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  1. ColletArrow

    [OcTRAINber MOC - WIP] Dodge Ferrobus

    I'd say go with the fixed, single axle; it's more true to the original, and it means you don't have to hide anything under there. I too am surprised at how well it runs, but seeing as it does why not keep it simple and accurate? Either way, I'm looking forward to the bus running around in the bricks!
  2. ColletArrow

    [WIP] Hungarian Railways Lencse-005

    @Dorino Looking good! The white colour scheme looks nice, especially with that dark red. How easy was the front to align, does it all hold well? The rear windows are held in by a plate-between-studs method. The vertical 2x3 plate to either side of the door carries the windows and is held in place by a horizontal 1x2 plate pushed between the studs, which itself is connected to the side walls under the 1-stud-wide window. I think this technique works, and I hope I make sense! I've re-uploaded the .lxf (still here) in case you're working from an older version, but I doubt much has changed; I haven't really been working on the model since my Uni's teaching resumed. @Toastie Thank you for the kind words. I would love to see your interpretation of the model!
  3. ColletArrow

    20hp Simplex Petrol Locomotive WDLR [MOC]

    A tidy little tractor! I can see some good work with surprisingly complex dimensions in there, and enough space left over for the lovely little greebles. I don't know if there was any prototypically, but are you planning any other rolling stock? Perhaps another diorama-scene at the "other" end of the line, where the train is loaded with provisions (from road trucks, I presume) would work as well. Either way, a nice build. Well done.
  4. ColletArrow

    (MOC) Tiny PF switcher shunter

    Good going, I think this is about as small as possible without switching to a 9V battery. I like that it's similar-but-different to a BR 08, and that it has enough presence to not be dwarfed by your rolling stock. The railings and chain at each end work well too. A neat little job!
  5. ColletArrow

    [WIP] Hungarian Railways Lencse-005

    Thanks for the words everybody! @Plastic_Goth It's certainly a similar concept. I designed mine to allow the secondary boom to actually slide out, using a 1x5.5 cylinder inside. @CrispyBassist PU sort of fits. I think the best plan would be to turn the PU unit around (switch at back, plugs at front) and shuffle it backwards 1 stud, but you'd need to redesign the rear of the cab. It would certainly free up deck space though. ...I'm stunned. I know I shared the .lxf, but I didn't expect anyone to actually build this! Do you mind if I link to your pictures when I submit this to ocTRAINber, just to prove that it can be built? I knew about the fences colliding with the crane, by the way. On the prototype they appear to be removable chains, so I decided to add them to the model on those 1x4 plate/tiles so they can be taken off during operation. How well does the crane "play" overall, though? I've built one in the past, but I've made a few modifications to this version. Are you going to build this with or without the PF? If you're adding a motor, I take it the front bogie is only a placeholder. It's better to put the motor at the front, as it's directly under the batteries there. I'm sure you'll come across many more niggles that result from me not having physical bricks to play with, and I don't think the online LDD file is quite up-to-date; I should probably change that! I hope you have fun building the MOC though. And for everyone else, here are a couple more "photo-realistic" renders from 2.0. I really quite like them, even if it my laptop takes a while and a bit of heat to produce them! However, I discovered that with the low angle of the first image the program stops the "floor" after a certain distance and reverts to a black background. That looked a bit ugly so I tried to take it off, hence the black artifacts around some edges. Thank you for looking!
  6. ColletArrow

    [OcTRAINber MOC - WIP] Dodge Ferrobus

    Certainly an ingenious design! I briefly analysed your design in my head. I think that when travelling left-to-right the forces will help to keep the assembly together, but moving right-to-left there is (as you say) a risk that if the driven wheels don't want to move then the axles will just slide apart, disengaging the gears. Are you intending to plug the motor straight onto this? I get the feeling it might not be a bad idea to include a worm gear setup if there's space, to reduce the speed and increase the power the single axle has to drive the model along. I hope you don't mind, but I decided to have a play in LDD and managed to iterate your design to the following. I reckon as it has more points of connection it will be stronger, but is clearly bulkier around the small wheels. Always the trade-off. (Yes, the 2x2 plate with sprockets to hold the small wheels is missing - LDD says it clashes with the DBG technic part I've put in above it, but I disagree). But I'm a civil engineer, so what do I know?
  7. ColletArrow

