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  1. @Aventador2004 Thank you! I've tried my best with those photos. I know that the tubing may touch some other parts over there, but it doesn't affect cylinder work in mine. What do you mean? You was unable to finish building? What was unclear? I don't think step 17 to be dangerous for parts or something else. Actually I think I've even seen that technicue in one official set. Yes, step 139 may be tricky, but is not necessary.
  2. @anatem It would be great! If you would make it, please share it here
  3. @Aventador2004 @Andy D @emielroumen @mattthewise @anatem And everyone who would like to build this model Hi everyone, I'm glad to announce that instructions are already available! Link: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-13179/Hogwartus/42053-model-c-telehandler/
  4. @Aventador2004 @Andy D @emielroumen I've decided to make instuctions. Stay tuned:)
  5. Question about 42055 BWE

    Equivalent of 55 euro
  6. Question about 42055 BWE

    It's an auction So I don't know the final price yet.
  7. Question about 42055 BWE

    I think that a small bag in bottom-right corner is full of grey tracks. And I see 1 small turntable inside one of the bigger ones. But yeah some panels seem to be missing.
  8. Question about 42055 BWE

    He says sth like "as on the photo, for sure PFs and small truck are missing "
  9. Hello I have a question to those of you who own 42055 Bucket Wheel Excuvator. I've found this in the internet: The question is: do you think it is complete? I know only that PFs and small truck are missing, but what about the rest? How many %?
  10. Thank you all, I don't know yet, maybe I'll make instructions. But I've never made instructions with pneumatics, that might be hard. @JonathanM That was exactly my goal :)
  11. I' ve decided to make an alternative model for 42053 Volvo EW 160E set. Finally made a telehandler. Video: Functions: - 4 wheel steering - front outdiggers - pneumatics with manual pump: arm lifting arm extension tilting fork Please watch the video to see this machine in action and for more details. I hope you liked this model.
  12. Leopard 4x4

    I'm not sure about these colors but the suspension seems really interesting. Good job!
  13. [MOC] SHERP ATV 4x4 RC

    @Leonardo da Bricki Thank you. Differential lock on one axle is actually enough in 99% of situations, so there was no sense in including the second one. And no space for it.
  14. [MOC] SHERP ATV 4x4 RC

    Thanks @agrof, agreed. Ok @Aventador2004, no problem.