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Found 45 results

  1. Hello everyone, I've made some decals for Anglican priests, bishops, and Diocesan shields for my cathedral project. Here are the stickers: Priest Choir Dress Archbishop's staff And some Diocesan Shields: St. Matthew St. Luke St. John St Peter St Mark Blessed Virgin Mary Four Evangelists Christ Church Cathedral and Ovoid Archbishop of Canterbury The Episcopal ChurchThe Episcopal Diocese of Washington The Episcopal Diocese of Tennessee Let me know your thoughts and any requests for other Diocese or Churches!
  2. Phred

    Basilica of the Faith

    Bart has created a Basilica of the Faith for the Bluecoats in the Brethren of the Brick Seas. Come check out this big miniature and other great MOCs in the Brethren of the Brick Seas in the Pirate Forum.
  3. Every Christmas I build extra building in my Winter Village. For this time it is church. Enjoy and Merry Christmas.
  4. Giacinto Consiglio

    [MOC] Baroque Cathedral

    The city I'm currently working on needed a proper structure to complete its monumental street, passing through modular buildings, a triumphal arch and around a central square. I thought a church, with a St Peter's Basilica styled columnade, could work well; in addition I used the world renowned Florence Duomo (which I actually built thanks to dear friends in my national LUG) as an inspiration for its plan. As usual, instructions are available for purchase. Hope you like it!
  5. WP_20160817_007 WP_20160817_003 WP_20160817_022 WP_20160817_023 WP_20160817_037 WP_20160817_049 WP_20160817_060 WP_20160817_062 Hi all :) Here is a project we completed in 2016, the Cathedral of our own town in the northern part of Italy. Nowadays, we're working on the adjacent square, with the goal to complete it in a few years. We will be posting updates very soon. As for the MOC itself, we chose a 1:75 scale, so that it could be populated with minifigs, without being too huge and expensive. The Cathedral consists of about 9600 bricks. Some techniques were inspired by others' works, while some were developed for the purpose of maintaining the most possible similarity to the real Cathedral. Hope you will enjoy! Every suggestion is welcome! FBros
  6. KevinyWu

    Fortress of St. Jocosa

    The walls around the Church of St. Jocosa have protected it for hundreds of years against enemies. Located in the mountains of Avalonia, the church is currently being guarded by the soldiers of Eryos. There is a tree growing out the wall Closer look at the church Here is one of the many interior rooms, a food storage. See the rest on Flickr if you want This was built for the 48x48 castle category in the 2018 Summer Joust. It was really fun to try to fit an entire castle on a confined space. I got the idea of creating a fortified church from Tim Goddard's creation, Abbey of St. Rumaire. More pictures are available in my Flickr Album
  7. Location: Mesabi Landing Type: Medium Cultural The Church of the Order in Mesabi Landing was usually where weddings were held. Wedding crashing by North White, on Flickr "Dear friends and family.... We are... gathered here.... today" The priest droned. Wedding crashing by North White, on Flickr "To.... join... these.... two in.... holy matrimony..." *BANG* Wedding crashing by North White, on Flickr Agnes walked into the church, pistol smoking, drunk as hades. Wedding crashing by North White, on Flickr "So! You's the happiest couple! Well let me tell you people about getting married....." Wedding crashing by North White, on Flickr "Madam, you should leave...." Said the groom. Wedding crashing by North White, on Flickr Agnes knocked him to the floor. "I pronounce you man! And... ah who cares." She slurred Wedding crashing by North White, on Flickr Agnes ran out, leaving the wedding guests in stunned silence. FIN So, I got a sailboat with clear sails for Christmas, and I wanted to experiment with them as stained glass windows. I'm not sure if it worked, but I'll let y'all be the judge of that. Originally I was going to make this be Agnes sitting through a boring church service, but I thought this would be funnier. Hopefully it's not to sacreligious. C&C appreciated!
  8. It's a early baroque church built on the plan of the cross topped with a dome. Scale is approx 1/100. No interior, because of parts used for fixing windows and doors. And there is no way to show it anyway.
  9. hero_king

