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  1. paokus

    The LEGO Ideas Thread

    Hi Family! Im Bricky_Brick and here my new model for LEGO Ideas, Hope you like it :)
  2. paokus

    Train Projects on Lego Ideas

    Thank you very much for share :)
  3. Thanks for share my friend :)
  4. paokus

    The Serum Lab

    Hi!! this is my latest project "The Serum Lab" hope you like it, here the link if you want to see more pics a video and support Thank you very much!
  5. paokus

    Euclides Sector II

    Hi!! this is my project for Lego Ideas! Hope you like it ;)
  6. paokus

    The Quixote

    HI I present you my model of Quixote, hope you like it; here more info, support ,comments and pics: Thanks!!!
  7. HI I present you my model of Quixote, hope you like it; here more info, support ,comments and pics:
  8. @MAB is called the lion hotel cause has lions. And remember, Hotels use to have the same floors, and if you look well in other images you will see are anot identical ;)
  10. paokus

    The train station: Studgate

    Hi! This is my last design, hope you like it, actually on LEGO Ideas ;)
  11. paokus

    Index: LEGO Ideas Support Thread - Pirates

    Thanks so much my friend!
  12. paokus

    Train Projects on Lego Ideas

    @M_slug357 Thank you, I know that your intention is not offensive but constructive, sorry if I did not extend in the previous post, maybe it seemed pretentious, it was not my idea, the tone is lost sometimes. I know that it is an ambitious project, even if this idea is not chosen or it does not reach enough votes, it is a way to publicly teach what can be done with Lego. Now I am making a mountain which the train will pass through it. I've seen somebody there who has already made ramps for trains, maybe ruminant, but effective. My ideas are not to put limits on Lego and maybe that's why it seems daring. Thank you, all constructive feedback is welcome;)
  13. paokus

    Train Projects on Lego Ideas

    Thank u @Digger of Bricks ;)... look @M_slug357 maybe this can help an easy way with less piece count to elevate it ;)
  14. paokus

    LEGO Ideas: The Pirate Bay!!

    Thanks so much everybody!! somebody can tell me how to answer one by one, im new on this interface. thanks again!