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  1. Inspired by the legendary so-called "Kaneda Bike" i designed one for the red Ninja, Kai. This fire red bike has a sweet flame job that makes it look even hotter and faster. So badguys of Ninjago, watch out if you see a red blur coming up in the rear view mirror....because it´s getting hot! Hope you guys like this little build and the reference. 1 2 7 You can see a few more and bigger images here follow me, i´m a link
  2. badchriss

    MOC ninjago dragon morro gundam

    Both look alsolutely stunning and have visually very different personalities. The first and bulkier one looks more like some sort of knight. No need to hide and ready to attack in open combat. The second mech has a rather slim build physique that kinda looks like it´s meant to ambush and assasinate. Fast strikes and gone before the enemy even notices what happened. Very impressive builds, only that color is kinda odd. Is it that spring green and the camera just makes it look more mint colored or are they modified pieces?
  3. badchriss

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    Since you guys are Lego animal experts, i wonder what´s the biggest and smallest molded Lego animal is. I probably would nominate these two: That hermit crab is so darn cute. Hope it will come in more colors as well. Only thing i´m not too happy about is the pin on its back, a stud would have been better i guess so you could change for a short snail shell or a longer conch shell. Also, the hermit crab might not be too far off in scale compared to a minifigure. Those guys can get big, especially the palm thief.
  4. badchriss

    Classic Space Evolution

    "Who´s that Pokemon? Iiiit´s Spacedude!" weird voice: "Spacedude Spacedude"
  5. A bit of context would help, what are your computer specs and what OS are you using?
  6. Anyone knows what rendering tool i can use to render LDD files that contain the new and updated parts? Tried the renderering tool from but replaces many of the new parts with a plain questionmark box (which it also hilariously renders. Also tried PovRay to LDD converter so i can render it with PovRay but the converter chokes on some of the new parts as well (no wonder as it seems it was last updated 2016). anything else i can use, maybe Bluerender or BUSUFL by bubible? Also i can´t make a parts list with LDD, it just crashes to desktop without a warning...just poof. Probably a known sideeffect of the new parts library. Any help would be apprechiated.
  7. Guess there is a downside to both versions. I asume keeping armless Angrybirds,Angry Birds arms AND complete Angry Birds as assemblies is too much of a hassle, right? Is there maybe a way to rework on how the parts in that category are placed and shown? Haven´t looked at it closely but i always have a feeling that the creature parts are kinda mixed and thrown in however the LDD developers pleased. Would be much better if all wings (feathered and dragon/bat wings) are sorted next to each other, then maybe legs,arms, dragon heads, other critter heads and so on. BTW, i have a quick question as well. I finally got the new parts installation to work (honestly, the instructions are a bit missleading...) and i was so exited to finally use 1x1 brackets and all those newer parts (i was literally like "ohhhh" and "ahhhh" and so exited to use the new parts. I usually use for the sole purpose of adding recent parts in a digital MOC and then render it with Is there a rendering tool i can use that will read and render the new parts in an ldd MOC as well?
  8. Thanks, but sadly the download process gives me a "Download failed" message. :( Edit: Never mind silly old me. Why searching far away when the things you need are right at your doorstep...or in this case right here in this forum: Edit2: Ah fudge, i just can´t get it to work. The new parts aren´t appearing for me when i tried to install them.Guess no cool new parts for me then :( An installer exe would probably make things a lot easy for people like me who aren´t exactly wizards... No to carefully read everything again so i won´t botch my LDD again.....oh boy
  9. Yup, you´re right. After i uninstalled that hot mess, i installed the 4.2.12 version from Lego´s website. I had LDD installed on my PC for so long i even forgot there was trouble with the ...12 Version. Trying to find the 4.3.11 version now
  10. I think i broke LDD. I wanted to add the new pieces but kinda screwed up and so i decided to uninstall LDD and reinstall it again. Now it looks like this. What happened and how can i fix this?
  11. @Hersbrucker and @Takanuinuva those are some awesome modifications you got for that old bonehead. Appearently in the show the dragon neither has those flags on the back nor does it have manmade armor plating. I´m planning to get this set hopefully next weekend and try modding it to make it look closer to the tv series appearance. Yourshown ideas and modifications will probably help me alot to improve this beast.
  12. badchriss

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2020

    I´m pretty sure we will get a new wave of MK sets. Maybe one or two sets that incorporate the new "source of power and madness" for DBK and we also got a glimpse of the new villain in the end of episode 10. Keep your noodle dishes ready, because i bet it´s going to be fun.
  13. badchriss

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2020

    Thanks for the link. Pretty much binge watched it except for maybe the last two episodes. The series is really fun to watch. Bit over the top sometimes but I still love it. Oh and there are so many opportunities for Lego sets.
  14. The Monkie Kid sets are unique and quite fun (and so is the TV show btw) but as usually always when it comes to small Lego mechs, they are quite lacking. The huge Monkey King Mech set contains a tiny mech as a side build for one of the Bull Clones. Unfortunately that mech is quite lacking in articulation and details. Well, nothing a few additional parts can´t fix: Monkie Kid Mech (1) Monkie Kid Mech (2) Credit for the frame go to Chubbybots and M1ndbender who inspired me with their work and with the mech frame (i´m terrible at mech frames :D) I used many of the outstanding parts from the original mech like the metalbeards, the black 1x2 slope thingies,the golden ring and also the overall color palette. The Mech now has prober hands to grab things and fight but it also has its trademark arm cannon. I always thought the metalbeard beards would be great shoulder pads and build them in a way so they can move a bit to extend the moving range of the mech`s arms. Monkie Kid Mech (4) Monkie Kid Mech (5) Hope you enjoy this moc, leave a comment if you like and have an awesome day.
  15. badchriss

    Jurassic World 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Love the names you got those two dinos. Say, i was browsing the internet and i just noticed that the new Indominus Rex set is either pretty much gone from many sites or is offered at a crazy mark up. Its initial price was 100€ but shortly after its release i already found it on Amazon for 80€. Didn´t buy it because i already spend that month´s Lego Budget. Now that i got payback from my anual utility bill i thought about splurging a bit...well, turns out amazon has it for at least 170€ now and it comes from UK. Was the set a short run or is it still because of the whole global pandemic thingy that´s going on and the set will most likely reappear with big mark downs later this year?