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  1. Aesthetics and Technics

    Just wanted to say that I don't visit frontpage nor Hall Of Fame topic and I have no clue what's going on in there. I'm not a fan of putting some selected creations in the limelight because that creates unnecessary tensions, but then I don't run this forum. It's a sad fact of life that we can't be all equally known, and somebody will always get more recognition, but that doesn't mean that "well-known" builders are spending their days basking in fame or something. Personally, I make it my point to always leave the reception of a model to the audience, which is why I never name my models "the fastest" or "the biggest" or any other catchy things that some people frequently use.
  2. Aesthetics and Technics

    Fun fact: opposite Ackermann geometry exists and is used in the real world. A number of Lotus F1 cars used it, for example. Quite from Wikipedia: Some racing cars use reverse Ackermann geometry to compensate for the large difference in slip angle between the inner and outer front tyres while cornering at high speed. The use of such geometry helps reduce tyre temperatures during high-speed cornering but compromises performance in low-speed manoeuvres. So I guess shame on the people who jump to conclusions without doing research first ;) As for the looks VS functions discussion, I really think it's pointless because in the end you can't order people what to appreciate and what not to appreciate in a model. If someone cares for looks more than for functions, is he wrong? Does look of a model matters less if it has Technic functions? People will like what they want, and you just have to roll with it. PS. Personally I think the trend to create more sub-forums is extremely harmful. First, the categories are very arbitrary, because at which point does my Technic car become a Technic supercar? And two, scale models were separated from Technic into a separate sub-forum and look what happened. This sub-forum is almost dead because Technic audience stayed in Technic sub-forum.
  3. strv 103

    I actually like it better with no images whatsoever. This way, everyone can imagine the model for himself.
  4. Sorry, I have to disagree with both of you. First, the rims aren't this set's problem, it's the tires. Second, yes, third-party tires look great on this model, but not the ones you've shown. Below you can see my copy of the Tumbler set with 4 Super Swamper tires - these are miniature RC versions of the tires used on the actual Tumbler in the movie. I have also turned the rims hollow side outside and I think that this is pretty much as good as it can get with this set.
  5. I concur with everything said by Saberwing, and you should forget about putting any differentials, whether for adders or subtractors, into anything heavier than 3 kg. The bevel gears inside them will be shredded at the torque needed to move something that heavy at the speed you're aiming for. My Maus tank at 5.7 kg was driven by simply sticking a PF XL motor into each of four sprockets. There were 8 gear wheels in the entire drivetrain, none of them a bevel gear, and the only thing connecting the motors were the tracks. That's how you want to build. Keep it dead simple or you'll be busy replacing destroyed gears all the time. Don't worry about driving a 12kg model straight, worry about driving it at all.
  6. Olympus 9-18 mm. Definitely the best wide-angle lens that won't cost you an arm and leg. Anything fancier is way, way more expensive.
  7. I've been through a dozen of cams until I started using Lumix G7, and never looked back since. It's not very cheap but offers awesome quality for the price, complete with 4K, 50 FPS, tons of filters, and it's also light and small (unlike Canon cameras which are built like tanks). I had to buy a wide-angle lens for nearly $800 to get most from it, though. Other than that, I can recommend GoPro 4 Session for reasons mentioned above (it's actually small enough to be put inside a Lego train) and GoPro 5 whose tiny LCD screen is surprisingly useful (also, it has decent slow motion, image stabilization, awesome GPS speed gauges that you can put on a video, and it's waterproof by default).
  8. Wow, that looks pretty close to real-life multi-link suspension!
  9. Thanks, but to me it's more of a Technic model, seeing as the looks are somewhat compromised for the sake of functionality. But hey, in the end it's up to the moderators :)
  10. I'm happy to present my model of the classic 1966 Ford Mustang GT 350-H, a very special version of the legendary Pony. It doesn't look perfect, but it has all the functions I wanted, including some really creative ones. More photos and description:
  11. I got confirmation from TLG directly that they will be sending the 1H2018 Technic sets my way, but I don't know when and they said they can't guarantee delivery before 2018.
  12. I think the sideways angle was over 40 degrees, but I can't tell for sure.
  13. Here's my latest creation, built primarily to put the BuWizz unit to a serious test, and look cool while doing it :) Photos & reading:
  14. Thanks! The thread in the SW section of the forum has one answer so far, so the appeal is indeed quite broad ;)