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  1. badchriss

    LEGO Ninjago 2020

    From the color scheme I first thought it was Zane😂
  2. badchriss

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & discussion

    That would be neat, but instead a dementor how about Luna and that rabbit patronus she made in the The Room of Requirement ? Maybe with a build of a training dummy as well?
  3. badchriss

    LEGO Ninjago 2020

    There better be an evil child Lloyd to go with Zane´s pink suit :D
  4. badchriss

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    Oh I hope he comes in a not too big and exclusive set. And we need a kid Lloyd Garmadon to go with it (and maybe a laundry room build😂) since he's the one responsible for that laundry "accident". Btw, there were also leaks for Legacy Jay with the clothing now designed after the Tournament Robes. Another bunch of leaks show the new style of robe for the next "not Legacy" season. The ninjas seem to habe two robes again. One looking like a futuristic full body Gi with hood and one going more into a cyberpunk direction (wasn't there something about them getting avatars to go into a virtual world?) These new outfits sure look unusual but still quite cool (also, Cyber Lloyd gets a mohawk🤔)
  5. badchriss

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & discussion

    Two sets I would like to see again in today's standards would be Dumbledore's office with the Phoenix as a new/updated mold and the Trapdoor set with an updated Fluffy mold. I have the old original three headed Dog at home and absolutely love it.
  6. badchriss

    [MOC/MOD] Harry Potter - The Hungarian Horntail

    Thanks. I'm a big fan of those spiked pieces as well and as many other additional parts, they came from the TLM2 Ultrakatty set I cannibalized for this purpose.
  7. A while ago i bought the recent Harry Potter set with the Hungarian Horntail in it. The dragon in the set was okay but i felt it could be improved a lot by adding more spikes and details, modifying the legs and make neck and tail a bit longer. IMG_20190909_180651 IMG_20190909_180708 IMG_20190909_180723 The end result is this, a fierce looking Hungarian Horntail that leaves no doubt of being one of the most dangerous dragon breeds. IMG_20190909_180733 IMG_20190909_180759 IMG_20190909_181210 IMG_20190909_181511 IMG_20190909_181526 IMG_20190909_181536 I hope you guys like it, comments are welcome.
  8. I really love the sets from the Ninjago line and also like dragons, so of course set 70666 - Golden Dragon was an instant buy. For a toy it has enough articulation to swoop down and grab enemies, but i wanted a bit more. IMG_20190621_195933 IMG_20190621_200023 IMG_20190621_200141 IMG_20190621_200156 The wings and legs were way too stiff, so with a few hinges and other bits, the dragon now has foldable wings on which he also can walk on and the hind legs have a bit more of articulation as well (yes, even knees) The tail got a bit longer and ends now in a bulky but pointy end which can be used to dish out some hits. IMG_20190621_200416 IMG_20190621_200445 IMG_20190621_200505 The back got some additional spikes (so no saddle) and the head now has a slightly longer neck. IMG_20190621_200555 IMG_20190621_200605 IMG_20190621_200616 Hope you guys like it, feel free to comment
  9. badchriss

    [MOC] - Ninjago: Cole´s Quadbike

    Glad you like it. Yeah, i would have preffered the flags to be the other way around as well but the sticker with Cole´s insignia is unfortunetely that way around.
  10. Ninjago - Cole´s "sandsquatch" ATV Whenever there are vehicles involved,the black Ninja who is also the Master of the element Earth, always seems to get vehicles for rough terrain. So what´s better for rough terrain than a menacing, fourwheeled ATV? Pretty much nothing, that´s the reason i build one using parts from the bin and from one of his newest sets (yes, that awkwardly oversized bike) IMG_20190610_164125 IMG_20190610_164100 IMG_20190610_164041 IMG_20190610_164016 IMG_20190610_163944 IMG_20190610_163909 I tried to incorporate a few design features and the color palette so it will fit his character. Hope you guys like it as much as Cole does.....
  11. badchriss

    Ninjago Polybag Contest

    Hope it´s not too late, would have posted it earlier but flickr was acting nuts again.
  12. I always wanted to do some sort of food vendor or cart that could fit into the Ninjago theme, so this contest and the 2018 Hotdog Cart were the perfect reason to do something. IMG_20190530_204218 I decided to give this whole cart a different approach and build a tricycle with a fun-sized pagoda roof on top. IMG_20190530_204143 IMG_20190530_204133 IMG_20190530_204047 IMG_20190530_203950 Hope everyone likes this tiy thing, have some tasty hotdogs Ninjago style!
  13. badchriss

    Legacy Skull Motorbike

    Sick looking skull bike. Love the tiny detail that the skull shaped front plate also only has one red eye, just like the Skullkin shown in the picture.
  14. badchriss

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    Huh, i thought i was the only one. From day one he was build,i always felt like the ratcheted joints of the hind legs are quite weak. He can stand and support his own weight, but a little bit of pressure on the rear or a "landing" and he will sit on his butt. Funny thing is a long time ago i modified my Water Strider from the Ninjago Movie so the legs are attached with balljoints to the main body.With the help of those balljoint extenders with rubber inside the Strider can actually stand on it´s own, even in odd poses and on three legs (depends on the surface). But i still have it supported by a weird rickety looking tree. As for Lloyds Titan Mech, i´m super exited for it and i hope someone will come up with a working and good looking modification for working knees.
  15. badchriss

    [Polybag] mini Rock Roader

    That thing looks adorable, i absolutely love it. Also looks more like a minifig scale quad than the oversized quads in City sets.