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  1. It was a warm day, even for autumn. Only some small embers in the fireplace reminded about the cold yesterday. The council almost finished it's meeting, about new trade lines between the guilds. For the queen's order, the servants filled the table with different fruits and beverages. "A necessary break", she called it, but most of the delegates know this tactic, a little show of. Not everyone was happy with the break and the food. Lady Helga's bodyguard was a hardened Mitgardian veteran, he was ordered by the Elders to watch over her. Rumors were spread, not everyone in Mitgardia accepts the queen's decisions. Next to her, Lord Breck Daniesh the Varilyrion representative, he knows a lot of tricks in diplomacy, he is a cunning man. On the opposite side of the table Datret Marblebrick from the Oil merchants of Kaliphlin, and Sir Jovell, selected by de Gothia to spread the will of Avalonia in this council meeting. Of course, Ylsphet and her advisor, N'ri were still present in this meeting. The Nocturnian emissary didn't show up. Maybe he was killed by rival armies, who seeks to gain control in Noctornus. - Ladies and Gentlemans. - started Ylsphet, after she wiped her lips from her drink. - I think we should end this little break, and finish this council, as soon as we can. Only your signatures required, and we are all done for today. - Finally! -cheered Datret, and take a sip from his pipe. - I must send a message back to my wife. To wait for me with dinner. Giggles filled the hall- Good for you, master dwarf. - said Lord Breck. - If I want to send a message back home, I could deliver it my self, cause no ship will depart sooner. - Then let not waste more time. N'ri! - Ylsphet raised her hand. Her advisor stepped away from the fireplace. - Get the paper, ink and my royal sigil. N'ri took everything from the small table and put them down before the queen. She quickly signed the contract, poured some red wax on the paper, and stamped with the Royal Sigil. Baam! Echoed the hall, Everyone looked to the queen, but she was surprised like the others, and she looked suspicious to her sigil. No one believed she hit that hard on the paper, but suddenly all doubts disappeared. Baam!...Came from the door, followed muttering from the outside. Baaam! Echoed the hall again. The guards quickly start running to the door, Sir Jovell and Helga's bodyguard also readied their weapons. But before any of them could reach the door, with a huge crack, the door broke open, and two soldiers ran in the hall, using a bench as a ram. They weren't alone the other ran in, with readied crossbows. - Drop your weapons! - screamed the guards. - Drop yours! - screamed back one of the mercenaries with the crossbow. - Everybody, calm down! - gave Conrad the orders after tossed away the bench. - Lay down your weapons, we aren't here for bloodshed. - I know it! - Sir Jovell pointed to Conrad with his sword. - Conrad you fool, what's with you this time? I'm sure, you don't do this for your self. - That's correct, Sir Jovell. - lowered Conrad his weapon. - But still, lower your weapons, we are here, to remove a poisonous thorn, from the Throne. Step aside! - Who hired you wolf? And for what price? - Lord Breck asked it. - He is only a mercenary, he works only for the money. - But not this one. - an elderly person entered the room. - He works for the Crown. - Loremaster Vernoll? - the members of the council were surprised. - But why? What is the meaning of this treachery? - asked Sir Jovell. - In time, I will explain everything. For now, I'm assuming you, this is act isn't against the Crown, but to serve it. - answered calmly the Loremaster. - Someone in this room is an impostor! Everyone looked to each other, try to figure out, who might be, the impostor. - It looks like, I was the only, who got suspicious, after the queen's return. Indeed, it was a glorious day for the kingdom. Raavage was defeated, and our long lost king's daughter arrived just after it. What a coincidence. - Are you trying to tell us, she isn't the real queen? - asked Helga. - No-no... Queen Ylsphet is the real queen. But she brought a parasite from Mwamba. Someone, who poisons her mind, and forces her, into strange decisions. Someone who is close to her... - he stopped, and looked into the eye of his suspect. - You! Everyone looked at N'ri, but he remained calm. - Be at ease in your own skin for you cannot shed it like a snake. Try to be like the turtle, at ease in your own shell. - he replied. - Why are you so harsh with me Loremaster Vernoll? Have I done something wrong with you? - You are the impostor N'ri, or whatever is your name. You aren't a monk either! - Again, hard words. - replied. - Have you any proof? If not, your age must trick you. Come, I have some refreshing herb tea, in my chambers, will you accompany me? - My memory is sharp as ever was, this is why I'm the Master of Lore in this castle, not you! - said the words Vernoll, not with anger, but with proud in his voice. - Do you need proof? I will tell you, what did I learn from the residents of Mwamba. Every eye turned to the old Loremaster: - I hired the Wolfs, to learn more about this island, its residents. I do not trust anyone from the queen's men, they can be... manipulated easily. The Wolfs arrived not long ago, with everything to busted you! - he licked his lips. - The residents told them about a monk order, living on the islands, but they not heard from them a long time ago. One of the oldest women told them, they were driven away by evil spirits. Conjured by Witch Doctors! - Witch Doctors? - laughed Datret. - What are they? Healers for hags? - and took another sip from his pipe. - No, they are some kind of shamans, or priests, who communicate with the spirit world. - answered Conrad. - The western island is full of their huts, totems, and charms. We searched the island, we didn't find any of them, but we felt some watchful presence. - he stopped for a brief moment and looked to the old Loremaster. - But we found neither the monks too... Only deserted ruins. - But that's impossible! - Cried out Ylsphet. - I came back from them not long ago. What could happen to them, in such a short time? We must send help there! - I don't think it is necessary, my Queen. - replyed Conrad, but he didn't look in her eyes, he watched someone else. - The place was abandoned years ago. My hound master, Boris is an excellent tracker. We only found strange dolls. - Conrad saw N'ri's eye twitched a bit. - They bore the same markings, what we found at the witch doctors' huts. - That's terrible! - wondered Helga. - But how can this be possible? If Ylsphet came back a few years ago, but the monks are missing more years then that. - There is a solution. - started Vernoll. - The residents of Mwamba told more to us about the witch doctors. They not only can conjure up spirits, but they can control others' body and minds. Someone hired the witch doctors, they captured you, my queen. Planted false memories about the monks. And when the time was at hand, they send you back as a puppet, to rule the kingdom, as they wished. - That's ridiculous! - laughed N'ri, and walk near to the fireplace. - Have you anything, to prove it Loremaster? - This. - said Vernoll, and stepped closer to the table, while reached inside his pocket for something. He put a small female doll on the table. - The Wolfs found more of this doll on the island. Voodoo-Dolls, they call it. they were there in every hut, and in the ruins too. But this one. - he pointed to the doll on the table. - This doll is from your room N'ri. Everyone turned to N'ri, maybe he can come up with some explanation. But he remained calm. He watched the small embers in the fireplace. - Let's finish this comedy Lord Vernoll. Your attempt, to frighten the crow and me is futile. This, tale of yours and your comedians are no longer funny. You have no proof about the monk disappearance, about the so-called witch doctors and evil spirits of your, and you only can show us a ragdoll, with the queen's hair tied to it, so I can mind control her like the witch doctors on the island? I advise you to leave with your dogs and start praying, for the queen doesn't punish you for this bad joke. - Wait! - said Jovell, lowered his sword and looked to the doll on the table. A reddish hair indeed was tied to the doll's body. - The Loremaster didn't say anything about whats with the doll's hair. And how the witch doctors use the dolls to bend their victim's will. How do you know it? - Yeah. - put down his pipe Datret. - What's with this all about N'ri? Chaos started. Everyone asked different questions. The guards were no longer sure, where to point their weapons. Even Ylsphet didn't move, she stood there like a statue, something wasn't right about her. N'ri used this turmoil, he quickly reached in his pocket and poured some dust in on the embers. Huge flames burst out from the fireplace, Even the bars were torn out. With a hand-gesture, N'ri pushed the flames in the direction of Vernoll, causing mass destruction. The first victim was an unware guard, the flames consumed him just in a second. The next one could be Lady Helga, but her bodyguard tossed her across the table, sacrificing himself instead. As the flames burned out, only piles of ashes remained from those who were in the path of the flames. N'ri uses this advantage, to escape through the window. But Conrad saw his intentions, and ordered his man, to shoot him down. One of his men readied the crossbow and fired a bolt at N'ri, But no one saw this coming from. Ylsphet suddenly moved, into the direction of the fired bolt, to save N'ri from death. The bolt hit her on her left shoulder, buying enough time to N'ri to escape through the window. With a loud crash, he jumped out, and turned into a shadowy smoke, and disappeared in the distance. - The queen is injured! Quickly, call for a healer! - yelled Lord Breck. - The queen is injured! Call for a healer! - the echoes came from the corridors of the castle... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The crystal orb faded. The small room descended into darkness, but only for a moment. The torches quickly lighted via magic and lighted the room. Five robed figures stood around the orb. Wearing hoods, and skull masks. - We are screwed! - said the brown-robed figure. - Relax, this was only a minor setback. - calmed him the green-robed. - We are not yet discovered. Only our puppet was discovered. - But she is dead! - the brow figure pointed to the orb. - We all saw it in the orb, at the end! - She isn't! - a voice filled the small room, it wasn't coming from any of the robed figures, but from the orb. A face appeared in the crystal, the twisted head of N'ri. - She is weak, but she is alive. I can feel it. My memory ended, when I escaped through the window that day. - Then, if she recovers, can we continue our plans? - asked the red-robed from N'ri. - I don't think so. - replyed to him, the black-robed. - We are not yet discovered, but they know our present. They won't let her rule the kingdom until our threat is dealt with. Silence descended into the room, but only for a minute. - I suggest we continue our plan, as we planned. - broke the silence the black-robed again. - We remain in the shadow, like until now. We will pull the strings but with more caution this time. If we not. - looked to the brow-robed figure. - We are screwed... Now, let's collect our selves. Are the shipments and provisions ready? - The provisions are ready, as planned. - answered the purple-robed figure. - We are a bit behind the schedule with the spears, we did not receive the promised wood, from Mitgardia. But the swords, maces, and axes are ready - said the red-robed figure. He looked suspicious to the brown-robed figure. - Yes... well... some of the merchants are not cooperating with us... - stuttered the brow-robed. - We can arrange some... deaths, to help our cause. - offered the green-robed figure. - Our contracts will gladly help us. - Good. - noded the black-robed. - We can still pull this together. And after this, we will restore our former glory in Historica. - he took a brief silence before he continued. - For the Skulls! - For the Skulls! -repeated the others. This build supports Queen Ylsphet's reign. Altho I injured her badly :D
  2. *Your entry has earned 18 XP* Mission Log from Cpt. Bannon: As a part of establishing a diplomatic presence in the Core Worlds, the ISD Relentless is hosting a delegation of high standing members of the Chiss Ascendancy. Me and my crew have been tasked with showing our guests the inner workings of the Commenor Remnant fleet. We will do everything we can to display the hospitality, efficiency, and the supremacy of the Commenor Remnant. The Chiss is known for their skills in hand-to-hand combat. A skill also honored among us imperials. As I suspected they wanted to break the ice by testing ours against theirs. A test I looked very much forward too. Hopefully our guests will see the benefit in a strong alliance between the Chiss and us. /// Let me know what you think! ;)
  3. *Your entry has earned 8 XP* Somewhere on the desert planet Molavar... Sr. Stormtrooper Sergeant, TK427: I don't get it son. Every night you clean that armor. Y'know the remnant ain gonna give two pieces of bantha pudu... Cadet, TK1144: I don't like sand. It gets in everywhere! /// Sorry for the quick build, I wanted to get something out before I go for a short vacation.
