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Found 35 results

  1. This new train station was inspired by set 71044, Disney train and Station. It now has a new chimney flue featuring two fireplaces, freight area with dual sliding doors, and a longer loading platform of five tracks in length. The clock on the tower is gone, replaced by a double sided clock above the center door and where the word LEGOREDO should be spelled out in printed 1 x 1 tiles. Now, I know this is a pretty fancy station for a frontier Fort town of the American Wild-Western period, but I'm going to say that since the town is in the middle of a twenty-year silver rush boom (circa 1873 - 1894), they splurged a bit and made their new train station one for the ages. (Their old wooden one burned down in The Great Prairie Fire of August 1884. The town was largely unscathed by the fire, but the original station was in ruins. See my many other models in their dedicated topic here.) This the rear of the station with everything all closed up. The four exposed studs in the middle of the wall should have the year 1885 in 1 x 1 printed tiles on top of them. (They are not in LDD so they are left off, same as the LEGOREDO ones from the track side of the building.) The inside is accessible via three opening wall flaps and a single lift-away roof section. To get them to open you do as follows: Pull on the two wall lamps to get those sections to open, while the upper left panel is is open-able via the tan brick one the far right side. Also, The middle roof section pops up and off easily, as it is held on by only eight studs. The interior is kinda bare compared to the heavily detailed set it's based off of, but it does feature some basic furniture. The lower floor features the fireplace, desk with old-fashioned cash register, plus three chairs in the passenger depot, next to the door to the freight section. Upstairs is bare for now except for the fireplace. BUILDER'S NOTES: I might not be able to get this new station done in time for the Christmas-time Lego show I am putting those other Western models in, but the new station will be able to built with this one without using any of the old brown one's parts... so it's not like I'll be missing a station or anything in the display. I've already got most of the blue wall bricks and dark red roof parts pulled out, I just need to order the rest of the nearly 1,900 bricks. Hopefully, I can get it done by November, with real world pictures uploaded by Dec 1st, or maybe sooner, if I'm lucky. Anyway, keep your eyes peeled for updates, they may come sooner than you think!
  2. This through-truss bridge design was originally downloaded by me (I don't remember the name of the original designer who created the bridge) from the LEGO Factory / Design By ME page in 2010-ish and was never built in real life due to questions about it's strength. I came across it again while looking at my MOCpage account's older files and made it into the version seen above using newer parts and a longer frame quite a while ago. (and as to those original questions about it's strength: It's built like a safe, yet I can pick it up with a single finger by the top..... just don't drop it, because the reddish brown parts won't survive the landing!) More recently, I revised the deck where the track goes to be able to take the RC track up and be able to put down 9V down more easily. (We run 9V trains at shows in Gateway LUG.) In short, the track is now more easily removable to become 9V, 12V, or even a road bridge. The bridge fits any of my trains, and should fit all official LEGO trains except for double stack containers such as sets 10219 (Maersk Train) and 10170 (TTX Intermodal Double-Stack Car). Comments, questions, and complaints are always welcome! Many more Wild West items can be seen in my Historic sub-forum topic here.
  3. Hi to all , i am back again with some else from my favorite castles and LotR themes. I make a moc for the Wild West and i start this creation at the first because i want to make something like the old wild west set Legoredo that i have never buy it. I start to build it in a 32X32 base plate because all my mocs want to be playable and after this i say..MMM.. maybe the train of Harry Potter with some changes can be a wild west train..!!!and then maybe i can make a little gold mine and a little train station...and at the end to re-build one lovely set the 6716 wild west carriage. My protagonist is some one like Billy the Kid and when the sheriff start his transport with the train his gang want to release him. So this is my creation with and i want to share it with all..
  4. Hi, Since coming out of Dark Ages, I have bought all 1996 Western sets, but the Legoredo city misses a good Sallon. I would like to ask you to help me create Western style Saloon. I want it to resemble the original Western sets, so it doesn't stand out while placed next to Gold City Junction or Sheriff's Office. If you have any advice - I will appreciate all of them. Please do not hesitate to modify the Saloon on your own. On the bottom of post you can find .io file that you can download and assess the build quality. If you think that something can be achieved in a better / cheaper / smarter way - please say how, or even better - change it for yourself. Render as a teaser:
  5. Cloudstrife84

