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  1. ColletArrow

    [moc] Ferrocarriles Nacionales de México class PR-8 4-8-0

    Render issues aside, I love the detailing you've put all over this model - especially that excellent parts usage under the cab. The side-on comparison with the prototype shows just how well you've done here. Good work!
  2. ColletArrow

    [OcTRAINber] Arlinsport Quay

    A fantastic little scene, it works well as a backdrop to the short freight train. The loco feels very Ruston-48DS to me - was there any specific inspiration behind it?
  3. ColletArrow

    [OcTRAINber] Home Signal

    A flawless execution of an unusual take on the challenge, with a very high level of detailing throughout. Excellent job!
  4. ColletArrow

    [OcTRAINber] The 17th Hole diorama

    Excellent work! There's so much detail in this massive scene that it's difficult to appreciate in the overall shots. Plenty of irregular shapes and little cameos to draw the eye in, well done.
  5. ColletArrow

    Motorised Narrow Gauge Trains

    I remember being heavily inspired by your old version to have a go at motorised narrow gauge, with admittedly mixed results (don't think the train in my avatar really properly worked!). It's good to see an updated PoweredUp version - I really like the overall concept you've created, and the trains you've built on the chassis look perfect. I might have to give it another go one day!
  6. ColletArrow

    Road-rail excavator 2.0

    Apologies for hijacking the thread a little, but it's nice to hear this - I went back and forth quite a lot before I settled for this size, so I'm glad you agree it's right. The other thing is that looking back at my original thread, I realised I enjoy looking at @LEGO Train 12 Volts's photographs more than my own - they're just so much cleaner and brighter than I managed, and without the visible command strings the boom does look a lot tidier!
  7. Another fantastic rendition of this iconic train - the GWR Hall Class and BR Mk1s are both instantly recognisable, and they're perfectly scaled and well detailed to boot. I agree 7-wide can be a pain to build in, but I think it's the best size for the UK loading gauge. Excellent work overall!
  8. ColletArrow

    Road-rail excavator 2.0

    Good job - it's very nice (and simultaneosly somehow a little strange) to see people using my LDD files! It's also good to see it with proper 'rams', rather than the strings. And as for the pins; I managed to make it work without cutting anything by using technic 1/2 pins, but each to their own!
  9. I love both the original design and your modifications to these coaches - from the roofs to the bogies they're fairly simple and nondescript, but have enough detail and a neat colour scheme that make them believable. Overall I they've got something that just makes them very pleasant to look at.
  10. ColletArrow

    [moc] Narrow gauge 0-4-0 logger

    That's a very cute little engine, although I suspect a few parts may not exist in the colours you've used. Would a minifig or two be able fit on the footplate?
  11. ColletArrow

    Freelance road-rail excavator

    Thank you both! I'd somewhat forgotten about this MOC, so it was nice to be reminded of it. I don't think I'd call it a particularly detailed model, because the main focus was on getting the functions to work realistically. Reading through the previous posts, I saw that 3 months ago I said I'd draw a diagram of the string set-up - so here it is! Red, Light Blue and Green are the three operating strings, spooled around various axles in the engine compartment, threaded around the boom and tied to their respective sections (denoted by the "x"). Two pieces of elastic help return the dipper and bucket - the dark blue band wrapped around the boom and dipper, and the lime green piece representing the bucket's hydraulic ram. Unfortunately, that last one was missing when I took the photos of this model, because it had snapped! It's possible to use the excavator without it, provided you only want to use the hook attachment rather than the bucket. I hope this clears a few things up. If you want to build the model, a reminder that the LDD file is available in the Bricksafe folder:
  12. ColletArrow

    BR18 201 Germany Express

    Stupendous work capturing some very tricky shapes from the prototype, well done! I love all the little details too. How fragile is she, and does she run well? It's a shame you can't post the video, it would look fantastic!
  13. ColletArrow

    Narrow gauge motor system

    Despite my profile picture being a narrow gauge loco, I've never had much luck with Narrow Gauge experiments! I believe one of the most important factors is weight - keep it low to avoid becoming top-heavy and falling off in the sharp corners, and keep it over the driven axles. Don't tow the battery box as a dead weight on an unpowered wagon, get it to provide the adhesion! As for examples of working chassis, the two that usually come to mind are this one, by @mtrkustoms of these forums: And also this one, posted a while ago on Lego Ideas: Whatever you do, keep us posted!
  14. ColletArrow

    (MOC) DSB Litra MZ (I & III)

    These are some jaw-droppingly beautifully modelled coaches, presented by some very clean renders! They look perfect with the loco, awesome work.
  15. Excellent models, and a well thought-out story too! I love the little details on the freight loco, and the lining and livery work on the tenders and passenger stock is very neat.