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Found 123 results

  1. This long journey started in November 2021 with a used copy of Toy Story 3 set 7597 - Western Train Chase - bought from a local Lego resale shop here in St. Louis. I quickly expanded the loco to have a tender, then working pistons, and finally rolling stock. I was then inspired by the original 1955 engines from Disneyland for a second coal-burning loco, (the C.P. Jupiter and U.P. 119 from the Last Spike Ceremony of 1869 was also an inspiration!) and then awhile later a 4-2-4T styled after the C.P. Huntington. (This became a 2-4-4T last December.) The 2-10-0 was originally 8-wide, and was built before I got the 7597 set in August 2021. I never liked it in eight wide, (I never even photographed it in that form) and when I was taking apart all my eight wide MOCs recently, I took pity on it and converted it into 6 wide to preserve it. Then, I tooj photos of all the locos... I still haven't finished some of the freight cars, so the rolling stock will be added later. (I promise it won't be three more years!) The trains all together. This is the first one finished. This 4-4-0 pulls my passenger train. Rear of loco No. 1. It's styled as a mid-to-late 1860's wood burning loco. You could also say it is likened to the Jupiter and the Gov. Stanford of Central Pacific Railroad fame. This is my coal burning 4-4-0 (numbered 8), and pulls my railroad executive's train. This is modeled after a early-to-mid 1870s loco, but it could be considered to partially resemble the Union Pacific 119 from the Last Spike ceremony of 1869. The 2-4-4 tank engine I'm using as a switcher. In my fictional backstory I wrote, loco No. 4 was originally a 0-4-4 Forney loco that soon needed a leading two wheel pony truck to operate better at speed and keep wear down on the front set of driving wheels. Of course, in reality, it was first built as a 4-2-4T like the C.P. Huntington you can still see in the California State RR Museum, or at you local Zoo / amusement park, as smaller-scale replicas are made by Chance Rides for places like that. This loco (No. 3) is modeled after the only 4-10-0 to ever run on US Rails. This, of course, was the 1883-vintage El Gobernador. (Spanish for "the Governor") The real locomotive was a colossal failure, but this one is (in my fictional backstory) built from the plans with the mistakes corrected, making the loco a good drag-freight engine. ...I just realized these locos are almost all modeled after CP engines! This was totally accidental, and wasn't noticed until I made this thread. Anyway, that's all I got. Comments, questions, and other things like that are welcome!
  2. This MOC of the Destiny's Bounty is based off of some unused concept art for a western season of Ninjago that was not made. I've only seen three pictures of the concept art with only two of them containing the Destiny's Bounty, each with a slightly different build. LWDB0 by Jamin Star, on Flickr LWDB1 by Jamin Star, on Flickr LWDB2 by Jamin Star, on Flickr LWDB3 by Jamin Star, on Flickr LWDB4 by Jamin Star, on Flickr LWDB5 by Jamin Star, on Flickr LWDB6 by Jamin Star, on Flickr LWDB7 by Jamin Star, on Flickr LWDB8 by Jamin Star, on Flickr LWDB9 by Jamin Star, on Flickr
  3. Jamin Star

