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  1. zux

    Build The Impossible

    Clearly, it was possible to build the impossible. Despite the click-bait topic name I find this contraption quite cool! Since the video has now surfaced I wish to see more explanation how such idea came into mind, what it took to implement this, etc. Basically everything in the background. Didn't like the fact few of the models have been used just for moving, especially the part with three of them in sequence.
  2. zux

    Beginner questions

    First of all, if you intend to build more Technic MOC and not just the one created by Didumos I highly recommend using Rebrickable to store all of your sets and additionally ordered parts. This webpage is a huge help finding out the parts you miss. And it has a lot of other cool features. Like the MOC you've mentioned is not uploaded there, but you can used LDR/LXF files to create a custom list and keep track of what you are still missing. Well, custom made models (MOCs) usually have a lot of lots of different parts in various colours, so it is hard to begin if you have no LEGO inventory yet. But don't be dis-encouraged by that as you will enjoy the MOC. So to help you with this journey I suggest into taking a hybrid approach: 1. you need to identify the most expensive parts or group of parts. Sometimes it is worth buying the whole set containing these parts or getting a large bunch of extra parts for a little extra money. 2. check the recent Technic sets to identify which one of them have the most of parts you need. This might not be easy or get you a lot of parts, but it works sometimes. 3. Last option is to buy missing parts on Bricklink. While the prices per piece often are quite good in the end you you'll spend there a lot. Depending on your budget, this might take some time, but it is still more cost efficient than buying more sets with unnecessary parts. 4. Substitute colours. Many parts come in different colours and MOC designers usually build with what they already own, but these might be a little expensive. You might want to explore other options, for example try building chassis in Light Bluish Gray instead of Black or have body built in different colour.
  3. Thanks for sharing these models. The idea of building internals to show off is kind of cool!
  4. zux

    Reaching 100 posts quickly

    You may just want to check Bricklink or Brickowl to see if your wanted item isn't already for sale by multiple people.
  5. Oh, there's quite some power - rear wheels expand in diameter similarly like the ones in dragsters.
  6. zux

    Lancia Delta Integrale

    Nice little car! Is there a real need in having 3 (!) L-motors for propulsion? It is quite light model after all.
  7. I believe this change has happened before 5 x 11 panels were introduced. So the issue discussed in this topic shouldn't be related to this change.
  8. zux

    Support structure for cylinder

    There are too many unknowns to suggest an exact solution. Quick suggestion would be to base your structure on Technic 11x11 gear rack and work around it to make attachment points to your plates.
  9. zux

    Powered Up - A tear down...

    Solution I've mentioned suggest to connect each motor to port 1 in their respective hubs. Doing so and using single control unit to start the train will result in each train going opposing directions. You are doing nothing wrong! This is exactly what we found ourselves on recent LUG event, that 2nd motor has to be connected to port 2 on another hub for combined train to go same direction. The downside is that you have to control both motors independently.
  10. The attention to details is astonishing. What did you use to cover the rear end of front wheel arches?
  11. Same thing in Europe. I rarely buy anything from S@H these days since wanted sets can be purchased much cheaper somewhere else. But you get nice promotions at S@H sometime, which might be attractive.
  12. zux

    Powered Up - A tear down...

    That would only work if you wish to run two trains independently. If you need to combine both 60197 sets into single train, the solution mentioned above isn't going to work.
  13. zux

    New LEGO Forma

    I find the whole idea a bit strange. My bet is that most of the sets will be bough by investors/scalpers and will later go for crazy money because of exclusivity.
  14. Does this mod require any additional parts or all of it can be done with included bricks?
  15. zux

    Siemens Vectron Double unit Loco

    Great idea and nice implementation. However I think the final result doesn't seem to represent the Siemens Vectron much, which is longer (or lower) and have rather blunt front. Making front right, would make it much more recognizable!