  4. Eoin Wallace

    Challenge III Mirandor Castle

    This is my entry for challenge 3 what will tomorrow bring, on the fortifications categorie. Erdan was feeling jealous. He had recently been visited by his old friend Eoin who had told him he was getting put in charge of a castle near the orc marshes. Erdan was jealous because he secretly believed himself the better leader and that Eoin could have paid someone for the leadership! He had followed him there and planned to sneak in and find out. After circling the castle, he found an orc who told him he could sneak in through a grate near the keep to get in. He found the advice helpful and found himself thinking: maybe orcs aren't that bad after all? Soon he found himself in a small secluded pool, right beside the keep. All he needed now was some way to get insite... After stealing the keys he found it easy enough to get in. Unfortunately, when he opened the door there was someone sweeping the floors! He was going to be spotted! So he drew his dagger and killed the unwary servent! He soon managed to climb in to the study, if there was any evidence it would be here! But just as he got to the desk he heard voices and saw Eoin and some soldiers coming up the ladder with swords drawn! he had failed. "Erdan?"said Eoin "why are you here? and looking at my papers..." then Erdan interrupted saying "I was just curious if you had... " Then the captain of the guard jutted in "you are coming with me Erdan, down into the dungeons for breaking into this castle, whatever your reasons were!" then he turned toward Eoin and says "I'm sorry for this unpleasantness, it's sure a good thing that you got here when you did!" This whole encounter left Eoin feeling very uneasy, he was very glad he had a castle at his disposal especially with all the rumours going around. What would tomorrow bring? Here are some photos of the rest of the castle:
  5. Hi there! Would like to present my third (already?) moc for the Varlyrio Guild Challenge. It is for 2E: Varlyrio Scenery - Sunken City. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ah, it's you again! How do you blewe? You are becoming kind of a regular in these waters. Float a little bit closer, and i am going to share a secret with you! Can you keep a secret? Of course you cannot! However, it is imperative that i fin you in. Sooner or later, you would notice it anyway. Are you ready? Once upon a tide, long after mer folk moved into Lorelei Loch, they discovered something that completely changed our fate. They found a mersterious pond, filled with magic. In all likelihood, it is a consequence of centuries of magic used to make Horthol, the Sunken City liveable. All the preternatural powers the kolgari and others casted into the environs, somehow cumulated and made this supernatural pool. We named it "Brunnen der Veränderung" in our tongue- the "Well of Transformation" or something like that is the direct translation, but you mer friend can just simply call it the "Spring of Styx" on your common drylander language. Styx was the name of the mergygur who swam across it first. I mean a female finvolk. A nixe. A male is called a nix by the way. WoT01 by Erhard Maas, on Flickr Okay, okay, i won't swim around the kelp anymore! The place can transmute mervolk into surface strollers, and back. All hail Pontus! Now, what do you say about that?! I might add, mer folk weren't very enthusiastic to go dry, but it was too great of an opportunity to just ignore it. It was a small step for mer, one giant leap for merkind. The kolgari helped us a lot to acclimate, and we had the chance to meet a lot of other dust dwellers, who lived in- and around the Sunken City. I mean, we knew these people before, but now it was from a totally different perspective. Mer folk, the mervolk stood on two legs. It wasn't easy at first, but we learned a lot, and gained not less. We looking at the drylanders differently. I know, i know, we still don't fancy them. But it was worse in the past. Let mer hear your questions! I can see it in your eyes, you have some. No, it seems it won't work on other beings. Some kolgari, and non- elves jumped into the well before, but nothing happened, except they became wet. Don't have the slightest idea, why it is only working on us. I can tell you fish don't grow legs neither, if we carry them through. Who? Children of Ceto? They didn't try it yet, as far as i know. Wanted to persuade Octavia to give it a shot, but she wasn't so eager, so i let it go. Where is the well? Well, it can be found in an extraordinary place called Eventide Forest by the Kolgari. Huge dread ash, and midnight maple trees. Dread ashes with their dark red leafs, and orangish flowers. It has also a yellow fruit, the curvy finger. I like it very much, but the webbed winged filcher- which is a smaller flying animal- usually steals most of them. Oh, i saw some different dryland animals too! Well, partially dryland. There was the sun anuran- a very rare frog, and the mavros ophidian. Be careful with that sneaky serpent! Oh, and the drop skorp! That is especially a nasty one, when jumps from the tree into your hair! Lunacy! There were other animals too, like bugs! Big, ugly bugs! When i first saw them, i almost went back underwater immediately... WoT04 by Erhard Maas, on Flickr But we intend to stay above ground with this conversation for a bit more! Be nice now, because i would like you to meet a friend of mine. She is mer "link". Traditionally, when a marmennill, or margygur enters the surface world for the first time, the kolgari assign an aid/ guide to the new fin on the block. We call this person "link". A connection with the surface world. Her name is Coventina, and she is a kolgari circe- a sorceress, so do not offend her because you might find yourself in the shape of any aforemertioned creepy- crawly... May the water flow with you! WoTWP by Erhard Maas, on Flickr ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More pictures can be found in my Flickr album.
  6. Hello again! Thanks for stopping by! Here is my second moc for the Varlyrio Guild Challenge. It is for 1B Family and known associates. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Octavia... What can i tell you about her? I've defeated her pet kraken once. Nobody anticipated that! That is how i've got mer scar on mer face. I mertioned it earlier, if you were paying attention. I think she will never forget it, nor forgive it, but that is when we crossed currents for the first time, and later we managed to form a bond. A strange friendship i would call. Merbe more? She is an octopus lady or something, a daughter of Ceto. Scary creature of the deep. Like mer sisters... Did i mertion, she has eight legs? Strong, large, long, lime limbs, with sticky stuff on them. I believe its called suckers. Well, it sucks to be grabbed with those, i can tell you that! Squeezes you like you were a sponge on the waterbed. She was not friendly at first, and that is an understatement. So under, it's underwater. Utterly hostile, but nowadays she "tolerates" us. Mer, a little bit more. Her older sister Pri'Scylla is not like that, but she is getting there i presume. I'd like to. Until then, Octavia is the connecting link between our volk. We had our battles, and differences with the Children of Ceto, but these days there is a fragile truce between our people. Officially. Back to Octavia Oceana. That is her whole name by the way. Do not tell anyone, i told you! I will deny it! She would hug me to death with her tentacles. Not a bad death, but still a death. Anyway, she has long dark green hair like a garden of beautiful seaweeds. Eyes, as dark as the depths of the waters, a killer stare, which is one level less menacing than the petrifying gaze of her younger sister Echo. Alluring lips, pretty, but assertive face, with some shiny silverish lines all over it. She likes the deepest parts of Lorelei Loch. The ice cold water is her favourite. Not a big social... How do you dryskins say it? Social butterfly? She has a soft spot for abandoned places, especially ship wrecks of yours. Knows how to defend herself, but not a fan of fighting. Do you want to know more? Mer too! OctaviaIntro3 by Erhard Maas, on Flickr IMG_2902 by Erhard Maas, on Flickr OctaviaUW2 by Erhard Maas, on Flickr IMG_2917 by Erhard Maas, on Flickr More pictures can be found in my Flickr album.
