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Found 231 results

  1. A Classic Space set is being released! It appears to be slightly smaller than minifigure scale and will include two brand new space babies: one in blue and one in white. The set will include a rocket & launchpad, a base station, a small flyer and an all terrain vehicle/rocket transporter. It’ll be a ‘gift with purchase’. The spend threshold is $200 (£180?). The timing seems to be 16 to 25 February for insiders Insiders (VIPs) and 19 to 25 February for everyone else. Brickset’s review New Elementary’s review Tiago Catarino’s review
  2. (This may have been done before but I’m not familiar with any previous endeavor so I will make and post this nonetheless) LEGO SPACE, beginning in the 1980s, has had many factions, some being Blacktron, Spyrius, UFO, Space Police and more. Since beginning in 2010, the LEGO theme “Collectible Minifigures” has had many figures belonging to different space factions. However, not all of them belong to a pre-established faction, so this post will be made to not only detail the different space factions that have appeared in the various CMFs but primarily to assess those that are NOT preexisting factions, many of which have still not been given names as far as I’m aware. Since many figures are a part of factions one can posit that all space figures derive from and are representative of a particular faction (they don’t have to be but I will consider them as such for this post.) First, there are the: PRE-EXISTING, ALREADY ESTABLISHED, LEGO SPACE FACTIONS: Standard LEGO Space Agency (identified by the classic space logo): S1 Spaceman, S6 Intergalactic Girl, S7 Galaxy Patrol (dubbed “Space Marine” by some), S12 Space Miner, S15 Astronaut, S21 Space Police Guy, S22 Alien Creature, S22 Robot Repair Tech*, and S24 Brown Astronaut *The Robot Repair Tech’s look is complete enough and technologically advanced enough that it could not be made by someone or something without the necessary resources (they have a mining operation in space per the S12 space miner (perhaps a space-offshoot of Rock Raiders and Power Miner?)); it has a general, almost “focus-tested” look, like a modern civic/mainstream look (even arguably trying to look “cutesy”), like those of town/city buses, advertisements, maybe even streaming services, etc.; it is not Blacktron, Spyrius, or any other faction as its colors most align with the variety present in the standard space agency’s output; many have theorized that the standard space agency has a very wide reach (S22 Alien Creature shows that non-earth beings are enlisting/joining) and may even be rather fascistic and/or totalitarian (semi-jokingly but Space Police 3, Alien Conquest, S7 Galactic Trooper, and Galaxy Squad do put forth much compelling evidence: (some of these elements are now diminished a bit due to the existence of the S22 Alien Creature)); taking all this into account, the faction with the most reach, necessary resources, and that would have presence in the civic sphere, would be the standard space agency. Blacktron: S3 Space Villain, S11 Evil Mech, S19 Galactic Bounty Hunter Galaxy Squad (presumably an offshoot of the standard space agency but I will include it as its own faction since no such figure has the standard space agency logo): S13 Galaxy Trooper; this figure has on its chest armor, in the same places as all human Galaxy Squad minifigures, the same, exact symbols as them, except the symbol on their left has a gap in the middle of it (this symbol is present on the back of the S13 Galaxy Trooper’s armor as well.) I have never seen this mentioned anywhere before which is a bit disappointing. Alien Conquest aliens’ faction: S8 Alien Villainess UNESTABLISHED LEGO SPACE FACTIONS FROM THE CMF SERIES (I’m not familiar with every symbol used by a LEGO space faction so some of these may actually be from preexisting factions): S1 Robot: This could just be a helper robot made by the standard space agency. If it is representative of a species or faction, then the colors of their ships and overall aesthetics would presumably be light gray and silver with very plain/non-intricate designs. S3 Alien: It uses the Sqidman/Squidtron head but doesn’t seem to be of that same species (and according to the lore, Squidman may by the only alien of his kind (which is why he created Squidtron.)) It is most similar to the Alien Conquest aliens’ faction. Assuming it is a part of a faction and like the other factions their outfits and even skin colors match their vehicles and overall aesthetics, the ships for this species would be lime green, purple, gold, light gray and/or dark gray, and maybe silver and a light blue (perhaps just as highlights.) S6 Classic Alien: Assuming its ships are those of what is commonly ascribed to it, they would be modern-looking UFOs, retro UFOs, or anything apparently sighted. S8 Evil Robot: This could be an unaffiliated character, perhaps an experiment gone wrong or something of an outlaw, but assuming it is representative of a particular faction, then the vehicles and overall aesthetics would be black, red, and gunmetal. They almost seem like the LEGO space equivalent of the Borg. S9 Alien Avenger: The “Avenger” in the name relates to this description I found on (and the Portland version too) which reads like an official LEGO description so I’m going to post it here: “This alien species is constantly being bullied by others, but enough is enough! The Alien Avenger has bulked up, collected armor, and fashioned his own laser pistol to take out those who would threaten his home world!” It sounds like this species has been hurt by and/or caught in the fights of the standard space agency, Blacktron, Galaxy Squad, etc. This fits in to the overall situation of LEGO space, which is many space factions most of which competing or at odds with each other. This makes this avenger species seem more pacifistic from the start, donning their weapons as a means of defense. I personally am rooting for them. Their ships