    [MOC] Church on the Hill

    Hello! i would like to show you my new MOC, i hope you like it. :) More pictures on Flickr
  10. dignow

    MOC - Godwins Hollow Overview

    Well, it had been over a year since we'd taken stock of Godwins Hollow as a whole. So, we went to town, took some pics, and thought we'd share. If you're interested there are more pics on our Flickr page. Hope you enjoy. 170901 Godwins Hollow Overview by Stewart & Sydney, on Flickr
  11. Hi! Sharing my latest MOC. Ruins of the St. Paul's Church & The Porta de Santiago. It is the oldest surviving European architectural remains in south east Asia. Hope you like it :) More MOCS in my flickr album. Thanks!
  12. Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Bat-God
  13. pogo

    Local Church MOC

    One of my larger MOCs, local church. More pictures with description can be found on imgur :)
  14. Small church with wood christmas crib in winter village.
  15. Jellyeater

    Winter Village: Old Church

    Hi, this is my entry for this year Expand The Winter Village Contest. Church is slightly slower than 32 x 32. Base plate is just about 40 x 32. This year I made an interior. :-) Details are available in this gallery.
  16. Righty

    Winter Village: Village Church

    Hello All! Please check out my special creation for the holiday, the Village Church for the well known LEGO Winter Village series. The Church, which is an important part a village has never been released by LEGO, so I decided to design and build my own one. You will see the detailed exterior as well as the interior on the pictures below, and also how well this building fits in the Winter Village atmosphere! The Village Church: The view of the Village: Backside view: The interior: Above the detailed interior of the church. There you will see the benches and a place for the choir and the people. There is a bell in the tower and an altar inside as well. Some additional photos in high res: Thanks for watching and happy holidays for you all!:) Based on some nice comments I update the first image :)
  17. Captain Braunsfeld

    Church of Zeus - Pontelli

    There is a church in Pontelli they call the Church of Zeus. Church service starts daily at 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. The priest, Elwood Jake, is especially proud of the lead-glass windows... .. that make this church so beautiful inside (on a sunny day). It is 7 a.m. now and the priest is getting ready for the ceremony. More and larger pictures as usual on flickr. C&C welcome.
  18. When the first settlers came to An Holli more than 50 years ago and founded Weelond, they built the initial structures mostly from wood. As the settlement became more established, they replaced structures that were considered vital to the settlement with more permanent buildings made from stone. Other than the fort, one of the first structures to be rebuilt using local stone was Weelond’s church. It is located on the village green, between the town market and the waterfront’s warehouse district. Fifty years after it was built, it is now known simply as “the old stone church.” Reverend Calvert DuBois invites us inside. Once inside, we can see the sanctuary, which feels larger than one might expect due to the high roof and large stained glass windows. At the rear of the church, Rev. DuBois has an office where he keeps his library and items needed for church services. The church is a center of Weelond’s cultural activity. Rev. DuBois has a full house in attendance today for his sermon. Let’s take a quick peek from his office as he delivers his sermon. * * * Build notes: - I actually started planning this build before the Cultural and Educational categories were added to the list of property types in the game, so that saved me the trouble of figuring out how to classify it. - The main roof comes off for easy access: - There is no back wall, but I built it so that I could add a removable wall at some point in the future: As always, all c&c welcome! For details on the religion practiced here, the Church of Sol and Luna, also known as the Church of the Two Coins, see here:
  19. Hey it's me, Pau Padrós, you may know me from my Ideas account: Anyway, I'd like you to be completely honest with what you think. Please don't hesitate to comment. La Sagrada Familia This is the recreation of the worldwide famous cathedral located in Barcelona. It is by far the most complex build I've ever done, and also the one which ended up looking the best. Unlike many other sets Lego does, this is a 360° display piece, which means that it can be viewed from all four sides and it still looks magnifiscent. The beautiful cathedral standing 57 cm (22"). This shows the cathedral on its Facade of Birth. Facts: 57 cm tall 9016 pieces 7699 tan pieces 856 tan tooth pieces 144 tan column pieces 120 tan "Lego Games" microfigures An extra shot: The Sagrada Familia as the centerpiece of a layout (along with some of my own modulars ) This is a never-seen-before creation, and I'm happy to show it to the wonderful people of Eurobricks, as the Ideas people rejected such creation. Well, they lose the chance, don't they?
  20. timmyc1983

