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  1. MovieMocs

    [MOC] Scarif Battle Scene {12000 parts+}

    Thanks man. Means a lot :)
  2. MovieMocs

    [MOC] Scarif Battle Scene {12000 parts+}

    Also, Just wanted to give a shout out to my 2 friends Franklin and Brodey for giving me a huge hand on this MOC. They also lent me some of their figs and base plates so thanks guys!
  3. MovieMocs

    [MOC] Scarif Battle Scene {12000 parts+}

    Thanks man! It's nice to see that someone noticed all the little details I tried to add in :) I also added the shattered windshield on the u-wing if you look closely. It was actually my friend who stated this after I put a actual Lego trans-cockpit piece on the U-wing, my friend said "Wait...if it crashed this hard would the glass really still be intact?" I'm like..."Woah..." Thanks again :)
  4. MovieMocs

    [MOC] Scarif Battle Scene {12000 parts+}

    Thanks man! I just posted more pics, as well as the Flickr Album. I just added some more pics and I'll be sure to take some background shots this week. hmm...I don't know...I haven't seen it done but I might try that out in the future. The color is a bit more expensive but there's not much of it so maybe :)
  5. Hello everyone, So I haven't been active for the last 6 months, mainly because I've been working on this. For my first Large Scale Diorama, I decided to build Scarif from Rogue One. My goal was to make it as movie accurate as possible while still adding in a little fun so I hope I succeed. This MOC is built on 4, 48x48 base plates (2x2) making it 3x3 feet. I started this project in January, unable to see the end, yet here I am. Most of the parts were bought off of Bricklink and Brickowl and cost about $900 in total. I don't have an exact piece count but there are 5600 trans-blue round studs and probably just over 12,000 parts in total. I have spent 6 months building this so I would love some feedback, comments and what to improve for my next big build. Thanks so much, MovieMocs If you're looking for more pictures, here's the Flickr Album:
  6. MovieMocs

    [MOC] Mustafar Duel: Anakin VS Obi-Wan

    Hey guys, I heard there was some interest but just letting you know the LXF files for this should be coming soon!
  7. Looks amazing! Great effects and techniques :) Great use of parts.
  8. MovieMocs

    [MOC] Kinetic Motorized AT-AT Walker

    The instructions have gone on sale for Christmas break.
  9. Hey guys, For the last few weeks I've been working on something that I have never seen done before. I was inspired by Jkbrickworks kinetic contraptions so I decided to make my own, kinetic, motorized AT-AT Walker. This build has just over 600 parts and took me about 12 hours to build, most of which was in getting the moving mechanism to work :) I have made instructions for it and you can get them here: The instructions and renderings are for my 2nd version (Much better) and the video is of my 1st version, just so you don't get confused but the only changes are some colors :) I hope you like my moc and any feedback would be great! Thanks, MM
  10. MovieMocs

    [MOC] Mustafar Duel: Anakin VS Obi-Wan

    So true! They at least need a version of these figs that don't "Light up" so I can take their capes off. rip...
  11. MovieMocs

    [MOC] Mustafar Duel: Anakin VS Obi-Wan

    Thanks! These positive comments mean a lot :) and with the lava...1200 trans-orange cheese wedges later :) lol (It actually was only $17 including shipping! I got a good deal on the lights too)
  12. MovieMocs

    [LDD MOC] The Emperor's Balcony

    Nice usage of a lot of parts I didn't even know existed :) lol
  13. MovieMocs

    Eurobricks Event 2018 - Sign-up topic

    Sounds like a blast! Unfortunately I don't think many bars will serve 15 year olds :) Maybe I'll see you there in a couple of years. Thanks.
  14. MovieMocs

    [MOC] A Short Rest...

    WOW. The techniques you used for the stone pattern in the floor are amazing! I don't even know how you did it. I squint and I can't even tell it's Lego! This is insanely awesome! Sweet moc!