would presumably be bulky, consisting mostly of dark gray and bronze with silver highlights. Before knowing the figure’s official name and reading its description, to me this figure looked like it could’ve been a part of a species that was the LEGO space equivalent to the Klingons or the Star Wars EU/Legends’ Yuuzhan Vong. S9 Battle Mech: This figure doesn’t have any of the Galaxy Squad symbols but it looks almost exactly like one and it came out in the same year, included in the year’s first CMF. Though it lacks any symbols, it may be a part of Galaxy Squad and simply something similar to the S12 Dino Tracker, S19 Jungle Explorer, or even S9 Mr. Good And Evil, where the figures either belong to a theme or are remakes of older figures; S12 DT is a part of the Dino theme, S19 JE is Johnny Thunder, and arguably S9 MG&E is Monster Fighters, which is arguably further supported by a cover image used for the LEGO Worlds Monsters pack (even the S2 Witch and a differently-colored variant of the S1 Zombie were arguably, retroactively made into Monster Fighters minifigures with the set 850487 Halloween Accessory Set/Pack, whose box-art is very similar to if not exactly that of the Monster Fighters sets.) S6 Clockwork Robot and S11 Lady Robot: These are likelier to be none-space figures but they still could be considered or classified as such. The aesthetics of their vehicles would be blockier, feature gears, dials, cogs and lights, and colors such as light blue, red, gray, silver, pink, purple, and yellow. S15 Laser Mech and S16 Cyborg: These are seemingly both of the same faction/kind. These figures stand out from the others in that they are the only non-established faction to have two, different figures (not counting the possible S6 and S11 clockwork robots, but they are just differently gendered versions anyways) and to have a figure referenced in a rather substantive way; the Cyborg is on the S19 Game Champ’s “Space Game” (for the Game Box) cover. The aesthetics for this faction, assuming they are not a part of a preexisting one (addressed soon), would be primarily light blue and black with lime green highlights and maybe some silver. If these figures are a part of an already existing faction, then they would seemingly be a part of the 90s Insectoid faction in a way similar to the aforementioned S9 Mr. Good And Evil, S12 Dino Tracker, and S19 Jungle Explorer, where they are made intended as certain figures and/or belonging to certain themes but are not explicitly mentioned as being such; the aesthetics of the Cyborg could be considered an updated version of the Insectoid faction’s aesthetics (Roboforce is second likeliest but Cyborg’s aesthetics feel more Insectoids-like.) S17 Retro Space Hero: This figure is either an unaffiliated hero or a part of an older/retro version of the standard space agency. Its aesthetics, which would carry over to its vehicles, are those of old, science fiction pulps (pulp magazines/comics) and serials. S21 Alien: This alien appears to be in a prison jumpsuit (it may not be but since it was in the same series as the Space Police Guy and was seemingly intended as a companion minifigure, I assume it’s a prison jumpsuit.) If it is a part of a group or faction, then per Space Police lore, especially that of the most recent incarnation of the theme, this alien is a member of Brick Daddy’s Blackhole Gang. S24 Robot Warrior: This figure may be Earth-based, seemingly being from an anime-type vein or a Japanese media vein like the S20 Super Warrior (“Super Sentai” it has been fittingly referred to) (both figures are “[blank] Warrior”.) Its aesthetics are those of common, action-oriented anime stories, similar to how the aesthetics of the S17 Retro Space Hero are old science fiction pulps and serials; I don’t think I have to explain what colors or styles it would consist of then. FIGURES THAT DO NOT COUNT BUT WILL BE MENTIONED SINCE THEY ARE RELATED TO WHATEVER DEGREE: S17 Rocket Boy S23 Cardboard Robot SPACE REFERENCES PRESENT WITH OR ON OTHER FIGURES: (Already mentioned) S19 Game Champ’s “Space Game” (for the Game Box) cover S20 Space Fan’s shirt has a classic space spaceship (there is also a saturn planet sticker on the pants which may or may not be a reference to the standard space agency’s logo) S21 Violin Kid’s shirt is white with a small, black collar (or that’s just the neck opening and a shadow), covered with Blacktron logos FIN If there is anything I didn’t mention let me know
  3. After the initial speculations by Stonewars, we now have a confirmation by Promobricks that there will be another 90th anniversary set coming out this summer. A re-imagined Classic Space 947 Galaxy Explorer (US), aka 928 Classic Cruiser and Moon Base in Europe, from 1979. But the main focus will be on the spaceship alone, a 3D or printed baseplate and communications tower will NOT be included. The cockpit consists of two back-to-back 12 x 6 x 2 windscreen pieces in trans yellow (the same part as used in 70816 Benny’s Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP!). The propulsion engines are more detailed and the overall look of the spaceship is less studded and the wing tips are completely tiled. The cockpit is equipped with various consoles, and there are also different consoles and sleeping quarters in the crew area. Also the Classic Space logo and "LL928" will be printed. As with the original, the rear section can be folded out to the left and right, revealing a small rover exploration vehicle. The crew of the LEGO 10497 Galaxy Explorer consists of four astronauts, two in white and two in red Classic Space suits. Stonewars also mentions a small brick-built robot. The set consist of 1254 parts and will most likely not be LEGO exclusive and retail for 109.99 €. Set number: 10497 Name: Galaxy Explorer Piece count: 1254 Number of minifigures: 4 (2 red and 2 white Classic Spacemen) Release date: August 1 2022 Availability: LEGO Price: 109.99 99.99 Euro Size: W = 32 cm (12.6"), L = 52.5 cm (20.7") Official images:
  4. Rubblemaker