    The Mankind Machine

    Hi everybody, my name is Pierluigi, aka Cloudstrife84, i’m from Italy and aftter months of hard work, I finally realized my Lego Ideas project. Help me make it a reality. Come look, ask if you like my idea and if you want to see my set realized, supported and share it a lot. Supported and share. Thank you very much. The Mankind Machine Relive the most important historical facts of Mankind with this Lego Set divided by past eras. Discovering the history of man has never been so much fun!!! Hunt the Mammoth with the Neanderthal man, dominate Ancient Egypt with the Pharaoh, fight with the Roman gladiators or assault the castle in the Middle Ages. Why don't discover the glories of the Italian Renaissance with Galileo or land in the New World with Christopher Columbus? Help the sheriff of the Far West or allied with Indians. Defend the Japanese Emperor from the attack of ninjas or participate in the taking of the Bastille during the French Revolution. You will be able to do all this and much more thanks to the Laboratory that allows you to travel through Time to relive the most important facts that have characterized the Mankind History. Detailed interchangeable Lego Sets that can be assembled in the central Laboratory. You choose the Sets with your favorite eras or collective all to retrace the exploits and events of man through time. Each Set is composed of about 500 Lego pieces and contains 4 mini-figures representing important and characteristic characters of the time expressed in the Set. Each set can also be closed to form a pretty box. I have always loved time travel and I think I am not the only one who would like a Lego Set that reproduces in a comfortable, pratical and beautiful to see, various historical eras. Perfect, then, in my opinion, both to stimulate the imagination of children, who learn the most important stages of Mankind while playing, and for adults who want to collect all the Sets, thus having at home a perfect reproduction in Lego of the fantastic History of Man!!! Hope you like this Idea. Hope you have a great 2019, see you next year. Thanks.
  6. While cleaning an old hard drive, I found this review I never posted. Sure, the pictures are crude, I even forgot to take a shot of the entire set, but it reminded me of why I liked writing reviews so I wanted to share. Bandit's Secret Hideout (6761) - Wild West •Original Retail Price: $40.00 US •Figures Included: 1 Cavalry Soldier, 1 Calvalry Lieutenant, 3 Bandits, 3 Horses (black, white, brown), 2 grey Birds, 1 Skeleton head •Mini-fig Accessories: Playing Cards tile, 4 Golden Coins, Dynamite Tile, Golden Trumpet, Yellow Chair, Cavalry Flagpole, 2 Saber Swords, 8 Rifles, 4 Pistols, Pick-Axe, Cannon w/Cradle, 2 Saddles (brown, black), 1 extra brown Cowboy Hat for the Sketeton Head Helpful Links: Peeron / Brickset BUILD Due to the subdued color-scheme, this set looks like an unimpressive pile of bricks right out of the baggies. There aren't any flashy colors, like there are when working with neon Aquashark or Ice Planet pieces, but with some imagination, the end-result is still enjoyable. This Hideout is a mid-sized set, building it won't tax your skills, but it's still entertaining because of the neat features. It's fun to invent booby-traps, just ask Wile E. Coyote! You can test the traps as you make them, fine-tuning the way that barrel bonks the guy standing under it. Even though they're simple to use, the traps are effective, and consistent too. Most notably, the falling barrel from the roof lands in the same spot every time, so you can actually aim it. The rails, the tipping water-barrel, and the interesting way the rifles on the roof are connected give us a look at some of the more unorthodox ways of building useful tools and features. The black sloped roof is another place to grab ideas from as it shows us how we can make buildings with roofs that flip open. DESIGN It looks like the bandits found a crumbled granite hill and built around it with bits of wood and stone. A shabby, dirty, lonely place is what I picture a secret hideout in the wild west to be like, this set captures that drab essence. Isn't it funny that these bandits have a big GOLD MINE sign on the hideout but there isn't a mine anywhere in sight? Well, maybe it's not that