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  1. [LDD MOC] 60198 Preliminary replica

    Thanks! If anyone does build it, I would be interested to see how it comes out. I've realised the window in the door doesn't exist in DBG, so it's been replaced by 60032. 87552 is another alternative. The 1x2x2 panel just behind the cab windows also don't exist in green or DBG, but could easily be replaced by bricks. The 1x2 inverted bracket under the nose exists in white but not yellow, but could be replaced by the train end piece anyway. I think everything else is fine. Here's the Bricksafe folder, with more pictures and the .lxf files:
  2. After seeing the prelinary pictures for 60198 on Reddit/Imgur, I decided to have a go at building a MOC based on them, albeit only in LDD as I have no access to real bricks. Sticking to the original colour scheme, and using some designs posted by @creator_hun and @BrickMusher in the 2018 topic, I came up with this: Now, the doors are not the same as the pictures as I wanted them to be recessed rather then just have a handrail sticking out. I also added some more detailed pantographs than the standard 3-piece ones LEGO tends to use, and the underframe detail is entirely freelance too. Overall though, I think it looks pretty good. Then I thought: this loco is based off the SNCF BB 22200, which seems mainly used on passenger trains. So what would it look like in 60051 colours, with some of the carriages in tow? The answer is pretty neat: If one were to build this IRL the glass in the windows would have to be trans-brown rather than clear. I coloured the window frames dark grey to match the surrounds on the coaches, and the ends yellow because I'm British and that's what I'm used to seeing. My final thought was "what if one of these was used to rescue a broken-down 60051?" This is a scene inspired by the East Coast Main Line, where a couple of Class 67 "Thunderbird" locos are held ready to haul failed Class 91 trains. This required a little modification of the underside of 60051's nose to get a coupling in, but it works. All these come with the disclaimer that as I have only built them in LDD I have no idea if all the parts exist in the relevant colours. I am sure most of them do, and if not they could easily be replaced by similar parts or different colours. I will probably not be building these in bricks anytime soon, but anyone is welcome to have a go. They're really not hard to reverse engineer. Overall, what do you think? Are there any other colour schemes I should try?
  3. 2018 Lego Trains

    Some spot-on descriptions by the look of it. 60197 is definitely trying to be a Eurostar. I love the details in the background, especially the octan logo! The 60198 engine doesn't look as nice as the prelim did to my eyes, but it's not awful. The crane looks pretty good though; it's clearly pretty similar in colour, size and potentially functionality to the one in 60169 Cargo Terminal. The containers are also identical, meaning these sets at least will work well together. The Power Functions logo is in the corner, and the controller is certainly new and as yet uncoloured. It's smaller but boxier; that makes it easier to build around, but it looks less comfortable to hold. We'll have to wait to see how the rest of the system has changed.
  4. 2018 Lego Trains

    Excellent work, thank you @JEB314 (James)! If the set only comes with 16 curves, the siding must be out at an angle to the loop. Odd. At least we get an official buffer stop. Sure, but they're not entirely relevant know we know 60198 isn't like the reddit pictures. I might post them in a new topic.
  5. 2018 Lego Trains

    Oh dear... SNCF BB22200 + BR 37 = ??? A mess, probably. I guess they decided whatever building technique was employed to get the window upside down was too advanced. That does sound quite unpleasant now, but I expect I'll change my mind later as usual. Never mind, I've gotten a nice-looking LDD MOC out of my replica of those video pictures. (I discovered recolouring it into the 60051 livery and giving it nice pantographs makes a really neat train!)
  6. 2018 Lego Trains

    It would be interesting if the other parts of the set were designed to be doubled up, such as the small platform these sets inevitably come with, or the track layout (not entirely sure how yet). A way to potentially increase sales and provide longer, more realistic trains. How good the train will look going round in circles with only one set will be interesting though. Thanks. Do you mean with the arched shaping and everything? That's a shame. This is going to be really nit-picky, but did you see a picture of the remote in a corner? If so, was it the traditional PF IR grey-and-orange one, or a different design? I'm clutching at straws here... . Don't worry if you can't remember, we'll all get to see eventually. On the PF front, I think LEGO's options were: 1) stay with PF IR, 2) stay with PF but introduce a new Bluetooth receiver and controller/app, or 3) migrate trains entirely to the new PF 2.0 (see here:, or here: Whilst the second option is most attractive in terms of backwards compatibility, its the least likely of the three; why would you only change one component? A potential advantage of changing to PF 2.0 is the introduction of smaller battery boxes etc. I've tried to research the current use of PF 2.0; it's been released for a WeDo version 2 and the LEGO BOOST set, which also uses Bluetooth control from an app on a tablet. I can't tell if these systems are compatible; they look like they should be, but WeDo runs on 3V whilst BOOST is 9V. We will probably just have to wait and see.
  7. Lego British Fire Engine