    [MOC] Blacktron Ballista

    Hi all. This is the Blacktron Ballista. The 4th and final ship in a fleet of Bionicle infused Blacktron ships I've been making over the last 6 weeks. This one was probably the hardest shape to create of the whole lot Full album is here: Or come find me over on Instagram: Thanks again for looking, again and again.
  5. Operacion Saturno

    Blacktron 1 Version of Gaia 72 base.

    I tought I already had posted here the Blacktron 1 version of my Lego Ideas Project, but I can't find the post here so... If you like it, please support it:
  6. 10497 Galaxy Explorer is set to retire at the end of this year, 2023. Any ideas on how well or badly it sold? If it sold well, that would encourage LEGO to produce more Classic Space sets. If it didn’t, that would augur badly for CS. It’s known that some LEGO designers have a soft spot for CS, but if sales have been below target, they’d have a hard time making the business case for more. Where I am in the southeast of the UK, most LEGO stores are out of stock of 10497 with no prospect of getting more. You can still get it on gb the last time I checked. How did it sell where you are? Well? badly? Please say where you are when you reply - thanks.
  7. danth

    [MOC] XB5 Scout

    Hi all. This is something I whipped up in Stud.IO. The goal was to put a lot of 10497 style goodness into a small package. I don't know if I achieved that. I wanted tiles as wing edges attached at an angle with hinges, similar to the 10497 design, but ended up going off script a bit and used rail plates instead. Thanks for looking!
  8. All, This is a redesign of an entry I made for the recent Classic Space Era Spaceship contest. My goal was to build a spaceship that split into two smaller spaceships, both of which transformed into mechs. I was able to do it but I really rushed it at the end to meet the deadline! I didn't really love how it turned out. So I spent a couple months tweaking it and think I have something much better now. Here it is: The Star Splitter. The prototype was called the Ursa Craft, which split into Ursa Major and Ursa Minor. Basically Mama Bear and Baby Bear. The redesign features a tighter integration of both units, a totally redesigned airframe and new wing cannons for the larger Bomber unit, and a complete reworking of the smaller Fighter unit. Here is the larger rear ship, the Bomber Unit, in space ship and gerwalk modes: Here it is in mech/robot mode: Here is the smaller front ship, the Fighter Unit, in both modes: I tried to make this thing rock solid. Both bots are sturdy and hold a pose easily, and in space ship mode things generally snap into place pretty well. There are a few fiddly bits at the edges but nothing structurally unsound. Anyway, thanks for looking!
  9. Operacion Saturno

    1K GAIA-72 !

