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  1. I'm glad you like the car and the video! I spent around 9-10 hours to record the video. I did 430 shots. (20Go of video!) And for the jump over the #8109, I put the car on a green support, then I hid it and remplaced it by another background (It's not perfect, you can see something) I'll make a "Behind the scenes ", and you'll can see more precisely how I did the whole video!
  2. Hi! Two years ago, I had made a Gymkhana with Ken Block’s Ford Fiesta. It drifted well, but I wanted to do better using the BuWizz. So I decided to make a better chassis and pair it with the bodywork of the world’s best rally driver’s car : Sébastien loeb’s DS3! This new chassis‘ works in the same way as the old version, but it’s better at drifting. First of all, a reminder of how it works: When turning, the adherence at the rear axle is decreased. This is due to the caster angle of the front axle which lifts the rear interior wheel. (Like a karting il me semble qu’on dit a go-kart mais il faut vérifier!!) So, what changes with this new chassis compared to the old version? The caster angle is the same, but the swerve front wheels relative to their pivot point is decreased (?). The rigidity has been decreased, and the transmission has been upgraded. Now, it has less friction. The consequence is that the difference of adherence at the rear axle is smoother when turning, so drifting is more realistic. Furthermore, there is the amazing BuWizz power! However, the car isn’t easier to handle. (It takes a lot of time to control it perfectly) This car has got stickers, and building instructions! Both have been made by Thorsten Spelz, so thanks to him! Click here And now, the Gymkhana!
  3. Thank you a lot for your work Thorsten! @technic_addict I put my kart on Rebrickable: (And I changed the instruction by Thorsen's ones)
  4. Did you try to add a caster angle to the front axle? I did that on my Ford Fiesta WRC, and that was very efficient (with not a huge power).
  5. I started a little the bodywork. The only thing I have to say is that it's very difficult ! The doors will be especially difficult to make. To be closest to the reality, the have to get a slight curvature from the front to the rear. But in Technic, with the existing parts, it will be difficult difficult ! But not impossible !
  6. I was jocking, you tell can everything about the french cars! So, I'll keep the gearbox as it is now. @Lipko Yes, the gearbox is not connected to the engine. To do that, I have to work on the bodywork before. Then, I'll can know how to hide the gearbox's axis by the interior.
  7. I'll see. That would be great, but it will be necessary to have the good balance and a very rigid chassis. Hey, I'm french! Don't say bad things about the french cars! I'll work on the bodywork. And I'll see for the chassis, if it's necessary to make another one or if I can change this one to make it better.
  8. Since a little moment, I wanted to make a Citroën DS for 2 reasons: This car has a very particular design and it had an innovative mecanic It has not prevously been made in Technic. So I can be the first! ^^ I wanted to reproduce all the features: Suspension Steering with the headlights moving with the wheels Height adjustment using pneumatic (Just up/down, not intermédiary) Gearbox (not defivitive yet, see below) Openable hood, trunk and doors Perhaps the body will be detachable (like the Nico71's 2CV) And a nice design! Actually, I did the chassis. It is not finished, but almost. And it was very complicated to make, this chassis! On the real car, almost all the macanic is in the front part of he car (under the hood). The problem is that it's not really possible in Lego, furthermore I wanted a chassis' height of 3 studs. So, I put the gearbox in the back of the chassis. That is working, but it's not realistic. So can you answer this question: do you like this construction, or do you perfer that I try to put a 2 speed gearbox just under the engine? Here, you can see the headlights moving with the wheels: It's simple, but we don't see that on supercars. There is not HOG yet. I don't know if it will be the steering wheel only, or if there will be one other on the dashboard. The chassis height adjustment allows almost put it down. The suspensions are soft. They give to the car a "boat" effect. And the gearbox: It is linked to the front wheels, but not actually to the engine. I wanted a DBG body, but the parts don't exist in this colour. So, it will be white. Tell me what you think about this begining!
  9. Hi! I'm glad you like my MOC! I don't plan about putting this model on Rebrickable, because I prefer making creations than the instructions!
  10. Thanks! @MajklSpajkl Here are the motors after the video : It's not very important because they are working, but it's less beautiful. ^^ You're welcome, that was nothing! I made this system for the simplicity. It's more precise than a system using gear on a rack, because this system is very direct. (With a gear, the wheels can move a little. They can almost not move at all with this system)
  11. Thanks for the comments! I know that the tyres are too big, but I don't have the #42048's tyres. Furthermore, this kart is very very close to the floor, and actually the chassis touch the floor sometimes. That would be more embarrassing with smaller tyres. And I think these tyres give a good look to the kart. ^^ @Ron1 Cool! More and more power! Here is the Rebrickable link:
  12. Hi! When I received my BuWizz, I wanted to make a fast RC model. It had to be very light, so a kart was good to make that. The mechanic is very simple. There are just some gears to turn the wheels at a high speed. As you can see, the driving is powered by two L motors and the steering by a servomotor. According to the tyres, this kart is very fast!
  13. Thank you Thorsen fot this nice building instructions! If you have made this car and you have a BuWizz, put it in the car: it's really powerful!
  14. I'm just a CAD assembly instruction from your
    Ford Fiesta.  I have a few questions.  
    What Flex axes did you use and can you send me the sticker design?

    Thanks Thorsten

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      Ok, so can I order you one template?

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      It has arrived.  It is also already printed and cut

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      We continue by e-mail. :)

  15. The LDD file is finished! It's available here: à nacelle.lxf?dl=0 (4 connectors are missing, not available on LDD)