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  1. @Aventador2004 @MajklSpajkl I used ~1850 parts, ~100 leftovers. @pagicence @MajklSpajkl Good idea! I will do so after making instructions, just will have to add drivetrain, motors etc.
  2. Hogwartus

    Tatra T-813 8x8 Kolos

    I don't think it all is a problem unless it affects model's performance, which is great. Excellent model @Sariel.
  3. Nice model, I like the front lights design
  4. Thank you all! @pagicence I've just reuploaded pictures using bricksafe, is it working now? It is not unimog replica but it was an inspiration, as the most famous offroad truck...
  5. I' ve decided to make an alternative model for 42054 CLAAS XERION 5000 TRAC VC set. I' ve wanted to design something different from all those excellent c models already made, so I made a truck capable of off-road conditions, with crane and many other functions. The result: Functions: rear axle drive with 4 piston engine steering live axle suspension side outriggers cabin tilting rear PTO (power take off) crane arm rotation crane arm 1st stage elevation crane arm 2nd stage elevation grabber closing/opening Please watch the video to see this machine in action and for more details. This model is powered by one m motor with rotation direction selection. It powers main selector, crane selector. and PTO. Main selector switches between worm gear powered functions and arm rotation. When worm gear functions are selected, there is another switch to choose between outriggers and cabin tilting. The crane selector switches between 1st and 2nd stage elevation. I had to use some interesting (I think) solutions because of parts selection in 42054 set: Piston engine There are no piston engine parts in the set, so i made them from some connectors. You can see it working in the video. Suspension There are no shock absorbers or wishbones too. So I' ve made a suspension based on twisting axles: Every wishbone is suspended independly. 3 of those connected to axle make a well-working long travel soft off-road suspension: Grabber There was a grabber in original set, but when building the grabber I've already used the worm gear for more important functions, so I' ve designed a different locking mechanism: Turning the green axle makes the red grabber frame move up and down and becouse of engaging the blue knob gear with h-frame opening and closing blue grabber. I am planning to make the instructions, of course if there is a need for them. Feel free to share your thoughts. I hope you liked this model.
  6. I' ve made a model of a Snowmobile. I've tried to make it as detailed as possible. Video: Functions: - Driven tracks (L motor) - Steered skids linked to handlebar with Ackermann geometry and positive caster angle (M motor) - Front double wishbone suspension - Realistic rear suspension Everything is controlled remotely using SBrick. Please watch the video to see this machine in action and for more details. I hope you liked this model.
  7. @Aventador2004 Thank you! I've tried my best with those photos. I know that the tubing may touch some other parts over there, but it doesn't affect cylinder work in mine. What do you mean? You was unable to finish building? What was unclear? I don't think step 17 to be dangerous for parts or something else. Actually I think I've even seen that technicue in one official set. Yes, step 139 may be tricky, but is not necessary.
  8. @anatem It would be great! If you would make it, please share it here
  9. @Aventador2004 @Andy D @emielroumen @mattthewise @anatem And everyone who would like to build this model Hi everyone, I'm glad to announce that instructions are already available! Link: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-13179/Hogwartus/42053-model-c-telehandler/
  10. @Aventador2004 @Andy D @emielroumen I've decided to make instuctions. Stay tuned:)
  11. Hogwartus

    Question about 42055 BWE

    Equivalent of 55 euro
  12. Hogwartus

    Question about 42055 BWE

    It's an auction So I don't know the final price yet.
  13. Hogwartus

    Question about 42055 BWE

    I think that a small bag in bottom-right corner is full of grey tracks. And I see 1 small turntable inside one of the bigger ones. But yeah some panels seem to be missing.
  14. Hogwartus

    Question about 42055 BWE

    He says sth like "as on the photo, for sure PFs and small truck are missing "