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  1. ColletArrow

    Plasser-Theurer General Purpose Crane

    It's finally crane-video time! This is the video for Version 3, the most recent fully-PF-equipped model, and shows the crane running and operating. I've also added this video to the first post about this version. The slightly-downgraded Version 4 can be seen being hauled around the track in the video I uploaded recently for the 7760-inspired shunter. I think this upload just about wraps us the story of this model. As is usually the way with my models, Version 4 will probably be dismantled in a few months when I want to use the motors or train wheels for something else more exciting. And then, further into the future, maybe Version 5...
  2. ColletArrow

    [moc] MLW RS-18 CP Rail

    She looks stunning in that render! You've included a plethora of details from the real thing that make it far more interesting to look at than a plain-old box-on-wheels, all the way from the blind-driver rooftop fan to the detailing around the bogies and couplers. Overall it looks really nice to me, probably because I prefer the centre-cab shape to the apparently more "standard" cab-forward american diesels. Does she have PF or PU inside?
  3. ColletArrow

    7760-inspired PF Shunter

    Technology indeed! It turns out I now have the technology to upload videos in minutes not hours, so here's what she looks like running around my temporary layout. Side-notes on the layout - I've built a few items of lineside detailing, inspired by @Hod Carrier's work in his thread. However, as you can see in the video, I'm experimenting with making the signals work. I've brick-built all the signals I think need - a 2-aspect standard and a ground signal protecting the siding, one set of wig-wags for the open level crossing and a pair of Driver's White Lights either side. Currently only the 2-aspect and the level crossing wig-wags have LEDs wired up for them, using 5mms and 3mms respectively. I also haven't built any proper controls yet - I'm using a children's "digital logic" experiment kit thing to power and manually switch one signal at a time, as well as provide the flashing circuit for the wig-wags. Hopefully, there's more to come soon!
  4. ColletArrow

    [MOC] NMBS HLE 25 In progress

    Nice work, I like the (relatively) small scale. As for the yellow stripe, would the following work? I don't know how much space you've got inside the cab. (Those are yellow 2x2 corner plates attached to a dark blue 1x2 brick with studs on one side, in case it's not clear) Comparing your model to the prototype, I think the main difference is the cab windows - a little SNOT building should allow you to get the front windows to be larger and split down the middle, and I feel the door windows are a bit too large compared to the portholes. However the portholes themselves and the side grilles are good, and the underfame detail is simple but it works well on this model. Do you plan to build it in real bricks at some point?
  5. ColletArrow

    7760-inspired PF Shunter

    I contemplated it, but since I need to be able to take the batteries out easily to recharge them (when I get rechargeables), I might as well use that to cut the power. Maybe I need to rummage through dad's extensive electronics-bits collection again...
  6. ColletArrow

    7760-inspired PF Shunter

    Thanks, I'm glad you like it. I'm quite happy with the bonnet, especially the grilles on the side - I initially tried using panels, but they looked far too plain, so I went brick built instead and I'm glad I did. As for a video, I'll make one and add it to the backlog I have to upload when I get access to reliable internet again! Thanks! Like this: The receiver's plug was already damaged, so I had no concern opening it to splice in the extra wires from the 9V battery clip. Due to the internals of the connector I didn't even need to solder anything, so it's completely reversible. Now I just need to find some rechargable 9V batteries for it!
  7. ColletArrow

    Standard size wheels with pin holes for rods.

    I've just shared a 7760-inspired 0-4-0 shunter MOC that uses these crank pieces, see the link in my signature. I've found that the poor clutch power of the axle socket on the crank is not helped by the fact that standard LEGO wheels are slightly thicker than a half liftarm, resulting in less than sufficient axle for the crank to grip. I ended up using blu-tack to keep them in place on the wheels, but they still fall off occasionally.
  8. ColletArrow

    7760-inspired PF Shunter

    I've always enjoyed the off-centre-cab shape of the classic 7760, so no sooner had I bodged my own PF-9V battery connector then I started to build one. There ended up being very little in common with the original set other than the overall body/cab shape, but anyway. The colour scheme was dictated by A: my existing parts collection, because I'm a student and don't like buying things, and B: an attempt at what this loco would look like if the British Rail Civil Engineers had used one. I quite like using this grey-yellow-black livery on locomotives, because the black around the windows and doors make them stand out against the bodywork. The handrails either side of the cab don't really make sense, but the only LBG 1x1s I had available are either horizontal clips or headlight bricks, so I put them there anyway. The cab is actually fairly open inside, but there isn't really an interior unless you count lots of wires... The front bonnet ended up held in place by gravity and friction rather than stud connections; this makes it very easy to open in order to detach the battery from the connector, which is the only way to turn the model off! With the cab removed as well, we can see there really is just a big bundle of cables in there. The receiver is only half poking out into the rear bonnet, but signal reception is still fine. In building this model I stole plenty of parts from my 20T Brake Van (and yet still didn't have enough LBG 1x1 & 1x2 bricks, hence why the cab sides are so messy). This meant it needed rebuilding, and I'm actually happier with it now - it's lost the handrails, but the yellow banding is a lot more consistent around the ends. Finally, the loco with its short works train of a bogie flat, a general purpose crane and the brake van. And, as ever, the Bricksafe folder containing the photos and LDD file can be found here: Thank you for reading; what do you think?
  9. ColletArrow

