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Found 76 results

  1. I think it would be a great idea. For those of you out there who may be confused, vehicle packs would basically be like people packs. Only with vehicles. We know that certain sets help keep City relevant not necessarily because of the buildings themselves, but because of the vehicles that complement the building. Even though some people may think the idea is stupid and pointless, I think it would be fun and interesting. It's fun to take things that child Legonfans love and exploit it to it's full advantage. So without further ado. Do you think vehicle packs are good for Lego City? Sound off in the comments.
  2. Welp! Finally, I have found the time to do a little Q&A.....if that's okay to do here! If its not okay, please feel free to remove this admins. But anyway, I'd like to start a topic on vehicles - particularly ones we like! For me personally, my favorite vehicle has to be the bus from City set number 60154. I just love buses and I do drive a bus for a living. Truthfully speaking, I kinda wish that was a sub theme for that year. But I guess Lego knows best. So without further to do, what's your favorite LEGO vehicle?
  3. pooda

    Lego City 2020 Ideas

    So.....I hear that there are going to be more fire sets for City in 2020. 2020 is also a guaranteed police year as police comes every three years, usually following the fire year (which was this year). The 2020 wave for City seems to really be the topic of conversation as of now too! But other than the police sets and the added fire sets, what else would you like to see? Let me know down below.
  4. So, I've had this thought for a while, and that's when should LEGO cancel City? I suggest cancel it some time between 2020-2025. I think City needs an overhaul. Town lasted 1978-1996, World City 2003-2004, and City has been running since 2005, making it 13 years old this year. I think the golden age of City has come and gone. Now, City has had some good sets in recent years like the 2013 "Racing BikeTransporter" and the 2018 "Pickup and Caravan", but to be honest, I don't think City should be pushing Police as much, though it does sell. I do really like the older city, World City, and Town sets, but recent City sets, adding big yellow net shooters don't really work half the time, and they just look kinda ugly. And with all the new pieces LEGO could develop given about 5-10 years, this could be a big improvement from the current one, and they could re-release polybags of old polybags to help fill the void of City, and then around 2030-ish, come back with a new name to relauch the theme. Now, LEGO could take a big hit and tank if this does happen, but LEGO, as far as I know, didn't tank when Town was cancelled, so this would be interesting, and I would like to see if anyone out there agrees with me.
  5. lostdriveway

    DIGGER Construction Roller Coaster

    Hi folks, I would like to share with you my newest Roller Coaster "DIGGER". It was displayed this weekend at the BrisBricks Morayfield Brick Expo and will be displayed later again this year at Chandler. The coaster uses the CDX Blocks track and everything else is LEGO. You can see more on my Instagram page @brickcoaster and @stewbricks Video at the end. Thanks The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr
  6. Max Hart Lane

    LEGO Funny and Non-stop Video

    Thank you for coming to see my video ^V^
  7. Hey Eurobricks! I'm working on another large scale build but thought I'd update along the way...still finishing the subway then onto the streets and city buildings. Enjoy and feel free to critique! Lego Wip by Ben Pitchford, on Flickr Lego Wip by Ben Pitchford, on Flickr Lego Wip Diorama by Ben Pitchford, on Flickr LEGO WIP Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Sewer Lair by Ben Pitchford, on Flickr My Flickr page:
  8. Hey Eurobricks! I'm finishing the TMNT Sewer Lair, Subway, NYC MOC and thought I'd give a sneak peek. More pics and videos shortly. Thanks for viewing and feel free to critique. TCRI Building Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtes by Ben Pitchford, on Flickr TCRI Building Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Ben Pitchford, on Flickr
  9. baolong1906

