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  1. For personal MOC any part is a good part. However, if I consider creating instructions for my MOC I would try my best no to use any rare-old-expensive parts. Sadly, not all MOCers have such approach and ruin the fun for all of us due to some parts becoming unobtainable for reasonable price.
  2. I've built small and big "triangles" (the are actually hexagons) with real bricks and can confirm some elements are under stress due to slight misalignment in geometry and collisions.
  3. But it would serve the needed purpose within the Dots set.
  4. More holes > less plastic used > $$ gains. On more serious note, 6 hole design looks little better than of 3 hole.
  5. Those aren't Red, but rather Rust colored. Still, colors are too consistent. I wonder if you, perhaps, didn't use any modern parts, just the ones from the old days when colors were the same?
  6. @Erik Leppen Ride height adjustment has been part of 8297 functions, although not as fancy as it sounds. Somewhat modular design was used in 8448 set. base body could be rebuilt into several (9, think?) models with engine having ability to be removed quickly and placed behind the seats. And I'd love to see some new models with other functions you've mentioned. I suspect 4-door vehicle's body/frame might not be as rigid as 2/3-door and have an added (pricey) complexity because of that.
  7. It looks very nice! There's a lot of effort put here to align elements nicely. I hope none of the parts were painted? Since colors are (oddly) looking too consistent*. *TLG, I'm looking at you.
  8. For the past few years I got less Technic sets mostly because they became too big and too expensive. And there was an article on Bricket discussing this issue, where increased number of larger sets doesn't always bring more fun and profit. And I like to have variety of sets rather than just few biggest ones. Reasonably sized (and priced) sets for 2021 looks very nice at the moment.
  9. Finally, some normal, original Blue colored model. I would have loved if there were more parts in blue though, but addition of those panels is great.
  10. zux

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    Because train and cars in 60198 are small and unrealistic.
  11. zux

    Powered Up - A tear down...

    Ok, sorry, I must be explaining my issue in a way it is hard to understand. I know about Philo doing all this work to provide details for each motor. In case where there's need for specific technical detail like motor's RPM and/or torque value - I'll just check his website. You can also see that Sariel's chart is based on Philo's data. While Philo is very good in doing all the science the data he gets is sometime hard to read. This has been fixed in Sariel's chart. For PF era we had quite a simple world with few elements. All of them had certain properties that were easy to understand. I could easily select a motor and battery box I needed for Technic MOC, since properties for each item were clear. Now with PU I have no idea which motor does what without major research in figuring out of all the details for each particular element. And don't want to invest into PU stuff just to figure everything out myself. I see there are quite a few people that are far more knowledgeable than I am. So I was wondering if this knowledge has been put somewhere in a little more easy to read format. Thanks. This is the form of data presentation I'm looking for. I read this table covers only the software compatibility with hubs and motors, but not the features of the motors.
  12. zux

    Powered Up - A tear down...

    That is not useful, unfortunately. I'm looking for something easy to understand visually. So having pictures of motors and hubs is would have been a huge advantage. A good example of easy to read data visually is Sariel's motors chart.
  13. zux

    Powered Up - A tear down...

    Ugh, reading the last couple of pages made my head hurt. I'm yet to have any of PU elements, but entire thing is confusing. Is there any sort of a chart categorizing all PU motors and hubs by systems they work with, control options and what kind of features they have? Naming isn't essential as long as it is easy to distinguish items.