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  1. Ah right makes sense. Though the Harry Potter castles are kind of the rich lord type castle/old University type architecture plus semi-modern setting and more wizardry than knights. Using this Willow one in particular now. It has the dragon, knights, battlements, gate, catapults etc that fits closer to a castle theme. The main character is becoming a wizard like Harry Potter but the rest fits closer. Wonder if it was a set and released if it would be compared a bit that way. Or if it's considered completely it's own thing without too many realizing it's a bit like having a new castle.
  2. Could see them doing a castle if the ip required it. Because with a default non ip castle they have the 3 in 1, and the set people voted for. And recently the blacksmith. So feel it would need different things added in or character that can hold the set on themselves. (Not talking about Willow but in general. Who knows for sure though.
  3. Interesting point! We probably do need to get a new ip approved to get a castle. Especially with the new creator set now. Thank you for supporting! Fingers crossed! None of 56 or so projects have gotten 10k (the biggest one was an expired 3k one). But hopefully this is one of them if any of them do reach.
  4. Fixed it now by making it simple . Thank you for the extra push.
  5. Tried to modify it 6 times but couldn't get it right for any of them. 🀣 Think need to redo it from scratch with mouth closed.
  6. Thanks! Thanks! About General Kael I thought he was the generic villain with the spiked horned helmet common tropes like in Beastmaster and what not. But they gave him a bit of character being loyal to the evil queen and what not even being mistreated. True I realized it myself for the beast but wanted to rush out the set anyway haha. I think I'll use some studs on the side and add round parts to build it up now looking at it. Screwdriver pieces. They work quite well! Spears or harpoons could be used as well for similar builds but of course the screwdrivers matched better here for the movie design.
  7. Willow is a 1988 film with story and produced by George Lucas and directed by Ron Howard. With Warwick Davis in the lead role. It will have a Disney TV series in 2022. The project has 513 as of this time on LEGO Ideas: If you like it, please support it's free! Tir Asleen: portcullis (raised by a winch on the battlements) Rolling barrel rolling down the walkway like in the film. On the left: tunnel (on a hinge piece. In the film Madmartigan hid with boxes/hay in the film and surprised attack Queen Bavmorda troops) Battle over the bridge with the troll: Also notice a person frozen in a crystal and the troll poo that Madmartigan unluckily steps in the film Another person trapped in a crystal. And a cage similar to the one Madmartigan was in earlier in the film. Catapult. In the film it's placed on the battlements between the two towers. The Eborsisk dragon that Willow accidentally transformed from a troll. Project Link again:
  8. Ah those ones! I think I saw them used as hay roofs but at different angles so that it was longer vertically. This one was flatter which worked well for a Japanese roof. I also previously used them as arena walls with the curve arching outward at the top. Here are some raw views, shadows still strong but some parts could be clearer:
  9. Thanks! Thanks! The brown technic pins on the side of it? Thanks! A 3D view might of helped here. Might see if I can export it all (and add the string to the lift). Or wait to update it and then try to do a 3d preview. Thanks! Theres some raw renders down in the comments of the project (but the strong shadows are still there from the hdr image used in the rendering).
  10. Link: Wanted to make a set based on japan that would include a section of a forest as well as some buildings. While having cliffs that could open up and have more of a display/play area in the process. Tried to cram as many details as I could to generate a certain feel to the set. While trying to make the trees in a new realistic way so they stand out. Front view with the characters: Opened View: Tree and ground that's accessed at the center when it's opened. The front of the design. With the stonepath staircase, waterways and waterfall. Marketplace The big statue on the bottom level can be turned. Back of the cave system below the building: Roof: Side view: Kitchen Room (above the cave) Samurai Armour Room (Above the Kitchen) Roof Room: Statues: Characters, some are fantastical like the short Nuppeppo (folklore creature) and the Samurai guardian: Thanks for viewing, let me know what you think.
  11. Got a Japan Fortress Set: And a Indian Palace Set:
  12. Nice One! Was hoping they would let you import custom ones in the future but this is a good workaround! It's under the same path in windows to where you installed it. You can search " stu " after the windows key, rick click Studio 2.0 , press open file location. then follow path > PhotoRealisticRenderer/win/32/HDR/ Free HDR:
  13. MasterStud

    Naboo Real Life Location - Villa Del Balbianello

    Sick! I went back to the scene when building the building hoping it was a regular Gondola from the lake so I could include it. But saw it was a Star Wars only version haha. But wouldn't be able to include any type of boat anyway aside from the 1 piece row boat maybe because of the 3000 piece count limit on LEGO Ideas.