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  1. Sariel

    Axle Collection Thread

    So, how did my topic about a suspension design end up as part of this topic?
  2. Sariel

    Axle Collection Thread

    Alright, my bad. I'll update the instructions file.
  3. Sariel

    Axle Collection Thread

    Why would you ever trim axles? I sure as hell never did anything like that.
  4. Sariel

    [TC17] Rebel Tow Truck

    Neither of these works. In the first case, good luck taking a legal case against the Chinese. Let's be honest, it's never going to work. And in the second case, their websites where they sell the stuff are vastly more popular that wherever you publish your instructions, so most people will buy from them without even realizing you're offering the instructions for free. Also, you're only offering instructions while they're offering instructions + all the pieces. Guess what most people will choose.
  5. Sariel

    Axle Collection Thread

    Just an idea, hope it helps someone. Instructions available here:
  6. Here's a wee little project I've spent the last 12 months on. Yes, it's a 3+ meters long LEGO ship that floats (without a drop of glue), moves and recovers sunken submarines, occasionally ripping them apart in the process. There's really too much to describe here so allow me to present you with a video covering all the details:
  7. Sariel

    Drift chassis question

    An alternative to RWD, found in real RC drift cars, is to use AWD but with the rear wheels geared to rotate slightly faster than the front ones. Also, I wouldn't put a differential on the rear axle at all.
  8. Sariel

    Show us your Working Place

    Nice book you've got there at the bottom ;)
  9. The wheels rotate as long as the resistance on drive output is greater than the resistance on the steering output. So yes, they can rotate 180 degrees or even more if necessary.
  10. Much like vodka, if it can go in, it can go out too.
  11. Photos and explanations should be sufficient to build it, I believe. All the mechanics are exposed. I'll be posting these to my website later today.
  12. A simple proof-of-concept here. A single motor is driving all wheels via a differential. When the wheels are stopped, the differential redirects the motor to turn them instead of drive them, until the wheels can move again. Basically the differential acts as a load-balancer to find the direction of least resistance for the wheels. Might come useful if somebody's planning to build a LEGO Roomba or something ;)
  13. Sariel

    All gear ratios

  14. Sariel

    All gear ratios

    Here:;hl=en There's an option to define your own custom gears with any number of teeth (annular gears too) so that should give you any ratio you want.
  15. I'm not sure what you mean by battery blocks but there has been a bunch of updates to my app: you can now select voltage the motor is running at for calculations (is that what you meant?) you can add you own custom gears with any number of teeth for use in standard and planetary calculations when you select a pair of gears that are impossible to mesh together, that pair will be marked red but you still get the ratio the app includes Gearcyclopaedia describing all LEGO gears, differential gears and turntables in detail added gear coupler for both beams and bricks The app is still free and ad-less, naturally. You can download/update here: