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  1. ColletArrow

    6-wide Y-8000 series locotractors

    I really like what you're doing here - it's not often we see a long-wheelbase 0-4-0 shunter in LEGO, but I enjoy the mid-size feel of this loco. It certainly has plenty of colour and character to boot. It's not crucial to have the entire IR receiver exposed, but the more there is the better your signal reception will be. I got away just fine with only half exposed on my 7760-ish shunter, and I expect your open-window cab design will allow for good line of sight from wherever. As long as you point the controller at the train it will probably work fine. As for gears, if they're out of line there's a much higher change of them slipping under high loads. I would heavily recommend using LEGO's various gearbox frame pieces wherever possible - they virtually eliminate the potential for slippage, resulting in better traction. But however you proceed, I'm looking forward to seeing this project completed, it should be a cracking little loco!
  2. ColletArrow

    MOC: GWR 4900 Class 5972 Olton Hall (4-Wide)

    I have no words - she's a stunning display piece. Fantastic work! Right, I'm off to and Bricklink to design, order and build my own, because frankly I need this on my desk...
  3. ColletArrow

    Lego GBC Extending Forks Module

    I fully agree with @UltraViolet's words - the mechanism is so beautifully complex, and just works flawlessly. Very enjoyable to watch everything moving in perfect synchronisation. Fantastic work!
  4. A tidy, smart build packed with efficient and smooth functions - what's not to like? Other than a rather stubby counterweight, I really enjoy how this model looks and works - and has reminded me I need to have a go at building a mini crane myself one day. Excellent work!
  5. This set does look very interesting, doesn't it. I'm already thinking of uses - powered hi-rail vehicles, a Ruston 48DS shunter, and generally much less intrusive power in basically any small loco... It's probably not worth me buying a set until I'm near my bricks again for a decent amount of time, so probably over summer - but for such a useful product at such a reasonable price I don't think I can pass these by. Out of interest, if anyone in the UK has bought them yet, what was shipping/customs like? @Asper, that mini V-52 is a perfect use for these!
  6. ColletArrow

    WIP MOC: ZSSK Class 363 "Pershing", 6W

    That windscreen does match the LEGO part very well doesn't it, even though the angle isn't quite the same. The integration with the cheese-slope nose looks very neat, and I love the colour scheme and corrugated sides. The bufferbeam and roof detail is all superb too, it disguises just how "boxy" the loco is. Excellent work!
  7. ColletArrow

    MOC: Mini-Cargo Train

    A perfect minification, it retains all the character and features of the original, but with some nifty stuff to compress it down. Neat work, and a very unusual layout too!
  8. ColletArrow

    Virginian 2-8-8-8-4 Triplex (Version 4)

    Is that a locomotive in the video, or a very large caterpillar? This model is stupendous in just about every way - size, accuracy, detail and ability to negotiate standard TLG track. The chrome parts and custom decals top it all of nicely. I think the only possible improvement could be working lighting - fantastic work. How long did she take to design and build?
  9. ColletArrow

    DB BR 50 with Kabinentender

    A beautiful rendition of this loco - so many details, but with good clean shapes and lines. Fantastic work!
  10. ColletArrow

    [moc] Bulleid austerity Q1 0-6-0

    An interesting rendition of a Telescopic Breadloaf, with plenty of neat parts usage and underframe detailing. The gaps in the frame come across well too. Judging purely by eye I can't see any obvious difference in driver spacing from the photos, so if there is one it's likely so small that it's negligible in LEGO form.
  11. ColletArrow

    [MOC] Borkumer Kleinbahn - narrow gauge train

    Fantastically cute little loco and train! I love the greebling on the chassis of the loco, it looks perfect. I'm impressed at it's pulling power, especially given the heavy battery box is essentially dead weight - located in an unpowered wagon, it doesn't help traction at all. But nevertheless it trundles around your little circuit perfectly - well done!
  12. ColletArrow

    LEGO SSN 01 1075.

    Fantastic work! The custom wheels and rods make the loco look so elegant, and the details all over the boiler, cab and tender are impressive. The sounds, and now the lighting, just give so much more life to the model. Well done!
  13. ColletArrow

    WIP PS 54` 4740 cu ft Hopper

    That underside shot of the hoppers shows you've got some really nifty building going on here, there's a lot that doesn't show at first glance. It sounds like you've got all of your planned worked sorted out too. I hope you can sort the ends out soon, it should look fantastic!
  14. ColletArrow

    LMS Ivatt 2MT

    Thanks! I do remember your standard tank, and being impressed at the level of PF-stuffing inside! Interesting you point to the detail-priority idea, I agree it is always interesting to see the same prototypes approached differently. My model was mainly dictated by the parts I have available, although I probably could have upped the detailing furhter, e.g. along the running boards. There's definitely room for a V3 someday!
  15. ColletArrow

    Narrow gauge goodnes

    I agree with you on that one, doing my 3rd year uni exams online is an... interesting experience. Oh, the uni says "they won't be any harder than normal exams", but then lecturers go and add extra questions, release the paper 40 minutes late, and give you practice questions that are full of typos, missing vital information or on topics they missed out this year... all sorts of fun. Anyway; I think you've chosen a subtly difficult loco to model here! At first glance it looks relatively easy, but then you notice the gently curved nose, the full skirting and the integrated plow... given all of these challenges, I think you've managed to construct a very neat little loco with a good level of detail from the real things. The coach, too, is full of cute little details, and it looks fantastic in dark green. I'm looking forward to seeing a full train of these! Keep up the good work!