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Found 38 results

  1. Traykar the swift

    [MOC] Lego City Space Rover

    Wasn't fond of the small minifigure or technic rovers released this year so I wanted to build my own. Made it just in time for march, the month where everyone is building space rovers. Honestly didn't know if I should've posted this here or in the lego town theme. The top detaches to become a small Cargo tug that should be compatible with the modules seen in the big rover, the space base, and the space station sets. Nothing else can plug into the rover body though.
  2. nunofilipe72

    [MOC] Panel Van Hover car

    22´s 10th week , 10 th MOCs Its a delivery hover car, or a panel van It´s the last build in this series of fly/hover cars And once again it´s the underside to be the most worked No more fly/hover cars (at least, for a while) it´s time to "walk" to space.....
  3. nunofilipe72

    [MOC] Dark red hover-coupé

    This was the 6th MOC at the 6th week of 2022 Starts by trying to make a mudgurd with those round slope corner I´m a spacemen , so I have a lot of dark red that I never use, this was the base of the color choise ...and I think it turned out very well
  4. nunofilipe72

    [MOC] Hover Taxi

    This was the 5th MOC , of the 5ths 2022 week !!...5th element inspired Its a Hover car with the colors of a NY cab
  5. nunofilipe72

    [MOC] Red hover car

    This is the "son" of the Black hover car and the Red fly car Born when I was experementing widening the black hover car It´s the 8th MOC , of the 8th 2022´s week
  6. nunofilipe72

    [MOC] Black hover car

    This is the last week MOC , the 7th week of 2022, 7th MOC A "look a like" cyberpunk hover car In the photo its the mk2 version, the first one was a little slim But this underside photo it´s from 1st version
  7. LegoMathijs

    [MOC] Sand Speeder

    Just a quick build with just a few parts. I’ve built it in one hour. The Sand Speeder is a fast, small speeder for travelling and exploring the planet. Equipped with a laser gun. Pictures also on Flickr:
  8. FILE: Project Thunderbird (2071 – 2085) Developed by Ætheon (a high-profile private military company/"PMC"), Project Thunderbird was the first successful of instance of “jet trooper” (colloquially known as “Jetters”) being deployed into combat. Using cybernetically enhanced pilots (most of which were former US Air Force and Marines), the company was able to find work in conflict zones all over the world. All jet suits contained an exoskeleton, joy stick controls, and numerous intakes and jets that could be adjusted in real-time for maximum maneuverability. Jet suits varied wildly according the pilot’s rank and personal preferences. Though the suit’s weaponry varied between pilots, the most popular weapons were twin rapid-fire plasma cannons and two pairs of missile launchers. The most famous Jetter was Ariel Vazquez. Joining the program in 2072 at the age of 25, she displayed immense prowess with the suit and made headlines for her heroics in the Long Beach Excursion (2073), in which [REDACTED] surfaced off the coast of Long Beach, California and attacked the water front. Were it not for the timely intervention of the “Jetters”, the [REDACTED] would’ve wreaked untold destruction on the city proper. Vazquez would also participate in the Battle of Bend (2079), in which the nation states of Cascadia and Greater Idaho fought for control of a newly-discovered (and incredibly valuable) lithium deposit on the outskirts of Bend, Oregon. Being a PMC, Ætheon sided with the highest bidder (in this case, Greater Idaho) and wreaked massive casualties on the Cascadian military with their superior airpower. Though effective, Project Thunderbird’s heavy and unwieldly jet suits would ultimately be phased out as the technology improved and became more compact. However, it would leave a lasting impact on military combat (even going into the intergalactic age centuries later), with similar technology being deployed by the Royal Cobalt Space Navy (RCSN) in their “Gunzerker” program. Ariel Vazquez Birthdate: 04/26/2047 Hometown: Santa Ana, California, United States Height 5’11”/1.80 m (without suit) 6’5”/1.96 m (with suit) Weight 155 lbs/70.30 kg (without suit) 82 lbs/37.19 kg (suit) 242 lbs/114.31 kg (with suit) Education Mater Dei High School (2062 – 2066) West Point (2066 – 2070) Primary Military Specialty: Aerial Secondary Military Specialty: Ordinance
  9. Mandaci

    FOENIX - Warrior [MOC]

