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Found 94 results

  1. Here is my review on current GWP 40582 4x4 Off-Road Ambulance Rescue: THE GOOD: A different looking ambulance compared to other you typically get in city theme. Good size for a GWP as typically CITY GWP you get much smaller set. 3 minifigures. THE NOT SO GOOD: The door at the back of the ambulance has visible space & gap. I was skeptical at first but I ended up quite like this GWP. First, a more reasonable threshold to get this and lucky for those got this during 2x VIP. Back to this set, it's refreshing because usually City GWP are a bit more smaller. You do get a different looking ambulance compared to the ones you usually get from City. There is also space incorporated for the 2nd rescuer to attend the injured while transiting to a hospital. The neon yellow parts are just bonus. Having 3 minifigures also is great. I did enjoy the build in the end. The only thing bothers me is the door and the back have notable gaps, this is not going to feel good for the injured during the trip to hospital. Otherwise, a cool GWP recommend to everyone, as of the time writing this review, you still have 2 more days to get this set while it's still in stock!
  2. Pchan1983

    REVIEW: 60384 Penguin Slushy Van

    Here is my review on 2023 LEGO City 60384 Penguin Slushy Van: THE GOOD: Great Pop looking Van and this allows some fresh experience despite having same action features compared to other food trucks. 2 exclusive minifigures (at least for now) THE NOT SO GOOD: The slushies did not come with all flavours advertised lol I enjoyed building this set and the end results look good. Despite having similar to identical actions features as other similar food trucks build, this one comes with a pop feel exterior which allows you to experience a slightly different building experience. I especially like the design of the rear of the van. Interior is limited with the space available but the slushies machine is great small build. I wish this set included the other 2 flavours as minifigures accessories but this set only have pieces to create 2 flavours only. Talking about the minifigures, this set comes 2 new exclusive minifigures (at least for now). Both excellent and always good to get animal costumes. At $35 NZD, this is acutally a very competitive pricing given City theme usually selling with 15~20% off. Overall, it is indeed a good small set with a fun building experience which I totally recommend this to anyone.
  3. Here is my review on 60372 Police Training Academy: THE GOOD: Impressive obstacles course. A working zip line Very interesting building experience across the set Excellent minifigures parts. Modular design and lots of small details in the interior. (very nice coffee machine) THE NOT SO GOOD: Due to the angular design, you do get a huge gap between the main central part and the climbing wall. I'm sure in an actual LEGO world this doesn't happen. Overall, this is a fun set and I like it very much. Originally I was drawn to this set because of the obstacles course, and it does not disappoint. On top of that, there are quite few details within the build that are pretty cool as well. The weight training gym and the little coffee machine is definitely one of the highlights. While you cannot really connect the equestrian training section to the main build but it's still full of details. For example, some of the poles are intentionally not connected to any other pieces so you can simulate a failed attempt to jump over. Anyway, the main star of this set is really the obstacles course. Clearly inspired by Sasuke/American Ninja Warrior, the building experience has been fun and on top of that, there is actually a working zip line. The moving platform on top of water is also really interesting. You can probably use different section's design to create you own LEGO ninja warrior course. The set is also designed in a modular way which allows you to remove/update levels easily. On top of all the fun, this set also includes quite a few new 2023 heads with very fitting facial expressions. Even though there are few flaws your logical brain might asks some questions, this is definitely still a set I would recommend to everyone :) and you will probably get some decent discounts on it as well.
  4. Pchan1983

