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  1. Hey guys, For the last few weeks I've been working on something that I have never seen done before. I was inspired by Jkbrickworks kinetic contraptions so I decided to make my own, kinetic, motorized AT-AT Walker. This build has just over 600 parts and took me about 12 hours to build, most of which was in getting the moving mechanism to work :) I have made instructions for it and you can get them here: https://www.ebay.ca/itm/222759462918?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 The instructions and renderings are for my 2nd version (Much better) and the video is of my 1st version, just so you don't get confused but the only changes are some colors :) I hope you like my moc and any feedback would be great! Thanks, MM
  2. [MOC] Mustafar Duel: Anakin VS Obi-Wan

    So true! They at least need a version of these figs that don't "Light up" so I can take their capes off. rip...
  3. [MOC] Mustafar Duel: Anakin VS Obi-Wan

    Thanks! These positive comments mean a lot :) and with the lava...1200 trans-orange cheese wedges later :) lol (It actually was only $17 including shipping! I got a good deal on the lights too)
  4. [LDD MOC] The Emperor's Balcony

    Nice usage of a lot of parts I didn't even know existed :) lol
  5. Eurobricks Event 2018 - Sign-up topic

    Sounds like a blast! Unfortunately I don't think many bars will serve 15 year olds :) Maybe I'll see you there in a couple of years. Thanks.
  6. [MOC] A Short Rest...

    WOW. The techniques you used for the stone pattern in the floor are amazing! I don't even know how you did it. I squint and I can't even tell it's Lego! This is insanely awesome! Sweet moc!
  7. [MOC] Mustafar Duel: Anakin VS Obi-Wan

    I have taken new pics like the "I HATE YOU" Scene and the "Don't try it Anakin, I have the high ground" and when the Emperor finds him on the verge of death on the lava river. Those will be posted probably later this week. Thanks!
  8. Eurobricks Event 2018 - Sign-up topic

    What is this event? What do we do?
  9. [WIP] Dark Wizard's Tower {Need Feedback}

    I completely agree. Unfortunately you can't really have "Just an interior" :) Thanks again for all the help.
  10. [WIP] Dark Wizard's Tower {Need Feedback}

    WOW Thanks so much. I'll definitely be putting in some dark grey for a little contrast. I'll try to add some asymmetric features, not something I'm used to. For in interior, I've already decided on an alchemy room I was thinking a throne room or entrance hall on the first floor and I like your idea for the study. I love your ideas for the dungeon and I have the most area for that so that's going to be interesting what I fill it with (I think it's almost 32x32!) As far as the names I really like the Citadel of Darkness and The Black Fortress, simple and concise. Something I struggled with through the process of the moc so far is trying not to copy the techniques and design of the LOTR Orthanc Set, especially because when It's sitting across the room from me all day :) (Great set though) Thanks again for all your feedback. This really helps!
  11. [WIP] Dark Wizard's Tower {Need Feedback}

    Interesting...it sounds very greek...and ancient. It's cool. Do you have any feedback for the tower itself? I'm really in need of some help on this one :|
  12. Hello guys, For the last month, I've been working on my Dark Wizards Tower on and off. I really want to go through with this moc but I need your help to finish it. So far I have completed the exterior of 2 sides (Not enough parts for the other 2 sides) and next I am going to be building the interior. There are 5 floors and they all come apart. I need suggestions for 4 things; 1. A Name for the Tower (If I really like it and end up using it, I will send you a free copy of the instructions when there ready :) 2. Ideas for the 4 floors of the tower (Plus the dungeon) 3. An idea for the top, something really cool. 4. Overall feedback on the exterior of the tower and things I can improve. Thanks so much for looking. I'll be updating this thread as I go along.
  13. [MOC] Mustafar Duel: Anakin VS Obi-Wan

    Hey guys, I just took pics of how I did the lighting for this moc. Hope you enjoy!
  14. AT-AT MOC (plus-sized -- but not super big)

    So much better than the set. It's so smooth! Do you have instructions for it and a parts list? If you do I will buy them :)