    Wild West Bank Robbery

    Hello, here is my latest stop motion video of a Bank robbery in the Wild West. The bandits have robbed then bank and stolen a western version of R.E.X. and Ronin needs some help getting it back.
  4. Here are the Ninjas from Ninjago reimagined in a Western setting: Western Ninjago by Jamin Star, on Flickr Western Ninjago by Jamin Star, on Flickr Western Ninjago by Jamin Star, on Flickr Llyod Western Ninjago by Jamin Star, on Flickr Kai Western Ninjago by Jamin Star, on Flickr Nya Western Ninjago by Jamin Star, on Flickr Jay Western Ninjago by Jamin Star, on Flickr Cole Western Ninjago by Jamin Star, on Flickr Zane
  5. Hi there, during the past months, I created a new LEGO stop motion music video for my Wild West layout "Brickson Valley". Here is the result :) And if you don't mind, tell me what do you think and which story you like the most. :)
  6. Historical Info Horse-powered ferries (also called "team boats") are a unique form of transportation popular in the United States in first half of the 19th century. The most sophisticated version, invented in 1819 by Barnabas Langdon, mounts a treadwheel just below the deck, which is geared to a pair of paddle wheels. Slots in the deck along two teams of horses to be hitched, facing opposite directions, and maintain a steady forward gait powers the boat. A wreck was discovered in Lake Champlain's Burlington Bay in 1983 and remains the only archaeologically studied example of a turntable horse ferry in the world. More information about this unique piece of transportation history, including how to safely visit the wreck, can be found through the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum. About the Model The model is geared to allow a Technic motor to power the treadwheel + paddlewheels, and makes the horses trot inverse-kinematically, as demo'd here: A look at the full ferry: A cutaway showing the internal gearing: Some more shots from minifig-POVs:
  7. Here are some Studio renders of my western boomtown tent building. The white pieces on the roof and sides are there to represent tent fabric, when I am able to actually build this MOC I will probably use fabric or paper instead of the white pieces. This particular building is of a restaurant. 1.7 Layout by Jamin Star, on Flickr Tent Building v1.7.1 by Jamin Star, on Flickr Tent Building v1.7.2 by Jamin Star, on Flickr Tent Building v1.7.3 by Jamin Star, on Flickr Tent Building v1.7.4 by Jamin Star, on Flickr Tent Building v1.7.5 by Jamin Star, on Flickr Tent Building v1.7.6 by Jamin Star, on Flickr Tent Building v1.7.7 by Jamin Star, on Flickr
  8. Jamin Star

    [MOC] Old West Firehouse

    Here is a design of a old west firehouse to house my old time Steamer Fire Engine. Old West Firehouse by Jamin Star, on Flickr Old West Firehouse by Jamin Star, on Flickr Old West Firehouse by Jamin Star, on Flickr Lego Old West Steamer Fire Engine by Jamin Star, on Flickr Lego Old West Steamer Fire Engine by Jamin Star, on Flickr Lego Old West Steamer Fire Engine by Jamin Star, on Flickr Lego Old West Steamer Fire Engine by Jamin Star, on Flickr
  9. Jamin Star

    [MOC] Western Theater

    Here are some Studio renders of a theater that I designed for my Western Town. Studio Render Lego Western Theater by Jamin Star, on Flickr Studio Render Lego Western Theater by Jamin Star, on Flickr Studio Render Lego Western Theater by Jamin Star, on Flickr Studio Render Lego Western Theater by Jamin Star, on Flickr Studio Render Lego Western Theater by Jamin Star, on Flickr Studio Render Lego Western Theater by Jamin Star, on Flickr Studio Render Lego Western Theater by Jamin Star, on Flickr
  10. evancelt

    [MOC] Insurrectionists

    Some confederate soldiers. I put them on a yellow background so they didn't look too good - the title is a nod to them rising in insurrection against the US and being on the wrong side of history. The torsos are largely taken from official figures with some of the print partially removed.
  11. Hi :) Here is the ultimate presentation of my Lego Western City as a travel video. :) I hope you will enjoy watching it. And I'm happy about every feedback.
  12. evancelt

    [MOC] Ravenwood, CO

    "Ravenwood, CO" An old west Colorado town collaboration with Matt Hudson and @Donnie Bricko . Made for the CoWLUG display at the Spring 2023 Rocky Mountain Train Show
  13. Jeremiah Brewer is welcomed into Hanska's village to trade. ------------- A detail shot from a larger CoWLUG western collab we displayed at the 2023 Spring Rock Mountain Toy Train Show. Photo by Matt Hudson (Moonmanbricks)
  14. Hello, here is a render from Bricklink Studio software of a Sheriff's Office that I designed for my Western Town. Sherriff Office 2.8 Studio Render 1 by Jamin Star, on Flickr Sherriff Office 2.8 Studio Render 2 by Jamin Star, on Flickr Sherriff Office 2.8 Studio Render 3 by Jamin Star, on Flickr Lego Western Town Sheriff Office by Jamin Star, on Flickr Sherriff Office 2.8 Studio Render 5 by Jamin Star, on Flickr Sherriff Office 2.8 Studio Render 6 by Jamin Star, on Flickr Sherriff Office 2.8 Studio Render 7 by Jamin Star, on Flickr
  15. CyrodiilWarrior