  7. Greetings! Thanks for stopping by! I would like to present my first varlyrian vignette. It is for the Varlyrio Guild Challenge 1A- Family Affairs- Who's in charge. Sorry, i do not have many bricks, nor skills. I tried to use all the advice you gave me on my other mocs. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mer- ry meet! I am Ein. Take a note on that, because you will hear it in the future, i guarantee! I am a blewe elf. Yes, i am not blue. I live in the blue. Hope it is not too complicated for you. Some others would know my kind as finvolk, or marmennill, or something like that. First of all, excuse my incidental grammatical errors. Your common tongue, is not my strongest skill. Usually, i prefer to pick up just elvish languages. Hope you will understand mer. Let's get started, shall we? Mer father was born in the mernificent polis of Tethys. He swam in the waters of Kalypsō, what sadly, I didn't have the opportunity to do so. Came to this world looong after that dreadful catastrophe. You know which one i am talking about, right? The one that happened in the place you probably know, or heard of as Varlyrio. Mer home is the spectacular underwater city of Thalassa. Would be a fool to tell you the exact location. Keep it a secret for now. About mer birth... What do you think? Are we from eggs or born alive? Like fish, or like humans? I will let you figure it out by yourself, if you can. Good luck with that dryskin! Haha! So, where was i before i've got tidetracked? Oh, yes! Mer father is called Ægir, Protector of the Blewe. Mer mother's name is Rán. Queen of the Blewe. I know, i know. Those titles are not very creative... Just for the record. They are not blue neither! I also have nine sisters- imagine that, but you don't want mer to list their names here. Would be long and boring believe mer, and i don't want you to know their names. You probably not even worthy to lay your beady little dust dweller eyes on mer beauteous sisters anyway. By the way, they have terrible personalities, and i am sure all of them are much older than you. Not to mertion nobody in their right mind would want to be their boyfriends. Not to mertion... husband. Enough of those margygurs! Let's talk about mer, merself, and i. Grew up in the eerie waters of Lorelei Loch. Had an adventurous childhood. The Children of Ceto always stirring up the deep waters yonder. There weren't many boring moments i can tell you that. Fortunately these days, we have less and less problems with them. Guess what? Even befriended a few. Who could have foretell that. I will speak to you about them another time, i promise. If you behave yourself well. Be nice, you hear mer! It is no secret, we are not a fan of your kind. Maybe one day, this will change, but in the mertime i will tell you about mer useless titles. Yes, i have those, like mer parents have. Let's see. I am the Lochagos of the Warriors of Vortex order. Lord of Lorelei Loch. Guardian of Thalassa. Have a few more, but those have no interest to you. Oh, i have one more, which is a "cool one"! Krakenslayer! If you were wondering about the scar around mer left eye. While my dad is somewhere in the great waters of Ōkeanós on some diplomatic mission to contact other finvolk, i am trying to build connections with your kind. That is why i revealed myself to you. Do you want to know more? EinIntro by Erhard Maas, on Flickr - Many- many tides ago, there was Erda. The dust dwellers call it Varlyrio, or was it Valrylio, or Varilyo? Well, it doesn't really matter! Erda it is named in our ancient tongue. Two lands, one with an inland sea, what was known as Kalypsō. That is where our ancestors were born, in the beautiful city of Tethys. The water was crystal clean, and warm. Full of life in it, and in its vicinity. The drylanders didn't bother us much. Our neighbours, and distant relatives the Kolgari lived close by. Sometimes dwarves came to trade goods, and news in return for the fruits and rare treasures of the deep. Other than that no two legged people dared to walk those lands, and swim or sail those waters. Life was good, because the water was good! Then out of the blue, cataclysm hit! Erda quaked, cracked, and shattered, deadly gases leaked from the deepest parts of the underworld into the waters, and up in the air. Soon, Tethys was destroyed. As the ground opened, most of Kalypsō drained. Ran down into a cavern that might wasn't even there before. Many of our volk swam for the last time that day, crashed on the rocks by deadly currents, or swallowed by hazardous maelstroms, engulfed by the abyss. But others survived and just let the flow to take care of them. The water takes, but it always brings. So, they found themselves in this huge new cave, in a subterranean lake fed by underground rivers, and hot springs regularly. Other survivors of the catastrophe arrived too! Even the Kolgari couldn't continue their lives on the surface. They moved into this great cavern, we call Horthol. Those were hard times on them, and on our volk. On everybody, who found refuge there. Magic was used on a daily basis to help establish a new life. The Kolgari built an amazing place, what is known in the legends as Sunken City. We built our new home, the magnificent city of Thalassa, on the bottom of the lake we know as Lorelei Loch. We were lucky. Very lucky to survive. Water is vital for all of the beings. With the new place, came new discoveries. Ones that changed the fate of our volk forever. Found waterways which connected our new home with the vast water Ōkeanós, so some of our brave ancestors departed. Ōkeanós... The final frontier. Those were the longest voyages of our volk. Its continuing mission, to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life, and new civilizations, to boldly swim, where none one has swam before. To find new adventures, to meet never seen distant relatives. We also met new creatures, for example the Children of Ceto emerged from the depths of Lorelei Loch. Some of them were friendly, others are not so much. Water can be wild. Recent times, the surface strollers constantly grew in numbers. Not just in Erda. Don't have much respect towards the land, towards anything! They spill, and drink the waters, even fighting over it! Kill, murder for it! Sometimes they contaminate the wells, springs, rivers, and oceans! Litter the whole world! All that matters to them, is what can they take, what can they destroy! Almost always at war, those dryskins! Want power more, and more. Want everything! It is never enough! They know nothing! Nothing yet... Our volk are everywhere. We are watching. Where water is, there are we. Water is life, so we are! You cannot crush water, so you cannot crush us. We were here before you, and will be after you. We are the Elves of the Blewe! blewelves2 by Erhard Maas, on Flickr More pictures can be found in my Flickr album.
  8. Cat A Cat B part 1 Cat B part 2 île D'Or, August 618, somewhere in the jungle Captain Rimbaud and his men were following the trail left by the black-cloaked assassins since dawn, when they found a building hidden in the jungle. "They didn't even conceal their trail, they were completely sure about killing us tonight!" "Better for us, mon ami, or we would have only four corpses with a knife and a strange medallion each... Definitely not enough for our hunt!" It seemed a little temple, completely covered by vines and surrounded by a thick fence of poles. Folkloric versions of the 'keep out' sign welcomed the soldiers. "Jacob, search this place. If one of those black cloak is here around, shoot on sight!" "Yes Sir! Here it's clear!" "Dear Gods!" Exclaimed Doctor Laurent. "This is horrible! These men were natives, probably hunters arrived here by chance." "Why did they do that?" Asked sergeant Dubois, remained in rearguard "An offering? A sacrifice? Pagan savages!" "I think that these heads are a warning, sergeant! And this is not a pagan temple. This place is dedicated to the Enemy of the Gods!" Replied Monsieur Rimbaud with a serious voice. "There is no doubt: look at that symbol, a couple of stylized hands grabbing the sun…" "...and there is no statue on the altar, only a blood-red crystal. Ancient worshippers of the Enemy used these symbols too." "But Monsieur Rimbaud, mon ami" intervened Doctor Laurent "those fanatics were eradicated more than two hundred years ago, when they tried to overturn the Order and kill the Royal Family! The few survivors of their bloody revolt suicided en masse." "This is true, but… Well, when we'll find their lair we'll know the truth. Finding this place was a real stroke of luck! The men who attacked us tonight weren't one of the patrols, they were bringing them resupply; probably they were the first ones the red-headed spy found." "It means our enemies have to tighten their belts, and that alligators will party with their food!" "Yes, and it also means that, following the river we will find their den. It's time to send a message to lieutenant Norbert; it's platoon is waiting on the northern coast and we are going north, following the river. If they move southward we will take the main cove between the hammer and the anvil." The soldiers set fire to the interior of the little temple, putting a signaling rocket on the roof… it would have been ignited half an hour later, enough for disappearing in the jungle and hunting their enemies with their same methods, becoming shadows among the shadows, as invisible as ghosts. The rocket, giving Lieutenant Norbert the order to move An overall view
  9. Part 1 île D'Or, August 618, Fatu Hiva "Our birdie is turning left again. No doubt anymore, he is following us since the fishing point." "I'm sure I can nab him, monsieur. Alive, if you prefer, or with a second smile in his throat!" "Thank you, Klein Hans, this is the right mood... but we won't need your knife today. I'm quite sure that man would not sing even if we caught him, they would have never left in Fatu Hiva someone who would betray them." "The question is, mon ami, who are they?" Replied Doctor Laurent "What do we know about them?" "At least our red headed friend is Halosian. Oleander, or he would have been noticed. Their modus operandi, spreading panic with allucinations, is strange... I think they are not common pirates or smugglers, but they are cruel enough to kill innocent natives and pioneers..." Said Tristan, toughtful. "And they are dangerous, very dangerous! They routed a company of RNTC marines without even using firearms: our soldiers' wounds were inflicted with daggers or swords, probably during a close meele combat not far from Fatu Hiva." Continued Doctor Laurent "That means they have patrols or figthing groups right outside the city. They are sieging us and we didn't even understand it!" "But why? Without any clue about their aims we can't fight them! Meanwhile panic is spreading in Fatu Hiva... Two-bit preachers are proliferating in the city, saying the Gods are punishing inhabitants for their sins: if we don't change the situation people will begin to leave!" "This could be their aim." "I think you are right, mon ami. Watch that crowd: people are frightened, and the militiamen keeping them under watch seem tense too. But still we can't do anything, unless..." "Unless what?" "I'll explain it when I'll shape my idea a little better. For now it's better going for supplies to the general store... The petit oiseau following us will gather information and tweet his masters that we'll leave for the jungle in a couple of days." "And what will we do in truth? "We'll leave for the jungle in a couple of days!" "But we'll be walking straight into a mousetrap!" "Don't you know, mon ami, that Oleander mice have lion's fangs?" The general store The house upstairs Additional photos Overall view: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is my first entry for cat.B, the story will more canonically continue in the jungle. With a 32x32 footprint, the store and the tavern it is licensable as medium commerce (I won't do it, Fatu Hiva can license it if needed)
