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  1. Elevator Pitch: Dungeons and Dragons meets the Lego Dimensions concept of characters being brought together to save the Lego-verse. I liked the concept of LEGO NINJAGO Skull Sorcerer’s Dungeons 71722, which has board game functionality, and thought that a board game theme could be cool. I think that the concept could be enhanced with an app, like Super Mario, and allow for additional imagination and play. I chose mostly 90s era figures because the kids that played with those themes are getting to parent age, and would lead to shared childhood experiences. Dungeons and Dragons is very popular right now, and I think that using an app to support the dungeon master role would be cool. In the theoretical app you can have voice recordings and programmable sound effects for when you enter different Legoland environments. It would also be used for player rolls, which would be used for movement and if the hazard they land on will go off. I’m not a technic/mindstorms builder, but I think it would be cool if motor functions could be used to randomize spots on the board for hazards. At the moment it would be up to the users to trigger them. I imagined the instructions being in the app, like Super Mario again, and would have multiple options for what you could build with each set bought. I think the app could calculate what pieces are left over for each option picked, and would let you know what you can still build. This is just a concept for this theme, and I didn’t end up implementing it in the design. Every character can be used in the game, and each has a bonus that makes them better in certain scenarios. Johnny Thunder would have better luck with hazards, due to his time avoiding traps while excavating. Scientific characters could have an extra step to their rolls, due to their knowledge of dimensional travel. The sets are also almost completely modular, so you can build your own adventures. Synopsis: Descendant of Sam Sinister, Intergalactic-Baroness Samantha Sinister, has stumbled upon a device that could end her ancestral pattern of defeat. OGEL, long missing, had developed a device that could bring a traveler to farthest reaches of the universe and he had believed even past the universe. It’s unknown what caused him to disappear, but one can only assume that his experiments went wrong. With the assistance of the Blacktron Science Division, she believes the device is ready to be used again. Her first stop is to abduct Johnny Thunder before his first trip to Egypt, so that he can’t stop her family from reaching the fame and power that they perceived as their right. OGEL's device is not fully functional and creates tears in reality when used, allowing unusual interactions between all of the creatures of Legoland. Upon being taken from his timeline, Johnny has been granted the ability to hop through time and dimensions, and with these powers he must figure out a way to defeat Sinister for good. First, he will need to gather allies with his powers and figure out a way to find her. While pretending to be unconscious Thunder overheard Sinister mention that she is attempting to reach the center of all creation, and once she reaches it she will control all known imagination left in Legoland. Teleporter Test (Around 70 pieces, 10$) After witnessing Johnny’s dimension jumping powers, the morally-ambiguous Dr. Frankenstein has decided to come out of retirement. Living in a land of ghosts and ghouls, the citizens of this dimension are no stranger to the supernatural. The last time the Dr. had a discovery, they were able to bring the dead back to the land of the living. This time, with their penchant for lightning, they will attempt to harness dimensional travel. This time with the goal of keeping their living intern from entering the land of the dead. The Doctor's intern is wondering if this is worth the free science credits. 2 Minifigures- Dr. Frankenstein and Intern Pull the lever and release the lightning onto the I.G.O.R. (Inter-Galactic Orientation Receptacle) Adjust the I.G.O.R. to get more detailed readings of new lands and dimensions. The intern has more stability outside of their dimension, and gets one more step per turn. The Dangers of Dimension Jumping (Around 800 Pieces, $80) (I built this with the intention of being the starter pack. If power functions were implemented in the theme, I would include them in this and the price would increase accordingly.) The journey blends together, it seems like every minute Johnny is in some castle or a space station. It always seems that a trap is around every corner and there is always a new danger afoot. He has collected a handful of allies to help him on his quest, with some doing it for their own nefarious reasons. Given the current circumstances, Johnny can't be too picky, but he will keep his eye on the normally evil, dastardly, eternal Batlord. Help the band of universe-stretching misfits get across the treacherous terrain before them. Minifigures- A classic ghost, Johnny Thunder, Commander Cold, and the Eternal Batlord Beware the hidden ghost that haunts the abandoned castle. Hold your breath while crossing the rickety bridge, and hope an eruption doesn't send you down the cliff. Take your time crossing the ice lake so you don't lose your balance. There is no medic around to cure "sudden icicle to the face." If you can spot it through the blowing snow, there might be some helpful supplies in the base on this "Ice Planet." Minifigures for other sets: Moon Base Mix-up (30$) Would be a moon crater build with a floating platform of some sort, play feature would be a see-saw style build for the two space people to jump up and down on. Denny grabbed the wrong air-tank again today, good thing Lenny is off today or they'd be in real trouble. Hopefully today doesn't get any worse. There seems to be an unidentified flying object ahead, hopefully its not another one of those pesky Blacktron members. Minifigures: Denny, Rench Troubling Trebuchet Takedown (50$) Would feature a functioning trebuchet, small medieval market platform, and a blimp style flying contraption for Max Villano. Pippin and Max were plucked from a mile high conflict, with Samantha Sinister looking for loyal henchman. Max never forgot those meddling adventurers and built a blimp of his own. To the horror of Pippin, he is now raining rockets on the unsuspecting village below. Luckily the good knight Brickalot has evacuated the townsfolk. Use the Black Falcon Trebuchet to sink the blimp and stop Villano's villainy. Minifigures: Brickalot, Pippin Reed, Max Villano The Cavern of Creativity (120-160$) This would be the final battle location, with a buildable rock monster from Rock Raiders. Brickbeard would have a small steampunk pirate ship floating in the air nearby. It would feature trap doors, collapsing pillars, and a wall with lasers for dash to climb with his grappling hook. Dedicating herself to the destruction of creativity, Samantha Sinister has sacrificed all of her color. She has stolen mining equipment and is attempting to breach the cavern of creativity. The members of Blacktron have used the device to grab their idol, Brickbeard, the leader of the original pirating organization. Rivalries have rippled across the universe and have centralized here. Crunchy, who has always known galactic conflict, brings their expertise on the destruction of world ending devices. This is the biggest threat that Legoland has encountered, and it is up to everyone to fight together to save imagination. Unfortunately for anyone that attempts to stop her, she has a card up her sleeve in the form of an underground monster. Use the grappling hook to dodge her defenses, and use the pirate ship cannons to create obstacles for anyone trying to pass. As tensions rise, hopefully the bandits can find it in themselves to realize that friendship could be the treasure they were looking for all along. Minifigures: Brickbeard, Blacktron Member, Samantha Sinister, Dash, Crunchy the Space Scoundrel, Space Police Member
  2. Darkrattyop

