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Found 12 results

  1. This building is inspired by set 10263 (Winter Village Fire Station), while the fire truck was inspired by CARS 2 set 9484 (Red's Water Rescue) and Gift With Purchase set 40586. (Moving Truck) As you can see, the building has been heavily modified, with it having removable floors and an bright red color scheme along with a rear half added on. Compared to other modular buildings, the tower roof is just about the same height as the shorter building in the modular Detective Office set. The rear of the building has a couple windows. The lower floor is accessible through the front garage door or by removing the second floor. Speaking of the garage, it fits the vintage fire truck quite nicely. The upper floor roof is removable, to access the enclosed bunk-room and get at the kitchen. Four figures can sleep in the bunk beds. I even have a bathroom in there! Since 2012, when the Cars 2 set 9484 (Red's Water Rescue) was released, I've been trying to build a better front half for that set. Then I saw a MOC over on Rebrickable turning set 40586 (Moving Truck GWP) into a fire truck, as seen here. It hit me I could combine my 6-wide cabin version of the moving truck with the Cars fire truck. What you see above is the result. (I changed the nose quite a bit from the original truck, as something about it just felt off) The truck features four hoses, a roof-mounted ladder and water pump controls. If it weren't for the fireman hats being in the way, you could potentially seat two figures in the cab. As it is, it will seat one and a Dalmatian. (Also, both of the doors open.) As for firemen, I have four of these 1980's guys, with one having a gold helmet for us as a Captain. (picture from Bricklink) Thoughts? NOTE: The original version of the model is shown in spoiler: Finished 2/6/24!
  2. Operacion Saturno

    Black ladder pieces

    Hello. I have a question. How to restore the black color on 1x2 plate with ladder pieces 4175? It seems some of those black pieces start to look white with time. I tried soap and ithe whitening t gets worst. Thanks.
  3. Kozikyo86

    [MOC] The Black Serpent

    Hello Lego Castle Fans! for starters - it's going to be a long slow project :) Do you remember 6057 Sea Serpent set from 1992? I've never had this set in my collection, I thought it might be worth building a new version... for Black Falcons fraction! One week ago I started building my first ship project - Medieval Cog "The Black Serpent"! This is still work in progress moc, I have a lot of work to do :) Now, has 43 cm long and almost 900 parts (will be more). Then I will make my own sail, so far I have prepared the material (my old pillow), I painted it white, I still have to paint the Black Falsons logo. But it's not over! I also want buils some area, fragment of sea and coast with some stronghold - for Raven Knights. The next steps are: - complete the ship's design, - make a sail, - order a lot of new parts, - hunt few sheeps from set 10775 I prepared the first material from this project, if you are interested, check out my youtube - Edge of Bricks channel :)
  4. Project Link: Support for free using the LEGO Ideas website to help get this project to 10,000 in hopes that it becomes a LEGO Ideas set! Make LEGO King Kong Happen! Shorter url version: King Kong Two-Legged Lizard + References Dragon Dinosaur + References Trex + References Spider + References Display all figures and creatures at front If you like the set it is also available on LEGO ideas to support for the chance of it becoming an official set! link if interested: The Log Posed The Trex Spider from the Ravine Two-Legged Lizard attacks John Side of Wall The Cave The Natives The Gong Ann on tree Back of Spider Dragon looking Dinosaur (Son of Kong)
  5. While working on another fire department truck, which I will present you soon, the idea for a neat small vehicle came to my mind. So I interrupted the other building process for ten minutes and created this fire department turntable ladder. I consists of 24 parts (26 parts with nozzle and "water" as shown on Picture above). Maybe we can renounce the mandatory video this time... The picture with the bottom view will reveal all the intricate mechanisms ;-)
  6. Hi guys, I'm new here, and I want to present my newest MOC: Pierce Arrow XT "Tiller Truck" in colors of San Jose Fire Department A tiller truck, also known as a tractor-drawn aerial, tiller ladder, or hook-and-ladder truck, is a specialized turntable ladder mounted on a semi-trailer truck. Unlike a commercial semi, the trailer and tractor are permanently combined and special tools are required to separate them. It has two drivers, with separate steering wheels for front and rear wheels. One of the main features of the tiller-truck is its enhanced maneuverability. The independent steering of the front and back wheels allow the tiller to make much sharper turns which is particularly helpful on narrow streets and apartment complexes with mazelike roads. An additional feature of the tiller-truck is that its overall length, over 50 feet (15 m) for most models, allows for additional storage of tools and Equipment Some departments elect to use tiller-quints, which are tiller trucks that have the added feature of being fitted with an on-board water tank.[5] These are particularly useful for smaller departments that do not have enough personnel to staff both an engine company and a truck company. Real tiller truck responding: My Lego model has this functions: Hauler: - front axle steering "Hand of God" - movable engine pistons, wheel setup 6x4 - cab tilting - openable doors - lighting: 5x PF Lights, 6x Light brick 1x2 - (Lights & Sound) Ladder trailer: - wheels steering, (either with steering wheel in tillermans cab or through gearing on fifth wheel) - openable stowage compartments - sliding doors on tillerman`s cab - side outriggers - (hand operated) - ladder lifting - 2x linear actuator (hand operated) - ladder rotation - (hand operated) ,360° range - ladder boom (hand operated with string) - lighting: 5x PF Lights, Battery-Box, 1x PF Switch,+ 1x M-Motor & 2x PF Switch for flashing effect
  7. ParmBrick

