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    This is a beautiful model. Crammed with details and life, and a brilliant portrayal of a city pub. I love the colours and all the extra exterior decorations. Even the phone box, fireplace and general proliferation of barrels are pretty accurate! Well done! I think that's just British pub names for you; there's a few common names that are used a lot.
  2. MOC Radio Snottingen

    Great building, great vehicles and great stories with humour... what more can you want? I love all the radio equipment, and the Outside Broadcast trucks. The model overall looks very clean and detailed, and has a brilliant small-radio-station feel. Very well done! (Also, woohoo, I've reached 600 posts!)
  3. Ah, the Hunslet "Austerity" saddle tank, so called because of the class's design and construction as a wartime shunting engine. Apparently, and somewhat surprisingly, some were still in use in the 1980's. I reckon this is the first LEGO version of this class I've seen. You've captured the boiler shaping rather well, and the cab looks quite spacious. If you were aiming for a more specific replica I would suggest straigtening up the bunker, changing the shape of the chimney (perhaps using tyres) to a squatter one, and taking off the rear red lights (British locomotives never had permanent lights). Talking of which, your front headlamp code indicates that the train is a "Class A - Passenger express"! I would suggest taking off the left lamp (looking to the cab from the front), so as to denote a "Class K - Pick-up branch freight". But the above is just me being incredibly nit-picky. The model you've built is the excellent compromise between realism, playability and robustness, so very well done - it's a hard balance to strike.
  4. These are all amazing! There's too many excellent models here for me to pick a favourite... I can't even list the individual features I like, there are too many. They're all a perfect combination of detail and simplicity, like LEGO's sets but so much better. And they all look robust and playable. Great job.
  5. Is LEGO Ideas self-promotion allowed here?

    From EB's very own guidelines, accessible at the top of every page: So that wraps it up, really. I think everyone on here agrees on this point. No-one will mind you adding a link at the end of a MOC post, and if they like it they'll go and vote for it. I tend to think of posts that start with the link less friendly, even if the post is well presented, but that's personal preference. And don't just copy-paste what you wrote on the Ideas page; it seems to much like cheating, even if it is the same MOC!
  6. 2018 Lego Trains

    I suspect it's more likely to be a train-track set than a coaster-track set. I also doubt they'll have changed the geometry; why would they need to spend loads of money on new molds, when the old ones are fine? If anything has changed at all, it will most likely be the quantities of each track part. Hopefully, the new one has less flex-track ! But it's all hopeless speculation.
  7. Lego Technic 8479

    Hmm. From what I can tell, none of those have suitable modern, still-in-production versions. The 8886 cable will only work in certain situations, as described rather well by @bonoxabove. I don't see what would be wrong with getting a longer version and just wrapping it around something to keep it tidy inside, but don't quote me on that. I, unfortunately, am not an expert in this field. For more advice, we could ask to get this topic moved to the Technic sub-forum though . Especially since many of the people who will have better answers than I do rarely leave that sub-forum, it seems. As for the User Guide, just search for "LEGO 8479 instructions" or similar; some sites will append the user guide to the end. The first one I found was Bricks.argz, and I'm sure there are many more versions out there too. I think you can download them as .pdf from that site, but you'll get the whole instruction booklet.
  8. Well, it's been a bumpy start, hasn't it? Perhaps like the ride itself... ...I'll leave the puns out now. I can definitely say is that it's better than I could manage with technic, especially for at this scale. I actually quite like the use of a modified Arocs cab, as I like that design in the first place! It looks rather good in red. Meanwhile, the subject for the whole model is a relatively uncommon one in Technic; I've seen a few fairground rides, and there's an excellent WIP one in this forum somewhere, but they seem rare. I'm looking forward to the video, I want to see this beast in action! Oh, and here's the tutorial on how to embed your flickr photos into a post, from the general sub-forum. It makes your post easier to read if the images are in it, as people on smaller devices don't have to click the link and scroll to find your images. If I'm honest, I can't wait to see how you follow up this enormous build! What can you do next?
  9. Claas Attachment: Pneumatic Crane

    Nice. Simple but efficient, and another great addition to this set. Changing the angle of the outriggers, as well as up/down, is something I would never have though to add. Good work.
  10. An excellent looking machine! I love the details in the cab, and the overall functionality achievable with the Buwizz boxes is impressive. It's a shame LEGO don't make more reasonably sized buckets, it's the only thing that lets this model down for me.
  11. Lego Technic Compact Excavator

    Neat! The arm looks quite good despite being hollow, and the body paneling is excellent. My only criticism is that I think the cab looks to small for this size of machine; however, it's shaping is nice. I reckon just 1 or 2 studs larger in each direction should do it. I would also suggest moving it backwards, but that's not possible given the panels. Good work overall though.
  12. Great work bringing the model "to life"! I love the minifig-sized control cabin, gangway and compressor room, and the attention to details in what is possibly the best technic/minifigs crossover I've seen for a while. The neatness of the pneumatic control box is excellent too, I want to see inside it!
  13. From our PM Conversation: I thought I'd have a stab at this, even though I know very little about early LEGO trains. Is it that (ignoring the black wagon) all of the blue wagons have red-and-blue magnets and all of the red wagons have black magnets, except the one 2nd-from-bottom-right which has red-and-blue instead? Just going on an odd-one-out basis. Can the magnets can easily be taken off and swapped though?
  14. A clean, neatly-covered, good-sized MOC, and an accurate (if one light is all @M_longer can find wrong with it, it must be... ) replica of the machine to boot. I like the subtle orange, so much so that I hardly noticed the battery box switch the first time around! Well done.
  15. I enjoy these mini-MOCs, mainly since they're the size I usually build. I don't know why, but I especially love the forklift's headlights! These seem similar in scale and size to the new 42084 Hook Loader, and the 42060 Roadwork Crew before it; do you have those sets? If so, how do they all look when together?