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  1. Project Link: Support for free using the LEGO Ideas website to help get this project to 10,000 in hopes that it becomes a LEGO Ideas set! Make LEGO King Kong Happen! Shorter url version: King Kong Two-Legged Lizard + References Dragon Dinosaur + References Trex + References Spider + References Display all figures and creatures at front If you like the set it is also available on LEGO ideas to support for the chance of it becoming an official set! link if interested: The Log Posed The Trex Spider from the Ravine Two-Legged Lizard attacks John Side of Wall The Cave The Natives The Gong Ann on tree Back of Spider Dragon looking Dinosaur (Son of Kong)
  2. New Ship Classes - The Transition Welcome to the new ship classes, everyone! Read about them in detail here! In this thread we will guide you through all licensing issues revolving around the new ship classes. In short, the transition will work as follows: The current licenses of all surviving ships will be fully refunded. Captured (or otherwise acquired) licenses that you have in stock will be conveniently converted to the new classes - eg. a 5F and a 5A2 both become a class 5 under the new regime. In the spirit of an open community we ask everyone to list their currently licensed vessels here (one post per member, edit it if necessary), along with links to the thread they were originally posted in, plus if possible a complete list of your additional licenses. Please also state the intended new ship classes of your vessels. This will allow a peer review of your fellow brethren, and hopefully help everybody to get a feeling for the new classes and their requirements. The whole process will be monitored by the members of the Naval Licensing and Prize Court and the Brethren Court. Please take their advise when they offer it, as they have been dealing with these classes for a longer time already Our final goal is to develop an open ship register, similar in transparency to the account sheet we already have, so it will be clear what ships are cruising the Brick Seas at all time. Please be patient regarding the re-licensing of your ships - the forms are still in the making, but will arrive in time for the next MCRA. We'll keep you posted. A final note: We know it will take a certain time and learning effort to become accustomed to the new classes, and to get a feeling for the required sizes for each new class. But we've managed to get there before, so we'll be able to do it again If you got any questions and/or need advise, by all means feel free to ask - that's what this thread is all about! Reference MOCs for all ship classes: Class 0 - Pearl Diving Canoe Just a small canoe, not ocean going, but doing well in coastal waters - with enough cargo space for plenty of precious pearls. Class Cost Stat Points Range Maneuver Firepower Crew Cargo Hull Sum (1-6) (1-6) (0-12) (0-12) (0-15) (0-12) 0 24 6 1 3 0 0 2 0 6 Class 1 - The Saucy Gibbon Fast little sloop outfitted for inter island trade runs and coastal exploration. Class Cost Stat Points Range Maneuver Firepower Crew Cargo Hull Sum (1-6) (1-6) (0-12) (0-12) (0-15) (0-12) 1 60 9 2 3 0 1 2 1 9 Class 2 - Pride of Poseidon Light, maneuverable patrol vessel with enough firepower to hunt down smugglers. Class Cost Stat Points Range Maneuver Firepower Crew Cargo Hull Sum (1-6) (1-6) (0-12) (0-12) (0-15) (0-12) 2 120 12 3 4 2 1 0 2 12 Class 3 - HMS Otter With her highly maneuverable cutter rig, medium range capability, and armed with a set of 4 pounders, the Otter is perfect for the job as a patrol craft. Class Cost Stat Points Range Maneuver Firepower Crew Cargo Hull Sum (1-6) (1-6) (0-12) (0-12) (0-15) (0-12) 3 200 15 3 6 2 2 0 2 15 Class 4 - Asesino Sturdy brig-of-war armed with 16 long guns, she can hold her own against any opponent in her class. Class Cost Stat Points Range Maneuver Firepower Crew Cargo Hull Sum (1-6) (1-6) (0-12) (0-12) (0-15) (0-12) 4 300 18 4 4 4 4 0 2 18 Class 5 - Ironsides Armed with