    REVIEW: 60394 ATV and Otter Habitat

    Here is my review on 2023 LEGO City 60394 ATV and Otter Habitat: THE GOOD: Not one but 2 Otters. Small habitat but looks good with fun sliding feature. Very competitive pricing. THE NOT SO GOOD: The tree falls apart easily. I had my eyes on this set when it was first leaked and it does not disappoint! The habitat build is great, small but detailed enough. They even integrated a play feature with otter sliding. Although the tree is quite easy to fall part. The fact they included not just 1 but 2 otters made this more fun. The ATV is ok, not bad nor good but I do wish they had the movable chasis introduced in other small ATV builds. The other highlight on this set is really the pricing. Pretty much the lowest price point and you often get discount on this, paying NZD $13 for 2 otters is a very good deal considering once otter is available on Pick a Brick it will probably cost more than half price of this set. anyway, this is a recommendation from me with great elements and very generous pricing! Wish LEGO do these type of sets more!
  5. BricksMcgee

    Big Brick City Survey 2022

    Hello! Been a while since I’ve lurked here. I have a survey about LEGO cities around the world called the Big Brick City Survey, which I’d love as many LEGO fans to complete as possible; it should take 5 - 15 minutes to complete depending on how in-depth you like to be, and we’re offering a £100 / €100 / $100 LEGO prize for an entrant drawn at random (if you want to share your details - you can still complete the form without giving me those). We’re hoping to be able to spot a few trends, and present some fun facts about LEGO fans’ towns and cities around the world once we’ve processed the entries, hopefully around early March next year. The questionnaire asks about your city name, and any meaning you have associated with it, the size of it, how your city is governed, and if you have any notable landmarks. The survey form closes on Monday 30th January 2023. More information and the form are at Look forward to seeing your cities! Richard
  6. The Brick Boss

    [MOC] Nod to the Old Octan Tow Truck

    So this was something I did out of pure boredom. Back in October, I had ordered the 7638 Tow Truck off of eBay for a good price, but then I thought that it didn't really match well with my gas station. Recently, City has been doing nods to a lot of its classic sets in current city sets. In 2015, there were two nods. One was a tv chopper in set 60097, which was rather eerily similar to the TV Chopper from 1998. There was also this space set, which was a nod to a classic set. But I don't remember what it was. 2018, they did 60183 Heavy Cargo Transport and in 2021, they had the 60289 Air Show Transport; both of which were obvious nods to the 6357 Stunt Copter N Truck. It came to my mind of.....what would a revival of the tow truck from the 6337 Fast Track Finish set look like. So with that being said, here is a pic of my nod to the old Octan tow truck. For the side stickers, I had some Xtra sticker packs where I got the Octan labels from plus another Octan label that I got from eBay. My method to making this MOC, which is basically a recolored 7638, was really just to replace all the orange with white and all the bottom with red and green. I also replaced the blue lights with orange lights as those are what we use as warning lights here in the states (Just to clarify to our members from other countries). This MOC was pretty simple come to think of it. Now the tow truck is ready to help out any car that is broken down in town.
  7. AntiZombie

    Demo Reel about my LEGO City

    Hi, I have created a little demo reel about what has happened in the past 5 years in my illuminated Lego city and on my channel in general. I hope you will enjoy it :)
  8. Pchan1983

    REVIEW: 40578 Sandwich Shop

    Here is my review on the LEGO City 40578 Sandwich Shop: THE GOOD: Looks great. The sandwich sign build. Delivery back pack also great simple build. THE NOT SO GOOD: Can't find any. I like this set more than I expected. This is actually a very nice sandwich shop. The build and colouring are both outstanding for this size of set. Now interior may be lacking but there are enough space for you to add more details. I like the fact they use green mostly and you suddenly can relate this to UBER EATS and Subway. I really like the sandwich logo/sign build and also the delivery backpack looks really. Nothing really bad about this set and I hope this set will become available outside EU and ASPAC soon. Having said that, although this is a nice GWP and is a great extra if you have something you need to buy to reach the threshold, otherwise this set can be easily built with any spare parts you have. Don't think this GWP is great enough to justify getting past the threshold for the sake of it =)
  9. The Jersey Brick Guy