    [MOC] Fire Ladder no. 2

    Hi mates, today I post my Fire Truck Ladder no. 2, the model is based on 2012 set 60002 "Fire Truck". I added two more big compartments and two small boxes, light, more equipments, two small fire hoses with control panel. Finally, I added more segments to the ladder and a chest.
  8. ParmBrick

    [MOC] Fire Ladder no.1

    Hello, this is the time to post my Fire Ladder no.1. The model is based on 2004 set 7239 "Fire Truck". Now has a lot of equipments, more storage boxes and compartments, fire hoses and two control panel on the sides, lights, water spear and ladder with 7239 mechanism. This truck can tow a divers unit with dinghy. The divers unit:
  9. Hello everybody, i'd like to introduce my newest creation! This is my minfig-scale ladder truck, based on a Metz L32A on Mercedes Atego Chassis. I hope you enjoy! 1 by hypo_fire, on Flickr 2 by hypo_fire, on Flickr 3 by hypo_fire, on Flickr 4 by hypo_fire, on Flickr 5 by hypo_fire, on Flickr 6 by hypo_fire, on Flickr 7 by hypo_fire, on Flickr 8 by hypo_fire, on Flickr 9 by hypo_fire, on Flickr 10 by hypo_fire, on Flickr 11 by hypo_fire, on Flickr 12 by hypo_fire, on Flickr With kind regards, Heiko
  10. Hey! i just want to present you my entry for the [mini] technic build contest. It's my mini technic ladder, consisting of exactly 200 parts (199 ldd count, 200 because of turntable assembly) The functions are: steering stabilizers tilting the ladder turntable A picture of the parts will come soon. Greetz, Hypo
  11. Farnheim

    MOC: 4wide snorkel ladder

    Hello citizens, another 4wide MOC I've created a while back is this hydraulic platform. Many fire brigades here in Germany uses this kind of equipment instead of the regular turntable ladders and it is getting more and more common. Its flexibility especially in difficult terrain is a good reason to buy… So did the Farnheim Fire Department. This MOC features realistic arm movement, a bigger platform with a control panel, working lights and the possibility to mount a stretcher to the platform for the safe rescue of injured people from great heights. You can also expand a simple hydraulic stabilizer for a safe hold. A few details, like a small Generator, two compartments for equipment, a typical paint scheme with yellow markers and a lowered heavy-duty-cab. Enjoy! Hope you like it, even if you're more in 6w or/and 8w…. Regards, Farnheim
  12. zephyr1934

    Custom 1xN ladders

    As I mentioned in my post about the GN S2 MOC, I have slipped one step further down the Lego purity slope and made my own ladders. (click on the image or here to see the full gallery) You can see examples of the short ladders clipped on at the front of the tender and the long ladders clipped on at the back of the tender. If you look closely at the ladders on the front of the tender, you will see that the surface is matte (they will not be mistaken for shiny bricks), but some of the lego bars have a similar matte surface. The spacing between rungs is similar to the lego bars, but I've made the holes square instead of rectangular. Probably not something a minifig would want to put their foot in. I think the dimensions look a lot better for my rolling stock and it is definitely a heck of a lot easier than trying to do a brick built version. This past week I've retrofitted one of my earliest MOCs with the new ladder- original in back and new in front. Click on the image to see more, including the smaller ladder on the other end of the car. I like the proportions a lot better. After doing this change, I see a lot of other tweaks that I will do to the boxcar, e.g., using grilled cheese bricks for the running boards leading to the ladder, removing the buffers You can see photos of all four sizes that I've fabricated so far here. And for those of you who want to be tempted down the purity slope, you can do so here. Enjoy!