several carronades and manned by a man'o'war crew, the Ironsides is a powerful warship for her size, and her heavy scantlings make her hull a tough nut to crack. Outfitted for the high seas, her range is long, but her old-fashioned rig limits her maneuverability. Class Cost Stat Points Range Maneuver Firepower Crew Cargo Hull Sum (1-6) (1-6) (0-12) (0-12) (0-15) (0-12) 5 420 21 5 3 4 4 0 5 21 Class 6 - Alejandro de Vargas Old fashioned galleon. Doesn't possess the greatest sailing qualities, but with a sturdy hull and decent firepower this terraman is not to be messed with easily. Class Cost Stat Points Range Maneuver Firepower Crew Cargo Hull Sum (1-6) (1-6) (0-12) (0-12) (0-15) (0-12) 6 560 24 4 3 4 4 4 5 24 Class 7 - Margot Built to dominate the seas, Margot doesn't disappoint. While still reasonably cheap to operate, this already legendary ship-of-the-line shows no true weaknesses, but instead offers excellent bang for the buck. Class Cost Stat Points Range Maneuver Firepower Crew Cargo Hull Sum (1-6) (1-6) (0-12) (0-12) (0-15) (0-12) 7 700 27 4 2 8 6 0 7 27 Class 8 - Triton Triton - veteran of many battles and a floating fortress. Class Cost Stat Points Range Maneuver Firepower Crew Cargo Hull Sum (1-6) (1-6) (0-12) (0-12) (0-15) (0-12) 8 900 30 4 2 9 7 0 8 30
  3. Kolonialbeamter

    About Ships

    About Ships In this thread you’ll find all information necessary to operate a ship in the EGS, or more precisely how to make your ship fit to participate in the thrilling venture that is the MCRA. Ships and Licenses A ship you want to use in the MCRA has to be a combination of both a ship-MOC and a license. You may at any time post a ship-MOC, and attach a license to it once you are able to acquire one. To attach a license to a ship-MOC or to unlicense a ship use the Ship licensing form, note that once a ship is unlicensed the old license ceases to exist. There are multiple ways to acquire a license for your ship-MOC - purchase, capture, a challenge prize. A license has to fit the general properties of the ship-MOC, creative license is of course allowed and appreciated - but within reason. Leadership has the right to revoke licenses in case of rule and spirit violations. Licenses come in different classes: Class Cost Base Upkeep Benchmark MOC Stat Points 0 24 6 Pearl Diving Canoe 6 1 60 15 The Saucy Gibbon 9 2 120 30 Pride of Poseidon 12 3 200 50 HMS Otter 15 4 300 75 HMHV Athena 18 5 420 105 Ironsides 21 6 560 140 Alejandro de Vargas 24 7 700 175 Margot 27 8 900 225 Triton 30 9 1140 285 33 10 1500 375 39 Ship Classes: Each ship class comes with a total number of stat points, the higher the class the more stat points are available. Within the distribution limits these stat points can be spread among the various ship characteristics according to one’s individual preference to create customized licenses, for reference MOCs see the second post in this thread. Ship characteristics are: Range (R): A ship can travel its range plus 1 zones per MCRA. Must be a value between 0 and 6. Maneuver (M): This is the vessel's ability to maneuver in an encounter. Thus, it decides its relative ability to catch up with or flee from an enemy. Must be a value between 1 and 6. For class 9 it must be a value between 1 and 5, for class 10 a value between 1 and 4. Guns (G): This is the ship’s firepower. Must be a value between 0 and 12. Crew (C): This is the fighting crew of your vessel, used during boarding actions. Roughly, one C equals 5 men. A 0 crew is the captain and a few choice men. Must be a value between 0 and 12. Cargo ($): This is the space the ship has for hauling goods. Must be a value between 0 and 15. Hull Strength (H): This is the strength of the hull, the vessel's ability to withstand fire from warships and fortresses. Must be a value between 0 and 12. Hull-piece guidelines Class 0: Similar to lego rowing boat (NB: Prefab row boats, canoes, etc. cannot be licensed) Class 1: N/A Class 2: Narrow hulls, no mid sections or 1 very light Class 3: 1 or 2 mid