funny, it's kind of disappointing actually! I'd love to have seen a real mine released with these Wild West sets (maybe there was one made for the Rock Raiders line?), but this set is exactly what the description on the box says it is, a bandit's hideout! There are a few areas where the minifigs can hang-out and play cards, along with a small storage area where the cannonballs are kept. I think it's about time to update the "cannonballs", they don't look like cannonballs at all. Unfortunately I can't suggest any practical designs for them. If they're little balls then there won't be any way to add a little indent so they can plug onto normal studs, because they would have to be much smaller to fit inside the cannons. The storage-room has a small ledge against the rock-wall where the bandits can put the rifle-box if they manage to steal it from the soldiers. They can't reach up there, so they'll have to bring-in the ladder from the big rock outside. There's plenty of room below for the safe and any other equipment they manage to get. I think this storage area could have been made to look like the opening to a deep mine-shaft. All it might require is a small black tile to simulate a dark hole in the floor, some fence-pieces, maybe a DANGER sign? The stairs lead to a narrow ledge behind the window where a bandit can sit and be a look-out. The fire lighting the door is dangerous though, I mean, look at it! It's just bursting out of the wall! It would definitely look more realistic with a clear yellow cone, to simulate a lantern, but I have to admit, the fire makes the whole hideout seem more wild and rugged. I'm not sure why the chair behind the window is bright yellow, it's obvious that it's in there when the window is open. Maybe subconsciously the bandits want to get caught. There's room on the roof for a bandit to sit comfortably, where he can either take a nap or talk to the birds. FUN Something I don't understand about these thieves is, that even though they're smart enough to create useful and hidden traps, they're not smart enough to make people STAY AWAY from their secret hideout. They have a big sign up top that says they're in a Gold Mine, that's a good way to ATTRACT a lot of attention! I think the skull on the "Keep Out" sign and big cannon on wheels is a step in the right direction for these bandits, but that sign on the roof needs to be changed, or taken down completely. Any suggestions? I think at some point every Lego fan covers a car or building in guns and swords and stabby bits. The 3-rifle contraption on the roof of the hideout is a goofy weapon because it looks so hard to use. How can the bandit even aim that thing? Or more importantly, how can he reach the triggers without falling off the building? It's going to take some major creativity to make it work! Is there anything more effective at stopping your enemies than collapsing stairs? They stop soldiers, wolves, salesmen, dragons, anything! The cannon rolls-out when the ramp is lowered after the trip-cord is pulled, but it doesn't fly-out like the drawings in the instruction-booklet show, it simply glides out smoothly because of how well all the pieces fit together. Legos are precision-made, and most of the time that's a good thing, but in this case the Lego pieces are limited by their own awesomeness! How many other toys can you honestly say that about? I see this set as a place for the bandits to drop-off their stolen goodies, like a big closet, and then run off to steal more stuff. It would have been nice to see a little cooking-fire included, some pots and pans, maybe even a chicken leg, to make the bandits more comfortable, but you can always buy the smaller Western sets for that. Can't say I'd pay the $40 retail price for this set, luckily it seems inexpensive nowadays. And not to toot my own horn too much, but I like the alternate model I built a lot more, it shows the kind of fun features you can create just by playing-around with the bricks a little. I also like the Cavalry Fort shown on the back of the box, it looks like a strong, solid model. ALTERNATE BUILDS The Hideout has a nice enough design, but building on a more detailed baseplate, like this desert-version, helps us think of things we normally wouldn't. For example, if you want to use the whole base, then