  10. Cat A Cat B part 1 Cat B part 2 Cat B part 3 île D'Or, August 618, a tavern in Fatu Hiva "Hans? Hans old friend of mine!" "Ahmed! How are you doing, man?" "Quite fine, thanks! I'm only concerned that you and your comrades will drain all the beer kegs of the island! And, about that, I see you are wearing blue again..." "I missed the charm of the uniform! Oh, and I needed money. How long has been since the légion, five years? Six?" "Seven years, but it seems a different life! Sometimes I miss those times... the sunsets in the desert, the adventures at the borders of the civilized world and the right benders we had in Fort Hercules to celebrate victories!" "There is a remedy for that! Innkeeper, a beer for my friend! Let's drink to my last campaign! Tomorrow I'll hang up my blue coat forever." "At last even this world trotter Varcoastan decided to put his head straight! This last mission must have been very bad!" "You can say that! Probably you have read something on newspapers... we had to chase a group of bloodthirsty fanatics through the whole bloody jungle! After a couple of skirmishes, we suceeded in getting across their net of patrols and ambushes, and we arrived, completely unnoticed, to their main lair." "Like in Madhna... most of the rebels were behind us, but when we took their headquarters and arrested their leaders they all disbanded." "Like in Madhna. And, like in Madhna, we had to neutralize the sentinels..." " that our assault was completely unexpected. We had planned to route them before they could even realize our number." "But we had a surprise too. As soon as we shot the first volleys..." "...a second platoon, we thought still far north, emerged from bushes and ruins and took the enemies from behind." "The battle was fierce, but those fanatics were outnumbered and surrounded; moreover, they weren't used to an open field fight. Only one of our guys was badly wounded, but fortunately he survived." "Well done, I've read what those beasts did to our company of marines! They only deserved hot lead! But probably you have worn down since the légion, this kind of fights was almost a routine!" "Keep your tongue or I'll change my mind about the beer! During the fight we saw a couple of those black crows disappearing in what seemed a lonely grave, and when everything was over..." "...we understood where those fanatics hid themselves. There was a stairway going underground!" "And probably they were ambushing right at the bottom." "They were, but we used the best precautions. Half a kilo of gunpowder, iron and precautions. And then we went down." "Those damned catacombs were literally the hell! Every niche, every dark corner hid a deadly danger!" "They seemed ancient tombs, and everything seemed Halosian, even if the island was colonized a couple of years ago." "At last, in a little room, we found the leader of the sect. All his men were dead, and he was waiting for us. My blood went cold when I clearly saw a face staring at us from the fireplace: I could swear it, there was something of dark and evil in that place!" "And that man... did he say something?" "Well, before cursing us and trying to stab our captain he said something about bad luck. He said that he had arrived with his disciples on the island five years ago, looking for what he called Sanctuary of the Enemy, that damned hole in the jungle that someone had hidden there centuries ago." "Someone who arrived in the New World centuries before us! But what were they looking for? Why did they kill so many people?" "They killed so many people because they were crazy fanatics, but also to keep the others away: they had found the Sanctuary using old maps, but they could not find a secret treasure room... they found the entrance only the day before our arrival!" "That can by right be called bad luck! And also means that you found the treasure!" "Well, actually lieutenant Norbert and a couple of soldiers found an half-open door and its mechanism in an ossuary..." "My friend Jacob told me that it wasn't a nice place, and that there was a strange statue that seemed to have moved... it could be dumb, but they always kept an eye on it!" (Don’t blink, whovians! Beware the weeping angel!) "And... the treasure Hans? Did you find a treasure?" "Unfortunately the treasure was only a bunch of dusty books! Captain Rimbaud is bringing them to the Order, in Granoleon. Now excuse me but I have to go, or the guys will finish all the roasted turkey! But when you are in Fatu Hiva look for me! My new house is in the main street. Goodbye Ahmed!" "Innkeeper! Ahmed is a friend of mine! For him beer will always be free. Agreed?" "Yes, boss!" "Goodbye Hans, thanks for the beer! But... you bought a new house and the inkeeper called you boss... the tavern is yours! Wait a second, are you sure you only found books?" "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't hear what you said! Goodbye Ahmed!" An overall view, with the removable parts removed. EDIT: I'm sorry I forgot giving @Khorne credit for the idea of the légion, since two of the characters are former legionnaires
  11. Cat A Cat B part 1 île D'Or, August 618, somewhere in the jungle Nights can be very dark in the jungle, with just a little campfire to repel the shadows and the humidity of the night… very dark and very lonely, for a sentinel guarding the bivouac, alone among his companions wrapped in their blankets or, if they are lucky enough to be officers, sleeping in a comfortable tent. Nights in the jungle can also be very dangerous. Snakes leave their holes, hunting for preys in the bushes and in the low water... ...but you can also receive an undesirable visit of some two-legged snakes infesting the island. Without a sound, similar to shadows in the night, they got close to the camp: two of them headed to the tent, ready to cut the ropes and then slaughter the men trapped inside... ...while the others (among which a familiar face) approached the soldiers, in order to slit the sentinel's throat and kill the others in their sleep. It will be a matter of seconds: blades in the dark, horrible stabbing sounds, and everything will be over. A matter of seconds, and then... ...then the assassins dressed in black will be in the middle of the fake camp, clearly visible in the light of the fire, among straw puppets and pineapples covered by hats. Clearly visible… and ready to be ballasted with a considerable amount of lead! An overall view A couple of close-ups of the cane field
  12. île D'Or, August 618, somewhere outside Fatu Hiva "Why are we here, monsieur Rimbaud?" Asked Marcel Laurent, one of the members of the little group. "I mean... not on the island but here, in this fishery." Marcel, a physician arrived in Astrapi only a couple of years before, was one of the members of the little group. He had spent most of his career in the navy, travelling around the world... nobody was really surprised when he asked joining the expedition. "We have at least two good reasons, mon ami." Answered Tristan Rimaud, leader of the team. "First, I was said Juracàn's tribe was one of the last that arrived in Fatu Hiva, so we can obtain some fresh news. Second, and even more important... don't you like smoked fish?". Meanwhile, in precarious balance on a wooden pole, a native was fishing with his spear and an Halosian was -well...- trying something similar. Soldiers watched them with interest. "Welcome to my fishing point, my lords. The humble Jurancàn wishes he could satisfy you. Are you interested in buying some smoked fish, or maybe you need a barrel of salted cod? We have just found a giant whelk, trust me, a delicacy as you never tasted. We also have crabs and, under the palm, a bucket of wonderful lobsters, I've just caught them myself, I can show them you if you are interested." Finally the flood of words stopped, with great relief of the others. "Thank you, cacique, you are too polite with these men" Replied Tristan, using one of the habitual formulas so appreciated by the natives. "My warriors and I are beginning a journey, so we'll buy both smoked and salted fish, and for this reason we also ask you the courtesy of some pieces of information." "Juracàn would be pleased to be useful, my lords. Are you leaving the island? Juracàn knows all the reefs and sandbanks of the western coast." "I'm sorry you misunderstood, great cacique. We are not leaving the island. I'm going straight into the jungle to hunt whoever is attacking natives and colonists." Here they are. Juracàn seemed a brave man, but most natives were litterally frightened, and was impossible to obtain anything more than a superstitious stutter. "The jungle, my lords? No, no, avoid the jungle! Bad ghosts live there! Live there and kill! They have always hated the men coming from sea, both my people and yours, but now their thirst of human blood increased! Nobody is safe far from the town!" Not very encouraging, but still better then a useless sobbing. "I do not fear bad ghosts, cachique. I will hunt them with my brave warriors, and free both my people and yours from their menace!" Brave warriors... strange definition for his volounteers, an half of which was in jail only a week before: tough and resolute men, but not the ones you imagine on a white horse! "Don't go, my lord, don't go please! Once the forest ghost were not so evil... sometimes they took seamen's life with snake bites or accidents, but not many more than our benign sea gods. But five summers ago something happened: shadows left the jungle and slaughtered brave warriors during the night, and many saw monsters and apparitions. Things went worse and worse, and we decided to leave our fathers' land. Don't go into the jungle, sir, or they will curse you! Somethimes the ones who saw bad ghosts became ill: they had seizures and shivers, and red stains appeared on their skins! Some of them died, and the hands of others became black and contracted..." "Le pain maudit!" -the cursed bread- exclaimed Marcel Laurent. "What are you talking about, my friend?" "All the symptoms are loudly saying ergotism! I've seen this disease when I was a young country doctor in Northern Oleon. Somethimes rye develops strange brown horns, and who eats rye bread becomes ill and sometimes sees or ears strange things. It would also explain the sudden maddness of our soldier... some ergot in the water and a masked attacker would completely frighten anybody!" "But, since the natives do not cultivate... Juracàn, great cacique, there aren't bad ghosts in the forest, but evil men who killed and poisoned your people! Somebody Who is trying to put fear in our hearts! I swear that I'll find them and I will kill them to avenge your warriors and our soldiers." "Monsieurs, cacique, sorry to interrupt you." Whispered a soldier. "We are not alone." Some more photos Salted fish Smoked fish The "wonderful lobsters" An overall view
  13. "We must send this letter to Breschaun, and quick," said d'Offren to his men, "but this should not prevent us to inquire about the merit of local beverage." As they walked by a cart full of barrels and bottles. "Please have a taste, my good sirs," said the man while brandishing a bottle of moonshine, "the choice of lumbermen." "Speaking of lumbermen, why are they working so close to the shoreline, I think the trees here aren't the best species for wood processing," asked d'Offren. "You are right, sir, not the best species, but since the mysterious attack in the jungle, people were so scared that they abandoned their lumber mill in the mill and every one rushed to beach. You see, they are cutting the palm trees and they are piling up the trunks on the beach." Replied the liquor dealer. "Indeed, they have to live with it..." muttered d'Offren. "Ahoy, monsieur le Duc!" d'Offren turned at the sea and saw a shirtless dude. It was the Duc d'Ablette.. "D'Ablette, par Poseidon, what are you doing here? I was going to send a letter to you to ask help." Asked Hugo d'Offren, apparently confused by the sudden appearance of the newly appointed Ministre of Colonies. "I'm here for the mysterious attack, I guess you are here for the same reason, when I heard the news, I thought finally we are going to have some action, you see, I'm bringing my axe with me, we are going to smash them to smithereens, not the lumberjacks, those who dare to defy the reign of Oleon." replied the Duke with a big smile. "To smash who, we even don't know who attacked us, besides, you'd better be stayed in Breschaun, to cooperate our actions, now you are here, who will send the reinforcement." exclaimed d'Offren. "Oh, this is easy, I have a sport, a fast sailing boat here,"replied d'Ablette, still smiling, "Serge, bring the letter of monsieur d'Offren to Breschaun and tell them to send reinforcement." "Hum, a sport yacht, I should get one of these too." muttered d'Offren.