    That's pretty good! I think this variant suits the slanted window screen, and overall just looks perfect. The white section of the bumper looks a little too large/tall though, depending on which specific variant you're going for. The ones I've seen have grey ones anyway; perhaps that would fit better. Very nice job though!
  8. 2018 Lego Trains

    Hold on. A class 37 with pantographs? The hell? Are you sure it's not the SNCF BB22200 (google images link) we saw in some shade of green earlier? If you've come here with information, we want all of it! I like the sound of 60198 coming with a set of buffers though; even if that does mean it's likely to only come with one set of points, it will be nice to finally get an official design. I wonder how well it will cope with having trains rammed into it. The 'bank van' sounds like TLG's trying to link the trains to the police theme, which I'm not so sure about. Well, overall it looks like we're finally getting the train theme rocked up a bit, doesn't it? If they've gone for a PF 2.0 variant then it will all be interesting. We'll have to wait and see. *forces self not to get over excited*
  9. Ballabreek 2018

    Good to see this back! I like the story behind the update, it works well. Will the old train be bought by a preservationist or museum (perhaps on the mainland)? I quite like the diesel engine, even if it should be battery-electric if it's working in an enclosed mine, and it does feature the bizarre inclusion of a steering wheel. Similarly, perhaps the haulage firm will be used to bring in some more new equipment in the future? What will the locals think of the increased road traffic and noise/dust involved in taking the ore away? Perhaps a new conveyor system would speed up unloading, and be quieter? So many questions! Don't worry about the photography, it's fine. I'm waiting (im)patiently for the next update, as ever!
  10. Mac OS security fix

    It was site maintenance; I discovered it refused to connect from a Windows machine last night. When I checked EB's Facebook page there was this, posted at 22:07 (GMT): "Our server is undergoing maintenance and will be rebooted several times over the next nine hours. If you are trying to access Eurobricks and the page is not loading. Please try again in nine hours. Thank you."
  11. TRAIN TECH Help, General Questions & Talk to the Staff

    I take it you mean the 2x2 stud attaching point of part 64424 etc? I always found that odd, and only useful on one occasion when I discovered I could route a gear train through it for a compact shunter. It didn't work anyway! Considering the buffer beam is almost always used officially in the recess on the train wheel assembly, which therefore has studs higher than it, having a smooth top really makes no sense. It's not as if that part might be on the underside of a train base plate on a bogie and need to move side to side.
  12. Neat! Building a non-extant yet easily plausible model is an excellent way to confuse a lot of people... This MOC looks excellent, it's got a neat colour scheme, the shapes are well defined, and I love how the boom fits into the transporting bed smoothly. Good job all round. It reminds me somewhat of a type of railway crane, using two booms in tandem to lift and replace whole panels of track at a time on a parallel line. I'm surprised such a machine for exact and easy pipe-laying doesn't exist in real life.
  13. Allan's vehicle and building creations ... photo updates.

    Excellent! I need to see that car wash in action once it's finished. If only it had real water! Not a good idea where motors are involved. Although, with some re-purposing of pneumatic stuff, I'm sure it could be done... hmm. I think it would look better if it had a low fence along the front as well, between the pavement and the driveway, to keep the passing minifigs safe. It also needs the general clutter and weeds that will inevitably build up in all the corners and around the base of the walls! Overall It's a lovely scene, and an excellent way to display some good MOCs.
  14. How many sets do you own?

    Rebrickable/Brickset etc states I have 84, which isn't bad. Mainly City, Creator and Technic, and only the smaller sets at that. Approx 9,800 parts overall. They've all been long dismantled into the general collection, and therefore into my MOCs. Some of those aren't actually mine and some of them are probably missing many parts if I tried to rebuild them all, but never mind.
  15. 2018 Lego Trains

    Dammit, the pictures came out whilst I was asleep! Looking at the passenger train I instantly thought 'hideous'. Then I spotted it looked like BR colours (blue/grey, yellow end), and reading this thread dredged my memory; it clearly looks a lot like the old BR HST prototype and the current EuroStar. The cargo train looks very nice to my eyes, but is an odd colour currently. Definitely one of my favourites in terms of styling and detailing (a euro train that doesn't use the same piece 7939 and 60098 used), but seems to be a bit too similar to 7898. However, both trains are of a distinctly European origin, which makes me wonder why LEGO would go this route. The trains also look a bit too much like MOCs to me, but if that's the direction LEGO goes to sell more trains I'm fine by it.