you'll have to find a way to work around the road running through it. How about building a toll-booth? Maybe a bridge? That's all for now, folks! Something I'll try to include with every review is an alternate model that can be built using only the set's pieces, like this neat little box I made for the Golden Trumpet. Feel free to post links to the cool stuff you've made using this set! Notes: -The Skull I used for the sign-post is a modern one, the one this set is supposed to include is the "friendlier-looking" version. -The brown Horse's ear and the black Top-Hat were chewed-on by a Budgie that will remain unnamed. Thanks to my neighbor for letting me borrow this set to review.
  7. I was inspired by a failed Ideas project railroad round house and shed from this builder to make this Wild West armstrong turn table in LDD. I'm thinking of doing this model instead of the the two track shed, as it is a bit smaller than the twice-as-tall shed. As this a mechanical table powered by brute force and not steam, electric, or pneumatic means, the table has four angled "iron" bars for mini-figures to grip to pretend-turn the table manually. (This type of table is called an armstrong turn table.) The two sets of tiles on the middle of the table should have this GREAT and this WEST prints from the Toy Story 3 line. NOTE: The flex tracks are supposed to be taken apart into two halves for them to fit on the table ends. You should only need one flex track instead of two as shown, as one whole equals two half units. The 3 and 1/2 track long table has eight tracks radiating outwards on it, with the possibility of more or less tracks if needed being an option in the future. If this was built in real life, the four main locomotives will enter on the bottom-most track and proceed to be rotated to the correct stub-end track for storage. However, the BTTF Time Train cannot fit on the rotating table, (it's just a bit too long) so it will sit on the straight-through track and just run across the table to get off at the other side. (All the items but the blue steam engine and table itself have been bought and built in real life.) As usual, comments, questions, suggestions, and complaints are always welcome!
  8. Howdy Folks! For last years Brickmania Antwerp, me, Kabel, Captain Braunsfeld, Loves houses and Legostone teamed up to do a Wild West layout. You might have visited and seen it, or saw pictures of it here in the forum (I can't seem to find pictures of the whole damn thing, so post 'm if ya got 'm). Today I want to show you my contribution; Ding Dong Alley. Why is it called Ding Dong Alley? Just because it sounds cool. My part of town attached directly to Kabels to the side street left to the saloon. The others where just, well, all over the place. Let's start of with an overview: And then the 4-4-0 locomotive, modelled after the Leviathan: The first car is a cattle car: The second one is a passenger coach, I am really happy how I dropped the 9 volt motors into the frame: Then a transport wagon with 2 cavalry field cannons (same as behind the covered wagon): And the last is ofcourse a caboose: Along side the track is a small freight station: And a water tower: A friendly group of Indians has set up camp to the east (this part used to be bigger with rocks and all, but I needed the parts...): The sherrifs are having a shootout wit some bad guys in the alle (in the whole thing we had about a hundred sherrifs I think haha): A band of Union soldiers is riding through town: The stage coach delivers mail and locked packages? In the Saloon there is a bit of a brawl going on. Glass is flying through the windows and the owners swiftly kick out te troublemakers while the ladies that work there wave at men from the balcony. In the alley next to the Saloon is the military contracting office: On the other side of the Saloon is the Drug store. I was planning to make store signs, but it didn't happen,so: And next to that is the General store: And as last, the back of the Alley: Well that's all folks!
  9. Check out the saloon from the Lego Chess game. Everything else I've seen in these videos is actually from a set. Could this be an unreleased set?
  10. My little LEGO Ideas project, BrickHeadz versions of Butch Cassidy, Etta Place and the Sundance Kid -
  11. bnesty

