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  1. They may serprise all of us yet.
  2. That starff training could be to do with a new look LDD.
  3. The LDD Update could be a day late.
  4. The LDD Update could still come out today the USA are 5 hours bhind us.
  5. Breaking news I hane had internet access failed on my LDD today.
  6. Still no news about LDD Update.
  7. minchellabrick

    Lego message bords

    LDD gallery not working propely again.
  8. How do you know September 4th it could be a lot sooner.
  9. I agree with you there LDD needs to be compatible with Windows 10.
  10. minchellabrick

    Lego message bords

    Breaking news the message bords on the offical lego wibsite have gone down.
  11. Windows 10 is out tomorrow will LDD need a new update then.