    Tour of my Lego Basement

    Bare with me as this is my first attempt at making an YouTube video. Thoughts, comments, suggestions and subscriptions are most welcome!
  10. Hi everybody, I created a new (stop motion) music video about my completely illuminated Lego city. The song was composed by a professional musican. There are also many movies references in it. I hope you will enjoy it. I'm happy about every feedback and/or like.
  11. bricksboy

    [MOC] #75 U-Haul 15' Rental Truck

    LEGO MOC#75 15' U-Haul Rental Truck Ford E350 My latest MOC is the familiar U-Haul truck in the US. It is base on the Ford E350 model and 15' long version. I also created a stop motion animation for this truck. Welcome to take a look: More MOC on my homepage:
  12. This station was inspired by several sets, chief among them 4554 (Metro Station) and 71044 (Disney Train and Station). I added a fireplace and a different, more vertically-sloped roof to the 4554 style station with the attic windows from 71044 as a bonus. The lattice windows in the arches are my own idea, while the lower half of all the windows comes from set the ones in 21324. (123 Sesame Street) The model is modular, and features a detachable track side platform, ground floor, and lift-away second floor and tower roof sections. The words "LEGO City" go on the awning above the platform entrance, while the year 1891 (100 years before set 4554 was released) goes on the street side as the date of construction completion. (Both of these should be in official printed 1 x 1 tile letters.) The street side features the same basic look as the other side, but in this case their is a staircase.... which could cause a problem for luggage trolleys and wheelchairs as there is no ramp. (It doesn't have one as they weren't required in the 1890's, when this was "built") One could easily be added to the platform ends, however. The top floor features the tiny station master's office, which includes fixtures such as a desk, telephone, and some filing cabinets. The ground floor features the ticket counter (with old fashioned cash registers), indoor seating, and cozy fireplace. Drinks on the white podium are also available for sale to thirsty travelers. Every floor and platform is grouped separately in LDD. Speaking of which, the file can be found at this link to it's Bricksafe page. As it stands right now, the parts collecting from my personal stash has started for this model, so it should be built by the start of summer, at the latest. Thoughts, comments, and complaints welcome!
  13. Mandaci

    FOENIX - Warrior [MOC]

    Hi Everbody, Here I want to show you MOC Builds of the FOENIX - Warrior. The FOENIX - Warrior is a combat fighter against injustiuce in the year 2245. His Story is told with LEGO bricklink Bricks. The First Project is the FOENIX ,,emn-17" Truck. This vehicle is given to the FOENIX - Warrior by the United Nations. The vehicles of the United Nations hava a Different colour sheme in the FOENIX - Warrior Story, than we know from today. The Vehicles of the United Nations hava a Blue - White - Grey Military Camouflage colour, to sembolize the friendy Mission of the United Nations. Here is a Review of the FOENIX - Warrior Truck. This vehicle has a Brick Modular building, which allows to repair the (imagination) Motor in Front of the Truck.
  14. stef2280