    Planning Western Town

    Howdy folks! As a child growing up, the LEGO City theme has been my most favourite theme. I also experienced some LEGO Adventurers, LEGO Spider-Man, LEGO Creator, etc. I never owned any LEGO Western sets or Lone Ranger sets, but had seen them online. I would save up pocket money, birthday money, Christmas money, to purchase LEGO sets from Woolworths (UK), Moons Toy Store (UK), or Argos (UK). They were "the good old days", indeed. Today I am a AFOL - adult fan of LEGO. Fascination and interest of the Wild West and Western has began to grow since playing - Red Dead Redemption 2 (2018) - by the famous Rockstar Games. It was indeed an incredible historic time period, with a lot of room for imagination and adventure. I would love to someday make a LEGO Western town main street, but seek advice from the Eurobricks LEGO community. If I was to build a Western setting, what should I consider? Any recommendations? What town buildings do you suggest? Some structure ideas include: Saloon Hotel Sheriff's Office Bank Stable General Store Gun Store Undertaker's Town Hall Train Station w/ train Barbers Mine & Mineshaft Hunter's Shack Fisherman's Shack Shack & Houses Fort ? Church & graveyard Addition ideas: Riffles, guns, pistols, dynamite Railway Wagons & horses Cactus
  16. Here is a Hardware store for my western town. It is Billy's Hardware Store which is run by the brothers Jeff Billy and Jack Billy BH 2.0 by Jamin Star, on Flickr BH 5.0 by Jamin Star, on Flickr BH 6.0 by Jamin Star, on Flickr BH 10.0 by Jamin Star, on Flickr BH 7.0 by Jamin Star, on Flickr BH 8.0 by Jamin Star, on Flickr BH 9.0 by Jamin Star, on Flickr BH 4.0 by Jamin Star, on Flickr
  17. Hello, Brickwest Studio, formerly submitted by BrickyBricks82 to Lego Ideas, was given a second chance in the Bricklink Designer Program Round 2 competition. Due to the tragedy on the set of Rust, this set was moved to the Round 3. It had a good chance to qualify for production in round 2 but I fear it could not in the round 3 as a lot people are chatting about the 8 other projects. Only the first five designs to reach 3,000 pre-orders will be produced. I wonder if the fans of LEGO Historic Themes plan to buy a set like this? If you do, maybe we can make it real :) I love this set because it has an Old West vibe ;) What do you think about that? If you want more details, here is the link to the Bricklink Designer Program crowdfunding and the link to the Brickwest Studio project. (I don't know BrickyBricks82 and I have no interest in this project ^^ I just love this set and would like to share it with other people who would like to get one like me ;) )
  18. sander1992

