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  1. 20230910_205920 In the Dream World of Lego Dreamzzz, Mrs. Castillo is best known for her walking half turtle, half food truck that sells dream magic and fantastic gadgets to fend of nightmares. But in the waking world, this cheerful old lady needs another profession to make ends meet. She runs a food truck and sells tacos, sandwiches, quesadillas and other tasty treats from her trusty old food truck that´s known to all the local kids. Mrs. Castillo might not be much in a hurry, but she can put the pedal to the metal when a food emergency calls. So don´t be fooled by her turtle themed van. 20230910_205846 20230910_210012 20230910_210433 20230910_210609 The rest of the album I really liked the overall design and color of set 71456, but wasn´t a big fan of the van´s proportions. so i turned it into a neat little VW Van inspired car. Hope you like it, feel free to comment.
  2. Just wondering, was the part Kick Scooter Body Item No: 36273 ever incorporated into the ldd custom updates? Can´t seem to find it.
  3. badchriss

    LEGO Ninjago 2022

    They both have their time to shine. For Big dragons (like Firtbourne or Griefbringer) brickbuild heads make more sense and also allow for more small details and features. Molded heads are neat for smaller dragons that might also have part limitations and less room for an elaborate neck construction. For example the head pieces from the two small CORE dragons. What is a beard like structure on the lower jaw of one dragon, can be a rhino like horn for the other one. IF they would decide to improve Ninjago dragons, i wouldn´t mind having wings like on the old Smaug dragon again that can fold.
  4. badchriss

    Wizarding World 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    Man, i was so hoping to have the Hospital Wing going back to the pre 2021 style, but yet here we are. A thing i really hate on these is the usage of the 8x8 plate with grid instead of a standart 8x8 plate. What´s up with that?
  5. Are there any vehicles that kinda stand out (except for the schoolbus)?
  6. Man, that stuf get´s more complicated everytime.Someone tech savy enough should do an installer that basically plops all Update Files where they belong to.
  7. badchriss

    Monkie Kid TV Show Thread

    The last two episodes were great. As usual, the animation was really a treat for the eyes. Despite my age (almost 40) i still enjoy cartoons, and the Monkie Kid series is no exception, especially because it gives some context for the released sets. The Macaque episode was very enjoyable despite Macaque being a jerk, and dang, Sandy can be really scary if he wants too. Maybe Huntsman will turn for the better, afterall, he
  8. badchriss

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2021

    Speaking of Tang, is he just in one set or am i blind? The leaked Bone Demon minifig looks awesome and definitely matches her creepy personality in the show. Related to her, we might get another big "Mech" set in the future since she´s currently collecting stuff to summon some sort of armor in the show. About the availability of the Monkie Kid sets, are they only available in other countries just online or can you get them in your local Lego Stores too? Appearantly the Lego Store next to me (i live in Germany near Frankfurt) don´t have the MK sets in store. I´ll have to order them online.
  9. badchriss

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Couldn't really make out much from the fuzzy pics. Can someone fill me in on what the "Infiniy Saga" is supposed to be? Something like Ninjago Legacy where sets get remade but with visual changes and improvements? Because I think I saw that weird Shield complex building and it seem to look like the set from a few years ago...a glorified Lego City garage with a tiny helicopter, a car and a bunch of rapid fire stud shooters.
  10. badchriss

    LEGO Ninjago 2021

    The new wave looks great, the one set i don´t really like is Jay´s Submarine Car thingy. That looks just weird. Do the sets contain the Scuba Gear AND hairpiece of the minifigs that come with the sets or do some sets have Ninjas with hairpiece and some with scuba gear. Also, has someone checked which sets one needs to buy to have all figures with as few doubles as possible? And what the heck are those weird boxy things that are in the Minifig Lineup in the Hydro Bounty?
  11. Bummer, because it´s quite an awesome piece
  12. badchriss

    [MOC] Marvel: Ghost Rider´s Hell Charger

    Thanks man. Yeah, when these new energy/effect blast pieces (and their various relatives) first arrived in the world of Lego i felt they were too gimmicky and kinda reminded me of action figure accesoires. But when used right, they really can bring a minifigure or brick build creation to life.
  13. badchriss

    Minions 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Yikes, the one in the middle left is nightmare stuff. Try some of the Hidden Side eyes :D
  14. Recently bought the set 76173 (Spider Man and Ghost Rider vs. Carnage) and when looking that that odd looking muscle car on the box i thought "That could have been done better". So i dumped the instructions and designed my own Hell Charger. 20210324_120403 20210324_120432 20210324_120535 20210324_120611 20210324_120714 20210324_120920 There are also a few more images in this album: You´re guilty! This is also the debut of my new phone being used as a camera. The images might not be the best, but it will do for now. Like and comment if you want, i hope you enjoy my creation.
  15. A while ago i bought the Whomping Willow set as an effort to complete my Hogwarts Collection. A lot can be done better and more detailed on this set, but for now i decided to just give the car a little rework. I know the car was designed by Lego for durability and playability but i really didn´t like that odd roof. So i decided to take matters (and bricks) into my own hands and redesign the car: 20210228_172918 20210228_172819 20210228_172853 As you can see, i incorporated a lot of slightly mismatching colors into the car since the one in the movie isn´t exactly brand describe it politely. The car has dings, dents, and spotty paint. I also tried to detail the interior a bit. It still might not fit 4 minifigs, but at least 2 can be seated and some luggage can be put behind the seats...and yes, the back rests can be adjusted. 20210228_163455 As you know, the car gets quite a beating from the Whomping Willow after it crashes into the tree, so i decided to "demolish" it. 20210228_163132 20210228_163005 20210228_162937 I hope you guys like my version. Comments are apprechiated.