  14. by Dathil, on Flickr LEADERS AND PROMINENT PEOPLE OF VETA, VOL. I THE TRADE IMPERIUM OF PHENIAS Phenias is built upon the islands in the Inner Sea. The main islands, Phenias, is home to the Volca, a large fortress built in a vulcano. The city expanded bigger than the island could sustain, and thus they started to build upon the water. The Pheniasi are the wealthiest faction around and dominate the free market throughout most of the continent. Their Quaestors, the tax officers, travel from market to market to collect their comissions. In return, the magistrate offers complete naval protection to everyone in the treaty. There are those, however, who suspect they might also be the ones "creating the needs of protection" theirselves, by investing their money wisely. Jovani Meci is the current magistrate of Phenias. Under his rule, the Pheniasi trade imperium has expanded vastly and has become real powerfull. He was born for this position, being a member of the wealthy Meci family, and having great economic insights. He proudly carries the Sextant Staff, a reminder of the seafaring origens of their family. However, there are those who say he has started questionable business inside the Volca,yet these sources have brought none evidence at all, and thus are these rumours not regarded as important by the Oraca. The diligent Quaestors of Phenias are often an unwelcome sight for the lords of the towns they visit. They wear the purple robes and stereotypical hat of Phenias, and have a status of immunity throughout every civilized country. They carry their sword mostly because of their noble ancestry. THE KINGDOM OF FRIKK The lands of Fríkk are inhibited by a tall and fair people, with probably some Elven blood in their pedigree. They have grown resilient against the colds and live in this lands, organizing raids, praying to their cruel gods called the Trissa, and hunting on the many kinds of prey that adapted to the cold climate. Gustolph Rekks is the current king of Frikk. In whole Veta, he is known as 'the Lion of the North', because of his sigil, the Lion. Under his reign, the country prospers. As much as the people respect his prowess in battle, they respect his wisdom. The king has some deep interests for arts and music as well, which is quite uncommon for the people in Frikk. Karl is the son of Gustolph and thus the heir to Frikk. While he is just 15 years old, he is known to be quite impatient when it comes to waiting to succeed his father. Even though he is that young, he has lead many military expeditions to success already. Karl is very religious and believes he was born to rule. THE WESTERLANDS The main power in Veta is the Imperium, currently ruled by empress Nemayra. the Imperium, Ihlrion, is divided in multiple regions, each of them gouverned by a noble family. The house of Glainthes is such a family. They control the Westerlands, on the border with the icy lands of Fríkk. Josua Glainthes is the leader of house Glainthes. After the death of his wife, he picked up his old drinking habit. Many fear that this could lead to unwanted situations, as he tends to become aggressive because of all the cider. Rachel is the oldest daughter of Josua Glainthes. Though almost as fair as her younger sister, she is not the fighter Becca is. She is a diplomat, and has read every book in her father's library. Some say she is not too happy with her younger brother standing higher in the line of succession. Becca Glainthes, the Succubus, is the second daughter of Josua Glainthes. Many call her the most beautiful woman in the country, and she is still single. However, she will only wed a man who defeats her in single combat, and many contenders have found out she is the deadliest woman in the country as well. Jona is the third child and eldest son of Josua Glainthes, and thus the heir of the house. He is a famous duelist, and his riding ability is matched by very few. Armed with his trumpet and his bow, there are little surprises that can reach the people under his protection. Robb is the most renowned cider farmer in the country. His farm, called Bunnock's Barn, stands under the protection of house Glainthes. KRYTTAN On the swampy peninsula in the north-east, the Krytt live. The Krytt look most like a cross between humans and goblins, but they are highly civilized and are no less than their human neighbours. Which does, of course, not take away that no one should try to meet them in battle... Rytan is a major Kryttan warchief. Because of him talking more with his maul than with his mouth, he has brought the Kryttan diplomacy to some dangerous levels. THE TRISSA The Trissa is the pantheon of gods worshipped by the people of Frikk. Their shrines can be found in every country throughout the continent however The most prayed-to god of the Trissa. Most prayers are meant for the enemies of the persons praying, asking for the blade of his halbard to aid their conflict. 'getting the Halberd' is a common phrase, used as euphanism of dieing. The goddess of protection has statues in many walled towns and settlements, and in every guardhouse there is a shrine to her. When praying to her, they belief nothing can happen to them. The Inquisitor is maybe even more feared than Death himself. He is believed to haunt the unfaithful and torture them while they keep living, a fate worse than getting the Halberd. MISCELLANEOUS Underneath the lands of Fríkk are the Fields of Despair. This once was the home of a mighty Elvish civilization. However, as not uncommon by elves, Hybris was their downfall as one of their ancient kings, dubbed "the purifier" intended to rid the continent of anything not-Elvish. This was the start of a series of wars, which ultimately led to a near-complete destruction of the Elves in Veta. There are still some remaining settlements, of which the inhabitants are called "Scavengers". Athon Darkeye is the leader of an Elven Scavenger tribe. His name is respected throughout the complete Fields of Despair. Garonn is a Free Sword, traversing the whole continent. 'The Eagle' is the origin for stories in many an inn. Orna is the kindest woman one will ever meet, but for sure also one of the strongest. Defying old traditions, she has become the very first female smith, yet she is one of the best in her profession. ABOUT THE AUTHOR This has been written and was signed by Horth the Half-elf, of the Tanes, Oraca in the higher arts. This manuscripts have been approved by the head of the Tanes. comments on references:
  15. The Maestro

    The Ruins of Lythell

    The day had started off as any other. The water was calm and the sky clear. Once out to their fishing grounds Leif called out to Isdir to drop the anchor and grab the nets. As the day dragged on storm clouds began to brew to the south. Luck, hopefully would be on their side and the storm would head towards the mainland. However only a few hours later, they were battling with the storm. Their small vessel being thrown around like a child's toy. Waves toward and crashed above them as they struggled to stay alive, almost as if they were caught in between a battle of gods. After a long rough night the water finally began to flatten, and they found themselves no longer being able to see the coast. Praying the gods were on their side now, Leif set sail for wherever fate would take him. He had heard the tales of the origins of the Elves. But that was all they had ever been. Tales. However that all changed when a towering arch rose from the horizon, A magnificent structure large enough to fit their boat through. A prancing horse with a rider top the somehow remain atop of the crumbling arch. behind it more structures rose from the seas depths, weathered but years of of harsh winds and high waves but still astounding in size and beauty. He heard Isdir mumble about the lost cities of the Elves, and I did not doubt him. Finally Leif gathered his wits and yelled to Isdir, we will camp on the rooftop over their, and then we shall sail south, just as the Elves claimed to have done. If they had truly found the Elves homeland, then who else knew what lay beyond? (bonus shot) Entry to Category B: A safe Haven. You can probably see I am no writer but I did not want this build to go with out a proper story. I built this back in October, and kept it to see if it would fit into the CCC. It didn't so I have just got round to post it on here now. I have lots of other builds ready to post on the guilds as well so watch out for them. The arch was difficult to make at first, but came together quick enough. the boat was also quite a challenge as it is my first. Hopefully you guys think it came out ok. The base was inspired by Jaapxaap and Legofin and I think it worked well here. Hope you enjoy and C&C needed
  16. The People of Alnya The Land of Alnya The expansive Isle of Alnya offers a variety of climates ranging from the friendly, lush forests of the native Dwelfs, to the foggy wetlands, and soaring cliffs along the coast where the Adventurers’ Guild is based. The two groups are generally on good terms with the other and usually stay in their respective areas of the isle. The large Adventurers’ guild offers an incredible range of services to the surrounding islands, and even distant lands when clients offer substantial rewards. Besides standard jobs like monster hunting, traveler protection, and mercenary work, the Guild also offers highly skilled herbalists, beast masters, and cartographers. Many come to the Guild looking to gain an apprenticeship and work their way up into the rank of full Adventurer, but this is no easy task and many fail in the attempt. Although, not all those who live near the Guild are constantly seeking blood-chilling adventure, as there is a small community of farmers and various craftsmen who keep the guild well stocked with food and other supplies. One of the biggest crops in the wetlands is rice, but the plentiful fish along the coast make their fisheries quite a lucrative market as well. Dwelfs on the other hand, are usually quite content to stay in their villages, living a simple (yet sometimes mischievous) life. Their favorite pastimes include raising their goats, chickens, dragons, bees and occasionally sheep, finding new uses for herbs, crafting beautiful cottages, and of course eating. Every once in a while they will dabble in the art of mining, but it is not one of their preferred industries. Those who do mine deep often return with peculiar tales of stout, reclusive creatures dwelling under the earth, but no one has been able to confirm these reports, leaving the strange tales shrouded in mystery. Despite these two groups making the Isle their home however, much of it is largely unexplored. There are numerous legends about the uncharted lands, many of which involve great beasts and sometimes even the mention of mysterious people who tower above all they come across. Little interest is expressed in these tales from the Dwelfs, who are quite content to stay in their peaceful villages. The Adventurers’ Guild on the other hand, is eager to scout out the lands, and would probably have done so quite thoroughly already, if there were not kept engaged in their numerous other occupations. As such, the island is not always a safe place: the formidable creatures sometimes venture from their homes in the coastal caves and deep forests of the island, and the strength of such beasts is not easily defeated. 