    [Moc] Western Town

    Hello Western fans, I want to present you my Western town shown at LUG Skockani last show, held in november, 2017. If you follow my posts on eurobricks, you have seen my previous version of town, a couple months ago. Compared to the previous layout, there are plenty of new MOCs (church, graveyard, school, cantina etc). Also, I made one more building (two made earlier) from legendary Western modular town. It not a simply copy, but very similar in shape with "original" one. Find it :) ? My next steps- I have to work on terrain, make it more brick-built, put tiles on rails and do some more buildings like blacksmith and etc. Enjoy :)
  12. Hi! I want to share with you my last Western MOC - School . This is my first western creation where I used cheese bricks for façade. My personal opinion, these cheese bricks look much better than altern for this, using plates and tiles for hut imitation. School bell: Here is interior with all necessary like board, benches, furnace and, of course, canes
  13. BaraSH

    An Old West Town

    A few months ago I've participated in my first Lego event. It was a festival orginised by Russian Lego community I was really inspired after the festival and desided to create a new Western MOC. At first, I'd like to show you the previons ones. On the 2nd of December 2010 my first Wild West creationcalled "Western. Saloon" was published. I had a very little amount of parts but I also had a big wish to make a Western MOC. As a resault, it was really small and empty. It was the beginning. On the 04/09/2011 I've tried to create something bigger, "Western. Bank" was published. I've already had more parts. I guess It's quite nice. On the 21st July of 2011 from the ruins of Hogwarts Castle another Saloon was made. On the March the 5th 2012 one more Saloon was showed. I really love this MOC. And also one more small Western related MOC was published during that spring. My largest Western MOC (until today) is Once Upon a Time in the West. It has been published on the EB Frontpage. And in Winter 2015 I've showed A Town Calld Mercy (just one street in fact). Now it's time for An Old West Town. And it's actually a town. It has all (or almost all) the buildings every small Western town needs: train station, saloon, bank, sheriff's office, post, store, undertacker's house and a church. I don't how many pieces does it have. Well, I now only that I've uded almost 600 1x2 sand green plates to build a sheriff's office. But I now how much time I needed to make this MOC. It's alomost two months. Enjoy! 01 by Matvey Petrov, on Flickr 02 by Matvey Petrov, on Flickr 30 by Matvey Petrov, on Flickr 26 by Matvey Petrov, on Flickr 27 by Matvey Petrov, on Flickr 28 by Matvey Petrov, on Flickr 29 by Matvey Petrov, on Flickr 03 by Matvey Petrov, on Flickr 31 by Matvey Petrov, on Flickr 04 by Matvey Petrov, on Flickr 05 by Matvey Petrov, on Flickr 06 by Matvey Petrov, on Flickr 07 by Matvey Petrov, on Flickr 08 by Matvey Petrov, on Flickr 09 by Matvey Petrov, on Flickr 10 by Matvey Petrov, on Flickr 11 by Matvey Petrov, on Flickr 12 by Matvey Petrov, on Flickr 13 by Matvey Petrov, on Flickr 14 by Matvey Petrov, on Flickr 17 by Matvey Petrov, on Flickr 18 by Matvey Petrov, on Flickr 19 by Matvey Petrov, on Flickr 20 by Matvey Petrov, on Flickr 21 by Matvey Petrov, on Flickr 22 by Matvey Petrov, on Flickr 23 by Matvey Petrov, on Flickr 24 by Matvey Petrov, on Flickr 25 by Matvey Petrov, on Flickr All the building can be easily removed off the base. Most of them have interiors.
  14. JakeChambers

