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  2. Simply you add a new joystick, you move it; then you add another joystick so they don't stack together?
  3. I don't think it's a problem, this is even an advantage for me. Firstly, if you used a LEGO battery (#8878 or #88000) you can replace it by the BuWiz without modification (and you have more remaining space). Then it's possible to use it on studful models easily, and to integrate it to studless models; it's necessary to adapt but it's not impossible at all! So the BuWizz is really polyvalent. Roni has told me that there will be an update of the hardware (I don't know when and how) which will fix the problem. So if you have bought a BuWizz or if you have already got one, it will be possible to fix the bug. Yes, that will be possible!
  4. Hi! Now the sold BuWizz are only BuWizz 2.0 so you can't choose. The V1 has not more power, but the V2 has a bug in the hardware that will be corrected (I have no date but I know that the BuWizz team is working on it) so is cuts the power too easily to prevent damages during an excessive use, this security is not correctly setted. When all will be fine, the 2.0 will have much workable power than the V1 thanks to its Ludicrous mode. Actually if you power 2 RC motors, the BuWizz will disconnect if you accelerate too fast, so this configuration is usable if you are careful (for the moment). Also, BuWizz has created the "Affiliate Program" to award people who has helped them by making videos for advertisement. These people has got a link that they have to share, and they earn a part of the purchases every time someone buys a BuWizz using the Affiliate Link of the person. And I participate to this program! So if you want a BuWizz and you want to support me in the same time, use the link in my signature!
  5. Anto

    [MOC] Citroën DS

    Thanks! I could built it in white, orange or black, but I chose white because it's a little bit less sad than black ^^ On TechLUG, someone asked me to have more details of the front part. So I have done screenshots on the LDD file:
  6. Anto

    [MOC] Citroën DS

    Finished! So I have tried to reproduce the bodywork as close as the real one as I could, and that wasn't so esay. (The most difficult part was the front) For the doors, I used some studful parts, to get the curvy surfaces of the doors. Here, you can see the suspension, in positions up then down: The doors, the hood and the trunk can be opened. However, their motion isn't limited. I have even reached to put the spare wheel under the hood, and I don't tell you how much difficult that was to do. The pneumatic pump is hidden into the trunk; and the pneumatic switch is placed just in front of the glove box. The interior is quite simple, but it is filled by the seats. And this is the chassis, it has a little bit evolved since the last time that I have posted pictures on the thread. That's all, I really enjoyed building a vehicle at a small scale. And I hope you like this MOC!
  7. Anto

    Best tires for drift cars?

    I have already made drift cars, and the best tires are these ones: If you have never seen my gymkhanas, look at them and see what's possible: With these tires, you must make small MOCs, so you can have a lot of power for a little weight, so that helps to have a nervous vehicle. And the shape of the tires helps, you have enough grip to control the car, but they slip if the power is sufficient. With these tires, you don't need to use tape or anything else on the tires; make a good chassis and drift! (But that needs a lot of development, around 6 months of work and lots and lots of modifications for the last one! ^^)
  8. Anto

    [MOC] Citroën DS

    While waiting to make the video of a new MOC, I'm working again on this project! (finally) So I have restarted this project at a smaller scale. When I have seen Nico71's new Citroën 2CV, I have thought that this scale could be good for my project. And I have never worked on a car at this scale, so I wanted to try this. The functions are almost the same as for the first version: Steering with the headlights turning with the wheels Adjustable pneumatic suspensions Openable hood, trunk and doors At this scale, obviously I can't keep the gearbox and the working fake engine. Actually, you can see a really nice color vomit. I thought it would be possible to make the bodywork in dark azure, but the flex don't exist in this color. So it will be orange or white (I just need to change the panels on bottom of the front doors). As the scale is really small, I couldn't make a suspension system with shock absorbers + a system to adjust the height of the chassis. So I use mini pneumatic cylinders and they work as shock absorbers (this way it's closer to the system of the real car). And there, you can see the rack used to move the wheels and the headlights: To be continued...
  9. @nerdsforprez : I can't check on the same step because the instructions have been generated differently for me; but I think that you speak about the bracket moving the pneumatic switch in the cab, It's to choose the output of the air (by moving the pneumatic switch) to move the clamp (or another tool).
  10. I'm glad you like my MOC! It looks nice in blue. I know, but I do LDD files and not real instructions because that take more time, and I prefer spending my time on creating new MOCs. I'm not sure to understand about which part you are speaking. ^^
  11. I had the same issue after crashs, but that was not a problem at all when I drove it (even forward/backward) When I have some free time, I see if I can upgrade the axle to prevent it from disconnecting from the rest of the chassis. @Permo : haha
  12. The LDD file is finally available on Rebrickable!
  13. Thanks! I finish the LDD file when I have time for that, and then I tell you when the file is available.
  14. I totally agree @rm8. I think it's not possible to do a top 10 with this system. (And it's for this reason that on Eurobricks, the new members registred after announcing a new contest and who vote are banned from the forum)