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  1. Sorry, I only have one and it's buried deep inside a MOC.
  2. As I pointed out when the red diff was first released, there is a subtle difference:
  3. Here's my 4-speed version in action. Free building instructions: Gear ratios: 1st speed: ratio 5:1 2nd speed: ratio 3:1 3rd speed: ratio 1.66:1 4th speed: ratio 1:1
  4. Thanks guys, I'm done adapting the new shifting mechanism to my previous 4-speed sequential RC transmission with a stepper ( The result is shown below, the full building instructions can be downloaded here: This transmission works just the same as the older version, offering 4 speeds with ratios from 1:1 to 5:1, but thanks to the Chiron selectors it's now roughly 1/4 smaller and simpler. It's also built to handle high-load applications, provided, of course, that you mount its sides (with pins) to something. The output and input are 1 stud apart and two-sided, so you can use them both in front and in the rear of the transmission. I will have a complete video with this transmission in action tomorrow.
  5. Thanks. Opposite direction works, too. I think gears have potentially less backlash than a chain, since chain can have play in it, and the gears add minimal friction since we're using 16t with clutches to transfer over axles. I will have a complete working gearbox with this and with a stepper shortly. It's already looking really small, the essential part of transmission has a cross-section of just 7x3 studs.
  6. Just wanted to say that I applaud all your work with brand new gearboxes. I, on the other hand, have tried another approach - since our older, simpler gearboxes are relying on two adjacent driving rings, I found a way to adapt the new selectors to shift them rather than to create a brand new gearbox. The result is below, it's a typical 4-speed sequential shifting mechanism that shifts with every 90 degrees of the axle with beam's rotation. With a stepper added, it can be easily adapted to an existing gearbox design such as this one: The downside is that you're using 2 selectors to get only 4 speeds, but at least the gearbox itself is compact and simple.
  7. I have finished modelling my Mustang in 3D, at somewhere around 1920 pieces. The model will be used for a building instructions book that should be released via No Starch Press late 2018 / early 2019.
  8. Sariel

    My 8x8 Project

    I thought I kinda did:
  9. Sariel

    My 8x8 Project

    Oh man, just because I don't have time to answer your many emails (I have 3 weeks to move to another apartment with my wife, kinda busy right now) doesn't mean I "refuse to tell you how I did it". Besides, I've already shown quite a lot in my video and at my website, with all the photos and description, for a creative person to reverse-engineer everything, possibly improving on me in the process. But no, some people DEMAND to be personally assisted with everything, because trying something yourself is below their dignity, and then of course I'm the bad guy because I have more pressing matters to attend to than hold their hand through every step of the building. Seriously... Edit: I've checked and there's a pretty close photo of my Tatra's steering solution at my website. But let me guess, you never checked my website, right?
  10. They're excellent, just a little hard to clean and much, much grippier than LEGO tires, which should be kept in mind when building performance models.
  11. Actually, in my model the steering links don't really overlap, so they are wider. I just kept the animation in my video simple for clarity (sorry for the confusion). See below:
  12. The engine is certainly somewhat oversized, but its location is pretty close to the real thing, so I don't know why this is such a problem. As for the windshield, I would definitely love to use one in there, but since the top of the cabin is 14 studs wide, I would need two 7-studs wide windshields. As you know very well, LEGO doesn't make anything like that.
  13. The steering links are aligned with the suspension arms, so I think you're exaggerating. You can see the suspension working in the video and no such effect occurs.
  14. Respectfully, what you're showing there looks much wider than T-813. I'd say possibly as much as 20% wider. My model has been carefully scaled to the same wheels (I only put custom tires on later) and it's over 2 cm narrower, the axles even more.
  15. I think exactly neither of these is doable at this scale. Also, towballs aren't going to fall out from force being applied at right angle to them. There is simply no force pulling them out.