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  1. MatthewRC

    The future of Back to the Future?

    I wouldn’t mind seeing the Traveling Time Train from BttF 3 as a LEGO set!
  2. MatthewRC

    The future of Back to the Future?

    Great Scott!!! That would be awesome if this rumor is true! Here’s hoping LEGO will do a D2C Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine next.
  3. MatthewRC

    Looney Tunes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Or even Duck Twacy, Daffy Hood or... Green Loontern!
  4. Aww, I still miss that location. 🥺
  5. MatthewRC

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    403 Error
  6. MatthewRC

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I wonder if Naruto is still allowed on LEGO Ideas? I messaged @DadiTwins on Instagram and they said their project was denied due to a license conflict involving a Chinese competitor.
  7. I definitely agree with you, @Lego David! Let’s hope LEGO is aware that Bionicle can work out in System form. In fact, Bionicle doesn’t always have to be limited to Constraction. It can also work as brick-built figures.
  8. Only if LEGO decides to revisit the G1 Mata-Nui timeline.
  9. MatthewRC

    Lego Ideas 90th Anniversary Fan Vote

    If leaks on the 90th Anniversary LEGO Set show up on Instagram, we’ll find out who won.
  10. MatthewRC

    Lego Ideas 90th Anniversary Fan Vote

    Correct, and all 4 themes (Bionicle, Pirates, Castle and Classic Space) do not include their subthemes in the fan vote. So it’s still going to be one of the 4 options excluding any subthemes.
  11. MatthewRC

    Lego Ideas 90th Anniversary Fan Vote

    So you doubt Bionicle is going to win, huh?
  12. MatthewRC

    Lego Ideas 90th Anniversary Fan Vote

    And next thing you know, there’s gonna be two winners: Bionicle and Castle.
  13. Then I wonder if I can include these minifigure parts in a LEGO Ideas project, which haven’t been used in forever? Extended Arm, Left - Extended Arm, Right - Hips & Extended Legs Assembly - FYI, these parts were only used in 2010’s Toy Story theme.
  14. MatthewRC

    Dream Lego Licensed Themes

    As much as I enjoyed The Powerpuff Girls theme from 2018, I’d personally love to see sets based on the original 1998 TV series this time around! Speaking of which, I’m currently working on a LEGO Ideas submission based on the Utonium Residence including Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup and... Professor Utonium! Oh, and I may include Mojo Jojo and/or Princess Morbucks as well.
  15. MatthewRC

    LEGO IDEAS - Sonic Mania - Green Hill Zone

    Congratulations, @toastergrl! Sonic the Hedgehog deserved more than just a LEGO Dimensions Level Pack, and you just changed everything! Next thing you know, if LEGO Ideas Sonic Mania sells successfully, it may expand to a full playtheme a la Minecraft and Ghostbusters!