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  1. Peteris_Sprogis

    Alternate MOC models from official #LEGO Creator sets

    10 custom alternative models from the 2019 LEGO Creator 3in1 set 31089
  2. LEGO Technic 42088 C model MINI TRACTOR
  3. Couple of new LEGO Technic 42088 alternate models with building tutorials Buggy Formula1 instructions at'm a conformist!/42088-formula1/#comments
  4. 42089 PowerBoat rebuild model 3WHEELER car. The model consists of 2 sturdy modules- the chasis and the body. Working single piston engine driven by front wheels and a motile windscreen section for access to the cockpit. Click the arrow for more pics.
  5. LEGO Technic 42093 alternate moc TRUCK
  6. There was not enough space upwards. The axle of the current motor is already above the steering and if I would add cylinders above I could not fit the front bonnet.
  7. LEGO Technic Mack Anthem set 42078 C model SUV & TRAILER
  8. LEGO Tehcnic Rally Car set 42077 rebuild model ROADSTER.
  9. Thanks! I know @Tomik 's creations. He's been posting high quality alternates for years. The reverse dissasembly instruction videos have been around for a while. For example @grohl has been doing all his Youtube instructions this way. I understood that it would be too dificult to make correct step sequence & it would be hard to distinguish some pin types in video instructions made from Lego Digital Designer ( like I do for my system builds ) therefore had to make the instructions like this.
  10. LEGO Technic 42074 Racing Yacht turned into Helicopter C model.
  11. LEGO Technic 42071 Air Glider Plane. Not really any functions except adjustable wing angles but it was a great fun to make a shape out of beams and pins ( unlike the usual building with system bricks) 42071 Monster Buggy + building tutorial video Thanks for watching!
  12. Peteris_Sprogis

    Alternate MOC models from official #LEGO Creator sets

    LEGO Creator 31007 4in1 alternate moc models One more alternative build from the Rocket Rally Car set 31074 And Milk Truck alternate Truck from the Sunshine Surfer Van set 31079 Very bricking Thank You for watching!
  13. Here are some alternate moc models I have created from LEGO Technic sets 42084 Tricycle + instructions 42084 Buggy + instructions 42084 Airplane + instructions in Brixtar app 42071 Hovercraft with instructions at Rebrickable'm a conformist!/42071-h0vercraft/#comments 42075 Helicopter with instructions at Rebrickable'm a conformist!/42075-helicopter/#comments 42075 Super MOTO bike Thank You for watching!
  14. Peteris_Sprogis

    Alternate MOC models from official #LEGO Creator sets

    LEGO Creator set 31075 alternate TRUCK model
  15. Peteris_Sprogis

    Alternate MOC models from official #LEGO City sets

    Took the 60017 set from the 2013 and made some alternate models 60017 Truck with instructions 60017 SUV4x4 car with instructions