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Found 22 results

  1. Hi Everybody, I’d like to show you my latest MOC, regarding a post-apocalyptic house, made of smashed containers. This will be just a module of a bigger diorama set up with some afol friends. Hope you like it
  2. Hello everyone! I finally finished my build, made the video, edited the video, aaaannnnnnndddddd..... POSTED THE VIDEO!!! I would like to say thanks so much to everyone who offered advice and critiques throughout the build process. Please read through the build log below for more information about the truck, but for now, please enjoy the video! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I started out with a bit of a classical Mad Max-style build... A hot-rod, with an oversized engine, and high suspension... And nice pointy bits sticking out all over the place. It has since morphed into a hot-rod mated with monster truck, sprouting a crane from the middle, on Claas tires and requiring 12 shock absorbers... And its motorized! Photos will come tomorrow with the sun and the good lighting.
  3. It has been years after the unspeakable and the survivers used whatever machinery they found to make a new start. The last bit of civilization was rebuilt in a form of the mobile base nicknamed the FrankenBase due to the nature of it's design. Frankenbase was assembled from the following leftovers: Buckets and bogies from a pair of tracked loaders Front frame, suspension and axles from a monster truck Command bridge and helipad from a stranded ship Crane and two containers were salvaged from a dried up port The base also features three support vehicles, a quick buggy, a small bulldozer and a helicopter: To propel the massive base, all wheels and trackes are driven and suspended: The suspension allow the massive vehicle to easily crawl over rough terrain: The track bogies can also steer, giving the FrankenBase a very tight steering radious: The only way to acces the abse is by lovering the ladder in front, which also serves as the ladder to acces the walkways surrounding the entire vehicle: The crane uses a special mechanism which locks onto containers in order to move them: The command deck is protected by nets and features controls: View of the backside with the crane raised: Some trivia about the model: The entire model took me around 2 weeks to build All functions are powered by 19 motors and controlled by 6 BuWizz bricks It measures over 130 cm long, 45 cm high and 40 cm wide The weight is estimated to be around 7 kilograms This is my second largest model built, first being the Go-kart It's one of my most eccentric builds ever The different colors are intentional, representing the chaotic nature of it's envoirment Size compared to the Liebherr: See the model in action the video:
  4. In a post apocalyptic world where machinery is rare and mostly doesn´t work,nomadic people rely on domesticated dinosaurs to travel and get from one place to another. This guy is part of one nomadic family and with his fast Velociraptor,he´s there to scout the nearby area for anyimminent danger. Since he´s not alone,he only has some sparce luggage packed in the saddle. His well trained raptor is carrying a body armor made out of wood and metal,enough to protect it from minor attacks by local tribes and still light enough so the raptor can travel at great speeds. IMG_20180925_162927 IMG_20180925_162942 IMG_20180925_162955 IMG_20180925_163007 IMG_20180925_163014 IMG_20180925_163022 Hope you guys like it,comments are always welcome...
  5. Aliencat

    [MOC] The Last Place on Earth

    I posted this in Sci-Fi but isn't it technically Fabuland? More pictures on Flickr!
  6. Hello guys! Recently I've made a Stalker stop motion but it was in russian so finally I added English subs and now everyone can understand what is going on in my Stalker universe! So join the adventures! Part one is here!
  7. An alternate from 31014: Power Digger set, a Post-Apocalyptic Car. It's an old MOC actually, but I've made a new render of it... Post-Apoc - 31014 Alt (with Instruction) by Kamal Muftie Yafi, on Flickr I’ve created an Instruction for this model, if you’re interested to create this model click here for the instruction (it’s free!).
  8. Guy smiley

    [Brains] Cat C - Zombie Trasher

    Hey everyone, here's my entry, the Zombie Trasher. During the zombie apocalypse, you take what you can get, this trash truck is durable, big, and can double as a mobile home/base. It's been so long since I've been on Eurobricks, good thing I use the same password for everything... XD Zombie Trasher by Guy Smiley :-), on Flickr "During the zombie apocalypse, not everyone can afford a motor home"
  9. Leonardo da Bricki

