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  1. ColletArrow

    SJ Da 939

    Well said @Nemo57. A beautiful model which captures the shapes of the original well, and a good one for the penultimate model of this interesting project. I only wonder if yellow trans-clear "lenses" might work better for the headlights; they'd give a warmer glow than the cool white, better matching the reference image. Otherwise a great work, as we've come to expect!
  2. ColletArrow

    Percy loves PoweredUp!

    Neat! A lot less ugly cable around too. Impressive how you hid the huge battery box in the saddle tank, too. PU does have some advantages, with one less component to hide and no direct line-of-sight required for the controller either. Who'll be the first to use one of the other motor designs for a slower shunting engine?
  3. ColletArrow

    2018 Lego Trains

    @sed6 Now that's good service. I wonder if they'll keep doing this if too many people ask them, or whether they had predicted people asking for this and prepared. I suppose they only need to send out bags 2 and 3, and some of the loose parts, for you to end up with a complete loco. Keep us updated as to what, when and how you get it! As for building an unpowered motor look-a-like bogie, just have a look at any LEGO set with one in; e.g. 7939's instructions builds one (booklet 1, page 22).
  4. ColletArrow

    MOC Tractor JCB Fastrac 4220

    Good work! A very neat, tidy and functional model, with excellent photography and videography to really show off your work. Well done.
  5. ColletArrow

    [MOC] 42028 C Model- Star Destroyer

    An unusual but impressive C-model, and certainly not one might expect from that particular set! Even the placement of the stickered parts works well. Excellent job!
  6. ColletArrow

    Fixing the Wiener Linien Tramway

    An interesting problem! I think you could replace the technic axle with a 6L hose. I've done a little testing and discovered that one will fit in the socket on the wheel, although the clutch power isn't great so something like blu-tack (or even glue) might be needed to hold it in place. A bar is also possible, but the hose has slightly better friction. Any other technic part (gear, bushing etc) should have enough clutch to stay on the axle, but again may benefit from a little blu-tack. You could mount the axle in any technic hole (as you have above) by using technic 1/2 pins. It would probably be best to power the axle with an elastic band system using a technic bushing as a pulley, so as not to foul anything between the rails. As soon as you said this, I remembered a December 2016 post by @Lowa: Unfortunately, Lowa hasn't been active here since May. You could try contacting them via PM, but I don't think these were ever produced as they're not listed on However, it does shows that it can be done. Maybe if you find someone else good with CAD/printing LEGO parts, they could recreate the part for you. However you choose, good luck; this is too good a model not to have it powered and running!
  7. ColletArrow

    Minifig-scaled remote controlled truck

    You've done very well cramming those excellent, realistic functions into a small but beautiful looking model. Brilliant work, you make it look so easy.
  8. ColletArrow

    [MOC] Backhoe Loader / JCB with Prototype Bucket

    This is simply the best Minifig-scale LEGO JCB Backhoe I've seen. The smaller versions are surprisingly difficult to build with good proportions, but you've done excellently. Your custom bucket looks beautiful too, and could be used for other small excavators. I wonder if making it a bit squarer, similar to the front bucket, would make it look more LEGO-like, or if that would be too odd. I remember watching the progress on your 2015 technic project (here for those who missed it); was this design process similar? More to the point, will you be selling copies of these as well? I imagine they'd be easier to produce and post than the big buckets, but if you're not going to then I'll have to try making one myself! Overall brilliant work though, well done.
  9. An excellent mobile crane, and even better as a C-model. The colours from the original set look great in this form, and I love how all the detailing stickers/parts have been included. Great work overall.
  10. Good work! I appreciate the second round of pictures, as we can actually see your fantastic small details ! You've done a good job capturing the prototype I think, and in my favourite 7w too. I might have to try and copy this at some point. Do you have any plans to build it in real bricks yourself? I'm now wondering if such a locomotive would be a good one for LEGO to produce, as it has fairly wide appeal due to running in multiple countries...
  11. ColletArrow

    curves to make a half circle/circle

    I believe that the tightest radius possible with the flex tracks is identical to that of one standard curve piece. If I remember correctly, each flex piece is 4 studs long, and standard curves/straights are 16. (This means 4*flex = 1*normal, either straight or curved). Therefore, as 16 curves are required for a full circle, in flex that'll be 16*4=64 pieces.
  12. ColletArrow

    2018 Lego Trains

    I don't know. I could believe that the chimney is too tall to fit under; it looks slightly taller than the cab, which only just fits (around 13:30 in Jang's review), but a building error is just as likely. And if it's as easy to fix as removing a plate, I'm sure it's not going to be too much of a problem. As someone else pointed out in the HP thread, if you're raising the train you should raise the platform as well. Especially since with the track in place, the platform is barely above rail top height, definitely wrong for the British stations on which it's modeled. An extra brick layer, if not 2 or even 3, would make the platform at a reasonable level and eliminate any issues with the footbridge. I do think they missed out with not being able to motorize it, especially now that they don't have a receiver to worry about. I suppose the problem is that the PU parts aren't available separately yet. Otherwise, I reckon the set is pretty good; even if all the proportions are a bit off, it's the best official representation of Olton Hall we've ever received.
  13. An excellent little layout. The aeroplane-train looks nice, and the details in the building and vehicles is excellent. Watching the barriers is pleasing, they operate at a nice speed. Have you considered automating them, or alternatively providing a button that viewers could press to operate the crossing? Either way saves you having to stand there with your phone every time the train goes past! For a real challenge for the next crossing, have a look in the spoiler. Overall, you've done a great job with this creation, well done. I'm looking forward to seeing more!
  14. ColletArrow

    Lego 60169 - cargo terminal with lego 60052 -cargo train

    Welcome to the expensive wonderful world of LEGO trains! I'm sure you'll love it, even if your wallet doesn't. I believe that the pallets are compatible, in that they're both LEGO. The 60169 pallets are the standard 4x6 studs, whereas 60052 has slightly over-sized 4x8. However, the smaller ones will sit on the train easily, and a minor modification (removing the slope pieces inside) will allow both sizes to fit in the containers. If you take a few more parts off the wagons, you could probably put the containers straight onto it as well. The ability to change anything you like is the beauty of LEGO. Incidentally, the entire containers from 60169 are fully compatible with those in the new-for-2018 60198 Cargo Train, so you might want to consider that set too. The only thing is the power functions (batteries & remote controls) aren't the same between 60052 and 60198, but everything else will work together perfectly. Whatever you do, I hope you enjoy your trains, and that you'll stick around and share what you create.
  15. ColletArrow

    my moc train

    Good work, these creations are beautiful! Certainly far better than I could achieve. How well do the locomotives run? Take your time with the pictures; careful photography, especially with plain or simple backgrounds, can really make LEGO models stand out. I can't wait to see more from you.