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  1. Anto

    [MOC] Reform Muli T10X

    @JanGroen : Sorry, I hadn’t the time to answer. I can’t check which version I used, so try to download the latest version on the LEGO website and click on “update” is a message does appear; I can’t tell you more for the moment. ^^
  2. Anto

    [MOC] Reform Muli T10X

    Thanks! Here is the LDD file for it: Muli T10X.lxf?dl=0 However I won't have the time to make real instructions, even making photo instructions...
  3. Anto

    [MOC] Reform Muli T10X

    Thanks! @Mechbuilds: As I have learnt to make instructions (for my Ford Mustang Hoonicorn) I could do it, but this year I'm not going to have the time (studies which will take all my time). And for the next summer (yeah, already planned!) I have a new big project that I have started, so I don't think there will be instructions for this model.
  4. Anto

    [MOC] Reform Muli T10X

    It's finally finished! I had to give up on the first version because of a severe balance issue. All the weight was on the front, so the front wheels were totally crushed while the chassis was bent like a banana and the rear wheels weren't touching the ground. It was impossible to do anything, other than weigh down the rear, which wasn't a good option. So I started again from scratch. I decided to use a smaller scale, lowering the number of functions and keeping the essential. The current functions are: 4 wheel drive transmission powered by 1 L motor (without central differential) 3 steering modes thanks to 1 servomotor by axle (in fact 4 steering modes are possible, but the Muli only has 3) Tilting cab Openable doors Pivoting center tube Accessory output on the BuWizz for the tool[/list] On this model, the balance issue was pretty simple to fix, I just had to place the BuWizz on the rear part of the chassis, where the fuel tank used to be. An L motor on the front powers the front wheels and the rear ones thanks to an axle which passes through the articulation. Steering is controllable thanks to 2 servomotors. One is placed at the rear, and the other at the front, in a slightly unusual position (vertical), limited by a lack of room (see for yourself). The articulation is very simple. It's just a turntable that connects the two parts of the chassis to each other (the motion isn't limited). The cab can be tilted. That wasn't easy to design, mainly due to some structural difficulties. It is tiltable on the side, just like the real vehicle ; and a stop holds it open. The doors can also be opened. They are held in a closed position by a 1/2 pin, but there is no stop for the open position (due to a lack of space to make something suitable). I have tried to stick to the design of the real vehicle as much as I could, incorporating as many of the details as possible. I have made stickers which help to recreate the real model. For the tool, I wanted something playable and realistic compared to what the real truck may have (which wasn't really difficult given that you can put almost anything on it). I opted for a pneumatic arm with a dropside dump. This way, you can drive the truck to pick something up and put it in the dump. The tool has outriggers and a mini pneumatic pump (which you can activate with a switch), that you connect to the BuWizz. The crane has 2 articulations and a winch at the extremity of the arm. The turn table can move at almost 360°; its rotation is limited so as not to block the pneumatic hoses which pass through the center. The tool can be attached to the chassis with 4 pins with bushes; and the cab can be removed by taking off the bumper, an axle and a pin. The video!
  5. I haven't modified this gearbox but @Leviathan has made it for me! He has made it more compact, mainly by changing the lock system of the 2 speed gearbox using a rubber connector. This has saved space: now it is 11 studs long instead of 13. He has modified the stop system (which makes impossible shifting from 8th to 1st). And he has also made a new structure, using technic frames (more stiff). Below you can see a version even a bit more compact, but it's near to the illegal build. Link to his own presentation on TechLUG:
  6. Thank you! Indeed, I built this car in one year, the stickers took a lot of time to make, and the instructions took a lot of time too. They have been approved, there was a little problem with the tiles 2x2 trans clear.
  7. Here is the finished beast! I haven't changed the chassis since the last time (I have just added some parts to reinforce the universal joint at the front that could move before), but I have just adapted the body work to it. From the exterior, nothing has changed, but the conception of the sides is way better with the "new" chassis. I have made stickers to match perfectly to the real car. I have redone manually a great part of the logos (as the "RTR" at the rear, I had to create it manually because there was no picture of it on the internet), and finally, I think the result is good. Then For Art Sticker has printed and cut the stickers. So there are 4 L motors for the driving with a 1:3 ratio with 2 motors by axle, one servo for the steering, and one BuWizz. I'll not be able to make the video this summer, unfortunately I have to wait again. Actually it's possible drifting with this car in a house in Fast mode without any poblem if we are a minimum careful not to bee too sudden, but that is not enough to make a good video, I can't just show the car making donuts in my kitchen. So I have to wait until the correction is available... So I have made pro instructions! Here is a preview: It is available on Rebrickable (it just needs to be approved), it is not free this time: 10€43 (with a little 43 haha!). I had to learn to use LDCad and LPub3D to make it. Sometimes it was quite difficult, but it worked! Thanks to Nico71 who has helped me a lot to use these softwares; without him I would be certainly seeking how to use some functionnalities! When you buy the instructions, you also get the stickers, because it's better with!
  8. Anto

