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  1. Moc Beetle Minifig scale

    does anyone think this would be a good creator set, or would it need to be a 3 in 1? if i put it forward at lego ideas.. and would it have to be blue? like the others, your opinions welcome
  2. [MOD] Heavy Cargo Transport 60183

    id buy that as a set, very nice
  3. Moc Beetle Minifig scale

    Hi Johnny, thanks for taking the time to comment, appreciated, tried those little fellas, good for certain things, however on a 5 wide roof is hard to join one side to another with a 2x2, but will have another tinker later, they are a good piece, however do spoil the aesthetics a little on smaller builds as still can appear a little bulky from the side. maybe I'm to picky, I think the answer lies in lowering the passenger a little in the car, rather than raising the roof, so now exploring this avenue, without disturbing the lines I have. Its only a couple of mm so should be doable. I knew beetles would be difficult but enjoy the challenge of this one as so close, as much as I love the cabriolet, which makes things easy just wanted either the soft top or hard top version, as not happy with the baby creator beetle set from lego, that is no beetle.
  4. Moc Beetle Minifig scale

    think im just going to have to cut up a thin grey baseplate, or use glue, glad im not to much of a purist, ok maybe not the glue...
  5. Moc Beetle Minifig scale

  6. Moc Beetle Minifig scale

    Ive built a vw beetle minifig scale, just ordered all the parts so will post pics when i get to build it for real, but am having difficulty with joining the roof parts, the scale is great but am needing thin plates to join them, are there such pieces? images from bluerender can be found at this link its almost 100% complete however im about 1/2 a flat out on getting a minifig in with hair, bald hes fine, its now bugging me, as doesnt look so good if raised one thin sure ill get there but its at that stage where its bugging me, and wishing lego could invent a new piece, so all help comments would be appreciated.