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  1. badchriss

    [MOC] - Persian Ostrich Cart

    Who doesn´t love cool Lego animals and creatures?As for me,i´m always on the hunt for molded Lego animals and a while ago i got this cool little ostrich and a minifig of which both seem to come from the same set. While i was playing around with my Lego ostrich on my desk i thought how cool it would be if the large bird pulls a neat little cart for a minifig to sit in and so it came to live: Persian Ostrich Cart hese persian ostrichs are specially bred and are strong enough to pull a covered wooden cart for very long distances,even able run a fair distance when the situation requires it. IMG_20181227_131821 IMG_20181227_131801 IMG_20181227_131751 The cart holds and shelters one minifigure and the rear even has a trunk to store the minifigs belongings.In front of the minifig a crossbow is mounted to fend off attacking individuals on horse or foot. The drapes and the roof protect from the harsh sun and rain. IMG_20181227_131739 IMG_20181227_131728 IMG_20181227_131722 IMG_20181227_131655 IMG_20181227_131647 Hope you guys like it.Comments are welcome.
  2. badchriss

    [TLBM] Bat Chopper "Bat Wolf"

    Definitely the best Batman themed Helicpoter made out of Lego i´ve seen.A shame it didn´t got it´s chance to be a real set. You really managed to make it look like something from a set.Maybe add a fun little sidebuild and some minifigures.
  3. Remember, dogs and other sensitive pets hate fireworks :D Just a little "Happy new Year" greeting from me :D
  4. @Takanuinuva Your design is really coming together,really replicates a miniaturized Samurai X Mech to perfection. Man i can´t wait to see the Sets hit the store.
  5. badchriss