    Stephen King's "The Dark Tower" MOCs

    Hi guys! I've been really into Stephen King's The Dark Tower series lately. So far I've read the first 4 books and I love this saga so much that I decided to start a LEGO project, customizing minifigs and recreating some scenes from the books, but also expanding it and introducing my own ideas and doing cross-overs with other characters from different universes, since TDT could allow that very well. For those who don't know, The Dark Tower mixes the old west with sci-fi and high tech stuff in a world where dimensions are connected by different portals. I am currently sharing my pics via Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr (@Lego_DarkTower if anyone feels like following) but I would love to get your sincere feedback as LEGO collectors, since in social media most of my followers are just fans of The Dark Tower. In order to avoid spoilers, I will share my pics inside the spoiler tag and tell to which book they belong: The Dark Tower I: The Gunslinger The Dark Tower II: The Drawing of the Three The Dark Tower III: The Waste Lands The Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass The Dark Tower: EXTRAS The Dark Tower: Movie
  15. For all fans of Western, another work from my kitchen. Traditionally, another Western MOC - Undertaker. It is known how hard to live and more easy to die in the West. So, something like this, more than necessary. A little about the origin and inspiration. The first time I'd seen the "Assembly square", looked at all his great details, one really caught the eye. So far, garage door is used a few times as a glass/roof in a modular, etc., but the idea that it is used for glass window - blew my mind. This is an excellent solution for front of some western buildings. And here it is how it looks: undertaker1 by Borko Bnesty I decided to use black slopes that I had no clue to use before. I think these slopes fit good Details of upper part of building: Details of shopwindow: Interior details: Thats all folks, I hope you enjoy this review
  16. Hello again, my dear Eurobricks friends. I would like to introduce you my last Wild West Moc - Paddle steamboat - Some fact about it: It has over 2000 bricks, incl. many tehnic bricks in boat hull to strengthen it construction. In white cabin I put battery box and one XL motor. How it works and moves paddles you can see in video on bottom of this post. I hope you will enjoy it VIDEO:
  17. This has to be one of LEGO's best historic themes
  18. Hello again! Here is my last Western MOC: -------------------GAMBLING HALL --------------------------- Look at the whole building: A few pictures of the sides : When it comes to style building, this time I dont put emphasis on some advanced construction techniques but on a combination of colors. The central part of building is the only a little more technically demanding but with little help of the tiles and turntable plates, it was easy to solve . Several pictures in larger scale plan, details of the facade : Top view: This Western MOC is also done in the spirit of classic Lego sets - opened back side for visitires of exibitions Interior: That"s all folks, I hope you enjoy
  19. Hey! I'm Agustí, you might just know me from Lego Ideas!, and I've just created a wild west modular! 'THE GOLDEN HAT STORE' MODULAR Hello LEGO fans! 'The Golden Hat Store' is my first modular, and it's a shop that sells any type of hat you may want; from hats for cowboys to exclusive and really expensive ones. ·1223 bricks ·27.84 cm (11'') tall The Second Floor: The minifigures that come together with the set are these ones: This project wouldn't have been possible with the help and collaboration of Pau Padrós for his ideas, design tips, renderings and character designs. So, if you like my first modular, please support it on LEGO IDEAS, as it takes no time at all and really makes the author really happy. Thank you so much!
  20. This model was inspired by set 79110, (Silver Mine Shootout) from the Lone Ranger theme. This tunnel can let tall objects through, such as the official caboose (set 10014, the tallest train I know of), with at least two bricks of clearance between the roof of the caboose and the tunnel ceiling. Also, this plastic waterfall part is not in LDD and is missing from the model in two spots: http://alpha.brickli...309pb01#T=C&C=0 The middle of the model has modular pins to connect to the identical other half needed to build a complete tunnel. it can also be extended with a middle section, but I don't have one available to download like the rest of the tunnel at this time. Proof that this tunnel lets the 10014 caboose through with room to spare. Here is the LDD file for the tunnel only (no caboose): http://www.moc-pages...1463503949m.lxf Comments, Questions and Complaints are always welcome!
  21. This train has quite a past.... The train seen above has been a project of mine in LEGO Digital Designer since 2012. This was the first version from August of that year, and needless to say I bought it and it worked well... on straight track only. So I went back to my drawing board and scrapped the engine. After 4 years of wanting to build it "right" and countless revisions, I (with help from EB users TF Twitch and TheShubes and a lot of parts of Lego sets) have come up with the train seen below. This engine was originally modeled after set 7597 (Western Train Chase) with some design inspiration from TF Twitch's "Humble Sapphire" 4-4-0. The engine also features a boiler copied from set 79111 (Constitution Train Chase) to keep it inline with the rest of my steam locomotives. The rear of the loco features a ladder to the tender-top. These passenger cars were mostly inspired by set 10014 (Passenger wagon) but repainted red instead of green and with fancy part 30613 "Brick, Arch 3 x 6 x 5 Ornamented" on the end of the cars. (link to this part on BL: ) The whole train together. I might be mistaken, but user TheShubes may have been the one to inspire these coaches with his own red versions of set 10014. Also, if anyone wants to see the structures that go with this train, please see this thread about the station: Speaking of stations, the one in that thread was ordered yesterday.
  22. Grimmbeard

