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  1. MOC (WIP) : Wooden roller coaster

    Hi, here some close-ups of the track and the car: http://itlug.org/forum/uploads/monthly_2017_03/image.jpeg.5f0be3f5787fbf9f65d9e0e6453786c3.jpeg http://itlug.org/forum/uploads/monthly_2017_03/image.jpeg.8d6124183d836765b1c8589fbb6388b6.jpeg http://itlug.org/forum/uploads/monthly_2017_03/image.jpeg.c6f31e6b9ed0b29ae4c5f397c37dfcba.jpeg http://itlug.org/forum/uploads/monthly_2017_03/image.jpeg.80f047d4624f2ba5da9856972d14d338.jpeg http://itlug.org/forum/uploads/monthly_2017_03/image.jpeg.477d75221aae85752f256372fe5b335e.jpeg http://itlug.org/forum/uploads/monthly_2017_03/image.jpeg.96a0a0e003f062ccfcc84b2f117d6da0.jpeg http://itlug.org/forum/uploads/monthly_2017_03/image.jpeg.a8b5095c5060ccc3d4d3b54fb7b082bd.jpeg Sorry, I post link because I have problem inserting images. Bye
  2. Steel Mill WIP

    Wow, I love industrial environment build up with bricks! Nice colour choise, keep up the good work!
  3. MOC (WIP) : Wooden roller coaster

    Yes, I'm working on it. I'll use some arms with rubber wheels on the side to slow down the car. This is just a video of the first run, I'll improve all the system soon. Thanks for the suggestion gotoAndLego
  4. MOC (WIP) : Wooden roller coaster

    No, it's all 100% LEGO parts. It is made with technic connectors and grey technic pins. When you have a row of it you can bend it for hills and turns.
  5. Hi Everybody, since a long time I'm working on a new roller coaster, based on the old wooden coaster. Yesterday I completed the lift system for the car, and it works fine! I still have to complete all the "aesthetic" part, like grounds, flowers, signs, people entrance and so on. But I'll be happy to know your first impression, please find the working video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-de-_FCySI Any suggestion or comment is really welcome! Thanks Bye Teazza
  6. MOC: "Space Oddity" working roller coaster

    Hi, the train has double wheels, un upper and lower side of the truck, so it it fixed on it. like real coaster trains. bye teazza
  7. MOC: "Space Oddity" working roller coaster

    Hi, as showed in my previous topic: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=113123 I completed my MOC "Space Oddity" roller coaster. Here a video of it working, enjoy! Bye Teazza
  8. SDRnet Winter Village 2015 (complete diorama)

    Great Job Sandro! Seeing it live is impressing for the incledible detail level! Your job is a fantastic inspiration to anyone that wants to realize a big diorama!
  9. MOC: "Space Oddity" working roller coaster

    Thanks everybody for your comments! The system of the track and train is from "roller coster factory" it has been a project in collaboration between CoasterDynamix and Lego. Unfortunatly they produced only 1000 sets and now it is very difficult to find one, me too I'm looking for a second but no chance up to now. I'll post a video soon about it working. The project is to go on with this diorama, adding other attraction like drop tower and carousel. Any suggestion about what to add? Thanks again Bye
  10. Hello everybody, I'd like to show you my new big MOC, presented at the Italian ITlug fest last weekend, in Lecco. It is a working roller coaster, build up using the "roller coaster factory" system. The roller coaster is called "Space Oddity" as a tribute to the great song, and it represent a bad-ending space travel, with initial ramp up to the faraway planets and the fast crash with two space shuttles crashed on foreing planets. The entrance building represent the NASA Vehicle Assembly Building, the front wall can be easily take out to llok inside. Hope you like: Bye Teazza
  11. Hi everybody! I'd like to show you my latest mini-moc. It try to represent the Space Shuttle in its most exiting moment: the launch to the space. Hope you like it: Other pictures: http://www.mocpages.com/moc.php/405011 Ideas: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/92515 Any comment or suggestion is welcome! Bye Teazza
  12. Hi everybody, I'd like to show you my latest small moc: it represent the Space Shuttle Launch Complex in very small scale, smaller than what I already did before: http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=85463&hl=%2Bmicroscale+%2Bshuttle This time Iìd like to realize the entire structures at Kennedy Space Center, so I "needed" to reduce the scale even more. This was also a personal challenge to get a well recognizable structure in a so small scale with few bricks and small overall dimension. I hope you like it: Any comment or suggestion is welcome. Bye Teazza
  13. MOC: Roller coaster

    Thanks, I'll think about to how to optimize this aspect. Yes, I tried with some minifigures on the train and it works good.
  14. MOC: Roller coaster

    Yes, you're right, in the video it still have some problems, but I fixed yesterday night... I'll post a new video as soon as possible. Thanks!
  15. MOC: Roller coaster

    Hi everybody! At the moment I'm working at a new big MOC: a roller coaster. Now I've completed the "technical" part, the track is ok and it's working. The MOC is based on the "unofficial" set Roller Coaster Factory, when it will be completed it will have complete decoration (the theme will be a bad ending space journey) and other elements typical from amusement parks like restaurants, shop and so on. Here are two videos showing the system working: Hope you like the idea! Any suggestion is welcome! Bye