    Thank you so much for your support! First 1000 supporters! I couldn't done it without your help! link:
  10. Operacion Saturno

    Fallout Recovery Vehicle

    Made entirely with Lego pieces used in Classic Space sets.
  11. Hi all! I made this Galaxy Explorer Ground Base from the leftover parts in set 10497 after building the smallest One Man Space Ship alt build. This is the original: Here's mine: In addition to the command base & comm tower, there's a power station, small landing pad, some craters, a small speeder, and a rover. Command base: Comm tower: Power station: Landing pad and speeder: Rover (which I think is hilarious because the truck/storage bed is under the driver's seat): Anyway, I had a ton of fun building this. Thanks for looking!
  12. Hi all! I've built a spaceship using the leftover parts from 10497 alt build 1. I call it the Galaxy Roadster. I was able to make the space ship along with a landing pad, landing beacon, and parking enforcement robot. More pics here if you're interested. Thanks!
  13. Operacion Saturno

    Galaxy Explorer 10497 is a great set, but...

    Let's stablish something before I start typing. I love 10497 and I think it pays homage to the 1979 version. So I'm not saying it was bad, but it could be epic.Here are some highlights to prove my point. 1.- Too many G.E. redesign MOCs. I´ve seen maybe a hundred Galaxy Explorer remakes in the last 5 years, but I saw one in particular reviewed in a youtube channel, before they released the 10497, which had almost the same features and even had retractable landing gear. So for me the 10497 is the perfect Galaxy Explorer MOC. But was something we been seeing for years. 2.- "Too small" remake. 1245 pieces is a lot of pieces for a set, but, if you compare that amount of pieces with 10305 Lion´s Knight castle's 4514 pieces castle "remake", it feels short. Imagine what the designer would be capable of if he had those 3250+ pieces to work with? 3.- Landing pad and base. The achiles heel of 10497. The ship design is magnificent, However, even the designer of the set stated that he had to leave out the base and landing pad. A true shame. 500 more pieces and two 48 x 48 baseplates would made a world of diference. 4.- New trans yellow pieces. We already had a large 13252 trans yellow windscreen from 70816 Bennys spaceship..... also all the other trans yellow pieces in the set had been released previously. Something Classic Space fans are always looking for are new elements in trans yellow color, since is rare Lego Group uses them in sets and even more rare realeases new ones. Let's be honest here, wouldn't you like the set even better if there were 1x4x3 panels or a large curved windscreen never before released in trans yellow? 5.- Shock and Awe factor. The helper droid was a great add on and the best option they had since benny already used the other type of 80s droid. The rocket sleds were a shock and awe add on to the original ship. So I have nothing against those new features, but it could be even more features in it. Ever felt butterflies when entering the toy isle at your local walmart or Kmart back in the 80s the first weeks of january? You didn't knew what to expect form the new Classic Space sets back in the good old days. New features, new designs, new pieces.... That's the problem with the 10497, you already had a prelimilar idea of what to expect and that was the main problem with 10497, I feel the base had more potential to include new features than the spaceship itself: Retractable dome roof landing pad, modular base, maintenance machinery, loading-unloading crane, new color astronaut, minifig, a small blacktron spy vehicle, I can go on. Bottom line, 10497 is a great Lego set, but knowing what Lego designers are capable of creating, it could be even more awesome.
  14. Operacion Saturno


