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  1. Firstly, I know that it is not good to bump old topics like this, but I remembered this suspension I thought it would be perfect for a project I have in mind. However, once I found this topic, I realised that the images don't work. Do you have a copy of the images that you could share with me?
  2. With iPad Air 2 on IOS 10.3, the poll works perfectly!
  3. Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I have my sequence set at 1080p, so I wonder if it may have something to do with anti-aliasing. Though, maybe there is nothing wrong with the text, and its just me... If the issue is with it not finding any panels then I think I know how to fix your problem. When you open the DaVinci Resolve installer, you can select what to install, make sure install everything you don't already have installed.
  4. Interestingly enough, it says 3 members have voted, but when looking at the poll results, only two people have voted.
  5. Doesn't work for me either, it accepts my vote, but doesn't process it. I tested it on: -Windows 10, Chrome -Android 7.1.1, Chrome Beta -IOS 10.3, Safari None of these work.
  6. I hope there are some people here who know premiere well. Whenever, I add text to my videos and render them, the text never looks sharp. I use Premiere Pro CC 2015. I usually have my resolution set to 1920x1080, rendered in H.264 with a high bit rate, but the text never looks as sharp as it did when I used Sony Vegas Pro 13.0. I have used other render settings, and tried many different fonts, but it never looks crisp. Could it have something to do with the text settings or anti-aliasing? Oh, and yes I have googled it, but I can't seem to find anything.
  7. JTS ZBLJ Leinaud Cool crawlers!
  8. Though yes the air pressure plays a big role, you need an engine that can convert that into rotational energy. You lost me, my brain cannot compute what you are telling me... These record breakers have been quite popular recently, so I thought I would join them. There is a good sample of someone else doing the same, and they had the fastest pneumatic engine powered car. That might be a smart thing to do... To measure the speed, I did simple distance divided by time, over a one meter stretch. Though I do want to try to use GPS to measure the speed, but I fear my garage test track wont be long enough for GPS to be effective. A more detailed explanation and pictures will come soon...
  9. I believe I've made the fastest LPE powered car ever which beats the previous record by over 5km/h. It's powered by a V2 LPE and 6 bar of air pressure. Here is a little teaser, I'm still working on the car so nothing you see in the teaser is final.
  10. Only if he wants to become roadkill...
  11. No air tanks, just one big compressor (not lego) However, I see the compressor as the type of batteries you would put in your car, you could go with Alkalines, NiMH, Li Ion, or NiCd, and I choose to use a big compressor instead of a lego one.
  12. All it is, is a good old fashion V2, some wheels, a chassis and 6 Bar of air pressure. I'll start a topic soon... Yes, the cylinders are drilled and oiled, switches are stock though. I personally think it still counts as modified pneumatics are rather quite accepted in the LEGO Technic community. Also, the current record uses modified pieces, so I though it would only be fair if I used some too, but I see where you're coming from. Yeah, I know it's not actual "competition" I just wanted to see how fast I could get LEGO to go.
  13. I was sort of thinking of another motorcycle tire, but that is going to make your car way heavier, so your current wheel is still probably your best bet. You guys are going to get some more competition! I've got my car up to 32 km/h so I still have a ways to go, but in my defence I only have a v2 LPE and a super short track.