    Standard size wheels with pin holes for rods.

    Ah yes, "rod" as in "connecting rod", not as in LEGO bar/ rod! In that case, I don't think there's physically enough space within the diameter of a standard LEGO wheel to fit both the central axle hole and an off-centre pinhole. However, on his shapeways shop, @Shupp sells "small-medium" wheels with off-centre pinholes: Small-medium is Shupp's size between standard LEGO wheels and Big Ben's Bricks medium size, and the clearance between the central and offset holes looks to be as close as possible.
  10. ColletArrow

    [MOC] BR05-001 with 7 coaches

    Even on the small images on my phone screen, I can see you've crammed in beautiful detailing everywhere, inside and out! I love the brick-built-and-stickers combo for the lining, it really sets off the loco. Perfect job all round , well done!
  11. ColletArrow

    Standard size wheels with pin holes for rods.

    Do you mean technic-pin-sized holes or bar-sized holes? If you want to use bars then any technic axle-hole will grip onto a bar. Side-note: even the socket on many small wheels, including the mini train wheel, fits over but won't grip onto a bar. I'm not sure anyone creates wheels with technic pin holes at their centre, since using an axle would always be preferable. But I expect to be proven wrong!
  12. ColletArrow

    Freelance road-rail excavator

    It's not integral, I put it there to make it look like a grille-protected cab to hide the fact there's no windscreen. But here you go: @LEGO Train 12 Volts, @Jerry McGlade & @zephyr1934 - thank you! I feel its full of holes (quite literally with the technic boom), but I'm glad you like it. I'll draw a diagram to illustrate the string paths, since the boom will be very floppy without them!
  13. ColletArrow

    [MOC] LEGO PRR class GG1

    I think you've achieved a lot of good shaping on this model, especially around the cab windows. Looking forward to seeing it run!
  14. ColletArrow

    Freelance road-rail excavator

    This excavator is one of many I've built over the years, but the first I've shared. It came about from looking at Google Image search results for "road rail excavator", with a good helping of inspiration from @Hod Carrier's excellent model. It's not based on any single prototype - the build was mostly dictated by what parts I had available! I decided to incorporate a series of strings to control the main boom, the dipper and the attachment, from gears on the side of the superstructure. Elastic is used to return the dipper and attachment when the string is slackened off - or it was, until the one I was using for the attachment split before I took these photos. It should be fixed between the black and DBG plates and at the top of the cylinder, to represent the hyrdaulic ram. The cab took several revisions before I was happy with it. It uses some frankly ridiculous offsets and SNoT, which I'm sure anyone with a wider parts selection could build much more efficiently! Hey, it works, and I managed to include an opening door so I'm happy. The rear side isn't particularly interesting; I incorporated the control gears into the grille areas so they don't stand out quite so much. Finally, thanks to an extra manual hinge point (just behind the spotlights), the boom can be folded up fairly compactly for transport... ... yet still has enough reach and stability to be able to lift and lay track panels. Thank you for looking! And if anyone's interested, more photos and the LDD file are available in my Bricksafe Folder:
  15. ColletArrow

    Plasser-Theurer General Purpose Crane

    This model is now looking much tidier, with reasonably accurate deck equipment. The main box was built up around the IR receiver, which has been set sideways between the technic frames to keep a low profile. The signal remains responsive, provided you're on the correct side of the crane! However, I decided to take the PP3-cabled receiver out of this model, in order to use it in a small loco (more on that soon). This model therefore doesn't contain it's own power source; instead, the cable from the IR receiver is stored in the smaller deck box, which can be opened and pulled out to attach the connector to an external battery box. I've decorated said battery box to look vaguely like a transformer/equipment box. One negative of these downgrades is that the model is notably less stable now; partially due to being much lighter overall, and partially due to using 2x2 turntables for the bogies - they really need some tiles either side to support. On the other hand, the mechanism More pictures and the LDD file ("Rail Maintenance GPC72 V4") can be found in the bricksafe folder: