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  1. MatthewRC

    LEGO Ideas Support Thread: Bionicle

    This does indeed prove that LEGO fans want Bionicle to come back, especially the original G1 storyline.
  2. MatthewRC

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Well, chances are Mega Construx might have lost the Futurama license as there is no aspect of Futurama on Mega Construx’s website. Either that or Mega’s Futurama license is non-exclusive.
  3. MatthewRC

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Looks like LEGO Ideas is going under maintenance once again! I wonder what’s in store for LEGO Ideas users now? Edit: Never mind, it’s back up again.
  4. MatthewRC

    LEGO Ideas Support Thread: Bionicle

    I supported the Bionicle 20th Anniversary product idea by Sokoda because I like it the most and its design is very feasible.
  5. MatthewRC

    LEGO Ideas - 123 Sesame Street

    Mega Brands has the Sesame Street license as far as I know, they make sets for younger children, similar to Duplo. However, Mega Brands’ Sesame Street may be a non-exclusive partnership.
  6. Don’t worry, I never use Part Designer to create new-mold LEGO parts. I just use it to make existing LEGO parts with custom printing patterns.
  7. Also, has an additional program for creating decorated parts! It’s called Part Designer.
  8. Actually, this only applies to products that are currently available to buy on LEGO’s online shop. And chances are they still might have the license for The Simpsons. For example, when the Homer & Krusty BrickHeadz set was released, LEGO Ideas banned all The Simpsons product ideas. But now that the BrickHeadz set has since been sold out, LEGO Ideas currently allows The Simpsons product ideas.
  9. MatthewRC

    How popular was the doctor who TARDIS set?

    I’m guessing the LEGO Ideas Doctor Who set must’ve sold like hot cakes in the UK.
  10. MatthewRC

    How popular was the doctor who TARDIS set?

    Awesome! Which retail stores did it sell at, other than LEGO Stores?
  11. MatthewRC

    How popular was the doctor who TARDIS set?

    Oh, okay. Thanks for being more specific. I have autism and tend to have a hard time understanding this matter.
  12. MatthewRC

    How popular was the doctor who TARDIS set?

    Oh, I never knew Character Building Doctor Who sets sold poorly. Thanks for correcting me! Were all 14 Character Building sets released at once?
  13. MatthewRC

    How popular was the doctor who TARDIS set?

    Well, Character Building's Doctor Who toyline was more successful than the LEGO Ideas Doctor Who set. I'm kind of disappointed that LEGO Doctor Who wasn't very successful, but I do hope LEGO will make new products based on Doctor Who one day.
  14. I would do anything for a stand-alone LEGO The Simpsons video game! If this happens, I’d expect it to be rated either Everyone 10+ or Teen for mild inappropriate content such as PG or PG-13 language.
  15. MatthewRC

    LEGO BrickHeadz 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    Okay, thank you for the information. I wonder why the Gravity Falls product idea was archived? What was the reason, @figura?