    Hi Everbody, Here I want to show you MOC Builds of the FOENIX - Warrior. The FOENIX - Warrior is a combat fighter against injustiuce in the year 2245. His Story is told with LEGO bricklink Bricks. The First Project is the FOENIX ,,emn-17" Truck. This vehicle is given to the FOENIX - Warrior by the United Nations. The vehicles of the United Nations hava a Different colour sheme in the FOENIX - Warrior Story, than we know from today. The Vehicles of the United Nations hava a Blue - White - Grey Military Camouflage colour, to sembolize the friendy Mission of the United Nations. Here is a Review of the FOENIX - Warrior Truck. This vehicle has a Brick Modular building, which allows to repair the (imagination) Motor in Front of the Truck.
  10. She didn't have her ship, so ..... Intergalactic Girl, NCS LL-6929 Starfleet Voyager From : - LL-6929 Starfleet Voyager - Intergalactic Girl from Minifigurines Series 6 ....with some angle techniques, reactors in Brickbuild and decals. Build with LDD and Intergalactic Girl, NCS LL-6929 Starfleet Voyager by Horlack, sur Flickr
  11. Rubblemaker

    [MOC] Let slip the dogs of war

    Hi all. I’ve just completed this moc made of about 3,000 pieces. Its called 'Let slip the dogs of war' and is a post-apocalyptic scene in which a huge dog-like mech encounters a small dog which its programming cannot decide is a friend or foe. It took 2 months to design and build. I started with the intention of just making a black 4 legged mech which quickly grew into this much larger project. You can see more on my Flickr page: or my Instagram: @rubblemaker_lego
  12. siPECTINIA

    V22 type r

    Hi im new here, and I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this, but I guess it can be moved if it isn't. The v22 type r is a single engine viper racecraft (space racing vehicle). It has a simplistic design compared to some of the other racecrafts, but that doesn't hinder it's performance.
  13. badchriss

    [MOC] - Sci Fi-esque Tank

    It doesn´t happen very often that i build a tank or a military vehicle in general,in fact,this is my first Lego tank ever. I got the idea from finding a bunch of olive bricks that originated from the Marvel Hydra Tank and the Chima Crocodile Boat. I put them together loosely and all of a sudden it turned out as a shape for some futuristic tank or recon vehicle. I added some armoring plates on the sides,one of those ball shooting thingies as a cannon and even some sort of crude suspension,so the tank has all 6 wheels on the ground at all time.At least it didn´t have any problems crossing Mount Couch Cushion or Office Desk Plains. Hope you guys like it,comments are always welcome. IMG_20180630_150541_1 IMG_20180630_150558 Rotating turret, Bionicle Ball Shooter and simple suspension. IMG_20180630_150841 IMG_20180630_150623 IMG_20180630_150759 Not pretty,but works IMG_20180630_150902 Hope you like my first tank,comments are always welcome
  14. BennyHugo

    Time To Charge!

    Hello! I want to present to you my entry for Ideas Moments In Space contest, Time to Charge! Lambda, the little robot needs to recharge after work! Help him! Plug the robot on the charging station, open his belly and the box contaning charging hoose and plug it into the robot to charge him! Set contains little, funny robot with moveable head, arms and legs, openable toolbox for Lambda tools and the charging station itself! I would appreciate your vote if you like this entry :) -
  15. badchriss

    Lego City Future - Surfin Beetle

    Well,technically this isn`t a MOC but rather a Mod....well,heavily modded if i may say so.The lovely little VW Beetle you currently can get in Lego Stores was sitting on my Desk for a few Days now and i really like it. The bright Blue is really an Eyecatcher.I thought about modifying it so a Minifig can sit in it,but this prooved to be quite hard,all i could fit in was an armless Torso with a Head. Well,while the Beetle was already into Pieces,i decided to spice Things a bit up (also,i needed those Wheels) and turned it into one of my "Lego City Future" themed Builds. 20170408_154745 20170408_154758 20170408_154806 20170408_154828 20170408_154848 20170408_154901 As you can see,i added the usual Hovercar Stuff to the Fenders. I also wanted to make the Beetle look old and rugged so i put in some mismatched Parts.The rear End got a classic "Stinger" Exhaust with a Pedestal on it so you can either sit on it while hovering over a Lake or the calm Sea and so you can also reach the Junk on the Roof. But don`t worry,all original Parts from this Set are safely packed away in a little Ziplock Baggie. So,what do you think of my newest Creation?
  16. The Future might be a shiny modern Place with flying Cars,Robots walking your Dogs and Trashcans bringing out themselfes for emptying. But we still have a sprawling Society in Lego City and the City still has all the Problems from the ancient Past.A high Crime Rate lead to Police State like Tendencies and Pollution and Trash is still a big Problem. Minifigkind still produces a lot of Waste and some of it might even be of toxic Nature. This is where the Toxic Waste Transporter comes in handy. The Containment Unit holds back pretty much everything and you can transport the Toxic Waste safely to the next Recycling Factory....well,unless you are a carefree highschool Dropout with a Drivers License and bump into everything. Those Valves are almost indestructible...almost.So better be concerned about the green Goo coming out of the Containment Tank. Well,this looks like a responsible Guy Ah Bricks!!!Spilling some toxic Goo isn`t that good. The "Belly of the Beast",funtional but not spectacular...
  17. BrickSash

