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  1. Sariel

    Where to buy?

  2. And today it's actually less valuable than when it came out:
  3. It can be argued that Model Team has been indeed rebooted - in form of the Creator Advanced cars. The recent sets such as the Ferrari F40 or the VW Beetle (the new surfing one, not the old blocky one) seem pretty close to what the Model Team has been about. Interestingly, from what I heard the Ideas Caterham car set - which I suppose was the closest to Model Team of all the Ideas sets so far - was apparently a flop. There has been, in fact, a number of flops among Ideas sets, the Exo-suit set is another example, so just getting the 10k votes and Lego's approval doesn't automatically translate into winning on the market. It can also be argued that the overall looks of the Technic sets have been steadily improving since Lego introduced the current generation of Technic panels, and started using stickers en masse. Compare, for example, the 42048 and 8842 sets. Personally, I think that especially with large-scale supercars, a well-built Technic model just looks sexier than a blocky, angular, studded System model.
  4. I would be surprised if fans of driving Jeeps would prefer a static model over a motorized one that they can drive, but I may be wrong. All in all, you make it sound like Technic is some ugly duckling of the Lego world that nobody wants to see on Ideas. I don't think it's true. Technic continues to be one of the best-selling Lego themes, and I think it appeals to a whole lot of people who have little interest in yet another space vessel or a building. Plus, on the other hand, does anybody remember the Ideas Doctor Who set? Lego saw fit to make it happen, even though I doubt it appealed to anyone other than hardcore Doctor Who fans, and probably not even all of them. Clearly, a universal appeal is not a requirement here.
  5. Actually, you posted three separate posts in this thread before I even answered. Ever considered changing your nickname to "Duracell"? Because you just keep going and going and going ;)
  6. Guys, let's start agreeing with Yevhen or 50% of this thread will consists of just his posts about how bad this project is and how nobody can have a different opinion ;)
  7. Probably, but that's likely to be going far in the future.
  8. Pretty sure the same could be said about the pop-up book.
  9. It's probably the fact that their submission rejection rate is somewhere around 95%. Just guessing, though.
  10. More photos and description: Added the link to the first post, too.
  11. It's your fourth post on a project that probably won't even reach that 10,000 votes. Relax mate.
  12. So can a stone :) What's your problem, does it say anywhere that this project is 42070's competition? Did a set as crappy as the 42070 suddenly become a golden standard for judging other sets? I don't think so. 8043 was an excellent RC set, for example. And it didn't require you to come and switch functions by hand like the 42070 does.
  13. And I wouldn't put the abhorrent 42070 set in my profile pic, but to each their own :) The 42070 was only huge because it was full of air and empty space, BTW, and the price it came with easily justified 4 motors, not 2. Look, don't vote if you don't like it and move on with your life. I made compromises that I thought were reasonable. You're free to feel differently and to submit your own stuff to Ideas. The project is over 9,300 votes short from even being considered, so no need to lose any sleep over it.