sections, depending on "bulk" Class 4: 2 to 3 mid sections. Transition to large hull pieces Class 5: 3 to 4 mid sections Class 6: 4 mid sections for multiple decks, 5 for single decked vessels Class 7: 5 for Ships of the line or galleons, 6 for heavy frigates Class 8: 6+ mid sections minimum and several decks Class 9: 7+, several decks, Probably upper limit for prefab hull-pieces Class 10: N/A The Costs of Ships Every player is always entitled to one free class 1 or 2 license. Sea Rats only pay 70% of a ship license. Next to the price of a license there’s also upkeep to be paid, and ship limits to be considered. Upkeep is calculated as total upkeep of all the owner's active ships during an MCRA, and automatically deducted from all involved accounts after every MCRA, use the upkeep calculator at your convenience. NB: The black flag pirate crews of the Sea Rats often find provisions and supplies by... alternative means. Sea Rats pay no upkeep for black-flagged ships.  Base Upkeep From To Modifier 0 100 0 101 200 100% 201 300 150% 301 500 200% 501 1000 250% 1001 300% Ship Levels: Ship levels limit the total number of ships one is allowed to operate, they are determined by the sum of ship classes, so for example if you own a class 5 and a class 7 ship, you must have a ship level of 12 to operate them. Only the following entities can own vessels (i.e. have their own ship levels.) Players, who start out with a ship level of 10 Factions, who start out with a ship level of 25 Officially chartered trade companies, who start out with a shiplevel of 0 Settlements, which can own ship levels up to its settlement level. (Capped at 20) To increase them, players, factions and trade companies must unlock additional levels. This is a one-off cost and then your ship level is increased forever. Apart from the cost, a vignette (or larger) must be made to explain the IC reasons why/how the limit is increased. (If the build meets the normal requirements, it can be licensed. One build must be submitted per entity per increase) Prices are cumulative. Additional levels can also be unlocked in other ways, like via certain traits of the skill system. Additional Ship Levels Price DB Price *IP +25 250 250 +25 500 500 +25 750 750 +25 1000 1000 Additional Rules and Clarifications The Naval Licensing and Prize Court: The NLPC’s role is to support leadership in making final decisions and advise players in all issues discussed in this thread. The NLPC can also be used to sell unwanted licenses out of the game. See here for more details. ‘Sistershipping’: If a ship is captured, sunk or otherwise lost in the MCRA the former owner may attach a new license to the ship-MOC. (If he is the owner of the MOC, i.e. typically the builder, unless specifically transferred during a sale.) All ship owning entities may, at any one point in time, hold sisterships up to 20 shiplevels. (Eg. 1*class 7, 2*class 5, and 1*class 3). In other words, if sistershipping a lost vessel brings your total number of sisterships over 20 shiplevels, you cannot sistership that vessel. Sistershipping requires a sistershipping build. Please include a link to the original moc in the sistershipping topic. Since Jan 2019 - the cost for a sistership license is double the original license cost. See here for more details. Faction warships: Factions always have three MOC and upkeep free class 5 ships available. These ships count towards the factions' ship level. The characteristics of these ships are defined as the faction licenses them. Ships captured or purchased from other players: NPC ships captured in the MCRA are licenses only, therefore they need a ship-MOC in order to be used again. The same applies for captured MOC-free faction warships. MOCed ships captured in the MCRA can be reused as ships as they are. The same applies for ships purchased from other players (use the Transaction Form). The rules regarding upkeep and ship limit apply unaltered. Captured ships (or captured ships bought in an auction or similar) will not count