    [Brains] Cat. B: A Night Without Fear

    Journal entry #472: "It is the best day of my life! I was found by another group of Survivors, who offered me a place to live. Having lived alone in my truck for the last three years, this was unbelievable. As ashamed as I am to admit it, I cried from sheer happiness. I had given up on living when my truck broke down and I couldn't fix it again... Anyway, these people are wonderful, and we have been able to share our experiences and knowledge with each other, which has been both entertaining and helpful. Right now, I am alone in The Bunker, as they call it, while they headed out on a recon and resupply mission. The amount of trust they have in me is just incredible..." Bunker 1 Bunker 4 Well, this is my first of this post-apocalyptic style of building, I took some ideas from some of my space base MOCs for the door and ventilation duct. I was also experimenting with SNOT rockwork, so feel free to comment and/or critique anything I have done. (I am the first contestant! Woohoo! ) To the judges: the base is 16x16 studs, with about 1-1.5 studs overhang from the shrub on the front. If anything needs to change, leave a comment below. The weapons used in this MOC are available on the BrickArms website. And here is a bonus photo, for more, check out my Flickr. Thanks for looking! - Leonardo da Bricki
  10. Jonsson

    [Moc] Wasteland Roamer

    My take on what I might ride hence I would survive the apocalypse.. =) Most of the time I try to create builds that are somewhat stylistically pure in its asthetics. I'm very fussy about the correct colors for all the parts as I dont want the wrong areas fo the bike(usually) to stand out and attract attention from the details I want to highlight. You may have noticed that I took another route this time...=) To be able to make the bike look a bit ragged I've put alot of effort to find parts in; old grey, dark grey and brown and mixing them up with the newer colors. Sand green happens to be one of my favourite colors and I think it goes well with the rest! When I saw the shoulder piece from the new Star Wars figures I immediately new that I would like to us it as a housing for the headlamp. Finding the right technique to get it in place wasn't easy though... The engine is a parallell-twin with turbo and intercooler. Somekind of injectible gas/liquid (what might it be in the post-apocalyptic world?) container is also added for increased performance when needed! (I noticed when editing the pictures that the relief valve is a bit twisted though - bummer!) An extra petrol tank could also come in handy - dont you think? In the lst pictures I've added some other bits and bobs for surviving in the wasteland.. See you on the other side...;) You can find all of the images on my Flickr:
  11. durazno33