    [MOC] A Resting Threat

    Hey again everyone! This is my second MOC on the Historic Themes forum, this time in the Western category. I built this as a way to add variety to my MOCs, as Western is a theme that I like, but haven't gotten that into. I also built it to bring to Brickfair in a couple weeks. So, here it is The whole thing, on a 34 x 50 base Bandits in the mountain. Cowboy Camp. And that's it! As always, C&C welcome. More Photos and full set on Flickr.
  23. General Magma

    [MOC] The Lone Chieftain

    "A lone Indian chieftain wanders the desert, evading the clutches of the ones who murdered the rest of his tribe in cold blood..." Extra pictures (added July 9th, 2015): ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ It's been a while since my last MOC was made, and I haven't ever made any real Wild West MOCs before, so I decided it was time to put an end to both of those things. The MOC picture was edited to make it look and feel more like an old western movie - thought that'd be a nice touch. Enjoy, and C&C is welcome as always!
  24. Hello! I'm looking for Wild West figures & parts - certain old figures might be welcome, but I'm mainly looking for newer Wild West stuff, meaning the CMF figures and Lone Ranger figures, & separate western-compatible parts like torsos, legs, cowboy hats, bandanas, indian hats, horses, guns & other accessoires are also certainly welcome. The following are all of the wanted figures I could think of (figures marked with an asterisk (*) are of higher priority): - Cowboy [series 1]* - Indian [series 1]* - Indian Chief [series 3]* - Bandit [series 7]* - Amazon Warrior [series 7] [Preferably head only] - Tomahawk Warrior [series 10]* - Robot with hunter hat [The LEGO Movie Series] - Robot female with dress [The LEGO Movie Series] - Prospector [series 12] - Sheriff [series 13] [Preferably legs only] As for The Lone Ranger, most of the figures like the cowboys, indians, cavalry soldiers, etc. are likely on my list of wants. Also looking for most of the newer Star Wars aliens. Space - Old UFO, Spyrius, etc. figures (Droids/robot-like figures and aliens mainly)* - Alien Conquest (Aliens, some of the AC soldiers) - Galaxy Squad figures (Insectoids and robots mainly, also some Squad troopers) - Space Police 3 (Officers, especially from wave 2 and 3 (purple hat alien, Rench (lime tentacle alien), Squidtron, Jawson & Craniac. Blacktron torsos also welcome)* - Ultra Agents villains - CMF Series 14 Aliens & Space Troopers - CMF White & Orange Battle Mech - CMF Blacktron Battle Mech - CMF > possibly other space figures As for my haves, I've got Star Wars figures, CMFs, castle (Crown Knight Fantasy Era mostly) and a smaller amount of figures from other themes. If you're looking for anything specific (out of those or anything else), tell me about it and I'll see if I can find what you're looking for. I am located in The Netherlands. By trading with me, you accept to be willing to ship first.
  25. General Magma

    Future of Wild West

    Wild West-themed LEGO things seem to have been becoming more and more prominent the past few years. After the "Lone Ranger" line from a few years ago, I've been wondering if we might get to see the actual non-licensed LEGO Western theme finally return after a hiatus of nearly two decades. Especially what with the Western figures that are being released in the Collectible Minifig series (a Western figure for two series in a row), and the fact that new non-costume molds for CMFs usually hint at something more. Note how there are currently two Wild West headpieces that have only been used once so far, both recently, and that the theme showed up quite prominently in last year's The LEGO Movie. One of the headpieces first made an appearance in TLM, only to be used on a CMF later on, and it seems that other pieces (molds) shown in TLM also end up being released. Which leaves one unreleased cowboy hat (a rather tall one that was worn by almost every cowboy figure we've seen in TLM). I think this either means that we'll get yet another Western figure in one of next year's CMF series, or that there is a new Western theme on the horizon. Obviously hoping for the latter. Maybe it's neither, but I very much doubt that. So, let us all discuss this matter here. Do you think it's likely there will be a new Western theme anytime soon? Was 'The Lone Ranger' enough for you already, or would you like to see the return of non-licensed Western sets? If so, what would you like to see in a new theme? Thoughts & wishlists are welcome, of course, but if you've found anything else that seems to be hinting at a new Western theme, do tell!