    Lego City Zombie And Lego Thor Help

    Lego City Zombie And Lego Thor Help - Lego Stop Motion Animation Link video: Building the LEGO CITY city of The LEGO CITY Movie LEGO CITY city is, of course, a colorful brick-based toy. In fact, the LEGO CITY company adheres to strict color palettes that then had to be replicated in the film. But, as production designer, Freckelton says his color choices were not actually limiting. “The thing about LEGO CITY is that it’s all about context,” he observes. “When you’re up close on something, when you put a yellow banana a minifig's hand, in someone’s hand and it’s yellow, you can actually take that banana and stick a couple of studs on the end of it and it looks like a gun - it’s an interesting process of how you use them totally changes the way you perceive them in the movie.” To accurately portray LEGO CITY characters and vehicles, Animal simply relied upon, unsurprisingly, the Danish company’s own freely available tool - LEGO CITY Digital Designer. “Everyone, including our art department, could use LDD to mock up highly accurate LEGO CITY models from which we could calculate the bricks that would be required, and build these as subdivision surface assets,” explains CG supervisor Aidan Sarsfield. “LDD was a perfect starting point as it uses the official LEGO CITY Brick Library and effectively simulates the connectivity of each of the bricks." The next step in building the LEGO CITY models was to convert the LDD file into a ‘shell’ of various types. Unlike the LDD models the shells would no longer be made of unique bricks, but rather a single mesh that had been optimized to remove hidden geometry. These shells were used downstream to build both characters and environments," says Sarsfield. Animal's proprietary geometry format for this purpose is called 'bobject'. "At the very front end it was a brick based approach", says Sarsfield. "As it moves down the pipeline, that gets baked into more of a standard geometry approach, but we maintain the connection to the brick database - each one of the bricks is recorded in the model dataset.” The actual brick modeling was done in Maya, with asset and layout builds achieved in Maya and XSI. “When we got into layout,” adds Sarsfield, “the team would position all the instances of the buildings and we would record that in a proprietary config file. The text file would specify where all the assets in an environment should go. Using these config files, and a detailed shot database. We would then construct all of those things into a shot for animation. The Animators would then get presented with the display versions of those shells - that’s all openGL optimized. They would then animate in XSI.” Interestingly, LEGO CITY builds came at several stages in the process - from the art department, and the LEGO CITY Group itself, the Asset Department, and even from animators who had the ability to re-conform bricks and pieces to construct background characters, especially in the Cloud Cuckoo Land sequence. Having actual LEGO CITY reference was crucial in the build process too, since Animal Logic could add details they saw in real models. At times they even placed the minifigures under microscopes to capture the seam lines, dirt and grime. “We spent an inordinate amount of time selling the detail,” describes Sarsfield. “At one point we were talking about putting serial numbers in there, which was crazy, but it does lend this incredible authenticity.”
  10. craigslegostuff

    HOW TO BUILD....A drinking fountain!

    Hi everybody! I've decided to start sharing a few ideas and tips for building some of my own creations - starting with this minifig-scale drinking fountain. Why not have a go?! Uses less than 30 pcs.... (click this link, not the pic, for full instruction pics)
  11. Hey everyone, i wanted to share my Lego City with you guys. Its part Modular Sets and Part Moc. I hope you enjoy it and i would love to hear some feedback. :) It took me about 4 years to create it, and its still not done. I will rework China-town, because I want to get rid of the Ghostbusters building (It can't be opened the way it is placed, so I will move it to a shelf) and there will be two glass Towers on the spots, that are empty at the moment. Also the Hospital will be rebuild. for more Pictures visit:
  12. You're going to go to work at OCTAN gas station. You can make your story by your own. But...There's only one good ending. Choose wisely and GOOD LUCK! Like&Comment&Share&Subcribe if you like this video Watch more videos -- go to my Youtube channel : Facebook Page -- Brick Hart Lane
  13. Brick Broadcasting

    Road Rescue

    Car Trouble??!!! Who are you gonna call?? Road Rescue!! ... Well let's see how that's working out... Have fun!!
  14. LegoPondswald

    MOC: Bookstore for my town

    I love to read, so I decided my town should get a bookstore. So I made my own design, with a full interior. The outside is made with a SNOT technique for the facade. I've also used some modified 1 x 2 tiles with balls for the details on the top. I love this piece and always wanted to use it. So I did. On the ground floor there are some bookcases with books you can buy, and of course a cash register. The second floor (see video link below, don't have a picture yet, sorry!) features more of a relaxing room. There's another book case, but also a couch where you can sit and check out the novels you've found. There are also some computers, to look up some stuff (like the book you had in mind, but can't remember the title of). I think it turned out to be a nice addition to my city. Very pleased with the end result, if I say so myself. For more details, I made a YouTube video.
  15. Hi everyone! It's been 6 years since I last visited this amazing Lego site and after resetting my forgotten password, I am now back for the second time round! My name is Aaron and I last posted here in 2008. Back then I really rediscovered my lost childhood love of Lego, and I fell back in love with the shiny little plastic bricks hard! Unfortunately, after a good few months of posting on here and building various unfinished projects, I slowly started to lose interest and once those magical little bricks were tidied away, they have stayed there ever since. I am now living in my own flat with my (ever so understanding) girlfriend, but my countless boxes of Lego are still stored at my parents house (though not for long I'm sure ). Recently I found myself itching to have another go at it. I have just purchased a few bargain sealed Lego City sets from the last few years and should be building them within the next few days (around the daily work grind ). Fun builds with lots of pieces, such as the 4439 Police Heavy-Lift Helicopter for £20.00 and I've just picked up the 4436 Police Patrol Car for only £5.00. Looking at the latest sets, It's amazing how intricate the designs are now, with so many new parts and building techniques implemented. I did find it quite difficult to go through with it and spend my hard earned money, on what most people think as children's small plastic building blocks. But I like to think that by having such a massive interest in Lego as a child, it helped me become who I am today in adult life. I am a very hands on person who is always interested in how things are made and how they work. I do moan a little at how expensive Lego is these days, but I am surprised at how the quality of current Lego products is still so high! I would much rather them keep their quality high, than cut corners or cheapen the bricks. So I understand that for this reason, the prices have to increase with today's economical climate. I am in need for an enjoyable hobby, one where I can really stretch my now dwindling adult imagination. Maybe a hobby that lets you just escape this harsh world you slowly discover as you get older. I have now chosen to buy some Lego, to rediscover some of that enjoyment and imagination I had as a kid. I also hope to interact with other Adult Fans of Lego on these forums, it's been a while since I participated in any social forums online but I know how much fun they can be and especially this one. So I hope to have a good old chat with you lovely people, Lego is an amazing system indeed and it's nice that we can all share our enjoyment of it with others here at the Eurobricks forums. Thank you
  16. Brick Broadcasting