    [MOC] The Untouched Laboratory

    I created this moc for an upcoming display for my local LUG. Basically the story is: The zombies are destroying the world (insert archetypal end of world situation.) However, in a remote part of the North American desert, a small research facility had become a haven for a small group of survivors. Guarded by the extreme heat of the sun and desolate desert, they had live secluded from the extreme destruction across the world caused by the outbreak of the zombie epidemic. Here they live striving day in and day out to find the cure. By now, the zombies have infected most of the major cities and smaller towns of the world and were running out of people to feed upon. Desperate for new prey, the zombies have begun wandering to the more remote parts of the wilderness to discover, by chance, hidden populations to infect. One day while out to collect supplies for the research, one of the men is discovered by a band of zombies and in a panic to escape, he retreats and is followed to the research facility, revealing the hideout's location to the zombies. Will the Untouched Laboratory meet its end? There are more images on my flickr feed. You can get to the album by clicking the first 2 pictures.
  12. Hello guys! I would like to show you my last MOC for this year and I think it is one of the better ones I've built in 2015. This shows the interior of the Red Rocket truck stop from the videogame "Fallout 4" which takes place 200 years after a nuclear war. I was inspired by a concept art from the official artbook "The Art of Fallout 4". Inside Red Rocket truck stop by Jonas Obermaier, on Flickr I hope you like that little scene - feedback is appreciated! regards Jonas
  13. Note - this freebuild takes place shortly after Wake up call. Imperial Star Destroyer Avenger Level 84 [Restricted Area] ISB Major: Sergeant, welcome. Please, stand at ease. ISB Colonel: Sergeant ... is there something on your face? Sgt. Lucas Kirana: Yes sir. Sorry, sir. They've had me working in the hangers. It takes a few days to get the engine oil completely off. Sir. ISB Colonel: But you're feeling fit? You're ready for duty? Lucas: Yes, sir. Very much so, sir. ISB Major: You've seen a lot of action, haven't you Sergeant? Lucas: Yes, sir, I have. ISB Major: Your record specifies almost a dozen combat missions this year which involved you and other members of the 142nd SpecOps battalion working directly for the Imperial Security Bureau. Lucas: ... I'm not presently disposed to discuss those operations, sir. ISB Major: Did you not execute missions for the ISB while working as a commando? Lucas: ... No sir. ISB Major: Did you not infiltrate Bothawui via wingsuit last year, to extract a compromised ISB agent? Lucas: ... ISB Major: Did you not return two days later and execute thirteen members of a rebel cell identified by that agent? Sergeant? Lucas: Sir, I am unaware of any such operation, nor would I be disposed to discuss such an operation, if it did in fact exist. Sir. ISB Colonel: Okay, that's fine. Sergeant, have you heard of Agent Goatm An? Lucas: I don't believe so, sir. ISB Colonel: Davin, why don't you play those recordings. These were monitored out of a shuttle, used by a former Separatist tracker we sent after An. This has been verified as Agent An's voice. Recording: Date 38.9.8. 0400 hours. “I watched a granite slug, crawl along the edge of a vibroblade. That's my dream ... it's my nightmare. Crawling ... slithering, along the edge ... of a vibroblade. And surviving.” Date 33.9.17. 2300 hours. “But we must kill them. We must ... incinerate them. Shaak after shaak, kaadu after kaadu, ship after ship, army after army. And they call me an assassin. What do you call it, when the assassins accuse the assassin? They lie … they lie, and we have to be merciful for those who lie... Those nabobs, I hate them. I do hate them” He had a grasp of tactics and strategy that surpassed many of his commanding officers. And he was a good man, too. A man of wit, and humor. He's gone AWOL now, totally off the reservation. Stole an Imperial ship and disappeared. And, I have another piece of shocking news for you: Agent An was about to be arrested for murder. I don't follow, sir. Murdered who? He's left a trail of bodies, to be frank. People he suspected of being traitors or double agents, mainly. Well, you see, Lucas, in this war, things get ... confused out there. Power, ideals, the old morality, and practical military necessity. But out there, working alone, it must be a temptation to take matters into your own hands. To play God, if you will. Because there's a conflict in every human heart, between the rational and the irrational, between good and evil. And good does not always triumph. Sometimes ... the dark side overcomes what Chancellor Palpatine called 'the better angels of our nature.' And, very obviously, he has gone insane. Your mission is to proceed to the Outer Rim, pick up Goatm's path via the Seperatist shuttle, learn what you can along the way. When you find Goatm, get close to him by whatever means available, and ... terminate Goatm's mission. He's out there operating without any decent restraint, totally beyond the pale of any acceptable human conduct. After all that, we still have to use euphemisms. It's an old term, from the corporate sector. To "terminate" someone, of course, meant to fire them. If someone was "terminated with prejudice" they'd be blacklisted, and unable to find work in any related guilds. Someone terminated with "extreme prejudice" ... well, you'd be surprised how easy it is for the CEO of a major company to have someone killed. You understand, Sergeant, that this mission does not exist, nor will it ever exist... A galaxy full of rebels, and they send me to kill one of our own. Sh*t, charging a man with murder in a war like this is like handing out speeding tickets at the Boonta Eve Classic. I took the mission. What the hell else was I going to do? But I really didn't know what I'd do when I found him.
  14. -Noel-


    This was built to challenge myself to make something on a 10x10 plate. It is inspired by the album cover art of Skyworld by Two Steps From Hell (I recommend it. The name is questionable, but the music is really hyping). Yes, the title is spur-of-the-moment.
  15. Aether Fox

    [MOC] Wasteland Wraith

    I saw one of my motorbike parts the other day and decided to try using it as the base for a post-apocalyptic bike. Here is the result, which I call the "Wasteland Wraith" Thanks for viewing! Let me know what you think!
  16. Captain Contractor

