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  1. ColletArrow

    Technic 2022 Set Discussion

    Fully agreed - the Xerion has enough parts count that it looks neat, tidy and recognisable, *and* has two or three functions. This looks...well, I don't like being harsh, especially on mini-models where you're heavily limited by parts. But this loader is a right mess - I didn't realise was Volvo until I saw the logo on the packet, and I'm somewhat surprised Volvo let their name be put on it. The cab is full of worm gear! On the other hand I know that as a 7+ year-old I would definitely have asked to buy it, so here's hoping it'll sell well and get more people into Technic.
  2. ColletArrow

    LEGO Trains 2022

    I don't know if anyone's noticed, but the link above now has a high-res image on it... Yeh it's not that great for us train-heads, is it? Fairly simple, the three-part pantograph and the ingots for the doors aren't bad, but the sides and the slopes along the sides of the roof are kind of boxy and plain. Also it doesn't look like the wheels are even on bogies, so corners will be fun! The box art in @zephyr1934's link reminds me heavily of BRIO or wooden-railway trains; maybe that's the market they're aiming this set at?
  3. ColletArrow

    [MOC] Hythe Pier Railway

    Fantastic! I've just realised I never clarified, I was actually talking about the loco itself when I first mentioned it - since it's much smaller than the coaches it's also much lighter, and thus a little less stable. But comparing the latest wobbly-ised train with the original, I think I can say it's now more realistic! How well does it run the other way, with the "loco" "propelling"? I would expect it to be very similar, since the train structure is practically symmetrical with the powered coach in the middle and an unpowered coach and small, light truck (effectively) at each end. (Did I mention one of our party refused to get the train on the way back on our trip, preferring instead to walk? This might have been why... )
  4. ColletArrow

    [MOC] Hythe Pier Railway

    It is most definitely still operating - I was on it this afternoon! I was going to the New Forest for a walk, and hopped on the ferry and then the pier train, since the main railway line was closed for works. In fact, whilst I was riding this very train, I glanced at my phone and there was this page, with a LEGO version of the very same train staring straight back at me - couldn't beat that for timing! Hey, I think you can call that prototypical, it's not exactly a quiet train. Overall you've assembled a fantastic little train of models, which looks very good as a complete set of somewhat mis-matched carriages and loco. The doors technique works very well (even if it means you can't pose them open - we left them wide open throughout our journey today ), and the circuit-cubes power adds yet another level of interest. The only thing from the video is the engine looks a tad light and wobbly - would there be any way to add weight to it? Finally, it has to be asked - are you going to build a model of the pier next? Make sure to leave the prototepyical gaps between the planks, so you can look out of the train carriage straight down to the sea below!
  5. ColletArrow

    LEGO Malayan Railway 20 Class - Narrow Gauge Train MOC

    Stupdenous work! At first glance, it looks very good. Then you start looking closer at all the excellent brick techniques that capture the shapes perfectly (especially around those cab and side windows), and finally you see the lights and hear the sounds... you've built another all-around fantastic model, well done!
  6. Fantastic! I'm probably echoing what everybody else has been saying, but that you've got such a functional little critter with not only power but a working uncoupler, in such a small and yet accurately-detailed body, is no mean feat. And the whole unloading scene is perfect, there's just so much to like there. As usual, excellent work all around - it looks like those judging OcTRAINber are going to have a challenge this year, as always!
  7. ColletArrow

    Evans Auto-Railer E-2 Locomotive

    Now there's some impressive work - I don't think I've ever seen a fully-motorised LEGO road-railer before*! And you've achieved some really tricky shaping with the bodyshell - it looks as bizarre as the prototype! *As a side-note, it's great to see what people are doing with these Circuit Cubes, I definitely need to get myself some when I'm next reunited with my real bricks...
  8. Very strange, all I see is a .jpg file name... anyway. Your tower-on-wheels is certainly coming together nicely; unless you'd pointed out the subtle colour variation I don't think I'd have noticed it. I like the inclusion of the 4-juniors figure - at the risk of revealing my age, that one came with the first LEGO set I owned ! And is that the yellow of an LED I spy behind the headlamps...?
  9. An excellent model of a unique little loco, and a fine addition to your ever-expanding collection! Unfortunately you're latest photo just shows up as this for me Just the latest one, the rest of them are fine...
  10. This is a fantastic thread! First of all we get yet another incredibly detailed, accurate yet 'simple' model of an unusual prototype from @Paperinik77pk , but then @HoMa turns it up a notch with the real build and some beautifully atmospheric shots! Excellent work both, I've really enjoyed reading!
  11. ColletArrow