    [MOC] Old Town Hostel

    Hello! I am here with another nice MOC. I hope you like it! It is a "Old Town Hostel" modular building The video is available on YouTube here: Old Town Hostel here some features: 5283 Bricks Perfect Modular building dimension!!! Perfect compatibility with Lego® Modular Buildings Divided in 4 layers like all official Lego® Modular Nice scenario “broken window” Nice hidden garden behind the building with a barbecue and a chimney Nice tall city tree Ground Floor is furnished with a Reception Hall scenario First floor is furnished with curtains and tiles with a very nice spiral staircase Second floor furnished just with tiles Possibility to furnish first and second floor as you want You may get my instructions here: Some other pictures at my Flickr page: Stebrick Flickr
  15. So, this is a little more simplified version of my LEGO theory posted here in response to another post that explains my theory on how most of the original LEGO themes exists in the same universe. The Dinosaur Era: Where dinosaurs existed. (Roughly 180 million years). The Castle/Vikings/Ninja Era: The era in which the LEGO realistic Castle, Vikings, and Ninja themes existed (all starting roughly about 1500 years before the LEGO Town era, and ending about 200 years before LEGO Town). LEGO Pirates Era: (Starting roughly about 200 years before LEGO Town). The era in which Pirates existed. In the last 50 years of pirates, the buildings are transferring into buildings that resemble Town slightly. Villages start to colonize more and expand. Town/Island Era: After the era of Pirates, the LEGO Town era begins, with technology really just beginning to develop, with steam trains still being active and even a few diesel trains. They also start using gasoline-powered vehicles , including airplanes to get around between various towns and villages. The main LEGO town is called LEGO Town. There are several LEGO islands, including the one we see in the LEGO Island games called LEGO Island. This lasts for about 5 years. Space Era: After about 5 years, spaceflight is discovered, and all of the towns and villages gather together to create the LEGO Exploration Force, launching the LEGO Exploration Space Division which will go into space, and the LEGO Exploration Earth Division, which is when Rock Raiders starts. Hearing about the LEGO Space Exploration Space Division, one of the islands called "Blacktron" starts their own space division called the Blacktron Space Division. After meeting in space, the LEGO Exploration Space Division and the Blacktron Space Division are at war, and that causes the creation of the LEGO Defense Force, creating Space Police, and the Space Police are launched into space to stop the fighting. During their mission to stop the fighting, they meet some aliens, which, after a misunderstanding, causes the aliens to be at war with the humans, which makes all of the human space divisions to come together to defeat the aliens. The war causes them to go into deep space, and when they get there they make peace and most of the humans go back to Earth, with a small selection of the Space Police stay to keep everything peaceful. When they return home, the Space Division and Space Police have movies about them, as well as movies based on the adventures of Johnny Thunder and movies based on the Rock Raiders, which is where the LEGO Studios theme comes in. Using the technology they got from space, technology starts to fill the various towns in the LEGO continents and that helps expansion and monorails are introduced as well as some electric trains. Sports will also be expanding into Soccer, Snowboarding, Basketball, Racing, and Ice Hockey. LEGO Town also creates the LEGO Arctic Exploration Force to explore the arctic. World City Era: Lasting 2 years, things are peaceful for the most part, but in a city called "Agentopolis", the LEGO Agents are created when a bunch of supervillians escape, and LEGO Alpha Team is created. LEGO City Era: In 2005, LEGO World City becomes LEGO City. In another city, a bunch of science experiments using dinosaur DNA escape and that makes the city create the Anti-Mutant Defense Force to defeat the lizards. In 2008, Mars Mission is launched, where they discover more aliens that are more peaceful and the Space Police don't need to step in for the aliens and humans to make peace. Things are peaceful for a while until an old space police transmitter sends a signal to Earth using an old code saying that there are two different groups of hostile aliens headed to Earth. As a result, two different defense forces are created: Galaxy Squad and the Alien Defense Unit. The Alien Defense Unit protects Earth while Galaxy Squad goes into space to protect Earth. After a short time, the aliens are defeated. After that, a brand new Space Police force is introduced to go into different galaxies to keep everything safe. After a few years, Solomon Blaze, former Galaxy Squad member, gets a call from his uncle, former Agent Chase of the LEGO Agents who is now in charge of the LEGO Defense Force says he wants him to lead a new team of agents called "Ultra Agents" after a bunch of supervillians escape and after a year, the villains are defeated. There is peace after that. (In 2013, Rex Fury breaks free but is captured after about a week).
  16. So, I've had this thought for a while, and that's when should LEGO cancel City? I suggest cancel it some time between 2020-2025. I think City needs an overhaul. Town lasted 1978-1996, World City 2003-2004, and City has been running since 2005, making it 13 years old this year. I think the golden age of City has come and gone. Now, City has had some good sets in recent years like the 2013 "Racing BikeTransporter" and the 2018 "Pickup and Caravan", but to be honest, I don't think City should be pushing Police as much, though it does sell. I do really like the older city, World City, and Town sets, but recent City sets, adding big yellow net shooters don't really work half the time, and they just look kinda ugly. And with all the new pieces LEGO could develop given about 5-10 years, this could be a big improvement from the current one, and they could re-release polybags of old polybags to help fill the void of City, and then around 2030-ish, come back with a new name to relauch the theme. Now, LEGO could take a big hit and tank if this does happen, but LEGO, as far as I know, didn't tank when Town was cancelled, so this would be interesting, and I would like to see if anyone out there agrees with me.
  17. I got my space port recently. I think it's an amazing set. Knowing that the City division of Lego does listen to its older fanbase sometimes has put mh mind at ease. I usually nod my sets and for this one, I ended up removing the little roller coaster piece as I felt it unnecessary. I can actually make the astronauts walk to the shuttle.But I love the feature where you can stick your android inside the building and pretend the team is controlling it. Detail in a smaller package is an admirable thing. I also love how the rocket holders move when you pick the rocket up. Overall, this gets a 100% from me. Sidenote: I'm glad they made this a 7+ set. Smart move Lego
  18. The Brick Boss