    MOC: Midnight Riders Technical

    I usually stay within the Town forum, however this truck that I am presenting to you today belongs in Sci-Fi. I used the Lego City 7213 Off-Road Firetruck and Fireboat as a base, and based it off of a Tatra T815 8x8 truck. 18 days after incident: Our gas was running low and we were nearly out of options. If we didn't find a new set of wheels or some fuel soon, we would never make it through the Sierra Nevadas safely. Chet suggested that we hit up a logging camp not to far away. The sun was just rising over the landscape when we arrived. In the far back of the camp, surrounded by looming cranes and harvesting equipment sat our salvation: a partially rusted 8x8 semi; it still had all of its wheels, and we were able to siphon enough diesel fuel from the nearby tractors to fill six jerrycans. Having reacquired transportation, we left our homes behind and headed towards the East Coast, or what was left of it. Finding the Technical by Ryn Labrie, on Flickr That was three months ago. So much has been going on that I haven't had time write up a proper report. Our small band of marauders has made good use of the truck we found in those mountains. We've armored it, weaponized it, and turned it in to a fighting vehicle that spits bullets like they're going out of style. Other survivors and bandits have smartly kept away from us as we roam about, looking for supplies and staying alive. Midnight Riders Technical Front Quarter by Ryn Labrie, on Flickr When we came across the smoking ruins of the largest survivor compound in the New Mexico Badlands, we gained the bulldozer blade from their barricade, and the stereo speaker. Johnny had the great idea of mounting the speaker to the roof, so we could "play some Wagner and freak the heck out of the locals." (a cookie to the person who names this reference) Midnight Riders Technical Front by Ryn Labrie, on Flickr The current armament of our ramshackle fighting truck consists of a pair of Browning M2A2 machine guns, a MK19 grenade launcher, an M1919 with Cobray 37mm flare launcher, a M60, a M134D minigun, a triple M16 turret, and last but not least, a Common Remotely Operated Weapons System (CROWS) fitted with another M2 machine gun. The .50 cals and the Mk19 came from a National Guard convoy, the minigun was found on a helicopter crash, and the other weapons were found on the road. Midnight Riders Technical Back Quarter by Ryn Labrie, on Flickr Also worth noting are the Hiab/Palfinger folding crane with manbasket and all of the spotlights that we've attached to our truck; we don't want any sneaky buggers tying to sabotage us at night. To keep the lights working, we have 10 car batteries mounted beneath the cargo area. Midnight Riders Technical Palfinger Crane by Ryn Labrie, on Flickr I am including a "family picture" with this message. From left to right: Frank, Jaeger, Pops, Johnny, Ross, Archer (me), and Chet. A pair of local yokels took it for us before we left the Idaho territory. I will send out another message when I have time. This is 1st Sargent Archer, signing off. Midnight Riders Family Photo by Ryn Labrie, on Flickr C&C Greatly appreciated and as always, thanks for viewing!
  17. Ragnar

    Wasteland Raider-Trike

    I just love post-apocalyptic themes, so I decided to build some sets for it a while ago. This was my first model: the "Raider-Trike". More pictures of my creations can be found in the LEGO folder of my homepage!
  18. TJayDesign

    MOC: Zombie — Apocalypse.

    Hello All, Check out my new work about Zombie Apocalypse. MOC: Zombie — Apocalypse. by MexicanZombie, on Flickr MOC: Zombie — Apocalypse. by MexicanZombie, on Flickr General view (zombie on a chain — hello, Walking Dead): MOC: Zombie — Apocalypse. by MexicanZombie, on Flickr Back view: Scene without construction: Simple room interior: Survived man: Man have a rest: Hatch from the room: Weapon warehouse: Landscape without decoration: Construction is completely modular: All characters (and cute radio): Thanks for watching!
  19. Devorath

    MOC- After Apocalypse Vignette

    So I was just fiddling around with some bricks, and decided to make a little Arkham vignette. However, halfway though building it, it didn't really look like Arkham. A few changes, and it turned into this: Apoc Shelter 8x8 Vig. by TheDevorathShow, on Flickr After the Apocalypse, a fire is burning in the shelter of a ruined building. A gun lies beside the fire, and a pack of supplies hang nearby. But the inhabitant is nowhere to be seen. Is he out hunting, or is that his skull on top of the wall? An alternate view can be seen here: Comments and Constructive Criticism are welcome!
  20. Hammerstein NWC

    Hi-Ho Silver!

    When the Lone Ranger Theme was announced way back I built a moc of him and his horsey out of random bricks. I liked what I had made so I got in touch with Aurimax of Chrome bricks and got the pieces I needed. All the bases I made just never seemed to work. Yesterday I found a basic set in our local toy store with a really cool lid. I managed to put together something I didn't hate and here we have it! The Year is 2042. A pale rider roams the wastelands of New New Texas. "The Incident" has claimed the lives of millions and with lawlessness rampant in the territories, he is the only authority that remains. Protecting the weak and the innocent when others just seek to survive. He is the Clone Ranger.... Hi-Ho Silver and Away! ------------------------------------------------ I hope you all like it I'm working on Tonto Jo and his Chopper Harley next.
  21. CheetahBrick

    MSFC: Under new management.

    "When I heard about the war, I thought we were gonna live big, making millions supplying to the government. Little did I stop to consider, we'd also be made a primary target" - Alex Wenér: owner of Wenér Energy inc. :2139 A.D. Well this is my rushed entry into the contest, I'm most likely not gonna win, but who knows, anything is possible. And, another one without mechs; For all other photos check this link:
  22. During the World End On this World happened every catastrophe, like sunstorms, earthquakes, tornados, and tsunamis. After those disasters a lot of people was dying and the Earth gets other attacks. Aliens and a meteor came from the space and demons came from the hell. Some people survived those but they have to fighting for the surviving.