    [MOC] WIP LDD Macross SDF-1

    Earlier this year a member of our local LUG posted a video of a MOC of the SDF-1. I was fascinated and took a closer look at the video to study the creation. To my disappointment, quite a number of the parts were custom made or modified. That inspired me to build my own SDF-1 without making use of modified or custom bricks. I started in April, and this is the SDF-1 in its current state. It's 150 studs long which is 1.20 meters. The brick count is around 9800, including the two ARMD carrier vessels and the stands. I'm still trying to fix some areas, but ultimately, it's my goal to turn this beast into real bricks. Facebook page
  18. Hey everyone, I've been super into the new game Hyper Light Drifter and am looking at making a custom Drifter figure. I've sourced a bunch of parts from BrickLink and Cape Madness already but am feeling kind of stuck on the torso. I feel like I need to find a way to preserve his yellow jewel thing, and maybe his belt or the top part of his tunic/girdle. Any suggestions are welcome!
  19. Th3_Br1ck_Kid

    MOC: Anti Satellite Laser Carrier

    Hello, Eurobricks. I'm finally posting my first MOC, so sorry if it has minor issues. But hope you enjoy! In the future of 2075, on distant colonized planets, satellite warfare has increased greatly. This means that in order to be victorious in most major battles, vehicle such as the Anti Satellite Laser Carrier must be used take out even the toughest enemy satellites from the ground. These 6 wheel drive trucks carry cannons to different satellite attack zones and launch their huge lasers. Here you can see inside the cab.
  20. Janjy Giggins

    [MOC] The Monolith of Mara

    Humanity discovered the relics of alien civilisations long before it encountered other life-forms themselves. When deep-space survey ships like the LL919 left their local sector they found strange ruins and abandoned artefacts on distant worlds like Mara. The next time they launched, the survey ships carried teams of civilian xenoarchaeologists. It would be decades before they even began to understand the objects they had found; over a century before their researches pointed the way to true contact. The Monolith couldn't be scratched, even with tempered diamond-tipped tools. Although initial survey missions were usually carried out by a solo pilot, the LL919 could carry science teams or civilian researchers. It was pretty cramped in there for long flights. Flickr album
  21. Galactic_Pineapple

    LEGO Mars Mission: EPISODE 1

    Hi everyone! I made Episode 1 of the Mars Mission Series! Check it out!
  22. Digger1221

    [SPC] Cat C - Shipwreck Encampment

    Shipwreck Encampment: Deep among the dunes of a vast alien desert, a long forgotten shipwreck basks in the searing extraterrestrial sunlight. Seeking refuge from pursuing authorities, a band of scoundrelish space pirates has made their camp here. A line of speeder exhaust stretches through across the desert to the hideout, denoting the arrival of a shipment of the pirates treasure... Haven't posted here in a while! Here's my entry to the Space Pirates Contest. I usually build castle, so doing a space moc was a fun challenge, but something I've been wanting to do for a while. Thanks for checking it out! ;) Soli Deo Gloria!
  23. Derfel

    Lego Ideas reject Sci Fi

    Hello all, I have recently uploaded to Lego Ideas my MoC of HMS Thunderchild vs a Martian fighting machine. It has been rejected three times now, I had tried to tone down the warfare, violence side of things but to no avail. I have got the standard Does not fit Lego Themes cut and paste - but for the life of me cannot work out what their issue was. There are other MoCs for war of the worlds including a far more violent cylinder vignette with burning Lego Minifigs. There are other warships -HMS Beagle is doing a great trade at the mo. Cannons and guns are features of many pirate, space and franchise MoCs. I'm stumped? https://www.facebook...866078816786527 is my Facebook page for the MoC. Cheers Derfel
  24. Hammerstein NWC

    [MOC] Crankcase Drone

    I built this for Droneuary over at Flickr Ootilitari Peep-sweeper. Designed to remove pesky humans from the newly conquered streets of earth. As lot of people will know here, I like minifigs more than anything else in lego. I guess it's only natural that I would use minifig parts and accessories in my builds. Used here 7 ray guns 4 helmets 4 light sabres 2 light sabre blades 4 pans 1 chainsaw blade