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  1. Teazza

    MOC "Love breaks rules"

    Thank you !
  2. Hi everybody, I share with you my lates moc, a tribute to love. Hope you like it. Bye Teazza
  3. Hi All, I'd like to show here my latest MOC, based on the artbook "the electric state" by Simon Stalenhag. Unfortunately I cannot upload image due to a mistrerious error, I asked to the site but I can't find the way to show picture here, so I put the link, sorry. Hope you like https://itlug.org/forum/uploads/monthly_2020_06/Electric_State_6.jpg.b5b843e7ef3fafe988ee6a77bb532561.jpg https://itlug.org/forum/uploads/monthly_2020_06/Electric_State_1.jpg.98bc844d1183a83b40d1b0f78d287fd5.jpg
  4. Hi Everybody, I’d like to show you my latest MOC, regarding a post-apocalyptic house, made of smashed containers. This will be just a module of a bigger diorama set up with some afol friends. Hope you like it https://itlug.org/forum/topic/9916-diorama-post-apocalittico-modulo/ https://itlug.org/forum/topic/9916-diorama-post-apocalittico-modulo/
  5. Teazza

    MOC - Micropolis chemical plant

    Hi, it's just fantasy and pick up of different element I saw on different plant. From technical industrial point of view probably it has no sense
  6. Teazza

    Image Uploading / Posting

    Hi, in my latest post I'm not able to add pictures. When I choose the filed from drive it comes an error message, and it's impossible to load the picture. Which could be the problem? I tried with different file dimension and different browsers, but Always the same message. Thanks for the help Bye Matteo
  7. Hi Everybody, I'd like to show my latest MOC, a micropolis standard module with an industrial chemical plant. It will be shown in Exhibricks event, in Genoa, my town. Hope you'll like it. https://itlug.org/forum/uploads/monthly_2019_04/822D90D7-56FA-4630-B4DF-07483104A2EE.jpeg.f2b0266f4c7547837434671cd7ca58b3.jpeg Bye Teazza
  8. Hi Everybody, I'd like to show you my latest MOC, which I created for an internal ITLug contest. It represent a microscale rollercoaster, themed "Highway to Hell" Hope you like, any comment or suggestion is welcome! Bye Teazza
  9. Hi everybody, I'd like to show you my lates MOC I created for a ITLug contest. It represent four phases of my life related to LEGO bricks. As the brick made 60, I did 30 years with them It refers strictly to my life, but I assume that many of you can find analogies. Hope you like it, any comment or suggestion is really welcome.
  10. Teazza

    MOC: Microscale TEREX DEMAG AC1000

    Did it, it works! Thanks! Thanks, not too complex to set up, you have to pay attention due to the fact that the beam is connected just with one stud so it's not so sturdy. In 5 minutes you can easly change the form of the model
  11. Hi everybody, I'd like to show you my lates little MOC, the reproduction in microscale of the big mobile crane TEREX DEMAG AC 1000: Here the real one: Any comment or suggestion is well accepted. Thanks Bye Teazza PS: sorry if I put links but I have problems uploading pictures...any suggestion ?
  12. Teazza

    MOC (WIP) : Wooden roller coaster

    Hi, here some close-ups of the track and the car: http://itlug.org/forum/uploads/monthly_2017_03/image.jpeg.5f0be3f5787fbf9f65d9e0e6453786c3.jpeg http://itlug.org/forum/uploads/monthly_2017_03/image.jpeg.8d6124183d836765b1c8589fbb6388b6.jpeg http://itlug.org/forum/uploads/monthly_2017_03/image.jpeg.c6f31e6b9ed0b29ae4c5f397c37dfcba.jpeg http://itlug.org/forum/uploads/monthly_2017_03/image.jpeg.80f047d4624f2ba5da9856972d14d338.jpeg http://itlug.org/forum/uploads/monthly_2017_03/image.jpeg.477d75221aae85752f256372fe5b335e.jpeg http://itlug.org/forum/uploads/monthly_2017_03/image.jpeg.96a0a0e003f062ccfcc84b2f117d6da0.jpeg http://itlug.org/forum/uploads/monthly_2017_03/image.jpeg.a8b5095c5060ccc3d4d3b54fb7b082bd.jpeg Sorry, I post link because I have problem inserting images. Bye
  13. Teazza

    Steel Mill WIP

    Wow, I love industrial environment build up with bricks! Nice colour choise, keep up the good work!