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  1. Strv.-103C

    Gotta say, it really blows my two S Tank models out of the water. You've outdone yourself, sir :) Perhaps the model would get more comments if published in the Technic section?
  2. I don't and their job is to look nice, just like with the other two dinos.
  3. "Collaboration" meaning that they've asked Ambassadors for some suggestions as to how to build some parts of it, such as teeth, eggs etc. I'm unable to tell how closely they've followed our suggestions but now that I look at it, the eyes seem pretty close to a design I've sent. As far as I know, the final design was all done by Lego and assembled by their workers. They might have just refined a selected few of our ideas.
  4. The Technic part of the History Collections, since I finally got to see a perfect-condition Technic Shuttle in flesh. It would be nice to see the new Millennium Falcon in there, too.
  5. Last Wednesday, September 6th, I was kindly granted an early entrance to the LEGO House with a camera and here's the resulting video. Please keep in mind that the House will have more to offer when it officially opens on September 28th, and that there was still some work in progress on several exhibits. Special thanks to TLG's Jan and Trine for making it possible :)
  6. Show us your Working Place

    A bit late, but here's my LEGO room tour:
  7. Mark V Tank

    The Bovington Museum has one male Mark V, exactly the H41 unit from which I've taken the markings for my model, and it's not in the working order anymore.
  8. Mark V Tank

    I was unable to find out the maximum slope possible to climb by the original Mark V. Finding any documentation for a vehicle from 100 years ago is, well, not easy.
  9. It's been a while since I've built a tank model. This time I wanted it to look accurate and perform well. You'll be the judges of looks, but I dare to assume that ability to cross 22 cm wide trenches, climb 9 cm tall vertical obstacles and ascend a 31° slope counts as decent performance. Not to mention that the hull is built partially upside-down, and includes partial interior based on that of the original tank.
  10. I beg to differ. If you look at P1's blueprint, you will notice that the hood's height is at least equal, or even greater than the height of the front end (the distance from the bottom of the front end to the edge of the "nose"). Now, in this model the front end looks to be 5 studs high while the hood is 1 stud high. There's a name for it: wrong proportions.
  11. Fair enough, it's inclined by 1 stud, therefore almost flat.
  12. It's not bad but I wonder why your model has a completely flat hood whereas real P1's hood is clearly inclined:
  13. Third B-model of the 2H2017 is yet another "vehicle" (so helpful of LEGO to tell us that, now nobody will mistake it for a building ;) ). While it's the smallest of the three, I think it's quite interesting and good-looking, even if many of A-model's pieces are left unused and the functions are largely similar to those of the A-model.
  14. Thanks, I'm not sure if my spoken English is sufficiently good. I think there are many European builders with broad experience, good voices and decent English.