    Hi Everyone

    Hi Everyone, Finally decided to become a member. Hoping that inspiration and creativeness will rub off on me My interests are mainly in City and Collectible minifigures which I like to let come to life in Brickfilms. Actually just started (my first (Not so) Scary Mary) so still a lot to learn.. Hope to be able to become an active member of the community
  17. Wrongly accused by the police, Michael Scofield is sentenced to thirty years. In prison, he conceives a machine that turns people into loyal soldiers. Once free, he builds the machine, creates an army and takes his revenge by conquering the Police Station.
  18. What happens to the Norman Disco in LEGO city? will LEGO spiderman and iceman succeed in defeating the sand man?? And who is behind this new terrifying attack on LEGOpolis? and if you wnat.....let's go behind the scene...... :)
  19. Will Lego Spiderman and Iceman succeed in saving Legopolis? Or will Garada K7 destroy Legopolis? And who is behind this terrifying attack on the LEGO city? Let's go live to Legopolis !!
  20. I built this station with set the 2007 CITY set 7997 in mind. I got the original set in 2007, along with a double rail crossover for my Birthday that year. I wanted to make it a full building but didn't have the parts. By 2008, I had discovered Bricklink, but the station was in pieces by then and was not re-created until early 2012. The station was a stock set, while I searched for ideas. Eventually, I came across a build by a fellow Eurobricks user named Lazarus that incorporated a modular basis, a full building (street & track-sides) & a appealing design. I saved a picture of it and made my own design based on his. I included really neat features, (such as the arched lattice windows made with a fence) but I went too far and made it impossible to transport to train shows and LUG meetings. The platforms were very flimsy om the XL baseplates, and during the move to my families current house, it shattered into small chunks. So, I went back to the drawing board, scrapping everything but the building itself. Here is the end result, which is strangely near where I started with set 7997. It has one platform, plentiful outside seating on the platform, and is red instead of yellow. There are many changes from the set, (no stairs on the platform, for example.) but the heart and soul of that 2007 set is still there. The row of studs on both track and street sides should say the station name in printed 1 x 1 tiles. This sign currently says "IRONWOOD", as that's the name of my city layout. The model is now 8 studs deeper, allowing for more room for my hands when being worked on. Here we can see the street side of the station with it's new wheelchair access ramp. Here we can see the interior of the station, with blue ticket machines, seating, and snack bar on the first floor. The train tracking / switching controls are located on the second floor along with the employees - only coffee machine with paper cups.. This printed part here provides the computer display screen. Here you can see the modular breakdown of the model, which includes the following: -Station building (lower floor) -Station roof and Tower control room (upper floor) -Tower roof -left platform section -right platform section The LDD file is here, in case anyone wants to built their own version. (I will be building this version soon, most likely before Christmas.) Comments, Questions & Complaints welcome!
  21. dignow

    MOC - Godwins Hollow Overview

    Well, it had been over a year since we'd taken stock of Godwins Hollow as a whole. So, we went to town, took some pics, and thought we'd share. If you're interested there are more pics on our Flickr page. Hope you enjoy. 170901 Godwins Hollow Overview by Stewart & Sydney, on Flickr
  22. On the eastern end of the Main Street Shopping Center construction crews are hard at work adding in the final retails spaces. Personally, I'm hoping for a Taco Tuesday but the developers are keeping everything pretty tight lipped as to what will end up at the end of the street. Astute observers of our little city will notice the Brick Bank that has popped up in the shopping center to give First National a little bit of competition. Anyways, enjoy our little construction site and your thoughts/comments are always welcome. Construction site - Godwins Hollow by Stewart & Sydney, on Flickr Construction site - Godwins Hollow by Stewart & Sydney, on Flickr Construction site - Godwins Hollow by Stewart & Sydney, on Flickr Construction site - Godwins Hollow by Stewart & Sydney, on Flickr Construction Site - Godwins Hollow by Stewart & Sydney, on Flickr
  23. A quick unboxing and review of an unsealed 2008 LEGO City "Mail Van" - set #7731. The set comes with a postal van, mail box, and one minifigure.
  24. toycraft

    banners and display items!

    hello! i work at a small independent toy shop and while clearing out our old stock room we found a load of shop display items! we have various banners and a few giant mini figures bags (filled with foam i think?) is there much demand for this sort of thing or is trying to sell it a waste of time?