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Found 6 results

  1. Hello everyone! This is my first post on here, so if there's anything off, please tell me! I have recently set up a little studio to make proper pictures of my models, starting with my 1990 NSX. The model features opening doors, hood, trunk, frunk and glovebox, as well as popup headlights operated by a little lever in the passenger footwell. I hope you enjoy it and thanks for looking!
  2. HONDA ACTY 1983 Dragster The inspiration for creating such an unusual hybrid was the car of a blogger from YouTube) Description: -1 Buggy motor -Servo motor for steering and steering wheel -Small power supply -Detailed interior All the photos on the link: Instagram: Join my group in VK:
  3. Hello! I'm relatively new to Eurobricks - I have had an account for a while but have never really used it that much - over the last few weeks however, mainly whilst viewing some of the incredible entries for TC18, I have been wondering why on earth I haven't used this great website more?! So, as I would like to begin to use Eurobricks more often, I have decided to use it to document the building process of one of my current MOCs - a Honda Civic Type R (FK8), I have actually been working on this for quite some time, and some of you may have possibly seen my 'behind the build' videos already on my YouTube channel where I have also documented most stages of the building process. Before the photos begin, I will quickly explain my goal when I started this project: I wanted to have a go at creating a version of the Type R out of Lego which looks as close as possible to the real thing, as well as being functional and robust. Another important part of this build for me personally was that I wanted it to be the best thing I had ever built - I have seen many incredible MOCs created by others and I guess they inspired me to want to have a go myself, hence why this MOC has been in 'production' for so long so far (I wouldn't particularly describe myself as a quick builder...) Oh, and one quick thing - this build will be multicoloured until it is finished, I will get all of the correct-coloured pieces delivered once its ready! So, over a year ago I started with the rear independent suspension - this has remained pretty much exactly the same ever since: Rear suspension by All.About.Lego, on Flickr The middle section of the chassis was then built off of that rear suspension - along with a space for the battery box in the rear of the car: Start of Chassis by All.About.Lego, on Flickr To finish the chassis, I then figured out where the m-motor for steering would go, along with the L-motor to power the front wheel drive. The steering system you can see in the following photo was also added - although this was changed at a later stage for various reasons as you will soon see. Complete Chassis by All.About.Lego, on Flickr The bodywork was my next focus - I started with the rear of the car, in particular focusing on the rear grilles, exhausts and other details - one of my favourite non-Technic pieces has to be the 3L and 4L bars - so I had to use them somewhere! Rear Vents by All.About.Lego, on Flickr Rear Details by All.About.Lego, on Flickr I then rushed ahead and tackled some other areas of the bodywork as you can see in the photo below - this was a mistake however, because pretty much none of it is still on the car in its current state! The start of some bodywork by All.About.Lego, on Flickr The rear lights came next - I haven't touched these since, but I am aware that they need a little bit of tweaking to get them right! Progress on the rear by All.About.Lego, on Flickr Rear Lights by All.About.Lego, on Flickr The rear of the car by All.About.Lego, on Flickr As I mentioned earlier - the original steering wasn't quite up-to-scratch, so I decided to have another go - this time I wanted to make a front wheel drive steering system which was both compact and had a virtual pivot point - two things which the original version lacked! It took me a few attempts to get this system right (the hardest part was figuring out a way to actually link the steering to the motor), but I was pretty happy with the result. The steering system uses a 'floating' diff held in with my favourite pieces (bars) to keep it nice and compact: Steering idea by All.About.Lego, on Flickr Steering idea by All.About.Lego, on Flickr Steering solution by All.About.Lego, on Flickr Steering in the car by All.About.Lego, on Flickr Then I moved on to one of the most tricky parts of this build so far - the front - I mean, just look at it, there are different angles everywhere! However, It is probably also my favourite part of this build so far. Working on the front by All.About.Lego, on Flickr The final front part of the car by All.About.Lego, on Flickr My car was looking lonely without its doors - so I had a go at recreating them next, the front doors are made up of multiple different angles - I still need to work on the strength of them a bit, but I like them - I also really wanted to integrate that large panel into the door