    [WIP] Hungarian Railways Lencse-005

    I've decided to give a try. I downloaded and installed the 2.0 version from Bricklink, and loaded the file into it. I took quite a while to sort out the transfer glitches and shuffle a couple of parts around, getting used to a different environment. Eventually, I hit render, and it produced this beauty. Now, based on my first hour of experiencing the software, I don't think I'm going to switch to building primarily in This is mainly because it's a lot slower and heavier-going on my laptop; it was juddering along just when moving this model around in the program, let alone the rendering! I can build much larger models with relative ease in LDD, but I'll keep this for the beautiful pictures it creates. I'll use it to produce the final renders when I submit the MOC.
  8. ColletArrow

    9V-Era Steam Engine

    That looks far better than the My Own Train, and yet only uses parts from the same era... really quite impressive. I will echo @sed6's comments about pivot points. Firstly, the front truck might need 2 pivots (look at the Emerald Night instructions), although given it's a single axle you might get away with it. You might also have trouble with the loco-tender connection. As the loco continues on around that curve in your pictures, the cab and hence the coupling will swing out. If there isn't enough give in the couplings the tender might be pulled off, or will at least add a fair amount of resistance for the motor to overcome. I'm afraid I can't tell for certain, but when (if) you build it with bricks expect to have to experiment with the hinges! I can't fault the look of the whole train though, the detail you've given it is gorgeous. An ingenious idea, and well executed. Well done!
  9. ColletArrow

    [OcTRAINber MOC - WIP] Dodge Ferrobus

    Good work so far! Impressive work if you can cram some PF in there as well. The rear "bogie" cheat is fine, it's barely visible from most normal viewing angles anyway. I do have a couple of points though. Firstly, the cow-catcher at the front needs work, unless it's just a placeholder. Also, the tile, modified 1x1 half round might fit better for the main headlights. Unfortunately they don't exist in trans-clear yet, but if your model is staying digital I think it'd be fine. Anyway, I look forward to watching this unique idea develop!
  10. ColletArrow

    [WIP] Hungarian Railways Lencse-005

    Thanks everybody. @BrickMusher Thanks for the tip, that's saved me a lot of time! The cab front is now all held together. It looks a little tight in LDD, but I suspect were the model to be built IRL it would be easier than LDD's hinge tool to get everything to line up! Again, I've colour-coded the picture to make my technique obvious: I also beefed up the crane a bit; the first stage was rebuilt to match the second, and I took advantage of the prototype's extra counterweight to secure the upright. The only reason for my boom design is to allow the second stage to extend using the cylinder 1x5.5 (just about visible int the image below). I haven't modified much else yet, but here are some "posed" screenshots of the overall model. This concludes tonight's work. As usual, there's a few more images and the updated .lxf file available on my Bricksafe. I'm also about to look into rendering programs for this, to make the final digital submission tidier. Has anyone got a recommendation?
  11. ColletArrow

    Thomas the Tank Engine and The Lego Group

    I know that this is going quite sideways from the original purpose of the topic, but I came across this which perhaps provides insight why not just many, but all "Thomas Weekends" have ceased. The following is an exert from a blog (, written by a volunteer fireman on the Gloucestershire & Warwickshire Steam Railway (GWSR) in the UK. Given this anonymous persons' writing style in other posts I can't vouch for it's accuracy; however, based on @Phil-B259's comments, it seems all too likely. The GWSR is my local line, and from what I can tell as an onlooker the Thomas-themed weekends were always popular and were probably a boost for income during "low" seasons. If the current owners of "Thomas" don't even want heritage steam railways or an actual working steam engine to be able to promote their brand, what hope is there for a "rival" toy company if they're putting out toys themselves?
  12. ColletArrow