    Hello, this is my latest Classic Space project, enjoy. You still love Classic Space, but you want more than just remakes of Classic Space sets? You want something new, fresh, never seen before? Here´s your opportunity to promote new futuristic designs for space sets. GAIA-72 TERRAFORMING STATION, is a dome base fully enclosed with everything the space explorers need to survive extraterrestrial environments. Its composed of a 1200 piece dome base (roughly the same amount of pieces of 10497) and a 1100 piece launch port. A perfect addition to any Classic Space collection. If you like it, give it your support and let's hope we can have this on store shelves soon.
  15. Introduction A cut my LEGO teeth on Classic Space. Unfortunately, that has caused irrevocable damage to many of the bricks. One of the very first sets I owned was the timeless classic 497/928 Galaxy Explorer, widely held to be one of the best LEGO sets of all time, and it propelled me into a love affair with Classic Space that far outlasted the shelf-life of the range. As I got older, I started to take more care of my LEGO, and many of my later Space sets are still in pretty good condition. You can see examples of two of the sets in my reviews: 6930 Mission Control Centre (Space Supply Station) and 6928 Mercury Crawler (Uranium Search Vehicle). However, the earlier sets didn't fare so well, and now - thirty years later - it's time to see if I can rejuvenate them. I've already had some success with my 375 Yellow Castle; I hope I can achieve a similar result here, but these sets were played with a great deal more and also spent a long time built and exposed to attic dust. Overview Here's a small selection of my Classic Space collection, rescued from the attic in roughly the state you see here. From this angle, things don't look too bad, apart from the muck, but it doesn't bear up so well to closer inspection. I had in mind that I'd start with 928. Let's take a closer look: The ship itself looks complete, and both baseplates are present, including three of the four spacemen. The little base that comes with the set has long since gone. The printed parts are all there, but the Classic Space logo has lost some of its gold. As you can see, the exposed parts are filthy, and some are discoloured, including what looks like rust on the 2x2 cone. Many of the parts are chewed and battered. There's more filth on the front, and the modified plate with prongs is chewed. Unfortunately, the printed slope is quite badly scratched, and the detail on the lovely planet logo has long since gone (it should look like the logo on the banner above). You can also see here how some of the wedge plates are more discoloured than others. Neither is the ship truly complete: Round on the left side, the grey door is missing, and has been replaced with a blue one. Examples of battered and ill-fitting parts abound here. Some parts are broken: The centre grey tail here has snapped; I had clearly tried to disguise the fact. The other side has the same problem. The underside doesn't look too bad, but the nearside landing bad is bent. Also, the long 6x24 plate in the centre should actually be two 2x12 plates. The two dudes I found inside the cruiser don't look too bad at all: I doubt these are the original figures! The gold logo is a little faded on each, which looks a lot worse on the white dude because it isn't hidden by the white background to the print. It's hard to get hold of pristine space figures; these may have to do. The third guy isn't looking so good: he's quite badly discoloured, with a broken helmet. It's a shame, as his logo is in quite good condition; however, whilst I can get the white looking much better, I can't do that without further damaging the logo. Goals What I aim to do here is get the sets looking as good as possible, within certain constraints. I will accept a small loss of quality in some of the prints; I'll try to replace badly faded prints but it is tricky to get hold of some of these printed parts in mint condition. I will try to use 80s bricks where possible. It isn't always easy to tell; for the old grey colour, you know that the parts are at least 8 years old; some later plates can be distinguished by a difference in the mold. Where I still have the box, I'll give it a good clean and try to spruce it up; where I don't have the box - for the larger sets - I'll try to get hold of one. For parts where there were mold differences back then, I will try to use the original mold designs. For example, in the case of the part 'Plate, Modified 1 x 1 with Clip Light', I will use the original 'thin ring' parts rather than the later 'thick ring'; however, where mold differences occurred in different releases of the set, I won't be so fussy (for example, I'll accept any form of the modified plate with handles (Bricklink ID 3839, so long as the colour is right). I reserve the right to modify my own conditions if it proves too difficult otherwise! Wish me luck! I'll be updating this thread periodically as I (hopefully) make progress. Rufus Contents Chapter One: 928 Galaxy Explorer Before Parts after cleaning The Box The Results Chapter Two: 924 Space Cruiser/Transporter Before After Interlude: D000dz Chapter Three: 918 One Man Space Ship Before The Box After
  16. Operacion Saturno

    New Futuron Facebook group

    Greetings here is a new Lego space group on Facebook, Lego Space Futuron/Exploriens/SP3 This group doesn't focus only on Futuron space sub theme, but on any space creation using primary White, Black and trans dark blue color pieces mainly. This means Classic Space, Exploriens and even Space Police III are also included in this group. If you have some spare time, pay us a visit.
  17. Operacion Saturno


    Another Classic Space Lego Ideas project. This time is White Classic Space/Futuron Color Scheme. Kappa Notch Complex is a Space Base nestled between mountains, It´s composed of several modules or rooms connected internaly by corridors dug into the rocky mountains around a large rocket silo housing a two stage rocket designed to take a satelite into orbit in new colonizing planets. Lab, telecommunications, control panel, infirmary are among the fuctions of the modular rooms of the base. It also features a vehicle hangar and landing pad among the features of the base. NOTE: I updated the base by adding a Space Police rover and Blacktron speeder. The upgrades will be added to Lego Ideas in a month. Link: Enjoy!
  18. DwalinF

    [MOC] Is it rust or natural?

