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  1. The Flinstones (LEGO ideas)

    I meant outside of LEGO Ideas.
  2. The Flinstones (LEGO ideas)

    LEGO could design new-mold torsos for their minifigures. For example, a 2x2 barrel-chested minifigure torso with standard arms. Can you picture that?
  3. The Flinstones (LEGO ideas)

    I disagree. The Flintstones characters using standard minifigure heads would just look dull and unattractive.
  4. The Flinstones (LEGO ideas)

    I’m not sure if this project will pass the review because it would obviously need new mold head pieces for each character. Other than that, the rest is great.
  5. Cool, but what kind of tape is advised to cover Shaggy's chin?
  6. Hey, guys. I have this minifigure head of Shaggy Rogers from Scooby-Doo. I wanted to get rid of his mouth and eyes, but wanted to keep the whiskers on his chin. I wanted to use this tutorial for Stop Motion film making because it's advised to use blank LEGO minifigure heads. Is there any way to do this?
  7. Lego Powerpuff Girls 2018

    Does anyone know if LEGO will reveal more details on these PPG sets at San Diego Comic-Con this summer?
  8. Each time I try to download from BrickLink, my computer gives me a virus warning. What's the big idea?
  9. LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    If Year 3 had happened, I would not have been interested in most of these franchises, except for Looney Tunes and Minecraft. I do love Godzilla, but I don’t think the franchise would have worked in the game.
  10. LEGO BrickHeadz Wishlist and Ideas

    Doesn’t Mega Construx still have the Despicable Me license?
  11. Also, here's an image of what the glitch looks like, @supertruper1988.
  12. Alright, the part number for the Teddy Bear accessory is 98382.
  13. Stranger Things Sets! Spring 2019

    This is obviously fake. Somebody lock this thread!
  14. Hey, I need to submit an error that involves rendering a Teddy Bear minifigure accessory. How can I submit rendering errors? And which user should I send my error to?