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  1. [MOC] Lego City Future - Hovercab

    Lego City Future - Hovercab ------------------------------------ Inspired by the amazing Shapes of Gerald Riedmann`s Work i designed another neat little Hovercar for my "Lego City Future" Scenario. This Taxi Van was build for tight urban Landscapes.Large Doors ensure the easy Entrance of Passengers on both Sides and the Taxi can be piloted by a biological Humanoid and a Droid. The Roof shows a bit of Advertising and the rear End houses the powerful Antigrav Engine. 20170709_181529 20170709_181548 20170709_181554 20170709_181613 20170709_181637 20170709_181645 20170709_181717 This Model was quite fun to build,even if it has some minor Kinks.The dark green Roofs were actually just used until some black or yellow Parts can be found but after a while i really started to like the Color Combination of yellow,black and dark green. Hope you like this new MOC,Comments are always welcome.
  2. The Armored Ice Cream Van. ------------------------------------ We all remember the Times when we rushed out of the House at the one Moment we heard the Icescream Van Jingle to get a cold Treat. These Times are long gone now,and instead of Happy Go Lucky Times,War has risen in the Wastelands around the abandoned and desolate Lego City. Live is tough,and so are the Vehicles the Scavengers,Pirates and Thugs are driving. This Van was once an Ice Cream Van,you can still see the Loudspeaker on the Roof and the Side Hatch from where you could greet happy Customers. I had a lot of fun building this Thing and i used different Colors of Bricks to get this post apocalyptic Car some Texture.Don`t know where that dark red Sail comes from but i really liked it and so it found its Way on the Van. The Idea for the Armored Van came from a similar Vehicle in GTA V,it even shares the manned Turret from which you can get some Distance between You and those pesky Pirates. I had a lot of Fun building this one. Hope you like it,Comments are welcome... 20170709_180426 20170709_180434 20170709_180449 20170709_180528 20170709_180554 20170709_180602 20170709_180615 20170709_180625
  3. LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    Bought the Master Falls Set Today and really like it. Added some ambinet Lights and now Garmadon looks extra evil: So,what do you think of it? I also saw the Lightning Jet today at TRU in a Showcase and was actually surprised how big this Thing was.I have the Feeling that the Ninjago Sets will take up a lot of Room :D Still want to get that lovely Dragon and maybe next Month one of those Mechs....Man,Lego really pulled a Number on us AFOLs with the Ninjago Movie Sets. Well,still have the little Dojo Set on my Desk,now back to some Playtime...
  4. The Lego Ninjago Movie (2017)

    Oh that Trailer was something.Really laughed from start to end.The Design is incredible,and a Cat....whaaaat?Guess this is a Nod to all Lego Fans who got their Lego City or Shelf "mixed up" or knocked over by their own Cat.I never had that Problem because i don`t have a Cat but as a Kid i had 6 Zebra Finches and they loved to fool around on my Lego Table back in the 80s.
  5. Speed Champions Alternates

    Not much of a Fan of modern F1 Racers,but definetly a Fan of your Cars and Skills.You really do a great Job and sure are an Inspiration for following AFOL`s and Lego Car Fans. Keep em going,there will always be People who admire your Work. As for the iconic Porsche,you really did an amazing Job,and good Idea with widening the Car a bit.Saw one once in a Car Exhibition,and Boy,that Thing is huge,or at least it looks huge because of the cowering low Line and the aerodynamic Shape of the Body. The F1 Racer...well,you did a great Job on that capturing the Shape.I especially like how you build the Monocoque Area around the Driver,with the Car Body sloping to the narrow Part between the Driver and the Wing/Engine Area. Still some fond Childhood Memories revolve around F1 Racing,my whole Family huddled up on the Couch to watch the Race in Monte Carlo,since we`ve already been there 3 Times (Been there in the Age of 1,5 Years,4 Years and as a 16 Year old Teenager).Believe it or not,some of the Curbs are painted red white all Year round :D
  6. [LDD MOC] - Scarecrow`s Doom Balloon

