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  1. badchriss

    [ MOC] - "Spider Buggy"

    Inspired by a vehicle in the "Old Man Logan" comic which itself seem to have inspired the set design behind an upcoming Spiderman set (the one with a spider buggy and a Venom dinosaur), i designed that rugged beefy Spider Buggy from the comic: Spider Buggy-b Spider Buggy-a My version is closely based on the vehicle in the comic. I only changed the color on the hood around a bit to be sticker friendly when the Lego set comes out. Spider Buggy Spider Buggy_4 The blue 1x4 tiles in the back can be removed to reveal the storage comparment (those 3x4 crates) Spider Buggy_3 Spider Buggy_2 How do you guys like my version?
  2. badchriss

    Harry Potter custom builds and moc's

    Awesome builds everyone. I squeed with joy when seeing these cute as heck baby Thestrals Those big goofy eyes :D I guess this is a good spot to show off my modded Hungarian Horntail again. IMG_20190909_181511 Keep up the magical work everyone.
  3. badchriss

    LEGO Ninjago 2020

    Wait, since when does Garmadon have hair (except for the blonde Lego Movie version?) Or is this the non evil variant of Garmadon we are getting (Sensei Garmadon)?
  4. badchriss

    Marvel Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    That set looks awful but I agree with you, the buggy looks neat qnd kinda reminds me of the famous Spider Buggy from the old comics.
  5. I know, a big beefy car sells well as a toy, but sometimes they just look ridiculous imho. That´s why i tried to design a smaller version of the Ninja Tuner Car. And because i had a creative block, i started using Jerry Builds Bricks Cyberpunk 2077 car as a base and modded it a little bit. I wanted to incorporate most of the stickered parts of the original set or at least wanted enough surface to put on the original stickers. I also tried to find a way to use a similar color palette and of course that crazy pink windshield. So, what do you guys think of it? Anything you would change?
  6. badchriss

    Lego Dots 2020

    Yes Yes Yes Yes Maybe... I get the feeling Lego Dots will get an extra demographic audience....the tile loving AFOL who likes to MOC and play around with new Pieces. I´m quite exited for the new Theme as well. Those Various tiles will be perfect for billboards, signs etc. Oh and the Emojis will most likely end up as headlight covers for 4x4s.
  7. badchriss

    LEGO Ninjago 2020

    Oof, I'm stupid😂 Yeah, noticed it...kinda forgot the Rebooted season exists🤔
  8. badchriss

    LEGO Ninjago 2020

    So, we get Cyrus Borg´s Roboleg contraption but not Cyrus Borg himself? Weird :( Also if it´s Digiverse Zane (great, why do we need to call it "Digiverse"?), why is the figure on the blurred image in a golden color?
  9. badchriss

    Asian Dragon

    I got inspired by the ornamental dragon heads of the "Dragon Boat Race" set and decided to build an asian dragon. The build is rather simple and mostly just consists of a skeleton made from ball joints, on which all other parts are added to shape the creature. More pictures can be found in my album: klick The legs were a fun little idea because i wanted the dragon to have poseable legs, even in this size. Hope you like my creation.
  10. badchriss

    Tribute to Syd Mead: The Metrokab

    Small tribute to a great industrial designer and neofuturistic concept artist who left this world just two days ago. He was a great influence on many works of science fiction (Blade Runner for example). This cubicle on wheels is based on the Metrocabs that roam the streets in the ever so rainy Los Angeles in Blade Runner. IMG_20191231_205609 IMG_20191231_205516 IMG_20191231_205701 IMG_20191231_205645 IMG_20191231_205632 The MOC itself might be a bit older, but i decided to make a few new pictures of it (still getting familiar with my pop up photo cube) Has Syd Mead, his works or his style ever inspired you? Well, how about a big roundup and show all your cyberpunk and/or near future-eque MOCs
  11. Woof, that leaked "AvengersTruck Takedown" truck is one ugly thing. Looks like a box on wheels. And yeah, tha´ts basically what a truck is, but look at the set and you know what i mean. I don´t expect something in Speed champions quality but a decently modelled vehicle would be nice. Oh and i expect the Thanos mech being the exactly same as the Nexo Knights-ish Iron Man mech...just in, well...purple.
  12. badchriss

    LEGO Ninjago 2020

    I knew it. The Gamers Market is a bit of a Kryptarium Prison situation with a small build and a plethora of minifigs. And I love it. Those new gaming themed sets are looking really wild and give off a very cyberpunk-ish vibe. Big surprises are Harumi being back (she's not hooking up with the next big wig villain, is she?) and Cole with his Dangerbuff mustache😂 Those healthbars are a funny idea.
  13. badchriss

    LEGO Hidden Side 2020

    So instead of Red Dead Redemption it's Blue Goo Assumption😂 Just kidding. That blue variation looks interesting. Also being a bit of a Pokemon fan the blue Jackbkinda reminds me of the shiny version of regular Jack with the different colors.😂 Can't wait to see what the Sets have to offer. Btw, there were also two minifigs with black torsos and red guitars printed on, one with a welders mask and one with a cap. Are they from HS too or from City?
  14. badchriss

    LEGO Ninjago 2020

    That head hou described always kinda reminded me of the Overlord virus. You know, the thing that posessed Cyrus Borg etc. Maybe the Overlord Virus is back. Also the 404 on this new suit is definitely a reference to the known "page not found" message. Can't wait for the sets. Btw, pink Zane suit might be a just some sort of exhibition piece to honor good old Zane. I mean the Ninjas always had a thing for video games and such.
  15. badchriss

    LEGO Ninjago 2020

    Looks to me like some sort of griffin with the beak, the scale or feather like back of the head and those pointy ears.