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  1. MatthewRC

    Lego and Nintendo partnership?!?!

    Yeah, I didn’t want to spoil anything from the presentation.
  2. MatthewRC

    Lego and Nintendo partnership?!?!

    Well, the Nintendo Direct presentation starts today at 3pm PST/6pm EST. We all doubt this rumor may be true, but let's just wait and find out. Nintendo Direct 9/13/2018
  3. MatthewRC

    Lego and Nintendo partnership?!?!

    This is obviously fake, since Nintendo is partnered with K’NEX for Mario, and Mega Construx for Pokémon. But if it turns out to be real, I’ll be really looking forward to it!
  4. Like the Mr. Plow truck for example!
  5. Hmmm, I think the designs for Homer and Krusty are just okay. I kinda wish their faces had more detail instead of those traditional BrickHeadz eyes.
  6. LEGO still has the license for The Simpsons since we’re getting a BrickHeadz set of Homer and Krusty, but I would love to see a Mr. Plow set with a minifigure of Homer in his winter apparel.
  7. Since we’re apparently getting a Homer & Krusty BrickHeadz 2-pack this November, I’d like to see a Mr. Plow vehicle set with Homer Simpson in his winter apparel!
  8. MatthewRC

    LDD Pro

    Actually, The LEGO Group is no longer supporting previous versions of LDD. If they ever release a new update for LDD, the current version (4.3.11) will no longer be supported. They’ll only support the current version.
  9. MatthewRC

    IDEAS 21308 Adventure Time Figures Discussion

    Well, maybe LEGO might as well give us Adventure Time BrickHeadz someday.
  10. MatthewRC

    IDEAS 21308 Adventure Time Figures Discussion

    I really hope LEGO makes more Adventure Time sets one day, even though the show is set to end this Labor Day on September 3rd.
  11. MatthewRC

    Tutorial How to: DIY decals

    What's the recommended size of a face decal for blank minifigure heads?
  12. Okay, but I don't want it as stickers because they might peel off. How can I get my patterns printed onto the heads by someone?
  13. Actually, I've already found a Velma Dinkley face pattern and successfully manipulated it with GIMP. If you want, I can PM you the modified face decal for Velma.
  14. Hey, guys. I’m trying to gather LEGO parts to be used for stop motion brickfilming, but I heard using blank LEGO minifigure heads is highly advised. I was intending to do a LEGO Scooby-Doo brickfilm, but I need to know someone who can add custom face decals to blank minifigure heads for Velma Dinkley. The custom face decals I need for Velma are dual sided. One with just glasses and freckles on the first side and the other with freckles only and without glasses. First, I need to know where I can find face decals from LEGO Scooby-Doo minifigures online. That way I can find a Velma face pattern so I can manipulate the image with Gimp. Then, I can show whoever can help me the patterns I want on both sides of my blank minifigure heads. Please let me know who can help me. Thanks!