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  1. Hogwartus

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    Looks like the cost itself of those electronic components is high. If 900 pieces set with one hub costs 230$, then its ~150$ for electronics. Buwizz+servo+2L is 170$, 2 IR receiver +servo+2L+AA battery box is 85$. But buwizz gives us Lipo and ludicrous mode. Or maybe there is Lipo in control+?
  2. Hogwartus

    [HELP] Which Technic Set Should I Buy?

    42054 Claas for wheels and hubs and 9398 for electric components and extra hard shock absorbers. You really need one of sets with these shocks (9398 or 8110), they are excellent and very useful.
  3. Hogwartus

    [WIP][MOC] Rotary drilling rig

    Maybe you could add an aditional LA, even small, at a different angle. It could be used only at the beginning of lifting process. At the next part of lifting it doesn't have to be connected at all. What do you think?
  4. Hogwartus

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    I hope they will still use PF instead of PU, as those systems are not compatible and i don't want to throw away all my pf parts to buy pu components...
  5. Hogwartus

    [MOD] 'Rusty Bucket' buggy

    A nice mod! Rusty looks with not rusty performance
  6. @letsbuild54 You' re welcome @BusterHaus Thank you, it could be b-model especially that there was no b-model in 42054, just attachment.
  7. Hogwartus

    [MOC] Telescopic crawler crane

    Nice model! How about its lifting capacity?
  8. Hogwartus

    [MOC] Police Interceptor

    Can you make some off-road testing video?
  9. Hi everyone, I'm glad to announce that instructions are already available here on rebrickable! Happy building!
  10. Hogwartus

    [MOC] - 42055 MK 288 BWE

    That's simply awesome... Does the "rock" output to the truck has its own drive, is it synchronised with the main drive?
  11. Hogwartus

    [MOC] Compact RC Semi-trailer truck

    Yes, indeed. Parking it is not easy, but fun too, yes.
  12. I' ve made a scale model of semi-trailer truck with a trailer. It's in 1:60 scale, so wouldn't look out of place in a minifigure scale Lego City. But it is remotely controlled. Video: Functions: drive (truck RWD) - L motor steering (with right geometry) - Servo motor remotely openable trailer's cargo door - M motor Everything is controlled remotely using SBrick, powered by standard 8881 battery box. Internals of the trailer, door opening mechanism, battery box and sbrick were packed here: Please watch the video to see this machine in action and for more details. __________________________ Feel free to share your thoughts. I hope you liked this model.
  13. @Aventador2004 @MajklSpajkl I used ~1850 parts, ~100 leftovers. @pagicence @MajklSpajkl Good idea! I will do so after making instructions, just will have to add drivetrain, motors etc.
  14. Hogwartus

    Tatra T-813 8x8 Kolos

    I don't think it all is a problem unless it affects model's performance, which is great. Excellent model @Sariel.
  15. Hogwartus

    [MOC] Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

    Nice model, I like the front lights design