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  1. Sariel

    KV-1/KV-2 Tank

    No, I'm not overly happy with this chassis. Going with the standard PF batbox created plenty of problems.
  2. What can I say, I was always jealous of how many explosions Michael Bay can squeeze into his movies, so... Photos: More details will land at my website later.
  3. Today let me take you on a detailed tour of the real Liebherr R 9800, in which we can even sit in the operator's seat:
  4. Some LEGO's own in-house modelling software. Didn't get a chance to see it close.
  5. And finally, here'a a brief behind-the-scenes video from LEGO:
  6. Here's my behind-the-scenes video and full story with pics will be coming to my website shortly:
  7. Yes, we had no return-to-neutral mechanism, that's why we've used realtime telemetry from the cabin, to watch positions of the joysticks and pedals.
  8. Because there were exactly TWO front shovel R 9800's in the world at the time of making our video and we couldn't get any of them.
  9. Yes, pistons bounce, and the colors differ because we've been filming this over 2 days and we got cloudy weather halfway through the second day, this shot was taken right then. If LEGO wanted to use CGI, they probably wouldn't have bothered with sending us to Australia to get the real R 9800 in the first place.
  10. Sorry, what CGI? There is no CGI, every shot was for real. Yes, we really slammed the bucket in the ground, you'll see the same shot in my own video which comes out tomorrow.
  11. Sariel

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    Yes, it is the same exact model as the Lego one. Please, at least try to do some research before commenting. It doesn't have an opening bucket because R 9800 comes in two configurations: front shovel and back shovel, and at the time of our filming there were only two front-shovel R 9800's in the world. 1. Yes, we did. The computer screens were showing us telemetry from the R 9800's cabin. Positions of joysticks, engines' status and such. We couldn't drive an 800-tonne machine by just looking at it from afar. 2. The app was a development version, since we've done it several months before the 42100 set's release, so it wasn't exactly the same as final app, but I don't know the details. It looked and worked the same. 3. As I've already explained, LEGO had developed a way of transforming Bluetooth signal into wi-fi and back again. Essentially they've brought an engineer who built two devices: one that pretended to be the Control+ hub to the phone and one that pretended to be the phone to the Control+ hub, and they communicated using wi-fi. Once we got that working, the wi-fi range was only a matter of big enough antennas. 4. Can't comment on that, sorry. 5. A little under 6 months. 6. We had 2 days on site at Australia. Before that, we've made several trips to Colmar, where they build R 9800's, to measure the cabin and build prototypes. 7. The core team was 4 people: 3 LEGO employees and me. Wait for my videos to learn more.
  12. There was a guy from LEGO who had equipment capable of turning Bluetooth signal into wi-fi signal and back again. And 100 meters of range with wi-fi was only a matter of getting right antennas (yes, there were two, and we had a Star Wars lightsaber fight with them ;) ). I don't know about switches. I've just made the foot pedals mechanism, the cables were not my responsibility.
  13. It's official: what we've been doing for the last half of year together with LEGO was turning a real-life Liebherr R 9800 into an RC model. And guess who drove it :D More video content will follow soon! My behind-the-scenes video: And finally, here's a brief behind-the-scenes video from LEGO:
  14. No, I'm not getting hired by LEGO. I don't think this will ever happen.
  15. The reason is somewhat different and will be revealed in a couple of days.