    Two little brothers

    This is a fantastic little model with a wealth of detail, and the custom rods really make it pop! Of the two, despite my British Rail biases, I would agree that the NS yellow-grey version is the more visually interesting; it also means the details you've captured stand out much more. But I was never a fan of the plain black or green BR shunters in the first place, I much prefer the wasp-stripe liveries . Finally, the age-old question: do you intend to build these in real bricks any time soon? Don't worry if not, I've built far more digital MOCs than real ones
  12. ColletArrow

    [MOC] 75 - PLASSER & THEURER MFS 100

    An excellent build, detailed with all the reinforcements and bars, yet so clean! Now you just to build a few more to link them up in a chain... bet that would get expensive quickly!
  13. So many beautiful, impressive and well-detailed trains on display here, and presented really well. The scenic work is just as impressive, and it really shows what can be achieved with the recent track offerings. I fully agree with @zephyr1934, it's difficult to choose a favourite...
  14. ColletArrow

    [WIP] Ex-GWR Collett Goods 0-6-0

    Cheers fellas! @CMF-1138 - I could lower the cab roof, but then I wouldn't be able to fit a figure in it! As it is there's no headroom for hair, so the poor fireman's bald... @zephyr1934 - thanks for your excellent tips! I've managed to implement the wedgeplate option, see below. This morning a small parcel arrived (good work Royal Mail, only dispatched yesterday morning!), containing LEGO goodies. After a short building session, the loco was finally fully kitted out! Black smokebox, cab windows and steps, half-splashers, and all topped off with a gold safety valve bonnet and traditional GWR copper-capped chimney! The tender is a little more polished now too, with the siderails extended further backwards and the "coal" piled up a little more around the receiver. I won't show you the inside, it's just the traditional compressed jumble of PF cables! And one of those cables goes to the loco... She's got a headlamp! Just one; this is the headlamp code for "Through Mineral or Empty Wagon Train"; I need to swap it to the other side at some point to read "Pick-up or Branch Freight". But since I'm only using one of the pair of PF LEDs, the other's in the firebox! A feature retained from the LMS Ivatt 2MT, only with the open-ended cab of this loco you can actually see it! And whilst we're looking at the cab, here's what I've done with the floor: 2x3 wedgeplates on the tender, and 2x2 wedgeplates on the cab. By shear fluke they fit past eachother perfectly on R40s! They come closest on reverse curves, but still no (or at least no noticeable) clashing! And finally, the side-by-side: I'm sure there's still room for improvement; I could entirely rebuld the boiler as a true circle for one, but I'm happy enough with her for now. The only thing I should have done is taken some photos with wagons; that will have to wait for tomorrow. Maybe I'll even put a video together, although I should probably recharge the batteries first... Thanks to everyone who's contributed in this thread; I don't think I would have put nearly as much effort, or be as happy with the final product, if I hadn't got the feedback and tips you all provided.
  15. ColletArrow

    [WIP] Ex-GWR Collett Goods 0-6-0

    Cheers @Feuer Zug and @Hod Carrier - I'm glad you're enjoying this! I feel I'm going pretty quickly here too, but normally I sit and ponder a model for a few days between rebuilds - wheras by sharing my progress here, I can let others do the pondering for me, and just focus on the building! As for "square" models - as I'm sure you've found from building them modern diesels are anything but square, there's all sorts of sneaky curves and you capture them masterfully. For my attempt at a GWR boiler I'm aware there are far better solutions out there, but I'm sticking to what I know and parts I have to hand. That said I have now added a truly round smokebox, which helps to deceive things a little and even suggests a slight taper. I could raise another section of the boiler, but I feel 1 plate would be too much and I don't have the stomach to try half-plate offsets! Finally, @Phil B's comments about wheel spacing. The OO model, which may or may not be totally accurate, has axle centre-centres of 30mm at the front and 34mm at the back - roughly a 13% increase. I've extended my front spacing to 7 studs, so technically I should increase the rear to 7.9333, or 8, studs - but I haven't. Partially because I only thought about calculating this after I'd rebuilt everything, and partially because with a total wheelbase of 13 studs she's already sticky in R40 curves - and a total of 14 wouldn't line up with technic liftarms nicely either. So, with the above all in mind, here's how she looks now. I've filled in some gaps using a handful of off-colour parts, to get a feel for things before I place my Bricklink order this evening. I've only just spotted that the central splashers are a stud too far forwards in all these photos - oops! Luckily that's an incredibly easy fix. The rear view is where the GWR open tender beats the Ivatt 2MT's enclosed cab - I can actually see the boiler backhead! And thus the illuminated firebox I've retained from the old model, keep your eyes peeled for that one when I get around to taking photos after dark. Finally, the comparison shot: Well I think that's yet another improvement, and I'm at a stage where I'm happy to order the missing parts now. I think I just need to add details under the running board and some polishing on the tender and we're good to go. As usual though, further thoughts and comments are always welcome!