    [MOC] Western

    Hi everyone, For the coming Lego event, Lego World, I have build three landscapes. One of them is based on the Fright Knights and another one is based on the Imperial Armada. This landscape is based on the old Western theme of 1996 and I focused more on the civilian part of the theme. The landscape was already finished in July, but it was a bit boring to look at. Only the house in the front has interior. The house next to the bank has a mechanism to turn the flames on the roof. Someone crash landed very close to the village. For more pictures, go to my Flickr album. Feedback and questions are welcome. Sander
  19. EDIT: I have turned this topic into a place where we, as Historical fans, can efficiently gather and support projects in these themes in Lego Ideas; so please feel free to add any that you find and I will amend this original post. If you like any of the projects listed, please consider supporting them over on Lego Ideas. Have you all seen these? Thoughts? Last Update: 18th June 2020. MADE IT! Medieval Blacksmith by Namirob. We made it! Namirob's Medieval Blacksmith is going to be made into a set. The Castle in the Forest by @povoq. - This has achieved support and fingers crossed, will be made into a set! Historically Accurate Rome by daevead. - This has achieved support needed. Brickwest Studios by Bricky_Brick @paokus. - Another 10k achievement from Bricky_Brick. That's 4 now, including the recent Pirate Bay set. Ending Soon (URGENT VOTES NEEDED): The Medieval Blacksmith by Cholmberg1. Medieval House (2999 Pieces) by llllllllll. (sic. I have not made a mistake here with the username lol). Medieval Farm by cubeous. The Grand Colosseum by jofra-imperial. Nearly There (Needs more votes): The Bakery by Bricky_Brick. @paokus Medieval Blacksmith Shop by LEGO ScapeSculptureDesign @Ben Pitchford. Classic Castle by DERBOOR. Aging Entries (Needs a boost): Viking longship by Beñat. Black Falcon Stronghold by Xman. Modular Wild West Saloon by joefreak2003. Siege the castle ! by @povoq. Trolls's Siege Brachiosaurus by @Destrier. Medieval Knight House by Namirob. The Fortress by Gandalf54. Colosseum (Architecture Style) by SkyWalter. Medieval Harbor by Namirob. - I love this. It's beautful. Medieval market by lennert476. Greek Temple by Imperator49. Kinetic Saloon Simple by brickster0404. Desert Palace by SirMiniLasha. The King’s Castle Chess Set (2 in 1) by FormidableSouthernTiger. Lego HeroQuest by KingGloriousSquirrel. Enchanted Haven by GondorSoldier. Rysendor's Island by Lego Landon. Medieval Castle by Lego fan 99. Viking longship by Beñat. Medieval Woodcutter's Cottage by Banana_Guy03. Adventures of Robin Hood by siuliano. The King's Castle Gatehouse by @Jcreations912. The Old Watchtower by HP_Brixxter. Archers Tower by RyszardBosiak. Cliffside Villa by OrientExpress26. Medieval Cottage by Lego User. Medieval Town Hall by HP_Brixxter. Studwalder Castle (Modular Castle) by HP_Brixxter. Secret of the Castle by Alpine Builder. Sage's Library by SMARLIN. The Argo, Legendary Greek Ship by Kropotin_vl. Medieval Tower by 1965MGTFB. Western Saloon by lachie1023. Forest Fortress by Blocker007. Princess June's Castle by legolux1973 @legolux1973. House of the Samurai by hischen. Fantasy Era Medieval House - Here Comes Trouble by l_hendriksen. Viking Longship with Working Catapult by legomountainfanatic. Classic Fairytale Castle by Maxence. Roman Chariot Racing Stadium by brickster0404. Medieval Dice Tower by El_Skutto (a bit unconventional, but it fits!). Mini LEGO Kit - The Mighty Castle by Dcomprime76 (a miniature scale entry). The Modular Knight's Castle by @klockizbroda. Harbrick Castle by kylav. Royal Knight Harbor Outpost by BrickJohnny. Viking Hall by Heimdallsen. Coyote Canyon by BrickJohnny. Windmill Defense by Banana_Guy03. Forgotten Fantasy Castle by DutchLegoMan. Medieval Stable by Banana_Guy03. Chromed Classics by MinifigInSpace. The Medieval Village by Danthelegoman. A Truly Wild Western Town by MinifigInSpace. Tolkien by BrickGallery. Medieval Watermill by Witz Bricks. Mini "Emerald Dream" by Lionard. Ancient Temple by Blocker007. Brickville Tavern by momirsarac. Medieval Dock House by LEGO ScapeSculptureDesign @Ben Pitchford. Fantasy Castle (micro-scale) by Timiny Cricket. Lava Castle (Microscale) by BrickDesignerNet. LEGO Robin Hood by @Jcreations912. The Mountain Windmill by Hanwasyellowfirst. Hidden Greek Temple by DutchLegoMan. Soutou Tenshu, Japan's Forgotten Past by Horlack @Horlack Bricks. Lord of the Rings Trilogy - Modular by BooCrackers12. Fairy Tale House by farmfarm. Castle Bridge Stone by @Master0889. Lego Medieval Farmer Village by Luuknijman. Tower of Three Wizards by MaverickBrick. Minas Tirith by @GJC15344. Medieval Guard House by Micro_Model_Maker, aka @legoMoccer. Roman temple by ROMVLVS. Wizards Keep by Woligan. Castle Mellori by Magiclaw. Four Swords Inn by Magiclaw. Medieval