    Thanks everyone,glad you Guys like it.I`m really eager to build this,but need to wait for my Bricklink Order to arrive. @J4ck yeah,i understand your concern,to be honest,i`m not sure about it too.I tried to make that Side of the Balloon Basket to look a bit like the Scarecrow itself,that explains the wrinkely Brick. Those orange Claws are supposed to be the Eyes and the wrinkely Brick (that`s how i will call it from now on!!!) is supposed to be...i don`t know,his Nose :D Another Piece i could use is a similar but smooth Brick with Snake Eyes and a Scale Pattern printed on it (i think from Ninjago),you know,to strike Fear with the Balloon already.....
  7. Two Days ago i bought the DC Super Heroes Set 76075 with Wonder Woman,a large buildable Ares and a neat looking WWI Plane. I bought it for the Plane but on further Inspection of the finished Set i thought about changing a couple of Things on the Plane to make it look more like the one used in the recent Wonder Woman Movie,the Fokker E III. I replaced the large sloped Wedges with Plates.Unfortunetly the Plates weren`t available in dark Tan so i used grey ones and also changed every other tan Piece into grey. I also modified the Wings into a Shape closer to the Fokker and changed the rear Wings a bit to fit in. As you can see a round 2x2 Tile covers the Area where the Tail Fin is clipped in to give it a cleaner Look.The round Tile allows the Fin to move to both Sides for steering. Another Detail that bugged me was the oversized and clunky Landing Gear Area. I aimed for something more delicate and used a black Laser Sword Blade,some Clips and a Plate with horizontal Clips to build something that looks more like the Landing Gear of WWI Era Planes. It is surprisingly sturdy,but of course a rough Landing might still damage it (just like in real Life). The last Thing i changed was the Cockpit and of course the Weaponry. Those Stud Shooters and Flickfire Missiles were dumped and i mounted a WWI Style "Nutcracker" Cannon on the Plane (just google for "Fokker-Leimberger).I also added a Control Stick to the Cockpit. 20170706_153911 20170706_153948 20170706_153957 20170706_154009 20170706_154016 20170706_154026 20170706_154033 20170706_154043 20170706_154052 20170706_154100 20170706_154137 As you can see,i pretty much changed everything from the original Set.All in all i relplaced most of the Parts and added more Details. So,what do you think of my newest Moc.....or is it still a Mod? Hope you like it,Comments are always welcome. P.S.:This was my first ever designed Plane
  8. LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    Oh that would be lovely.One Smart Car for every Ninja and each Car is black with the contrasting Parts in each Ninja`s Color.I would totally buy them all.
  9. Last Week i bought the new Scarecrow Set and i have to say,i`m not too impressed with Scarecrow`s weird Helicopter Thing.So i thought "hey,why not designing anything else?" I tried to use as many of the Pieces from Scarecrows Helicopter and gave his new Mode of Transportation another Twist. Let me introduce you: Scarecrows Balloon of Doom!!! TLBM-Scarecrows Balloon Doom-2 TLBM-Scarecrows Balloon Doom-1 I had the Balloon Parts from last Years Ninjago Raid Zeppelin but needed another Panel to make a full Balloon.Too bad my favorite Bricklink Store has those Parts only in black and red. Seems like Scarecrows Balloon will be striped in the End. So,what do you think of my Design?
  10. LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    You never noticed those frozen Chima Stoneage Guys with rotting Limbs,Bones showing through etc :D Those Ninjago Minifigures are lovely.First Minifig i saw was Sensei Wu with Cornflakes Box and i thought "Hey,it`s the Chicken from that Ninjago Short :D Then i saw all those Guys with their Bowls.Just imagine,Sensei Wu,the Ninjas and Garmadon sharing a larger Apartment and all are kinda sleepy and mumbling "Good Morning" too each other and eating Cornflakes in the Kitchen and making Plans for the Day.... Garmadon:Uhm..i think i`m going to detroy Downtown today and maybe invade the Harbor...what`s your Plan for today Brother? Wu:Oh i heard about a new Tea Shop in Downtown,so don`t destroy it until 4 or i will send the Ninjas to stop you.
  11. The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    Was anyone capable of doing some Screenshots of those Prototypes?There are some really interesting Vehicles in it.
  12. LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    Hey,that Poster looks indeed great.Looks like Kai is too cool to watch at the People looking at the Poster :D And yes,Zane seems to draw his Bow with his Feet...why not. I`m very exited for the Ninjago Movie and the Sets.Recently bought the Tiger Widow Island used for a few Euros.Of course with no Minifigures but got two of them already.I also modified this Set a bit (added another Level and some sort of Belltower) and will try to find some Rock Pieces to extend the Cave a bit.
  13. LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    Yeah,those were my Thoughts too.Still amazed by the Fact how easily they achieved the Look of a squeezed Tube of Glue with just a few Pieces (and a Sticker or Print) And again i regret getting into this whole AFOL Thing late enough to miss on the Lego Movie Sets and other cool Series like Jurassic World or those LOTR Sets...Eh,Stuff happens. And the longer i look at the Destiny`s Bounty i look the more i want it despite it`s relatively large Price.The funny Thing is it reminded me of a Picture i draw in 4th Grade with Ink.For several Weeks in Arts Class we had a Pirates Theme and of course every single Project had to do something with Pirates,like draw a Treasure Map (which i really nailed because my Dad got some cool handmade Paper and we put some Coffee Stains and burn Marks on it) or a Pirates Island AND of course,drawing a Pirate Ship with black Ink. Don`t know where i got the Idea from but instead of drawing a plain old Nutshell with a Jolly Roger on it i thought about those cool looking old asian Ships (are they really called "Junk" in english) but as a Pirate Ship.It got those Sails that looked like unfolded Dragon Wings,a long and sleek Hull and a mean Dragon Head with a Cannon on the Front :D Of course i got an A for that.... Guess if i really want that Set it`s canned Food from now on :D
  14. LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    Those new Sets are amazing.I will definetely end up with many of them.Due to limited Room and Money i have to stick too the Ninjago City Chase (i just love three wheeled Vehicles and already have a Mod in planning),the Master Falls Set (that Bridge with Gate just looks gorgeous...),the Mech Dragon (i mean,it`s a Mech AND a Dragon,how cool is that,and in sand green...),the flying Jellyfish Thingy because it looks really cute and the Garmadon Mech. I`m not completely sold on the Water Strider,the Lightning Jet or that trapezoid shaped Ice Tank. @VaderFan2187 i had the same Thoughts about that Cop,he really looks like a Ninjago Version of Bad Cop :D But what on Earth is a Laser Pointer doing there?Did Garmadon managed to grab something from the outer World?
  15. The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    Funny,went to the Lego Store yesterday to pick up a new Set (already bought the Bane Truck for 40 Euros at TRU) and looked at other new Sets yesterday.While the Two Face Vehicle looks great,the Box really feels light for the asking Price. Must be those Wheels and the Shovel that take up most of the Box :D