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  1. bamsham363

    [MOC] Windmill

    Amazing, gorgeous and full of detail, best thing ive seen this week, bravo
  2. bamsham363

    4-wide cars

    They really work well on this scale, a nice series indeed, reminds me that I found a very old vintage TLG taxi in my boxfrom late 70's early 80's in this scale, was surprised I still had it
  3. bamsham363

    [MOC] Old Harbour Street

    lovin the amount of detail, that last shot is my favourite, of the attic with the kitchen, so well done, bravo keep going back to this, and keep eyeballing new stuff, its great, love the tree too
  4. bamsham363

    [MOC] WIP Eunos Roadster/Mazda MX-5/Miata

    I think you need to form the top of the windscreen tube a little, maybe with a wire inside the tube, small criticism I know, but love what you have done so far, will keep an eye on this one to see how it ends out
  5. bamsham363

    [MOC] Porsche 911 Carrera RSR 1973

    I have to keep coming back to view these, those curves.....
  6. bamsham363

    [MOC] Oulu in microscale

    wow!! now that is dedication, and truly deserves showing off
  7. Although not a fan of black pieces to represent windows, I have to say the shaping is beautiful, great model!! and well done, personally I prefer absence of pieces (windows) and just the pillars being represented, not sure if the windows here are structural or could be done that way? look forward to more MOC from you as always
  8. bamsham363

    [MOC] Airships

    airships are underated, and you have a nice collection here, there should be more, steampunk/normal there just should be more, everyone likes motorised conventional transport too much, may be coz its easier to facilitate, but imagination when depicted right is great, keep up the good work on this
  9. bamsham363

    [MOC] No way out

    brilliant, what a great scene, my only criticism if I was to make one, is I think it may look better if the vignette wasn't square, but more of a random shape, but that's personal preference. love the characters and the building and the colour usage, breathtaking
  10. bamsham363

    [MOC] Medieval Blacksmith Shop

    supercool, im defo stealing some ideas from this, with the walls and roof, love that colour combo for the roof too, bravo
  11. bamsham363

    [MOC] The Earth

    wonder the parts cost of this?? great sphere and level of detail for the size
  12. bamsham363

    [MOC] Renault FT-17

    its quite cute in its stance, but looks good built, some models don't transition well or don't look as good as a file makes out, but this works well
  13. bamsham363

    [MOC] Porsche 911 Carrera RSR 1973

    the curves on this are insane, and sexy as hell, thanks for your effort on this one, one of the best ive seen at this scale, that is not a technic moc
  14. bamsham363

    [MOC] Kenworth K100 Tow Truck (1:13)

    love it, love the building process, and that's one busy desk, thanks for sharing
  15. bamsham363

    [MOC] Models of warships (1:200 scale)

    really love these micro builds, especially the ships, and the attention to detail shown, would love to see this built, although might still be a little costly