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  1. Sariel

    Giant tractor

    I could spend hours explaining how there is nothing I could possibly gain for myself by commenting on a post like this, and how "prolific builder" simply means "one who builds a lot" in my dictionary (doesn't really apply these days) so I have no idea how it could possibly have offended you. But you clearly know my intentions and every thought better than I do, so I'll just pass. I've been building for some 13 years straight and the idea that I need to come to EB and bash someone to feel better about my building is, frankly, not even ridiculous - it's just odd. I could also remind you dozens of EB threads that immediately went off the rails the moment someone's comment looked vaguely like a criticism. Or threads started by 10-year-olds who didn't know how to post a picture or to write a post. But I really have better things to do. Plotting my evil masterplans is a time-consuming business ;) (PS. Of course I don't try to recommend anything to big-timers. Now, THAT would be arrogant.) That being said, I apologize to @howitzer for making my remarks sound derogatory and disrespectful. There is really no justification for it, but I was struck by how very wrong your initial design seemed to me. I should have, of course, offered suggestions in a very different manner. I can only say that being a dedicated builder, it pains me to see stuff like that. But hey, we all start somewhere. Also, this is my last comment on someone else's post at EB. Let's solve the problem at its core, because apparently my mere being here is an issue to some people. I will either suspend the account completely or just limit myself to starting my own threads, haven't decided yet. Peace!
  2. The size depends on your device's DPI and ranges from 20 MB at lowest DPI to around 140 MB at the highest one.
  3. Sariel

    Giant tractor

    Didn't know that 2 comments constitute a "series". Yes, I'm getting discouraged again and again from commenting here because any form of criticism, however mild, is unwelcome on EB. To the extent that you guys fail to help others because helping would mean pointing out some errors. Until my first post here literally the only comment was "Wow...", whereas the author of this thread obviously needed help. But no, not here. I actually remember some builder showing his crane model a while ago, which was pretty decent, but the author kept misspelling "outriggers" again and again. And it went for 2 or 3 pages if I remember correctly, with not a single soul offering a correction because that would be IMPOLITE. I'm nowhere near being arrogant, I'm just dead tired of your endless drama whenever a comment is posted with anything other than praise in it. Come to think of it, I think it's pretty arrogant to be able to help someone correct their errors but deciding to look the other way. And yes, my first post sounded unpleasant, but look at the pic it was referring to. I'm pretty sure that most people viewing it had the same thoughts I did, they just remained silent. Be honest, you don't want me commenting on EB, you just want me shoveling praise left and right. Anything other is considered unsavory.
  4. Sariel

    Giant tractor

    I literally drew the problem on the pic and described the solution (and that's second time I've done it in this thread, BTW). Sorry for trying to help and not making such insightful, helpful comment as yours. I sometimes forget that the only activity allowed on EB is patting each other on the back.
  5. Sariel

    Giant tractor

    That happens for a reason. The reason being: you're still ignoring the geometry completely and trying to murder your axles as result. The 3 arms I have marked SHOULD ALL BE OF EQUAL LENGTH. And to make things worse, the parts I've marked with yellow rectangles are angled so they're effectively less than 3 studs long, which messes up the geometry even worse. I understand you're just building a toy for your child but it really doesn't take much effort to stop trying to break LEGO pieces in process. If your car had suspension like this, it wouldn't last two turns:
  6. Sariel

    Giant tractor

    I had a hard time thinking of how to comment on your suspension. Do me a kindness and take it apart, please. The geometry, or more precisely the complete randomness of it, hurts my eyes. Best scenario is to go back to @Zerobricks design and just make it stronger, not massacre it. Sorry. The moment you put any serious weight on it, things are going to explode.
  7. Here's how far I was able to get with it, I'm sharing in hope that somebody can improve it:
  8. A good-looking Technic bike with a transmission, unique new pieces and Ducati license? Sign me in!
  9. Sariel


    Welcome back! We missed you!
  10. Why not solve the problem at its core? Prices start at less than 90 cents:{"color":86,"iconly":0}
  11. I have this common problem when I need to look up some data on a LEGO set on my phone at a shop somewhere and things get slow and tedious. So with Brickset's permission I've come up with a solution. Download for free here:
  12. No, everything works like a charm. Suspension in particular.
  13. You know how YouTube works. Either my review is first or I may as well not make it at all. And I wouldn't need to push myself if LEGO sent this set early, not after the official reveal, but no, of course, they have to try to secure leaks in all the wrong places.
  14. No, it doesn't seem to impact the steering, in fact the steering seems easier and smoother than in Chiron. The downside is the mismatched geometry when compared with the suspension wishbones, which means that the wheels move to the side a bit when at the top or bottom of the suspension travel.