    Purist Star Wars Figures

    Gonk Droid 20200605_115415 by Ethan Lachinski, on Flickr
  3. Darkrattyop

    Compatible Minifigures Discussion.

    Does anyone know the quality of any of the Rorschach figures that have been released?
  4. Darkrattyop

    Marvel Superheroes 2017 - Set Discussion

    I don't know if anyone has pointed this out yet, but I just built Ayesha's Revenge and on the side of the main build the print says Tivan. This could be a connection to the Collector.
  5. Darkrattyop

    Purist Superhero Figures

    Morpheus from Sandman
  6. Darkrattyop

    LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    Based on the leak letter things, there's going to be another Adventure Time pack, Ghostbusters pack, and Fantastic Beasts pack
  7. It looks like Killer Croc has a classic crocodile head
  8. Darkrattyop

    Purist Superhero Figures

    Another good hair piece for Gorgon is Elrond's from the council set, if you want Gorgon's "crown"
  9. Darkrattyop

    Bootleg Super Heroes minifigs - worth it or not?

    Pretty sure it's the Marvel Now suit
  10. I modded the Delorean set and added windows and made it more accurate in some places.
  11. Darkrattyop

    Bootleg Super Heroes minifigs - worth it or not?

    Someone has to make a Watchmen set
  12. Darkrattyop

    LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    AT could be Adventure Time
  13. Darkrattyop

    Purist Superhero Figures

    Crimson Cowl Groot Shade The Trechcoat Brigade
  14. Darkrattyop

    Bootleg Super Heroes minifigs - worth it or not?

    He looks a lot better with a Chris Pratt head