to get a bit more Technic into this build! Testing front door fitment by All.About.Lego, on Flickr Front door - External by All.About.Lego, on Flickr Front door - internal by All.About.Lego, on Flickr Front door by All.About.Lego, on Flickr As a break from the doors, I moved onto the engine bay - sadly there isn't really room for a working engine in here, so I have decided to just build a fake one instead: Engine Bay by All.About.Lego, on Flickr AAAANNNDDDD back to the doors - but the rear ones this time, they are built in a similar way to the front ones - just a bit more compact, however I may need to change these a bit to ensure that they can actually open and close (I was stupid enough to completely forget about the purpose of a door when I was building these!) Rear Door - internal by All.About.Lego, on Flickr Rear + Front door by All.About.Lego, on Flickr Rear + Front door by All.About.Lego, on Flickr Rear + Front door by All.About.Lego, on Flickr Parts of the interior came next - including these seats - the design has been slightly updated since however - I also tried to include a slight hint of Technic into these as I have done with the doors. Front Seats by All.About.Lego, on Flickr Front Seats by All.About.Lego, on Flickr many MOCS feature cool 3D printed wheels to finish them off - and as I had experimented with this before I decided to design my own for the Type R - once I had given them a lick of paint they were good to go: Wheel Design by All.About.Lego, on Flickr 3D printed wheels by All.About.Lego, on Flickr Wheels on the car by All.About.Lego, on Flickr And that's roughly where I'm up to now - I have made a bit more progress since, including the dashboard and wheel arches, but I will give an update on these soon. If you have read and seen everything above, then thank you! and I hope I haven't just sent you all to sleep. Of course, If you are interested in this build then feel free to check out my 'Behind the Build' series on my YouTube channel: Please let me know what you think so far - constructive criticism is welcome! I will keep you all updated when I make some more progress!
  4. The Honda CR-Z is a sport compact hybrid electric automobile manufactured by Honda and marketed as a "sport hybrid coupe.The CR-Z combines a hybrid gasoline-electric powertrain with traditional sports car elements, most notably having a 2+2 seating arrangement and a standard 6-speed manual transmission. The CR-Z is regarded as the spiritual successor to the second generation Honda CR-X in both name and exterior design. Honda CR-Z - Drive it like you own it by lachlan cameron, on Flickr This is a special design and is a one off build. No instructions will be made of this car. Honda CR-Z - Drive it like you own it by lachlan cameron, on Flickr I worked with my client on the features and design of the car to ensure accuracy to the original car - the 2016 Honda CR-Z! Honda CR-Z - red hatchback by lachlan cameron, on Flickr This car sports 4wd, torsion bar suspension front and rear, working steering wheel, RC doors powered by 2 m-motors tucked into the Center console, opening trunk and hood, 4 cyl. In-line engine, 2 lipo batteries and 2 Sbricks, 4 light in the front, 2 light at the rear. Honda CR-Z - Drive it like you own it by lachlan cameron, on Flickr Flickr album: Instagram: Honda CR-Z - Drive it like you own it by lachlan cameron, on Flickr Honda CR-Z - Drive it like you own it by lachlan cameron, on Flickr Honda CR-Z - Drive it like you own it by lachlan cameron, on Flickr Honda CR-Z - Drive it like you own it by lachlan cameron, on Flickr Honda CR-Z - Drive it like you own it by lachlan cameron, on Flickr
  5. Our admins are holding new Bodywork competition in Lego Technic Russia community. I've decided to participate in it and this is my entry. Features are: openable doors, hood and trunk; some details in interior; detachable body; no suspension; simple steering without working steering wheel. In future maybe I will make a good RC or manual chassis for this body, but in this case I will have to disassemble my FWD chassis for Honda Civic project (McPherson front suspension, rear multilink (sort of) suspension, moving by two L-motors and steering by servo with working steering wheel). So what do you think about it? Mustang: More photos: Honda chassis: Video:
  6. James Mathis

    Another Honda Element - 4 stud wide

    My wife and I have a Honda Element. ...was thinking about "what to build..." Started brainstorming... Tinkering with pieces in LDD... started playing with elements... thought about my Honda Element... threw some Honda Element style parts into the LDD space... took a look 'round the web for others' Honda Element models built from LEGO® elements... Found these nice representations, among others: Pierre Normandin's Honda Element (4-stud wide) http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=259817 Bransford L's (6-stud wide) Great models above! I'll add my version to the mix. Next up is (maybe) to work out a version that uses pieces that are readily available via LEGO S@H Pick-A-Brick®.... -James