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  1. I may give this one a go; it seems fairly simple for a first competition, I should be able to build it with parts on hand and I have... oh wait, only 4/5 weeks. Hmm, I'll think about it. A good idea though, I can't wait to see other's entries even if I don't myself. Also, I'm taking it actual speed of the vehicles won't come into the competition at any point?
  2. Very promising, I can't wait to see this integrated with the warehouse storage.
  3. An interesting and unusual idea, and a silly name to match! What would happen if you ran it off the edge of the table, such that the return limb could hang in mid-air too? Would it be able to function, or just the weight of the return limb pull down on the outbound one? You might get some more interesting shapes out of it.
  4. [MOC]: Bridge Girder SLJ 500-18

    I never thought I would see one of these built in LEGO, let alone fully functional technic... what a way to make your entrance! Well done!
  5. Help finding someone to help me build a stram train

    Hmm, an obscure challenge. I think we may need more details; what length, big or small? How many wheels; 0-6-0 or 2-10-0 or something inbetween? Powered or unpowered? If powered, PF or 9V? The list can go on forever, only you know exactly what you want. Also, have you got any particular locomotives on mind? As @ALCO said, reference pictures are incredibly useful. If you have a particular design, you could find blueprints; then scale them down digitally onto a grid of lego plates, and start building from there. I've tried it with pretty good results for a small tank engine, that would be nowhere near as accurate otherwise. Everybody here can and will provide tips for the right direction once you've got a basic model; however, not many are willing to simply build, for free, for someone else. Have you considered modifying one of LEGO's original sets, or someone's MOC using pictures/instructions available on the internet? It may be useful to learn the shapes and techniques for basic steam-locomotive building, from which you can move on to replicating your desired prototype. Oh, and proper spelling/capitalisation goes a long way!
  6. [LDD MOC] Stephenson's Rocket

    I don't think they would have been loaded trucks, as the people would have filled their pockets with the stuff... . A book I have says that they were developed from these 'chaldron wagons' (which might make for a nice train, with a handful of these in tow), as the first railways were designed for carrying coal, and passengers only rode in empty wagons on occasions such as the opening of the line. When passenger trains were developed, 3rd class carriages were these blue wagons, and 1st class carriages looked like this; similar to the stagecoaches of the day. Each one had a guard sitting on the little step at the end of the roof; his original purpose, as on the stagecoaches, was to guard against luggage falling off. This lasted until they realised storing luggage on the roof was a silly idea as sparks could get caught and cause fires. Ooh, that turned into a history lesson - sorry! @ChristopherLee Why not try building some coaches with PF in them? Receiver in one and Battery Box in another, with the motor underneath it? A challenge, but it might work.
  7. [LDD MOC] Stephenson's Rocket

    That's a nice rendition of the first successful steam locomotive, well done! Perhaps you could add a coupling to the rear, and build some matching coaches? That is the only way I can think of improving this excellent model. How about putting it on Ideas? I think it should do really well.
  8. @JunkstyleGio Aah right. I thought they weren't the same size, but I wasn't sure which way round. Thanks for the image though. @Imanol BB That double-wheeled version looks interesting, but I feel it could do with having the body extended somewhat to make it feel more balanced.
  9. Assembling Bricksburg

    @Xon67 very impressive, good work. I love the size comparison with the donor sets, although I can't tell where the two left-hand sets were used on the mechanics.
  10. The orange mod looks really nice. How does it hold up side-by-side with the 42038 Arctic Truck B-model?
  11. [MOC] A certain tank locomotive

    If you read further up the page, the original creator said: (In amongst the text abut why he didn't use standard LEGO rails.)
  12. [MOC] A certain tank locomotive

    @MovieMocs The images appear to be some form of digital rendering, as evident by the red technic 2l pin, which I don't think exists. I therefore think the silver part is just a 6 or 7l bar, rendered in chrome. Have a look on Bricklink yourself; you may find the part, or at least something similar.
  13. Hobbies

    Also railway modelling, but in 'OO' as I am in the UK. (I have used many times a OO gauge model to work out proportions or shapes for a LEGO model, because I can turn it over and look at it from whatever angle I want, in hand.)
  14. 4 wide Horizon Express and Co

    That looks to be Genius. What motor are you using? Alternatively, perhaps you could power a tyred wheel, rubbing against the train wheels?