towards the sistershipping limits, unless bought by the holder of sistershipping rights. (Typically the builder) Ships maintain their stats after capture. (since they are effectively the same vessel) Troop transport: For every point of cargo capacity plus the ship's class rating, a ship may carry 5 soldiers (5 soldiers = 1 crew point). For example, a class 3 ship with a cargo capacity of 4 could carry 35 soldiers (7 additional crew points). Commanders: For fleets of more than 5 ships, a commander is required. Please see the relevant rules here. Regarding ship stats: If you need the stats for your vessels, you should been granted access to your factions stats by your leaders. If they haven't given you access yet, you may pm @Legostone who'll help you out with the stats of your vessels. Regarding "inactive players" If there is some form of agreement (formal or informal), existing ships can be used/managed according to the agreement. For escorts, trade, warfare, etc. as agreed. This agreement does not need to be published. These agreements can be faction wide, player based, etc. but if anyone misuses a player's ship against his wishes, leadership will step in. Anyone should always be free to opt out of such an agreement. Only existing vessels can be used. No new ships can be licensed in passive player's names, and ships cannot be sistershipped once lost. Over time, fleets of inactive players being used will thus dwindle. Exception are ships build by the absent player for a faction, settlement, or trade company, as use rights already belong to the given entity. Once the player returns, ships can be sistershipped and new licenses can be made as per normal rules. You are not allowed to change ownership, as that would eventually be stealing the vessels. Neither can they be sistershipped by any other entity once lost This policy will mean that only existing vessels can remain active, that players or factions cannot "optimise" upkeep or game the system by using inactive accounts, and that we get no additional paperwork or administration. Please note that it should also ensure balance. A faction will not be unduly punished because someone suddenly becomes inactive, but also that we will not see "ghost ships" sailing the seas. (Only known and active vessels still sailing) This is a rule thread - do not reply! Not even with 'Okay' Questions belong here or in the general BoBS intro thread.
  4. We buy your mines and your claims! Licensed Mines: Stone Quarry, Berreli, near Elysabethtown Iron Mine, Ferro Azure, near Salida Este Stone Quarry, Isla de Victoria, near Fuerte Unido Licensed claims: Stone Quarry, Berreli, active mine Iron, Ferro Azure, active mine Copper, Otono, mines in construction Stone Quarry, La Sombra, mines in construction Stone Quarry, Isla de Victoria, active mine Joint ventures: Stone Quarry, Cocovia, near King's Harbour (50-50 with the Montoya Estate) Monthly Revenue (see here): 51,25 DBs We are interested in buying both your prospecting scenes, your claims and your MOCed mines: 1. Prospecting scene only: MOC of prospecting scene - on Ferro Azure: 12 DBs - on Isla Philip: 10 DBs - on another Eslandolan island: 8 DBs - anywhere else: 5 DBs 2. Mine type known: (requires that the SetUp Cost of 25 DBs has already been paid) Iron: 50 DBs Gold: 45 DBs Silver: 35 DBs Mercury: 25 DBs Copper: 20 DBs Any other: 15 DBs 3. Mine has been MOCed: Iron, Gold: +60 DBs Silver, Mercury, Copper: +35 DBs Other: +25 DBs 4. Mine has been licensed: We pay the full licensing fee on top (e.g. +75 DBs for salt). Example: * You have MOCed a prospecting scene on Nellisa. We would pay 8 DBs (Eslandolan island). * You decide to pay 25 DBs and wait for the result. It's an iron mine. We would now pay 50 DBs (that is your 25 plus an additional 25). * You decide to MOC it. We would now pay 110 DBs. * You decide to license it yourself (cost: 75 DBs). We would now pay you 170 DBs. You decide to keep it. * Three months later you finally decide to sell it. We will still pay the 170 DBs.