    60053 vs. 60113

    I know you guys probably know about my bigotry towards automobiles that are 6 studs wide. However, when it comes to race cars, I think it works. I own both 60053 and 60113 and they are very nice vehicles. I would like to hope that the race cars that we are supposed to receive in 2020 start a trend of making race cars for Lego City. I do worry that it won't happen since Speed Champions exists. Though Speed Champions seems to be targeted towards OFOLs than CFOLs.
  19. I think it would be a great idea. For those of you out there who may be confused, vehicle packs would basically be like people packs. Only with vehicles. We know that certain sets help keep City relevant not necessarily because of the buildings themselves, but because of the vehicles that complement the building. Even though some people may think the idea is stupid and pointless, I think it would be fun and interesting. It's fun to take things that child Legonfans love and exploit it to it's full advantage. So without further ado. Do you think vehicle packs are good for Lego City? Sound off in the comments.
  20. The Brick Boss

    Q&A: What is your favorite LEGO Vehicle?

    Welp! Finally, I have found the time to do a little Q&A.....if that's okay to do here! If its not okay, please feel free to remove this admins. But anyway, I'd like to start a topic on vehicles - particularly ones we like! For me personally, my favorite vehicle has to be the bus from City set number 60154. I just love buses and I do drive a bus for a living. Truthfully speaking, I kinda wish that was a sub theme for that year. But I guess Lego knows best. So without further to do, what's your favorite LEGO vehicle?
  21. The Brick Boss

    Lego City 2020 Ideas

    So.....I hear that there are going to be more fire sets for City in 2020. 2020 is also a guaranteed police year as police comes every three years, usually following the fire year (which was this year). The 2020 wave for City seems to really be the topic of conversation as of now too! But other than the police sets and the added fire sets, what else would you like to see? Let me know down below.
  22. lostdriveway

    DIGGER Construction Roller Coaster

    Hi folks, I would like to share with you my newest Roller Coaster "DIGGER". It was displayed this weekend at the BrisBricks Morayfield Brick Expo and will be displayed later again this year at Chandler. The coaster uses the CDX Blocks track and everything else is LEGO. You can see more on my Instagram page @brickcoaster and @stewbricks Video at the end. Thanks The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr
  23. Max Hart Lane

    LEGO Funny and Non-stop Video

    Thank you for coming to see my video ^V^
  24. Hey Eurobricks! I'm working on another large scale build but thought I'd update along the way...still finishing the subway then onto the streets and city buildings. Enjoy and feel free to critique! Lego Wip by Ben Pitchford, on Flickr Lego Wip by Ben Pitchford, on Flickr Lego Wip Diorama by Ben Pitchford, on Flickr LEGO WIP Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Sewer Lair by Ben Pitchford, on Flickr My Flickr page: