normal voltage. Let's be honest, once you have unlimited power at your disposal, you can make anything fly.
  2. Today I've finally had a chance to take the new floating hulls - the first floating hulls in a Technic set,if I'm not mistaken - for a spin on a lake. Here's the footage with a few observations:
  3. Sariel


    I also made a Mercedes racing truck that went well over 18 km/h with a full body of panels, but the scale was smaller.
  4. 42106 Stunt Show Truck And Bike:
  5. Sariel


    Very nice MOC, excellent presentation, I'm just a little confused about this part: So what you're saying is that it's impossible to go faster at this scale? What's the top speed of your model? And on another note, did you experience any problems when driving with such small ground clearance?
  6. 42104 Race Truck: 42103 Dragster:
  7. Than any gears, maybe. Than 10 gears of 5 various types in a $13 set? I doubt so. Check Bricklink, the 6.5L shock absorber comes in at least 100 various sets.
  8. I think it can hardly be called a suspension. As demonstrated in slow motion in my video, the buggy is too light to make any use of it, it only works if you press it down by hand. Bottom line is, the buggy offers a single shock absorber (worth about $0.7 on Bricklink) while the Claas offers 10 gear wheels of 5 various types. It's a simple choice.
  9. Sariel

    Mark V Tank

    Thank you but I have to pass. I just don't have enough time. Plenty of talented builders to contact here.
  10. Sorry about the mistake. It totally escaped my notice.
  11. Sariel

    Mark V Tank

    The Brickmania tank you've linked to is fairly small, it would be difficult just to make it drive straight with a motor, not to mention anything extra. Also, I'm not going to reverse-engineer their design because that's just feels unfair. Tell me what you want the model to do and at what budget, and if I pass, perhaps someone else will be interested.
  12. Sariel

    Mark V Tank

    So, a minifigure scale tank with no functions? Sounds easy, why do you need somebody to do it?
  13. 1. There's no such word as Legos unless you mean some Greek island maybe. 2. I can't have a girlfriend. My wife won't let me.