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  1. ramar

    [MOC] Hedgehog's Home

    Thank you very much for your comment! And yes, he is a bit of a lonesome night rambler.
  2. My latest project. Thanks for watching. Cheers!
  3. Hello everyone, My new MOC inspired by my favourite scene from Cloud Atlas movie. Thanks for watching! ca01 by Ivo Hilje, on Flickr ca04 by Ivo Hilje, on Flickr ca09 by Ivo Hilje, on Flickr ca10 by Ivo Hilje, on Flickr ca12 by Ivo Hilje, on Flickr
  4. ramar

    Winter Serenity

    Beautiful! I really like this build! The snow and the trees are awesome! Nice work!
  5. ramar

    Red Sonja Bust

    Love her character! Great build!
  6. ramar

    Medieval Windmill

    The landscape looks amazing, so many details. I could probably look at this moc for hours and still find something new to see. Awesome build! I really like it!
  7. ramar

    [MOC] Medival Micro Village

    Great build! I especially like gear trees.
  8. ramar

    A more elaborate Western House

    I agree about the colors and the columns, simple but so effective. Another great build.
  9. ramar

    Gate of Rogatino

    Yeah, great wall and great build all together!
  10. ramar

    An Old West Town

    So many details in every part of the creation. Really amazing work! I will probable study this MOC more to pick up some ideas.
  11. ramar

    MOC - Western Laundry Shop

    I like the colors of the building. Looks very nice!
  12. ramar


    Hello! To me this is a great MOC, especially for the first one. It's planned, detailed and by the characters you can see there's a story in it. The wall is just great. I agree that ground could be more detailed (I know mine gave me headache with my MOC). I believe more experience builders will address this topic much better. Looking forward to see more of your creations soon!
  13. ramar

    Some More Western Houses

    Great creations, colourful yet tidy and the characters fit in perfectly. I especially liked the jail!