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  1. After Thorsten, Jörg Schwarzlaender has done building instructions! So thanks to him! (And thanks again to Thorsten! ^^) He has added numbers to find easily the stickers (but he didn't change the appearance of them), as on the Lego instructions. The instructions The stickers
  2. I have worked a little on the Muli. I have made the structure of the cab. That wasn't easy because of the fact that it is openable, and the pneumatic cylinder has been very hard to place correctly. And I started the front of the cab: To open it, I have placed a second pneumatic pump. With a mechanism, the cab will open itself when you'll push the lever, and also whel you'll pull it, as on the real one.
  3. I don't know, I think 2 or 3. There will be probably a pneumatic crane, like that: But I don't if I can make something good without the new pneumatic cylinders (from the Mercedes Arocs) Then I'll also need to make something using the PTOs, which can be attached to the front or the rear.
  4. Look at this video: At 0:45, you can see the crab mode, then the 4 steering wheels. And at 3:14 there are only the two front wheels steering. But I didn't see a technical documantation which explains that there are 3 steering modes. (I mainly searched videos and pictures) And for the wheels, I will also try with the Tumbler wheels and I will see which are better. :)
  5. @I_Igor Look at this picture: Even if this feature is in option, I want to add it; it will increase the playability.
  6. I think it's better that you wait ultil the model is finished, and the LDD file is done. Perhaps I'll do some change on the chassis. @Pat-Ard Yeah the scale is great, I chose this one to correspond with the wheels, and to have enough room to add all the elements I wanted. Finally, the chassis is very great (more than 50cm long and 20cm wide) but there is no room remaining.
  7. Yes, perhaps. I think I'll search which tools are the more common for this model. @Pat-Ard The scale is 1:10. For this MOC, I thnik I'll make a LDD file. So you'll can replicate it. (LDD is not excellent for that, but it's better than nothing! ^^)
  8. Do you remember my Reform Metrac H7X ? Reform also produces the Muli: As the project of my Citröen DS doesn’t really progresses, I do this project in WIP, to compensate. ^^ The functions will be close to the Metrac ones: 4WD with a 4 cylinders fake engine Steering with 3 modes Front and rear PTOs And I add: A pneumatic pump to add pneumatic tools Central joint (it’s only the front axle on the Metrac) Openable cab with a lever and a pump actionning a pneumatic cylinder. The best function! But this MOC will not be manual, because there is not so much room in the chassis. (I think it’s possible, but the playability will be extremely bad) So it will be remote controlled, using the BuWizz. So: Driving by 1 XL by axle Steering: 1 servo by axle. To have the 3 steering modes: a M motors controls a PFs switch -> it changes the sens of rotation of the rear servo, or it stops it. The pneumatic pump is powered by a M motor That was the start: And now I’m here: On these two pictures, you can see the rear PTO. On this side, the pneumatic pump: And here is the mecanism which allows the possibility to get 3 steering modes: The chassis is very, very compact. I think you can put an elephant on it, it will not move at all. For the tools, I think I’ll make a pneumatic arm (The pneumatic cylinders of the Mercedes truck would be very helpful, but I don’t have this set) And for the front I don’t know, so if you have ideas, tell me!
  9. I confirm. When I bought my BuWizz, I paid 120€ + 20€ of VAT + 20€ for the shipping.
  10. I have made a "Behind the scenes". With some fails.
  11. Hi! I put my MOC on LEGO Ideas, because I think it's my more similar one to the LEGO sets. I don't think it will become a LEGO set, but I wanted to see what could happened. :) So you can support my project here. Do you know why there are only 59 days left ? I found :)
  12. I'm glad you like the car and the video! I spent around 9-10 hours to record the video. I did 430 shots. (20Go of video!) And for the jump over the #8109, I put the car on a green support, then I hid it and remplaced it by another background (It's not perfect, you can see something) I'll make a "Behind the scenes ", and you'll can see more precisely how I did the whole video!
  13. Hi! Two years ago, I had made a Gymkhana with Ken Block’s Ford Fiesta. It drifted well, but I wanted to do better using the BuWizz. So I decided to make a better chassis and pair it with the bodywork of the world’s best rally driver’s car : Sébastien loeb’s DS3! This new chassis‘ works in the same way as the old version, but it’s better at drifting. First of all, a reminder of how it works: When turning, the adherence at the rear axle is decreased. This is due to the caster angle of the front axle which lifts the rear interior wheel. (Like a karting il me semble qu’on dit a go-kart mais il faut vérifier!!) So, what changes with this new chassis compared to the old version? The caster angle is the same, but the swerve front wheels relative to their pivot point is decreased (?). The rigidity has been decreased, and the transmission has been upgraded. Now, it has less friction. The consequence is that the difference of adherence at the rear axle is smoother when turning, so drifting is more realistic. Furthermore, there is the amazing BuWizz power! However, the car isn’t easier to handle. (It takes a lot of time to control it perfectly) This car has got stickers, and building instructions! Both have been made by Thorsten Spelz, so thanks to him! Click here And now, the Gymkhana!
  14. Thank you a lot for your work Thorsten! @technic_addict I put my kart on Rebrickable: (And I changed the instruction by Thorsen's ones)