1. Torrel the Beekeeper No one in all of Alnya is as adept at the art of beekeeping as Torrel is. He tends meticulously to his hives, and his honey is held in the highest regard by all the isle. A few have tried unsuccessfully to steal some of his bees, to try and match the quality of his honey and gain a small fortune, but none have succeeded. No one knows exactly what happens to those who try this, but whatever it is, it keeps them from trying twice. 2. Rydel the Hunter Rydel is a light-hearted hunter, who often will poke fun at his apprentices, (or anyone for that matter). However, although he has a healthy sense of humor, he is one of the finest shots in all of the Dwelf forests, and can track almost any animal. 3. Garrek the Goatsman At first sight, Garrek would seem a bit gruff to most people. Although he isn't a jokester like Rydel, the two are very close friends, and will often help each other with various tasks when they can. As Rydel will attest to, Garrek really has a soft heart, especially when it comes to his beloved goats. He has been a goatsman all of his life, and has extensive knowledge about what plants his animals thrive on, and what should be avoided at all costs. 4. Alenia the Dragon Master Alenia is one of the head Dragon Masters among Dwelfs, even though she is relatively young in experience compared to some of the others. An accident early in her dragon taming career left her with only one eye, but she doesn't let it get in her way of achieving her dreams. She loves working with the Nayvnai dragons, and has one she keeps as personal pet, named Frandri, besides the ones she trains for others. 5. Nym the Gardner Nym loves gardens, wild flowers, herbs, trees... anything that grows. He's always ready to explain to you how this plant likes sun with just a little bit of water, while this purple one over here grows best in the shade and with lots of water. Although he takes gardening seriously, that doesn't keep him from enjoying life, and he will often be humming a tune while weeding, or reply with a witty remark when the neighbors pick on his near addiction to gardening. 6. Nyna the Innkeeper "Fresh bread and milk for table 2!" Nyna always has a smile on her face, and is usually bustling around her inn cooking for the next meal, cleaning rooms, tending to customers, or doing whatever else needs to be done. While not the fanciest Inn on Alnya, it's well-known that The Green Goblet (her inn) is near spotless, and the excellent cooking and cheerful service bring a smile to the face of any customer. 7. Tanelia the Minstrel Tanelia is one of Nyna's closest friends, and will often drop in The Green Goblet for a few days, drawing many of the locals to hear the minstrel. There are few songs she doesn't know, and her skillful rendering of them impresses even the royal families. While the royal families have to tried to hire her as a personal minstrel, she prefers to wander Alnya freely, bringing music wherever she goes. 8. Rhalyf the Stable Boy "Rhalyf! Get those stalls mucked, we have more horses to lodge!" Fortunately Rhalyf's amiable disposition is not easily discouraged. Generally he is a very hard worker at the stables, though sometimes his mind does wander to more noble occupations: his dream is to become an Adventurer, Dragon Tamer, Knight, or whatever else enters his mind, really. 9. Goren the Miner Unlike many Dwelfs, Goren is extremely serious - to the point that he has many theories of Goblin invasions (not that he knows what a Goblin is), fire coming from the sky and destroying all of Alnya, and similar such things. However, his work underground provides plenty of metals and gems for which the Dwelfen craftsmen happily put up with his pessimistic attitude. 10. Faelar the Carpenter Wood is the most oft used building material of the dwelfs, and Faelar is a master of carpentry. His workshop is always kept busy making cabinets, furniture, or even shaping larger timbers for houses and barns. Faelar himself is a rather quiet Dwelf, but is never happier than when working on a new project. 11. Jastar the Fisherman It takes a great deal of food to keep the Adventurers' Guild fed, which keeps plenty of farmers and fishermen like Jastar prospering. His fishing boat was built by Faelar, and Jastar is quite proud of its maneuverable qualities. Few fishermen are as successful as Jastar, as his knowledge of the coast allows him to make large catches of fish consistently. 12. Reinhold the Adventurer Reinhold is one of the original members of the Adventurers' Guild, and has vast amounts of experience in many different areas. An expert huntsman and swordsman, he is one of the most respected fighters in the guild, but he is also quite astute and rarely loses his temper. Although it's rare for him to go on expeditions anymore, when Reinhold does leave his administrative position at guild headquarters on an especially challenging expedition, he is usually in charge of a party of Adventurers. 13. Tanja the Falconer While women are not as common as men in the Adventurers' guild, anyone proving their competence can become respected in the guild. Tanja has done just that, and her skills as a falconer are rivaled by very few. Her personal falcon, Bolt, is fierce and agile and can be a deadly force in battle, or as a scout. Tanja and Bolt have an incredible understanding of each other, and have developed their own way of communicating with each other. 14. Jorn the huntsman Jorn the Huntsman has been at the Adventurers' guild for a number of years now, and specializes in hunting dangerous predators. Always serious when on the job, Jorn surprises many with his sense of humor when he isn't on the hunt. Although he isn't one of the younger members of the guild, he can cover ground quickly when needed, and is extraordinarily stealthy. 15. Gurukk the Warrior "Gurukk did not mean to hit so hard." Orcs, like any other race, can enroll in the Adventurers' Guild. Gurukk is surprisingly tender-hearted, though also armed with brute strength and a love for a good fight. Thus practice bouts in the arena sometimes can get a little out of hand. He is still working his way up to attain the full Adventurer rank, but is not someone you want to cross swords with. 16. Okano the Rice Farmer The wetlands along the coast of Alnya where the Adventurers' Guild is located are ideal for growing rice, and as such, it is one of the staple foods of the guild. Okano runs a good sized rice farm, though he once was an apprentice Adventurer before realizing his love for agriculture. Now he is an experienced farmer, and has plenty of tips and techniques to share with anyone looking to improve their own rice fields. 17. Turgan the Guardian Turgan the Guardian is an Adventurer always willing to safeguard caravans, convoys, or even specific people. Fiercely protective, trying to harm any of his charges will likely be the last mistake you make. Any of his friends would gladly recommend his services, as they know his loyalty is unbreakable. 18. Thorsen the Cartographer With all the islands and unexplored lands around Alnya, the services of a cartographer are highly prized. Thorsen is a veteran of the trade, and his maps are worth quite a hefty stack of gold coins. Unlike some map-makers, he is also adept at surviving in the wilds which make his services even more valuable. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More pictures on Brickbuilt. Whew, it's been too long since I posted something in the guilds! I have some builds already up on other places that I plan on posting here, I just haven't had time to do so recently. I had a lot of fun with these guys, and with developing the Isle of Alnya, though unfortunately I was only able to complete one actual build for it, which I'll be posting here soon. As always, C&C is very welcome
  17. My entry into Category A of the "A Safe Haven" challenge. Allanar Forest on the isle of Alnya is where many of the dwelfs have chosen to live. This is likely due to their love of nature, and the many animals who also make their home there. The dwelfs spend much of their time caring for animals, or training them; even such creatures as dragons are welcomed in their community. Many live in unpretentious cottages, but don’t be mistaken – they are excellent craftsmen, and their homes are held in high regard by even the most skilled architects. "Now don't be scaring my chickens when you feed them, boy!" "Don't worry, Garrek, I can handle throwing out some chicken feed." Rhalyf had been given some time off at the stables during a quiet spell, and Garrek was quick to put him to work feeding the flock of chickens he keeps in addition to his prized goats. Faelar has a simple task today: fixing a section of fence alongside the path. Some lovely mushrooms caught Nym's eye earlier in the week, and today he returned to harvest the ripe ones and dig up one to plant in his own garden. Alenia is working with Frandri in the forest today, and has brought along a treat to reward the young dragon with. Torrel keeps several hives in different places throughout the forest, and as usual is busy checking up on some of them now. Lots more pictures on Brickbuilt. Thanks for looking, comments and criticism welcome
  18. Rene, Emile's quartermaster, had been sent a letter from his captain hwo was out at sea with Oleon in Terraversa. The loss of The Elise was a devestating blow to morale for the crew, especially since Emile wasn't with them when the ship was lost. Since then, they all had been waiting on orders. Finally, they arrived. Emile had heard of something going on in Jameston, the Corrington settlement, and he wanted Rene, Gilbert the boatswain, and Henri the rigger to go to the Oleon Consulate in the city and get supplies to search for some orchid. The other three main crew members were told to wait for further orders. The consulate was imposing. Glass doors opened up to balconies on the first floor, and two guards always stood at attention. After being allowed in, Henri went straight for the butler, hoping to find some form of alcohol there. And yes, Emile's rum was there. Gilbert found an old acquaintance who had been stationed at the consulate, and they chatted about the old times, back before they had gone their separate ways. Rene found the Consul and showed the letter he had received from Emile. "Ah yes," the consul said as he looked at the parchment. "Jameston has been in a bustle recently due to this. Who's going to go on this expedition?" "Myself, Gilbert, and the boy Henri," Rene replied. "If you could spare any other men, we'll gladly take them." "Unfortunately I can't send any men with you," the consul admitted. "But, I can give you a healthy amount of supplies. You'll need them when you head out. You'll find some interesting things out there. Just don't start a war, alright?" "I'll do my best," Rene said. Up above, they began to gather supplies: shot, weapons, tents. It's dangerous out there for a citizen of Oleon in this place.