Windmill by Neon5. Medieval Windmill and Barn by BooCrackers12. Redbrick Outpost by GondorSoldier. Sheriff's Office by Angryclone. Druid Gathering in the Forest by Cromone. Monrepos by Orbiter88. Lion Knight's River Outpost by HP_Brixxter. The Wizard Tower by AdrienClochere. The Legend of Zelda BotW: Hyrule Castle by BrickGallery. Castle Outpost by xXgGhostXx. Mighty Fortress by hischen. Medieval Outpost by LEGO ScapeSculptureDesign @Ben Pitchford. Miner's Mountain by BeatBlocks. English Fort by Klarinik. Merlin's house by Davy_92. Olivia’s Get-Away by PeetersKevin @Perterz. Lighthouse of Alexandria by MA_bricks. Red Badger Border control by Neon5. Wizard’s forest house by Ranger03. Merlin's Tower by George Brickman. Wizard Tower by DominikQN. Plundering the Ancient Fortress by Bricks_Of_Tomorrow. Medieval House in the Forest by BooCrackers12. Medieval Puppet Show by Ben.Daly. The Wizard’s House by Michele16. Lion's Mountain Gate by ErockBrick. The Mill by J-Bricks1. Viking Longship (Knarr) Overseas Raider by jbmakemson. Castle Waterrock by Egol Okkas. The Conquest of the Outpost by Davy_92. Jason and the Argonauts - Triton by Justspb. The Great Kingdoms Gate by KAJAKSZATANA. The Black Knight's Castle by Alessandro 28. Old West General Store by J-Bricks1. Tribute to the King by frederic.q99. The Fortress by Crossway_Studios. Nobleman's House by DominikQN. The Dragon Attack by Jcreations912. Heailenregarr Outpost by @DanDelie. Medieval Inn by DominikQN. S.P.Q.R. Castrum - Microscale Roman Fortress by BriKKone. The Witches' Lair by Alessandro 28. The Satyr's House by Silver42. Medieval Siege Tower - Belfry by VamosYimmy. The Prancing Pony Inn by BriKKone. The Dragon and the Knight by Proteasome. Mediterranean Coastal Fort of the Knights by VamosYimmy. Ancient Roman Warship by VamosYimmy. The Parthenon by Mattix creations. Castle Chess Set by BricKatai. Medieval Cottage by BrickyHead. Medieval Marketplace by DominikQN. The Water Mill by ricbuilder225. The Mythical Camelot Castle by BrickHammer. Wolfpack Hideout - Old King's Castle! by @tomaaki. Wizard's Room by Andrew Bricksen. Raven Knight’s Castle by MrPotatoHead. Outpost Defence by SirSurprisedPoodle. Lord of the Rings Balrog and Gandalf by Alexmorsilla_8413. Wolfpack Fortress by Mefju. Attack On The Village by Crossway_Studios. Roman Warship by Iyan Ha. Medieval Observatory by SMARLIN. Old Castle. by MasterOGEL. Ninja Outpost by Greenflame24. King's Crown Carriage by VamosYimmy. Rock Diamond Sea Castle by Trixi van Park. Ironbeard Dwarf House by ErockBrick. Medieval Market Village by Commander Brick. Siege of Troy by Haluk Skywalker. Viking Warrior Temple by HammerofHenfryn. Temple of Horus by daevead. In the Hall of the Mountain King by RatAHatHat. Medieval Restaurant by tm.bricks. Viking Dwelling by beforekilling. Fort Iron Cactus by JaminStar. The Golden Hall of Edoras by BrickHammer. Fantasy Castle by @Jcreations912. Ancient Indian Fort Watchtower by TheDude98. Waytt McLego Rescue by Brick_come92. Medieval Farm House by @Jcreations912. Gargamel's House by ArchiZ. The Shire, the Hobbithole of Frodo and Bilbo Baggin's by TB Brickcreator. Tower Outpost by Iain McCarthy. Lord of the Rings: Edoras by theLOTRbuilder. White Stallion Tavern and Inn by Andrew Bricksen. The Tower of Barad-dúr by theLOTRbuilder. Lion Castle by Hsiao1. Wolfpack Castle by enowicki_AFOL. @enowickiafol Dinomads by brickster0404. Mountain Monastery by BrickHammer. Whistling Past the Old Orc Watch Tower Through the Ancient Bog by Captain Key. The Medieval Cottage by theLOTRbuilder. The Acropolis of Athens by AlphaBricks. Medieval Bakery by Dorino Dorino. Black Dragon Knights' Castle by yuptype. Ye Olde Dragon’s Inn by Bubis. LEGO Construct & Command: Forest Outpost Siege by LEGOConstruct_and_Command. WolfPack Hideout by @DanDelie. The Mushroom House by JohnyKov. Fantasy Dragon by Crossway_Studios. Castle of White Lord Afol and the Black Knights by SleeplessNight. New Entries: The Castle Of The Black Falcons by thkindcrusader. Minas Tirith by Dar-nat-phné. Medieval Homestead by MegaPeskyPineapple. Smaug by Brick-A-Brac. Creator Windmill 3 x 1 by FranzPlus. Asterix the Gaul by Ganpat the Celt. Bone Wing by HerboRyanSeth_6561. Royal Residence by SomethingOfAScientistMyse. Winter Castle by Lukas_84.
  20. Ever since they had crossed into the Colorado territory, she couldn’t help but think the clouds looked like elephants. ----------------- This build will be installed at History Colorado Center in Denver, Colorado for the summer
  21. Lieutenant Ferguson of the 3rd Cavalry was on leave from Fort Caine and headed home to his cabin with his dog Hercules. He was pleased to see the hearth fire burning as he approached from the stream bank - his wife must be preparing dinner. He would surprise her. However, as he got closer to the house, he saw a black form scurry behind the cabin. Hercules made chase.
  22. evancelt

