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  1. [MOC] SHERP ATV 4x4 RC

    @Leonardo da Bricki Thank you. Differential lock on one axle is actually enough in 99% of situations, so there was no sense in including the second one. And no space for it.
  2. [MOC] SHERP ATV 4x4 RC

    Thanks @agrof, agreed. Ok @Aventador2004, no problem.
  3. [MOC] SHERP ATV 4x4 RC

    I know about it, but when his was published mine was already built. I' ve built it in august, filmed in october and published now (november). Yeah I know it is a long time. Everyone builds sherp because it is very unusual vehicle.
  4. I' ve made a scale model of this russian all terrain vehicle. I've tried to make it as detailed as possible. Video: Functions: - 4x4 driveshaft with differentials (XL motor) - Steering: brakes that block wheels on one side of the vehicle. (M motor) - Working differential lock (M motor) - Working LEDs - Tires from 42054 - Openable front and rear hatches and windscreen, working wipers Everything is controlled remotely using SBrick. The drivetrain with differentials and portal axles: The steering mechanism is, I think, more interesting. Wheels on one side of the vehicle may be blocked using the driving ring. Than differentials transmits all the power to wheels on the other side. (that red connector represents driving ring) And the differential lock. The driving ring connects right and left differential outputs. And photos of side without wheels and the underside: Please watch the video to see this machine in action and for more details. I hope you liked this model.
  5. [MOC] Mercedes-AMG G 65

    @Offroadcreat1ons No, these wheels are too large. Around 80-90% parts came from Arocs set, it's much, but it is not a c-model. Maybe I'll try to make the instructions when I'll have more time, but it would be a challange for me (my longest instruction is for 400 piece model, ithis one is 5 times larger). So chances for instructions are little :(
  6. [MOC] Mercedes-AMG G 65

    Thank you all for interest. Yes, right, maybe these wheels weren't the best choice. @Milan @M_longer @Leonardo da Bricki I've tried to make the hood as low as possible, but the floating axle with portal axles is very large and high and there is also an engine over it. That took all the space so I couldn't make the hood any lower. @I_Igor I know there should be V6 not flat 6, but sadly v6 would be 1-2 stud higher, there was no space for it :( @M_longer Not a first MOC, but the first MOC published here and the first serious one. There are some more MOCs on my YT channel.
  7. Very detailed 1:11 scale model of Mercedes-AMG G 65 with complex suspension, gearbox, engine and much more functions. Video: Functions: - 4x4 driveshaft with differentials and portal axles - Steering with Ackermann steering geometry - 4 speed gearbox - Working engine replica - Openable doors, hood and trunk with locks Please watch the video to see this car in action and for more details. I hope you liked this model.