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  1. zux

    [Help] - Flexible hose

    Well, you can bend such hose in small radius, but keep in mind it won't recover to its original state, i.e. will be permanently bent/damaged. So it depends on your definition of LEGO purity if you feel this acceptable or not. It is hard to advice what would be the best way for you, as pneumatic hoses are slightly larger in diameter. it will be hardly possible to insert pneumatic tube into hollow stud.
  2. The actual piece is has already been submitted (search for 6099773), but isn't approved yet, due to lack of image.
  3. Sets have been released just 2 weeks ago, officially. It is too early to ask for everything at this point. Brickset list parts when LEGO publish them. So they cannot do anything sooner. Bricklink relies on community to add new parts. It takes some effort to add all new parts and inventory the set. I'm sure this will be fixed soon, as it states "Inventory Pending Approval" already.
  4. zux

    [Help] - Flexible hose

    I found that looking for required part on Bricklink and then following the link to Rebrickable to find actual LDraw part number helps. Rebrickable has each rigid hose with its dedicated part number. For example, 71192 is actual part number for Rigid hose 16L. And the same piece on Rebrickable. Haven't really used these before, but I don't think you can bend these in LDCad, for example. For this case I suppose you would need to search for Rigid Hose 3mm piece.
  5. Following same idea I'd love to see new LEGO engine parts, gears, shafts, etc. to be done from other vehicle's engines, gearboxes and so on. :)
  6. zux

    Lego Quality Reference

    It might be just colour inconsistency.
  7. Fixed my issue and suddenly not only the bricks appeared, but the lag has gone also. Great! In my case existing item in menu has been misbehaving (not really picking up any changes). So I had recreated it manually from scratch and Stud.io is now running fine now.
  8. Where do you actually place this option? My command for application link available within main menubar is the following: env WINEPREFIX="/home/*username_here*/.wine" wine C:\\windows\\command\\start.exe /Unix /home/*username_here*/.wine/dosdevices/c:/users/Public/Start\ Menu/Programs/Stud.io.lnk
  9. zux

    Trains from pavlo.

    We all have the same limit. You need to upload pictures somewhere else and post links here. More details can be found in "How can I upload pictures of my creations to the forums?" section of this topic.
  10. You didn't mention this still applies to LEGO, as the company might have changed plastic over the years. While your example with other toys might not be this progressive and still use old-LEGO-like plastic formula, which is prone to yellowing.
  11. This depends on the diameter you need. Same parts won't work, for different dimensions. What diameter you are looking for?
  12. White it is true for numbered bag you cannot apply the same for build steps. You simply cannot build more than it is available on your current page of instructions. Same applies to old Technic instructions with multiple pieces per step. TLG has introduced a part outlining feature for pieces used in current step. I think this definitely can be used to move towards more parts per step/page.
  13. There is a dedicated topic for this matter already. You might want to read it. And if you want a heart attack (I warned you!) have a look at these links: Flick group Matth Cornelis Walter Whiteside Jr.
  14. You might want to use jumper plates to substitute top and bottom "plates with door rails". But I like existing setup, it looks sturdy. Another option is to play around in a similar fashion I did here:
  15. zux

    Where do i start?

    Yes, getting some sets is great for start. You can build your collection of major parts quite quickly. But if you need specific part you can get it on Bricklink and don't need to buy whole set just to acquire that piece. However it is sometimes cheaper to buy the whole set.