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Found 8 results

  1. Arachnophobes look away now, because the Maelstrom spider boss is BACK! As seen in the cinematic trailer (link to Youtube) for LEGO Universe, The Spider Boss was imagined by Baron Typhonus as a creature of pure chaos in the Mythran Temple and brought to life by the power of the Imagination Nexus. The Baron created the Spider Boss to demonstrate the possibilities of Imagination without rules. The Spider smashed a Robot Dog (that had just been created by Doctor Overbuild) and moved to attack Duke Exeter, Dr.Overbuild, and Hael Storm as Baron Typhonus laughed in triumph. However, creatures of chaos serve no master; the Spider turned on Typhonus and dragged him into the Imagination Nexus. This action corrupted the Nexus and mutated it into the Maelstrom. I recreated this MOC from instructions on Rebrickable by user Brigs, as seen here. I had to change some parts' colors around (as it wasn't buildable in original form without selling a kidney), and other parts were weakly attached. For example: Those two black wedge slopes on the rear of the body were originally purple, but couldn't be bought in quantity due to them being from one 2014 X-Men set. This made it impossible to get them at a reasonable price. That's all for now, thoughts and comments are always appreciated!
  2. I was wondering if anyone managed to make the rear of set 10265 more accurate, it should be concave. In addition, has anyone been able to make a Boss 302 or 429 out of it?
  3. Rider Raider

    Hello from the other side!

    Hey guys! Rider Raider here! I'm an American AFOL who prefers building medieval (RPG style, might join Heroica! The RPG.), Town, and Technic. Hope to see you all! ~~~_|<<<~~~~ Rįder RAIDE_R
  4. Boss RoboRider - Modern Version Built to keep my modern Dust RoboRider company, this 'bot takes cues from the original Boss RoboRider, while being very much its own entity. With working sets of treads with individual shock absorbers, guns which swivel together*, and a streamlined Tumbler-esque design, this is one of my favourite MOCs I've come up with this year. Enjoy! * Demonstration video here. Front 3/4, Guns Raised Front Side Back, 3/4 Back Back, Top, 3/4 Front, Top, 3/4 Chassis Yes, I am aware that this was photographed in my bathroom. Lighting is lighting, yo.
  5. Exetrius

    [MOC] The Boss battle

    Hi all, this is my first MOC on Eurobricks. You are probably already familiar with it, because it is in my signature at the moment, but I thought I would provide you with some proper images . Let's get started! I haven't come up with a good story behind this, I just wanted to create a big, demonic boss/guardian (my first try) , so forgive me: the boss and character have no name. However, this build is heavily inspired by a certain anime series (+10 points for you if you let me know which one ). The fig and the demon are intended to have the same concept, but look totally different compared to those from that series. Therefore I chose to post it here. Through the legs seems the only defence possible... Cornered Preparing for the final blow... Is this the end? So, my thoughts of the build: this was one of my most satisfying MOCs yet. I am very happy with the way my demon turned out, I think it has a decent poseability. For those interested in articulation: ball joints for shoulders, hips and ankles, little bit of elbow articulation, 360 rotation in wirsts and under the knees, up and down movement in head, tail, fingers and toes. For a first try, I think the shapes are okay. Thanks for checking out, C & C appreciated
  6. Hi everybody, Here is my review of 41999 4x4 Crawler Exclusive Edition "BOSS Crawler". Set that was coCreated by me and TLG. Hope you like the review. My reviews Full review Comparison review of 9398 and 41999 (use translate button at the right side of page under LEGO Technic logo). Comparison with 9398 Review from Masked Builder ( http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=84293 Review from Anio ( Review from Conchas ( Part I Part II Official Building Instructions:
  7. You may have seen the detailed reviews of the upcoming 41999 4x4 Crawler Exclusive Edition Set. Written by rm8, Masked Builder, and Conchas), these reviews may have convinced you whether or not to buy one or more 41999s when available on in August 2013. Only 20,000 have been made. This is a private poll -- your answers cannot be identified as being from you. Please reply in an honest, truthful manner; you can come back later and change your answers if you wish. Thank you.
  8. Hi, This topic is for posting modifications of 41999. I am planning to do lot of them. 1. The first is pimped with the help of Chrome Block City BL store. You can buy parts used in this modifications here