    [MOC] Modular Church

    Hello everyone It's been a while since I've posted a MOC as I have been busy with . But I am proud to now show you the latest addition to my city, Brixton Valley. It's a modular style church! It consist of over 7000 bricks and is on four 32 x 32 baesplates, although the church itself is mostly on two of them.LEGO MOC Church by Tim, on Flickr It is quite large, although not as large as I anticipated when planning and building it. I was hoping it would be the largest building in town, but turns out the town hall is taller. I think it is still an impressive building for the city. It does feature stained glass all the way around, for the photos I put my ipod torch inside to show the stained glass off, right now I don't have any plans for permanent lighting inside. LEGO MOC Church by Tim, on Flickr It also features a graveyard/cemetery in which are several types of grave stones and 3 large trees. LEGO MOC Church by Tim, on Flickr So this is the basics of this MOC, should you be interested to see more photos please click here, or see below for the YouTube walkthrough tour: Please head on over to YouTube to check out my other videos and subscribe to my channel for updates. I also encourage you to comment here and on YouTube and please hit that thumbs up button if you like the MOC. I also have a website dedicated to Brixton Valley, please head along: Until next time, happy building
  21. The Ruins of St.Paul's is the ruins of a 16th-century complex in Macau including of what was originally St.Paul's College and the Church of St.Paul, a 17th-century Portugese church. Today, the ruins are one of Macau's best know landmarks. In 2005, they were officially listed as part of the Historic Centre of Macau, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Macau is to the west of Hong Kong. It only takes you an hour to go there from Hong Kong by jets. For more information:
  22. -Carson Haupt-

    MOC: Church Interior

    This is just the interior of a church I built, complete with a priest to celebrate Mass. He is wearing white vestments since it's almost the Feast of Christ the King. I apologize for just having a link, I use Flickr on my iPad and recent updates have made copying the BBCode impossible from a mobile platform. I hope you enjoy looking, it was one of those builds that just falls into place. (Here's at least 1 picture)
  23. moctown

    [MOC] In nomine patris

    Hey everybody, today I'm comin' up with my latest creation, which is equally my second moc of a church. My 1st one was built in 2013 and it was designed as a mini modular. This one is much bigger, but it's also executed in microscale: You may find some similarities to any real examples of archtecture, but there is no original one for it - it's a freestyle model. The model consists of round about 3.500 pieces and overall it took me around 9 months to get it complete. In this case I could'nt resist, doing a little photo editing, to get an old-styled look ... ... and when it's getting dark, I turn on the interior light : That's it for now. So, feel free to leave any comment and tell me, what you think about it! Thx & so long, Jens
  24. NIght of Owls 1 by Jason Hatkowski, on Flickr The Court of Owls is one of the first Arcs in the New 52 Batman by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo and by far on e of my favorite new "villains", This particular scene did not take place in any comic that I have seen, but enough was left open during the Night of the Owls to imagine many other altercations taking place! I am not a customizer, but really need to figure out how to at least make some decals so that I can do a little bit of it. The custom Red Hood is from Joker's Brick Store on Bricklink and looks fantastic. The Arsenal is completely purist, as are the Talons for the Court of Owls. Night of Owls 2 by Jason Hatkowski, on Flickr Night of Owls 4 by Jason Hatkowski, on Flickr Nightwing 1 by Jason Hatkowski, on Flickr NIghtwing and his Wingcycle....heavily inspired by Lego Jalex and his amazing Fenrir from FFVII Advent Children <a href="</a> Red Hood 1 by Jason Hatkowski, on Flickr Robin 1 by Jason Hatkowski, on Flickr Court of Owls by Jason Hatkowski, on Flickr Batgirl 1 by Jason Hatkowski, on Flickr
  25. BobThePom


    (Piper Playing Highland Cathedral) Overall Vig. Bob