    [MOC] Repeating Rifles

    Welcome to Fort Caine! Let's get you boys some of these new repeating rifles! Purpose of this little build was to try out sand blue boot legs (left) side-by-side with medium blue boot legs (right). The sand blue boot legs have black boots and the medium blue ones have dark brown boots. Which do you like better on the blue cavalry?
  23. As the 6th Maine headed south away from Gettysburg, Corporal Breckinridge spotted a huge blasted tree trunk that must have caught artillery fire. He smiled and thought to himself, “That must have been a big tree!”. It was the first time he had smiled since the battle had ended.
  24. This is a story belongs to old western miners. In the spring of 1823, Trevor and Austin brothers found a mine near Louisiana. Their only dream was to become rich, but things did not turn out as they had hoped. Category 1 (SMALL SET) Sheriff's Office : 77 pieces (10 USD) Category 1 (MAIN SET) FIGHT FOR GOLD : ~ 1100 pieces (110 USD) An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Bandits or Miners, choose your side.. Category 2 (MINIFIGURE LINE UP) Miners; Trevor and Austin brothers at right and their cousins at left side. (Dustin, Maynard, Reeves) Bandits; Billie, Jack and Jesse brothers. They had a bad childhood. There is only one thing they are good at, BRAVADO The stands under the figures are also included. You can display your figures with these stands likewise batmobile, thumbler etc. sets.. Moreover, there will be 5 more sets next to the sets above which are; - Gold Mine: This is a set which will be around 70 USD including a skunk, Austin, Reeves and Maynard. - Sheriff's Building: This set will cost around 80 USD and includes 4 minifigures. Sheriff Wyatt, his deputy, Billie and Jack where Jack is in prison and Billie tries to save him. -Camp fire: It will be a 20 USD set consists of Jack, Jesse, a snake and a horse. Jack and Jesse makes camp fire while travelling. -Chasing bandits: Consists of 3 minifigures; sheriff Wyatt, his deputy and Jack also some trees and horses. It will cost around 30 USD. -Stagecoach: It will cost around 45 USD which includes two horses and 3 minifigures as Dustin, Maynard and Reeves.
  25. evancelt

    [MOC] Engine Trouble

    The starboard nacelle was acting up again. He'd have to set the shuttle down and run some diagnostics. Hopefully the inhabitants of this planet were friendly.