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    Has anyone noticed that the back of the boxes have some secret message printed on in Ninjago lingo? It's printed on the left side of each boxes back close to where you can open them. My ninjagoese is a bit rusty,but it's written in the standart letters used since the Ninjago Movie.
  6. Hey guys, i´m building a little shrine thingy on a step hill to put in a minifig statue, and i want to cap it off with a nice pagoda styled roof. The problem is,i never build one and i´m kinda struggling with making it pretty. Pagoda Roof This is my take on the problem,but i hate how there are still large gaps between the 4 roof sides even with trying to fill them with 1x4 plates. Any of you master builders have a good idea to show? The pagoda roof needs to sit on a 6x6 plate but can overlapto the sides.
  7. That´s a nice version as well. I modified mine a bit further and added a single jet engine to the back and also redesigned the armoring on the arms and legs a bit. The feet got a small overhaul as well,they now have poseable toes (i kinda went for the samurai sandals look). Ninjago - Samurai X Mech-1 Ninjago - Samurai X Mech-2 Ninjago - Samurai X Mech-3 So,what do you guys think of it? If you feel like you want to poke around a bit... Grab the LXF File of the Mech here
  8. Yeah, guess I went a bit overboard with the sand green. You're right about the blade, should have uused the smaller one. Funny that you mention jet engines, was thinking of adding some flying apparatus as well. Wanted to add foldable wings at first. Any inspiration of how I could add jet engines? When finished, i'm happy to share the lxf file.
  9. I can´t be the only one who looks at pictures of upcoming and new Lego sets and thinks about details that could have been better or changed....and then you start building your own. Well, this is basically what happened when i saw the new 2019 Ninjago Samurai Mech.A simple little build where most parts are slapped against a single 2x8 (or longer) plate as a backbone. A bit stiff and void of much details is that little mech,isn´t it? Well,i fired up LDD and tried making a version that´s similar in size but comes with a bit or articulation and details. Ninjago - Samurai X Mech-1 I used the versatile and easy to use Nexo Knights mech suit frame and build a small Samurai Mech around it.Notable parts of the original will be reused (including the decorated pieces). My version also has a bit more articulation,especially in the legs.Balljoint points are at the hip,the knee and the connection to the feet, and each foot can move the front half of the foot a bit and has some small adjustable rear "toes" Ninjago - Samurai X Mech What do you guys think of my version? Any advice or things you would change?
  10. This hellish ride is called "The Carnifex", which was how the Execuitoner in ancient rome was called. Think of it as the Grim Reaper for cars. You went to fast,lost control and wrapped your car around a tree,threw it down the cliff or finished your trip in another gruesome way? Then the Carnifex comes creepin along the tarmac and drags the mutilated remains of your car to the junkjard. The tow hooks are smothered in decades old oil and remnants of rusty metal bits. Sometimes you might catch a glimpse on this tow truck from hell hiding in thick fog with it´s tail lights dimly glowing... IMG_20181031_180215 IMG_20181031_180107 IMG_20181031_180125 IMG_20181031_180528 Hope you guys like it. Drive careful,and Happy Halloween :D
  11. Recently i posted a little MOC of with a Raptor used as a riding animal for a Scout in a postapocalyptic world. Today i want to show you the rest of the family,which even includes a huge Tyrannosaurus Rex as the family´s main mode of transportation to explore the world. The large dinosaur carries the whole family and their supplies they need during their travel. While the scout is escorting next to the T-Rex on his Raptor,his Wife is on the rear lookout on the large dinosaur. Meanwhile his son if goofing off with grandpa on the back of the T-Rex and the triggerhappy brother of his wife sits on the left flank on the lookout chair to look for food and trouble. In case you didn´t know, getting a T-Rex to do and walk where you want needs a patient and very experienced animal trainer and rider. This role is fullfilled by the old and wise grandpa,who raised the T-Rex from an abandoned Egg. This large animal was fitted with a platform that provides room to sit on and the sides act as storage of supplies and additionaly as armor.I mean,in these parts of the world,you never know what you are up against. IMG_20180925_163311 IMG_20180925_163321 IMG_20180925_163330 IMG_20180925_163354 IMG_20180925_163400 IMG_20180925_163435 IMG_20180925_163443 IMG_20180925_163503 IMG_20180925_163510 IMG_20180925_163656 Hope you guys enjoy it,comments are welcome.
  12. In a post apocalyptic world where machinery is rare and mostly doesn´t work,nomadic people rely on domesticated dinosaurs to travel and get from one place to another. This guy is part of one nomadic family and with his fast Velociraptor,he´s there to scout the nearby area for anyimminent danger. Since he´s not alone,he only has some sparce luggage packed in the saddle. His well trained raptor is carrying a body armor made out of wood and metal,enough to protect it from minor attacks by local tribes and still light enough so the raptor can travel at great speeds. IMG_20180925_162927 IMG_20180925_162942 IMG_20180925_162955 IMG_20180925_163007 IMG_20180925_163014 IMG_20180925_163022 Hope you guys like it,comments are always welcome...
  13. Happy to se you guys like it.Now get out and do an amazing Harry Potter landscape with tons of wild modified Thestrals :D
  14. Admit it,we all were filled with joy when the news droped that 2018 will see new "Wizarding World/Harry Potter" sets. One set that caught my attention was that amazing black coach from the second "Fantastic Beasts..." movie with the introduction of a new mold for the Thestral,those creepy and cool horses with bat wings. Lego did a nice job,but i thought the Thestral could need a bit more articulation for the wings.Usually,they only move up and down,which looks okay and fits when dragging a victorian era coach through the air... IMG_20180906_230841 IMG_20180906_230826 But what if you want to have the Thestral in a MOC or just want to depict a wild Thestral?They don´t always run around with heir wings spread out left and right... How about folding them to the back IMG_20180906_231207 Or unfold them at an angle? IMG_20180906_230900 With the use of 5 additional bricks,you can do this as well... IMG_20180906_231011 IMG_20180906_231016 IMG_20180906_231049 I hope you like this neat little modification.
  15. Inspired by those crazy show rods from the 60s and 70s,i decided to give Grindelwald´s coach from this recent set a little makeover. Magic Hotrod-1 As you can see,the base for this wild ride is still pretty much Grindelwald´s old victorian era coach,but with a few more horses and fat tires.... Magic Hotrod What do you think of it so far?