  19. Dear architecture and LEGO enthusiasts, I would like to propose you a LEGO Architecture challenge. Every week I will come up with a brief assignment, that connects LEGO and architecture and if you want, you can react to it and post photos of your creations. I hope you will have fun building experience. 1. Challenge Do the model of building in 3 different scales, start with a very small scale, just a few bricks. Then do the same building in larger scale with more details. And finally, the biggest model, with even more details. Example:
  20. Count Mesabi by North White, on Flickr Official Press Release from the Wayfarer Trading Company: Private investigators, police officers, adventurers and bounty hunters of the Brick Seas! The WTC calls for justice! The mystery of the heinuos sabotage of the Wolf's Blood in Nova Malto must be unravelled and the perpetrator face his punishment. Therefore, the WTC offers a sizable bounty for the one to discover the truth. Please find enclosed the case file with the current evidence and report to the nearest WTC representative with any developments in the case. Sincerely Count Mesabi Chairman of the WTC Case file: Alright folks, it's time for a minichallenge! The Wolf's Blood was blown up in the middle of the Malto conflict, and I think it's time for people to show off their investigative and creative skills. What really happened? Here are the rules. Fill in the holes in the story and show us what might have happened! Your build must expand on the story so far. Is there a larger conspiracy in play? Has Oleon's suspect escaped? Was another ship destroyed? The story is in your hands! 16x16 minimum base LDD builds are not eligible for prizes The challenge will be decided by a voting thread when the challenge is completed. Voting criteria: Creativity in investigation and in filling in the holes in the story I will not vote in the challenge, except to break ties, or if something "fishy" happens You must be a member of BoBS to vote or participate in this challenge Prizes: 1st Place: WTC will build and license a large property in the settlement of your choosing And, you decide what really happened. Was it an Eslandolan plot? Native interference? Mardierian reprisal? Captain Mesabi? You decide! 2nd Place: WTC will build and license a medium property in the settlement of your choosing (Notice: As I will be leaving for college in September, I cannot promise the prizes to be completed quickly. I will try to have them ready by 2018.) Entries due by October 1st Voting thread will open the next day, and all votes are due by October 7th Post your questions in the thread below, or feel free to PM me
  21. With apologies to George Lucas and Steven Spielberg... The year is 617. Mardier forces are looking for the rumored Lost City of Gold in an effort to fund their war effort against Eslandola. Without the gold, Mardier’s war effort is doomed. And so Eslandola has sent Thaddeus Calvo, an adventurer and sometimes spy, to find the lost city before Mardier does. In the jungles of an island east of the Prio Seas, Calvo has risked life and limb to retrieve a golden idol with clues to the location of the lost city. But as he emerges from the depths of the jungle, he is surprised by his oft-times rival, Dr. René Belóche, an Oleon adventurer now working in the employ of Mardier. “Eslandola Jones … we meet again!” exclaimed René. (“Jones” was one of Calvo’s aliases, and although René knew Calvo’s real name, he enjoyed calling him this in a mocking fashion.) René was accompanied by several local warriors of the Hovito tribe. “Quite a situation you’re in, eh?” Rene extended his hand. “I’ll take that idol now. Once again what was briefly yours is now mine.” Calvo reached for his bag, and the Hovito warriors readied their spears in case he pulled a weapon. But all he did was reluctantly hand over the golden idol. The Hovitos thought René had retrieved it for them, but Calvo knew René would steal it from them as well. “Too bad the Hovitos don’t know you like I do, René,” said Calvo. “True,” replied René. “You could warn them … if only you spoke Hovitos!” René then raised the idol high to display it to the Hovitos. As their attention was diverted to the idol, Calvo bolted for his boat back at the river. With a quick word and motion, René commanded the Hovito warriors to go after him. Calvo narrowly made his escape. * * * Back in Nova Terreli, Calvo met with one of his contacts, Salejandro, and with Calvo’s longtime friend, Madame Marian Villeneuve. With Salejandro’s help, Calvo was able to discern the meaning of the symbols he had seen on the golden idol. “I know where it is, Marian! The Lost City of Gold -- I can find it in a week,” exclaimed Calvo. “You mean WE can find it in a week,” stated Marian firmly. “What? You can’t go with me,” replied Calvo. “Oh yes I can. After all the adventures I’ve funded with little in return, until we find the Lost City of Gold, I’m your G** D*** partner!” And so Calvo and Marian found passage on the Bantu Wind, a ship heading east. Captain Katanga looked like the sort of fellow who had been through a few close scrapes and knew how to smuggle something past the authorities. Now Calvo and Marian needed Katanga to smuggle them past Mardier ships on patrol in the Prio Seas. But Mardier had their spies as well, and René knew Calvo’s methods. As the Bantu Wind reached the far eastern waters of the Prio Seas, René was waiting, intercepting them with a Mardier gunship. Katanga alerted Calvo to hide. When the Bantu Wind was boarded by René and his Mardier companions, Katanga surrendered to protect his ship and crew. The Mardier troops searched the ship for Calvo, but could not find him. “Where is he?” demanded the Mardierian colonel. “I killed him,” replied Katanga. “He was of no value to me. Take whatever you want from my cargo, but leave the lady; she has value where we are headed.” The colonel was incensed. “We will take what we want, pirate scum,” he declared, “and then we will decide whether or not to blow your ship out of the water!” The colonel pulled Marian away from Katanga, but René took custody of her instead. René had known her in younger days and had always been jealous of her relationship with Calvo. As soon as the Mardierians were off the ship, Katanga ordered his men to find Calvo, still hidden on the ship. But he could not be found. While watching the Mardierian gunship depart, one of Katanga’s men found him. “There he is!” he exclaimed, pointing aft of the Mardierian ship. Calvo was in the water, his whip wrapped around the rudder! * * * René had also discerned the location of the Lost City of Gold from the clues on the golden idol, and soon they reached their destination. René and the Mardierians made their way into the jungle, and Calvo made his way ashore and followed them. As they slowed down, Calvo diverted around them through the jungle and found a suitable spot for an ambush, a small pass through a ridge. “Hello René!” yelled Calvo from the top of the ridge. “Eslandola Jones?!” René queried in exasperation. “How? What are you doing here?” “I don’t care about the gold anymore,” said Calvo. “I came for the lady.” But before Calvo could rescue Marian from René, a few Mardierian soldiers quietly climbed the ridge and apprehended the Eslandolan. René and the Mardierians proceeded through the jungle with Calvo and Marian in tow. Their objective should be over this next ridge. And when they reached the top of the ridge, they could see the ruins of an ancient city in the valley below. They descended into the ruins, and there they saw a golden chest upon an altar. René had Calvo and Marian tied up so they could not interfere. With the Mardierian colonel at his side, René prepared to open the golden chest. “Marian,” whispered Calvo, “whatever you do, don’t look at the treasure, and definitely don’t touch it!” For Calvo had also discerned not only the location of the Lost City of Gold, but also its curse. And so, when René opened the chest and ran his hands through its contents of gold coins, he and the colonel, and the other Mardierian soldiers looking on, were turned to gold. * * * And so Mardier was denied the treasure to fund its war effort. Calvo and Marian stole the Mardierian gunship and made it back to civilization. And as for the location of the Lost City of Gold and its curse? That will stay a secret. Calvo reported that the Mardierian efforts to find it were in vain, as the rumored city did not exist.
