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  1. Land Carrier Khagaan

    The combination of brilliant modelling and videography makes this a truly amazing masterpiece, well done. I love that the use of the nano-figs makes this monster look even bigger then it is.
  2. This is a hard one, should I fill up on Technic or Trains/City first? @makoy Would I be allowed to buy several of set 7499 (Flexible and Straight Tracks), but then sell the flex tracks and spend the money on some other sets? I only want the straight sections, as they're quite expensive on BL. I don't even know if this exercise is worth it though, I'll have to give it more thought...
  3. Procrastination Thread

    Using the site for procrastinating again, avoiding preparing for Uni... even though I've only got a week left...
  4. What is your favorite youtube channel?

    I think my LEGO-related favorites have to be JANGBRiCKS, Sariel and Hamster Productions. The latter's animations are excellent, and you can clearly see a progression from his older videos to the recent ones. The difference in style between the two former ones is good to see, it demonstrates how versatile our hobby can be. Non-LEGO related, I enjoy the channels of Colin Furze, Tom Scott and Geoff Marshall, and also the music of Wintergatan. A very odd mix, but it certainly provides a variety of content.
  5. [MOC] 'Bricks Cross' - Train Station

    This is a really nice model of a small inner-city London station. I think in real life a compact structure such as this would be provided on a single-track line feeding into the city, where the extra bay platform is required so shorter-journeyed trains can terminate here from the center whilst others continue further out to the suburbs. I can see how it all fits together, with the building and ticket hall above the tracks, very useful in built-up areas. I think it needs a lift for disabled access though! The ticket machines look very London-like, especially the circular yellow Oyster-card readers on them! Overall a great job, I can't wait to see it in real bricks!
  6. Discussion: Now what?...Is Kragl the answer?

    I seem to be committing the heinous crime of mixing non-LEGO parts with standard parts! I find it fairly easy to spot the difference; a different shade of white or yellow, far-too-bright green parts, parts that don't exist in real LEGO, or one brand that has bricks slightly shorter in height making them incompatible, especially the 1x6x5 panels which are almost a plate too short! I find them useful however, as e.g. I like to build in yellow, but I have few parts and run out frequently; the result is that I will willingly use the non-LEGO parts. I try to avoid doing so, and if I must I put them inside the model where they won't be so noticeable, but some brands are so close that they look correct at a distance and I am fine with them being there. If I wanted to take all them out I could easily, as I know exactly where they are and what they look like. The benefits of a small collection! When I was younger I always saw the inferior quality of non-LEGO parts, but would frequently get parents to buy them as they were cheaper, had unusual parts, or were more available in my locality. This is probably why I am more lenient towards them; it all depends on what is available to you.
  7. Double Bucket Wheel GBC

    I like that with this GBC, you have't just created an interesting and unusual method of moving the balls, but you've made it look excellent too! I love that the whole thing resembles a large industrial sieving/screening plant, and the minifigs top it off as everyone else has said. Very well done!
  8. I also observed this 'return' of the fail-to-navigate bug, whereby the page fades to a ghostly white and occasionally brings up a 'loading' icon instead of actually bringing up the next page. Sometimes it will work after a while, but mostly it needs refreshing when it happens. Many threads are fine and load perfectly, sometimes they will do this.
  9. 2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    You may want to have a look over in train tech for more speculation on this. We're expecting some trains, but have no idea what they'll be. I agree that a level crossing and some other infrastructure would be nice, but with the Winter Village station it's looking less likely.
  10. Ballabreek 2017

    Nice work! What happened to the kite guy? You know, the one from about February... wasn't he employed by this lot toward the end? I'm enjoying watching these stories unfold, they're pretty good.
  11. These presenters are, as far as I know, not AFOLs in any way, shape or form! There will definitely be some cringe in there with those. I'll watch it anyway, as I live in the UK.
  12. Windows 8/Chrome and nay, 'tis not working. EDIT: The 'next' page button seems to be temperamental again, fading page to ghostly white and not actually loading the next page. Don't know if this is something to do with the theme, I remember it was a major problem a while ago. EDIT #2: Indeed, it know works as you would expect, as of 18:15 UK time. Perhaps due to the fact I have posted in the thread. Also, the aforementioned next-page-loading-failure still exists. Sometimes slow loading, sometimes complete failure to change page.
  13. 10259 Winter Village Station

    It's a nice set, although more floor space inside the station building would have been nice. The recoloured parts are nice, and the level crossing is actually done quite well and almost universal in it's design (I think). Side note: what is it with LEGO's pictures being over-saturated? I now can't tell whether the bus is mainly bright-light yellow as it appears to be in the designer video, or the standard yellow it looks like in the pictures! The bright green also appears to bright in the pictures, as it always does.
  14. (MOC) Constitution Bar WIP

    Hmm. I like the architectural details you've fitted in, but the colour keeps making me think it's a black-and-white photograph with some elements (flags, flowers etc) highlighted in colour; my mind can't get it straight that this is all it's actual colours. Perhaps more dark tan would help, but it's going to be a tricky one to get the balance right.
  15. [MOC] BR24 (German standard steam locomotive)

    Impressive work! I like the size; it's not too small a locomotive, but not enormous either. I may have to build something similar...