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  1. bamsham363

    MOC: The Wild Horse

    appearances are deceiving, from flicking through flickr i didnt realise the size!!
  2. bamsham363

    MOC: Minifigure Scale CREATOR VW Beetle

    Herbie, now with opening hood and trunk V1 and V2, bit more detail on new roof too, enjoy
  3. bamsham363

    MOC: Old 20's Vehicles

    good use of wrenches, i was looking for a solution for one of my vehicles, and might just borrow that thanks
  4. bamsham363

    Babylon 5

    B5 forever, great moc, would look good on my shelf too
  5. bamsham363


    simply stunning, i would buy this if available, no doubt, superb
  6. bamsham363

    MOC: Minifigure Scale CREATOR VW Beetle

    already done, just not with opening hood/trunk, working on it tho
  7. bamsham363

    MOC: Minifigure Scale CREATOR VW Beetle

    pieces finally arrived, went together smoothly
  8. bamsham363

    MOC: Bengal Tiger Head

    love it and incredible likeness and attention to detail, my only critcism would be the tiger doesnt look mean enough
  9. bamsham363

    MOC: Minifigure Scale CREATOR VW Beetle

    new front end shape, it sits more flush with the front, black mk1 version, trying other colour combos now
  10. bamsham363

    [MOC] Liebherr L586 wheel loader

    beatiful model, shaping is spot on and good attention to detail, nice moc both sets of rims work...
  11. bamsham363

    MOC: Minifigure Scale CREATOR VW Beetle

    from what ive seen, most primary colours and of course black and white, th axes are limited to black or grey, but so far for my colour combinations all seem possible, but am working my way through this with more realistic beetle colour combinations as per my already built version (minus opening hood/trunk) thanks for your comments
  12. i suprised myself with a new version, with opening bonnet (hood) and boot (trunk), and of course doors, as per prev models roof can be hard top or soft top and fits 2 mini fig in front and one in back, 2 at a push if roof is down, comments thoughts welcome, is a work in progress as would like to enhance the engine/roof etc etc
  13. bamsham363

    MOC Herbie Love bug/Rally/Classic beetle WIP

    new vw monster baja version with steering and suspension, modified from suspension found on web from unknown source, used on a few of my builds.
  14. bamsham363

    Moc Beetle Minifig scale

    VW Monster Baja Version, working suspension and steering adapted from one i found on the web, and used on a few of my builds