  22. This collab is realized by Captain Genaro, Blackdeathgr and me. Here is the part of collab built by Captain Genaro: Amazing, the Mardierian officer thought. Had the native guide not pointed it out, he would completely missed the half overgrown stone, but now that he saw it, his imagination ran wild. The stone, more of a boulder really, was nearly the size of a man and despite cracks and weathering, had clearly been cut out by skilled stone masons. The overgrowth and weathering alone suggested that it predated any colonial settlements, but from what he had seen, the current natives lacked the means to quarry this block, much less move it any distance. CH V Entry by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr The native guide attempted to explain something about the stone with hand gestures, falling from the sky? No, that doesn't make sense, the officer thought. Or is he trying to tell us to rest? But before the Mardierian officer could interpret the gestures, he heard shouting followed by a thud, splash, and screams of terror. Immediately, he turned his head towards the commotion and saw the head and upper torso of one of the adventurers bobbing amid the torrent. Another man lay at the officer's feet, struggling to get up, and with a massive chest sitting precariously close to being washed away by the stream. On the opposite bank, men shouted at the poor soul to swim, keep his head up, grab onto something, head for the bank, just do something until we can help you, but all their shouting was in vain. The officer, though he had seen his share of violence and death, simply stood there stunned by the result. To think the adventure had gone so well up to this point, not a single man lost and an alliance with the natives. But alas, in his haste to reach his goal and avoid the Garvian frigate, he had decided to take the most direct route regardless of the risks. Sure, the stream was narrow, but it moved too fast and was mostly too deep to be forded. A bridge wouldn't take more than a few hours to construct, but the Oleanders couldn't be kept waiting. Any delay on his part and the ship-of-the-line captain might decide to abandon their deal and return to his patrols. And now, as a result of his haste, as a result of his greed for gold, a man had died. CH V Entry by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr While the officer stood there stunned, the rest of the men recovered. The shouting soon stopped, the roar of rushing water drowning out the prayers mumbled by the men as they quietly blessed their selves before fortifying their selves to continue on their journey to the coast. CH V Entry by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr "Shall we continue, sir," the soldier on the near bank asked. "Sir?" he repeated as the officer remained in his stunned state. "Oh, yes, yes, very good. As you were," the officer muttered seemingly to no one in particular. The soldier eyed the officer who seemed unaware of anything that was happening around him, and then began shouting orders for the men to continue and to watch their damn step lest they want to become the next sacrifice to the river nymph. CH V Entry by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr Here is my part of collab (recognizable by the bad photo quality): On a bright and sunny day, a Garvian frigate cruises in the vicinity of Tema Hiva (rumours say a city of gold was discovered on this island). The ship, the Ugly Duckling, The Lion of Garvey, is a newly commissioned 6th rater (or class 5 in the universe of BoBS), pride of her captain. On this cruise, the captain must fulfill one mission, intercept the Mardierian vessel carrying the gold discovered on the soil of natives. The captain of the Lion of Garvey was very confident of the success of his mission, knowing Mardierians have lost most of their ships in the battle of five fleets. But it seems he has neglected one detail, the Blues are not in war against Mardier and their fleet is intact. So, on this shinny day, the watch of Lion of Garvey was surprised by a big bowsprit pointing at their six. - Captain, ship on our six! - Can you identify her? - Nay, sir, but she's a two-decker! - It must be Margot, our Eslandolan friends are trustworthy lads. - Sir! She is arboring a Fleur de lys on the bow castle! - What??!!! Impossible!!!! - What should we do captain? She's gaining rapidly on us! The garvian seamen aren't mistaken, she's indeed an Oleander ship of the line, built in urgence by the Royal Shipyard and arrived in time to the rendez-vous point. The Mardierian exploration team, although lost one of their men in the haste, finally managed to plow a path through the jungle and loaded the gold aboard. There, the gold is placed under the custody of a Mardierian colonel, who will make sure that the gold reaches safely its destination. The Oleanders are well aware of the importance of the cargo, therefore, they've despatched a SOTL carrying 60 guns. This is her maiden voyage and some Oleander dignitaries and ship experts are onboard to evaluate her sailing ability and supervise the loading and unloading of the gold. - Captain! They are opening the gunports, what is your order, sir! - Hum, humhum, heu, rehum... - Sir! - Lay down your weapons, lads! We can't fight a sotl at this distance. - Farewell Garvies! The Mardierian officer on the stern waves at them and says in smiling. Extra pictures of the ships: Thank you for viewing!
  23. Maurice of Greene, Prince of Brickwall, cousin to King Fernando Augusto VII, comes from a long line of military leaders of Eslandola, dating back two and a half centuries to Eslandola’s original break from Mardier. Although the signing of the Magna Charta by the king was looked upon with shock and horror by many in the Eslandolan nobility, it did not diminish Maurice’s love of country, and he answered the call when the most recent disagreement with Mardier boiled over into an actual shooting war. Maurice had followed in his forefathers’ footsteps, studying strategy and tactics at the Terreli Military Academy. While Eslandola had not truly seen war in more than a century, and as such the opportunity for military experience greatly limited, Maurice was viewed as one of Eslandola’s greatest military minds. It was Maurice that King Fernando Augusto turned to when planning his invasion of Oleon. The politics had been disastrous for the king, but those that had seen the military plans believed the invasion would have succeeded; Maurice’s plan was brilliant, but the world would never get to see that brilliance. And so, when Eslandola was forced to respond militarily to Mardier, it turned to the Prince of Brickwall. On March 31, 617, Maurice led more than a thousand men, including the prince’s own cavalry regiment, in a beach assault against La Puebloto, Mardier’s settlement at the mouth of the Lintili River on Isla de Victoria, a.k.a. Skaford Heights. The fighting was intense, and losses mounted on both sides as Eslandola’s forces failed to break the Mardierian line. In an effort to end the standoff, Maurice led his cavalry in a charge along the beach to out-flank the defenders. Mardierian musketeers and pikemen hurriedly extended their line to the sea and opened fire. The Prince’s regiment closed with the defenders quickly, and it was mayhem as shots were fired and horses fell. Maurice continued to lead the charge into the thin Mardierian defense. The Mardierian commander could see that his line would not be enough against the cavalry regiment… …but his men held their ground and took the charge… …and one musketeer found his mark, firing a shot through Maurice’s chest, mortally wounding the prince. But the cavalry charge was successful. They broke through the line and rolled up the Mardierian rear defenses. The Eslandolan infantry then broke through Mardier’s unsupported center, and the battle was won. Maurice’s death is a terrible loss to Eslandola, but his quick thinking and valour on the field of battle were the turning point in Eslandola’s victory over Mardier that day. The Prince of Brickwall is a shining example to all Eslandolan commanders, today and in the future. Close-up of Maurice receiving the fatal shot: Additional shots: Composition was inspired by a painting of a Thirty Years War battle. The fallen horse and launched rider was fun to pose, and I was happy with how the ice cream pieces worked for smoke from the muskets. The blood spray exiting the hero's back worked out ok, but not quite what I hoped. The color gradation of the water looks off, but I was going for a painting effect where the edges are feathered out. I'm happy with the marshy look of the beach. As always, all C&C welcome.
  24. What is the Summer Joust? The Summer Joust is a castle contest with 6 different categories that is open May 1st-June 30th 2017. The contest is hosted on Flickr in a dedicated contest group. This year there are prizes for 1st and 2nd in all categories (excepting the team category), as well as 3 individual awards.
  25. After losing his big flagship, Captain Rijsk adapted to a new plan. Some small fishing vessels who were easily manouvrable. The Mardierians came once a day in the afternoon with a bigger vessel to exchange the Tuna for instant cash. So after some succesfull hours catching fish, he was very happy to see the Tuna King on the horizon. He gave orders to his second vessel to put the caught tuna in the baskets of his vessel and he waited till the Tuna King arrived. Once the captain of the Tuna King examined the Tuna and all that delicious fish was transferred, Captain Rijsk dared to ask for his money. "De Money? Ofcourse! My soldiers will bring de money to u! Guards!" The excitement of Captain Rijsk quickly ebbed away when he noticed the purple uniforms of Prio Soldiers, green uniforms of Eslandola soldiers and red uniforms of the Garvey soldiers. The well-trained guards quickly surrounded everyone, forcing them to swim back home. It is said that Captain Rijsk, after loosing his second hand in the previous encounter, lost his second leg in this encounter. Still he was eager to buy a new vessel to keep fishing. What a hero/idiot! The Tuna King, a captured Mardier vessel that belongs to MAESTRO and which was lent out to a Garvey Privateer, returned back to Trador to sell their wares. The first steps of the Trador Tuna Imperium was taken :) Some overal pictures are forgotten, I'll take some in one hour and post it here. I already removed the waves and water as it is part of a Pirate lay-out at Brickmania Wetteren :)