    Mario Kart

    Thanks to everybody, I'm glad you like it! It may be possible to add it. I think it would be nice to have the sounds of the real videogame. But I have no PFx brick... About the bug of the BuWizz, in fact it's possible to drive it to play with it, but not to drive to make a video, in a great space to show how fast this MOC can be, that's why I have to wait.
  9. I have done this MOC more than a year ago, but as for the Ford Mustang Hoonicorn, I can't make the video until the bug of the BuWizz (with the Fast and Ludicrous modes) is corrected. So I show you the pictures of the MOC for the moment. ^^ I have started to build this creation when I have received 2 RC motors. The purpose was to see what I could make using 2 RC motors and a BuWizz. So this thing is an airplane... until the bug stops the BuWizz. With the 2 RC motors connected to big wheels by the high output, this is very fast. How I had the idea to make this model? I wanted to make a cartoon / videogame style MOC, so I chose the most famous vehicle of Mario Kart videogame. The 2 RC motors are at the rear, the BuWizz is between them. At the front, there is the servomotor which activates the steering with an Ackermann effect, and there is a return to the steering wheel. The body work is easily detacheable. You have just to remove some pins, or simply to detach the blocs from the chassis. Video coming in a moment I think...
  10. I meant the gearbox of the Porsche or of the Bugatti are closer (or less further) from real gearboxes in their conception. But I agree that anyway it's "not possible to understand correctly how they work" for average people (as you said) since the gearboxes are hidden under panels (unlike the #8860 chassis), so in this way, my gearbox could also work, if the only objective is to show the engine turning at different speeds. What a compact stepper!
  11. I think it's a problem with the Rebrickable server (the file is hosted directly on Rebrickable), because yesterday someone has downloaded it and it worked. Try this link, this should work: 8 Speed gearbox.lxf?dl=0 Yes that's correct! On the modelization, it's the black and orange thing that prevents the selector of the 2 speed gearbox from moving to the second gear to the first by the wrong way (and from the second to the first) so after this, you can't move the selector of the 4 speed gearbox. In the video you can see at 0.18, 0:39 and 0:47 that it works (but as the shifter and the gearbox are not fixed, the gearbox can be tilted a bit so it's possible to move a bit the lever even if it doesn't activate another speed). I also understand LEGO's choise, because their aim is to show how a real car works. So they can't make something like me, as it's not representative of the reality. (But I hope on your car you can't shift from 8 to 1, or it will cost you a lot in replacing the engines! )
  12. Oops, I meant that for the Chiron, there are 4 driving rings and 2 possible positions by driving ring, so 8 independant positions. But in my gearbox, there are 2 driving rings with 2 possible positions, and 2 driving rings with 1 position, so it's equivalent to 3 working driving rings. (I'll say I wasn't clear at all because it's a hot day. ) If I have a moment, I will try with a classic changeover catch, to see if it's possible to get something more compact.
  13. Thanks! The LDD file is on Rebrickable! Indeed on the Chiron, there is the same system to move a knob with a towball pin. I don't know exactly how its gearbox works, but I think it's more like a classis gearbox, with 4 driving rings, whereas here there are only 3.
  14. I made it almost a year ago, but I didn't have the time to make its presentation. It's a gearbox I made at the release of the rotary changeover catches. My purpose was to make a gearbox as compact as possible. So I decided to couple a 2 speed gearbox to a 4 speed gearbox. There are 2 advantages: firstly the gearing is more compact, and then the shift system is also pretty compact. When the changeover catch of the 4 speed gearbox makes one turn, it activates the one of the 2 speed gearbox. So to change the speeds from the lowest ratio to the highest, the 4 speed gearbox does 1; 2; 3; 4 while the 2 speed gearbox is in first gear; then the 4 speed gearbox activates the second speed of the 2 speed gearbox, and it does 1; 2; 3; 4 again. Little trick: when you make a double gearbox like this, it's important to be sure that the gears are in the right order. This means the 6th gear (2-2) must not to be lower than the 4th gear -1-4) or you cannot control the gearbox properly. So in Excel, I recreated the structure of the gearbox using cases in the calculations (for example F3*G3/F4*G4). Then I put the number of teeth of the gears I may use in the cases, and I got the final ratios of the gearbox. After some tries, I got a good result, and a perfectly controllable gearbox. To control this gearbox, I used the stepper of the Bugatti Chiron that I compacted a little bit (the piece in red). To finish, a modelization of the mechanic to have a clearer view of the gears: Finally, this is an extremly compact gearbox, easily controllable.
  15. I've done instructions for the forklift! For this, I used Blueprints, to generate instructions from LDD. The instructions are available on Rebrickable: