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  1. That´s such a cool build, i wonder if it was once planned to be an actual set. It definitely has the quirkyness of one. It´s a good build, it´s realy goaaaaaat! :D
  2. badchriss

    [MOC] Johnny Thunder flies again!

    This is adorable. Would even be funnier if the plane was build as a tiny electric kiddie ride :D
  3. Inspired by the small boats in the early scenes of the Lego Ninjago Movie, i made my own little boat, complete with a sail, an oar to push the boat through shallow water and buckets for fish. Ninjago boat (1) Ninjago boat (2) Ninjago boat (3) Ninjago boat (7) Hope you guys like it, leave a comment if you like.
  4. badchriss

    [MOC] Hogwarts Moving Staircase

    Oh wow, this is some amazing work. The part with the moving balustrades that go in and out of the wall is definitely some handy craftsmanship.
  5. IMG_20200430_204832 I build this MOC long before the conclusion of the "Hunted"-Season from Ninjago and kinda imagined the Armor being propped up in an old shrine in the middle of rocky wastelands instead of just being placed in the center of a huge dragon`s nest. Oh well, at least it was a reason for me to use that neat raised baseplate from the Bionicles theme. IMG_20200430_204856 IMG_20200430_204856 IMG_20200430_204950 IMG_20200430_205035 More pictures can be found here Leave a comment if you like :D
  6. badchriss

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2020

    Are there any news on when these sets will arrive in Europe Lego stores?
  7. The small white dragon from the polybag 30547 grew up to be a medium sized slender dragon with snow white scales. IMG_20200430_205720 IMG_20200430_210423 This kind lives in the vast realm of the Oni and Dragons.When grown up, they have long serpent like bodies with short hind legs and winged front legs. Most notable feature might be its long spiny tail with a fire red sharp end.The red color is a warning, they are venomous and use the tail ends like stingers. The Dragonhunters used to catch these dragons to harvest its venom... IMG_20200430_211609 ...but because these dragons are vicious fighters, not every hunt is sucessful... IMG_20200430_212219 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr Find more pictures on this Flickr-Album: Hope you like it, leave a comment if you want...
  8. Space! Ongoing dark abyss and home to an endless Number of worlds! For decades, Mankind has ventured into the unknown and build settlements, space stations and terraformed planets.And you know what these all have in common? Dirty landing pads. Spaceships collect a lot of dust and dirt while flying through space, and much of it lands on landing pads like the crumbs on a keyboard when you eat chips. Now who do you think cleans this mess up? Well, if you still live at your parents place, probably your mum.As for our adventurous fellows in space, it´s the job of the maintenance crew to clean the landing pads. Luckily they now have a powerful new tool to aid in their important bud mediocre paid job. Hitch the vacuum cleaner trailer to your lunar buggy and follow the trail of space dust. IMG_20200424_195002 IMG_20200424_195252 IMG_20200424_195322 IMG_20200424_195350 Infrared and Infragreen sensors detect any kind of dirt on the landing strip and will move the cleaning nozzles so they can suck up all that space dirt. IMG_20200424_195405 IMG_20200424_195424 IMG_20200424_200827 Well, keep space and your keyboard clean fellow space fan...
  9. badchriss

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2020

    Not that big of a fan of the villain vehicles but the other sets....damn, they are awesome. And how big is that Monkey Kid Mech, it looks huge😱
  10. badchriss

    LEGO Ninjago 2020

    Honestly, those elemental overflow style figures (where the figure is completely engulfed in their energy) don´t appeal to me that much (the Forbidden Spinjuitzu Spinner figures were an exception because they still somewht retain their usual appearance) but i´m probably getting the new ones anyway....i really hope this year we will get a complete series of spinners again with all 6 ninjas (and maybe some bad guys)
  11. badchriss

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2020

    He really does, also i really like the striking color palette.. I´m really hoping for more "normal" characters in the Monkey Kid theme to put them in Ninjago City. Of course we can always imagine that things have changed a bit and Ninjago city (the Location) now allows for a more diverse population...Serpentine working in apothecaries or tea shops because of their hightened understanding in chemicals and flavours etc.
  12. badchriss

    LEGO Ninjago 2020

    How about Wu with cape AND armour, that would be awesome. Can't wait to see what the new sets will be like.
  13. badchriss

    [MOC] - AIM Jetpack

    Are your special agents, villains, mindless super soldiers or eccentric millionaires in the need for an awesome new jetpack? Well, don´t look no more, because the well payed scientists at AIM have you covered. Crafted from the best materials, this easy to manouver jetpack gets you where ever you need to go. IMG_20200327_211939 IMG_20200327_211932 IMG_20200327_211922 IMG_20200327_212034 Get yours now and see the world at a new angle. 20% off coupon with the code "stark industry stinks" IMG_20200327_212525 Hope you guys like it. Have fun with the instructions, can´t wait to see your versions.
  14. badchriss

    LEGO Ninjago 2020

    Nothing can beat that good old blanket ghost.
  15. badchriss

    [ MOC] - "Spider Buggy"

    Inspired by a vehicle in the "Old Man Logan" comic which itself seem to have inspired the set design behind an upcoming Spiderman set (the one with a spider buggy and a Venom dinosaur), i designed that rugged beefy Spider Buggy from the comic: Spider Buggy-b Spider Buggy-a My version is closely based on the vehicle in the comic. I only changed the color on the hood around a bit to be sticker friendly when the Lego set comes out. Spider Buggy Spider Buggy_4 The blue 1x4 tiles in the back can be removed to reveal the storage comparment (those 3x4 crates) Spider Buggy_3 Spider Buggy_2 How do you guys like my version?