    I decided to try myself in classic space. The most fragile shitp you ever seen. I hope you dont need explanation why?
  19. I love classic space ships from the 80's and 90's and inspired by the rrecent release of the Galaxy Explorer set and the Blacktron remake I created this MOC as my version of a modern loking and redesigned Classic Space Ship. Will Lego launch a new Space theme? Well... you can make it happen. If you like this model; crowd support is open for voting until 3/31/2023. Intergalactic Patroller Space Ship Yes I am talking about the Bricklink's Designer Program Series 1. The contest required some limitations related to parts available and color selection. I decided to use a new palette to keep it within contests rules, but I also rendered a few options in "classic" colors. Support if you like what you see. Here is also a link to the video Showing all functions of the model: And here are the color variations just for Fun
  20. Operacion Saturno

    Sector 42 Outpost

    Small baseplate challenge: Build anything Classic Space realated using either 16 x 16 or 8 x 16 baseplates. A small base for two astronauts. Includes airlock door, 2 seats one bed, tool rack, comunication dish, probe launcher and a small rover. Around 330 pieces. All Classic Space pieces except the two 8 x 16 baseplates.
  21. Operacion Saturno

    Video for Operacion Saturno's creation.

    Hello. I decided to create a video presentation for three of my current Lego Ideas Projects. The link is below. Give it a try and see if you like the format.
  22. The Neighborhood Merchant

    [MOC] Classic Space Crawler - Mobile Lab Redux

    The Classic Space Mobile Lab 6901-1 set from 1980 has always been among my favorite classic space sets, so I had to do it justice and try reviving it with some flair. I only have the digital build for now, but I'll finish it in bricks one of these days! The crawler has a full interior and detachable lab area, which I will showcase in brick form once it's finished (just had to design it using old gray, ha!) LEGO Classic Space Crawler - Mobile Lab Redux by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr
  23. Lego just rejected my submission to Lego Ideas. According to their canned response, it was rejected because it pertains to a "third party license" that they already produce. I'm incredibly frustrated right now because I put a lot of work into this project and I couldn't even get a chance to see people's response to it. I've thought about removing the larger ship to differentiate it more from the Galaxy Explorer and focus on the micro ships. But honestly, I'm not very motivated to do it at this point because it will probably just be rejected again. Since I couldn't submit it there, I'm posting the pictures here to share with everyone. I hope you like it.
  24. I wanted to present my alternate build for set 10947 Galaxy Explorer, I call it the UT-928D Galaxy Transporter! I wanted to create something for the Classic Space competition here and ever since I built my copy of 10497 with its dual windscreens I had this idea to make a classic space version of my favorite Star Wars ship the U-Wing. However, once I got started I realized with the size of the canopies staying within the 40 stud limit would be impossible while retaining the sleek proportions of the U-wing. So I changed from the limitations set by the rules of the contest to keeping it an alternate build, using only pieces found in set 10497. With a secondary goal of retaining the most important features of the U-Wing - 4 large aft mounted engines, sweeping wings (or s-foils), a cockpit with full 180 forward visibility (or the ability for pilot to see straight down) and accessible cargo/passenger space. I'm happy to say I was able to meet all these goals, although in order to stabilize the mechanism for opening the cargo bay doors I had to add one 1L axle/pin and two 2L axle/pins each for stability/friction. I justified this by thinking most people will have these in their collection anyways and it was important that the doors actually stay shut! I feel pretty good about how this turned out given the restrictions of the set pieces and the design of the ship. I just managed to pick up a second copy for %50 off though and I'm already thinking about how I could use it to make a "UCS" version! But for now I will let this one take up a place of pride on the shelf and move onto other projects! I hope you have enjoyed looking and thank you for reading this far! Please let me know if you have any questions. And yes instructions are available on rebrickable, you can just search my user name or UT-928D there to find them!
  25. Hi all! I've finally finished a MOC that I've work on, on and off, for years. It's a redux of the Blacktron Renegade. Here's the original: I wanted to keep the overall design pretty much the same. How did I do? I named it Betrayer because a Renegade is essentially a traitor or deserter. I thought Betrayer sounded supremely evil while being synonymous with the original name. One thing that excited me a lot was using the new yellow triangle tiles to make a brick-built Blacktron logo. And I wanted to keep the original gimmick where the command ship could detach from the front, as well as the two side ships. The command ship has hidden guns! One thing that always bugged me about the original was that after you removed the command ship, you were left with the butt-end of a space ship without anything to control it. I guess you had to pretend it was computer or AI controlled at that point. Like a robot. That gave me an idea. Why not make it transform into an actual robot? I hope you like it!