    [WIP] Hungarian Railways Lencse-005

    Thanks both! @Hod Carrier It's never happened before (although it has tried something similar, on one piece, since). It seems likely to me its a user error, these things usually are! Anyhow, rebuilding it was a lot easier than expected. I took some screenshots as I went along, just to give an idea of my work process; I'll put some of them here, but the majority (along with my .lxf) are here at bricksafe. I started with the chassis; it's pretty simple, and I had stolen it from another MOC, so I stole it again and placed the remaining parts on top. As one was the rear fence I knew exactly where it went, and that helped to place the front block to regain the cab size. Then I repeated the build by starting with the windscreen, then the nose and the sides. It was quicker, as I didn't have to experiment for a long time to get it right! I haven't quite solved it yet; the 1x6 section with the headlights is just floating until I figure out how to hold it in. (The 2 tan half-round tiles at the sides represent the newish 1x2 rounded plate). Other internal "colour vomit" is colour-coding to tell what a piece is at a glance. I won't bore you with all the development pictures. Eventually I got to here; the IR receiver is in the cab, and the BB is disguised as a transformer unit being carried. I then started to play around with the bed details, and decided that A) I wanted the unit to be shorter to fit better with LEGO "scale", and B) the BB was really too big to look right. So I set about swapping the BB and IR receiver, and to my surprise it works! The rear side window assemblies are now held in by the "illegal" plate-pushed-between-studs method that took some jiggling in LDD. And then I couldn't stop. I added the crane, the bed, and other undiscernible deck equipment. I'm basing this entire model on just a series of 4 pictures on Flickr so I haven't got the best idea of what is actually there, but in short I've gone from nowt to a full model in a day. (No, I'm not procrastinating; it's my Uni's "Fresher's Week" so I've got nothing else to do. Don't worry, I'll be hard studying next week...). Here's the result. However, I don't consider this "finished" yet. There are bound to be improvements to make (I've already decided the crane boom is too weedy), and I'm going to check whether every part is available in each colour. I'm pretty sure they will; I usually have a bricklink tab open to check specialised parts, but there are always some surprises. Let's hope I don't delete this one!
  13. ColletArrow

    OcTRAINber 2018: The Foreign Challenge is go!

    @Stefaneris I didn't know of that combination, but I knew (as @Hod Carrier mentioned) the 66s are widely used. The other "touring" loco I can think of is the BR 08 shunter, which has ended up as far as Australia and Liberia (according to the all-knowing Wikipedia), and I'm sure I've seen them in Europe.
  14. For my digital entry for OcTRAINber 2018, I have decided to model a Hungarian rail maintenance vehicle of which I found a few pictures online. (Picture found here: It looks to be the right proportion of interest and buildability, with just enough space to hide PF. I have already got quite far with it; I started work in LDD soon after deciding on this prototype. After a long, head-racking session on the model this evening, I had finally got the entire cab and nose shaped up well. So here's what I can show you: Yep. Unfortunately, when moving the model around the "stage" in LDD, most of it disappeared suddenly; I must have hit the "D" key or something. I should have instantly closed the program and reopened to regain my last save point. However, I clicked around a bit and discovered the bricks were still "there"; their blue outlines would show, as if they were "hidden". So I saved before closing and reopening, only to find even the blue lines had gone. So now I'm now left with this. No WIP to show you, and no way to recover the work of the past two days. Oh well, I hope I can rebuild it from memory; if so, I'll be back with an actual model tomorrow. Certainly one way to start a competition entry!
  15. ColletArrow

    My take on modifying 75955 Hogwarts Express

    This is pretty perfect; a beautiful looking LEGO toy train. The whole set looks so much better with the added length, and the coach is another level all over. Excellent work.