  5. Boat Yard at Arlinsport, Tiberia:
  6. Economic Game System Brethren of the Brick Seas is not only an open building community story project, but also a series of games and challenges. One of the main games within BoBS is the Economic Game System, the everyday economy of the BoBS world. No one is obligated to participate in the Economics Game System, and free builds and challenge builds by a builder not participating in the EGS will still earn the faction DBs and FIPs. Likewise, hiring a privateer builder who does not participate in the EGS will still cost DBs, but these DBs will be removed from the game. Master Index By Land - Maps and Properties in the EGS By Sea - Ships and the Monthly Raiding and Commerce Action in the EGS Money 1) Doubloons (DBs), the basic currency, can be earned by both individuals and factions. Doubloons can be used to buy more entries into some challenges, to change factions, to buy “forgiveness” from other factions, to set up resource gathering operations, to buy ships, property, etc., and are the general currency for the individual builder. 2) Personal Influence Points (PIPs) are used to determine each individual builder’s score. For every one Gold Doubloon earned, a builder earns one PIP. Additionally, a builder can earn PIPs without earning DBs. PIPs are not lost when DBs are spent; the only way PIPs are subtracted is A) a gambling loss, B) buying extra entries into a contest, or C) a PIP reset. PIPs are used to determine “winners” for each cycle and other challenges. 3) Faction Influence Points (FIPs) are used by a faction to unlock certain events, seize territory, influence global elections, and other deeds as the project continues. A faction has as many FIPs as the total PIPs of all its members during a cycle. Left over FIPs are banked after the cycle is over, but do not count towards determining a winning faction for the next cycle. Note: Scores are kept by leadership in the account sheets, but you are welcome to keep track of your account on the side as well. Earning and Spending Money 1) Introduction – Posting your sig-fig will automatically earn you 25 DBs. If you build an introductory MOC to go along with it, you can submit this as a freebuild (see below). 1) Major Challenges – These are the main storyline challenges that will happen every 1-3 months. These are judged by the faction leaders and will result in the earning of FIPs, PIPs, and DBs. 2) Lesser Challenges – These are challenges that may be between two or three factions, or may be for one faction only. These are not major storyline changing events. These are usually created by the project leaders, but as the project progresses, others will be invited to create new challenges. Certain minor challenges will include DBs, FIPs, and PIPs. 3) Freebuilds – These are the everyday builds not associated with a challenge. Each freebuild earns points or DBs for your faction. These are calculated monthly by leadership. The first two freebuilds a month will earn a builder 10 DBs per build, the next two earn 5 DBs, and any more freebuilds during the same month will earn the builder 2 DBs. You must fill out a webform for your freebuild to be counted (see the Master Index). 4) Gambling – A builder may gamble against another builder over anything. Any amount of DBs can be gambled, but if lost, the builder also loses PIPs. Winner of the wager has the responsibility to report the gambling outcome to the administrators through the transaction forms. 5) Payments – A builder can receive a payment from another builder. These must be registered via the Transaction Form (see the Master Index). Any legal payment (on the books) is taxed by your faction. Remember, smugglers may be brought to court if caught! 6) Monthly Paycheck – This is the income through properties owned, titles and stipends, and the result of the Monthly Commerce Raiding Action. See the Land and Sea threads for more information. 7) Resolution -- Conflict Resolution may involve DB transfers. See the Conflict Resolution post for more details. Taxation Although it sounds like no fun, taxes are an important way of increasing your faction’s overall score. The money in your faction’s coffers can go to escorts ships, warships, fortresses, purchasing land, making treaties, etc. Taxes: Each faction can lower or raise its tax rate through its administrative body. The Sea Rats can levy taxes in this way on their members. Taxes will be automated so that they are automatically deducted from the players' account every month that the tax is in place. However, additional and more specific taxes must be paid for through the Transaction form (see the Master Index). For example, a nation could put a tax on shipwrights. Maybe it is a one-time tax, or a recurring tax. Failure to pay taxes will have different penalties per faction. Most often this will result in the suspension of your membership (no protection from faction forts/ships) until back-taxes are paid. Suspended members might not have a chance to participate in faction challenges, win prizes, etc. Trade Companies Participate in monopolies, joint stock ventures… and shape the future of the world. In the beginning, there are only two major Trade Companies, both Eslandian. Both carry their own membership requirements and rewards. Merchant companies will have greater income from some trade items - part of their monopoly. Unlike reality, a monopoly does not mean that other members of that faction cannot participate in that industry (unless your faction has more specific rules). The base rule for establishing a Trade Company requires the following MOCs: A Warehouse A Trade Headquarters A Trade Ship After these builds are complete, you can apply via your faction’s rules to your faction leaders. Each faction of the Brick Seas can grant three charters for trade companies. (NB: For story purposes, any player or group of players can create a trade company IC, although without the charter, it will not mechanically count as a chartered trade company)