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Found 48 results

  1. (Not so) Scary Mary

    Mary is planning a good (old fashioned?) Scare!! Will she succeed?? First video on the channel.... Hope you like it!!
  2. Hello all! I am the General Moe, and i create stop motion films. My first taste of Lego Brickfilms came in 2007, when the Lego page featured some stop motions in the star wars section. I was hooked! An Average Death Star Day was my favourite by far, and i have a love for the Brickfilms of the past. So i decided to create a series that harkens back to the classic age of lego stop motions! I deliberately recreated the style of the old films. This involved lowering the frame rate and camera quality. A plain and consistent lighting was used, with the occasional flicker and set mistake. The parts and figures used were all kept pre-2007, and the sets were built in the simple, straight forward style of the early brick films. Most importantly, the practical effects! People were very limited back them, so i imposed those limitations on myself as well. I hope you enjoy theses films and bring back the memories of the time spent on the Lego Star Wars homepage!
  3. Star Wars LEGO Unboxing

    Hello Friends, I am joema. I am new to the forum and happy to be among other Star Wars Lego enthusiasts. I recently started opening up some star wars sets and playing with them on youtube. The videos also feature me drinking and playing with my cats... If this sounds like something you would enjoy check it out and let me know what you think :] Thank You Friends, A JOEMA
  4. Batcave Invasion

    Batcave Invasion Batcave Invasion - YouTube The Joker (Lego Batman Movie Version) and his super villain squad invade Batman's Batcave. Batman must form his own super hero squad from members of the Justice League to help ward off the threat! I posted a trailer for this a few days ago, however this is the final release! I hope you enjoy it. If you liked it please subscribe and leave a comment! I will begin working on a new project in a few days. Thank you for watching
  5. **Not official** The storm troopers are out on patrol duty when they come across a very different kind of Darth Vader...
  6. [MOC] Basement Hideout

    My first real MOC. Started off trying to build a decent looking computer chair and it eventually evolved into an entire room: The display shelf is my favourite part of this MOC and I was inspired to use the Star Wars helmets as display pieces from another MOC I saw a few weeks back. I wish I had a link to the builder to give him credit but alas, I couldn't recall exactly where I saw it. The dresser drawers on the right of the computer desk actually open and can be used to store items inside. I'd have to build it with actual bricks to see how well it works though but I'm happy with how it turned out. If you'd like to hear more about the build, I made a video about it here: Thanks for taking the time to check out my MOC. If you like it or have any suggestions/criticisms please let me know! -ARTOBRIX
  7. [MOC] Modular - Bar and Townhouse

    Hi Eurobricks! I'm relatively new to MOC making and this is the first Modular building MOC that I dub, Bar and Townhouse. I wanted to build something that would look nice along side my Modular collection and I think this design turned out well! Please forgive me if LDD Renders aren't allowed but here goes: Just like official Modular building sets, each floor can be lifted to reveal the internal design. I have furniture inside the bar and first floor of the town house but need to flesh out the second and top floor still. For a peak inside, please checkout my video on this MOC: I hope to refine it bit before I take the plunge and buy the bricks for it (hopefully bricks come in the colours I chose). Constructive criticism is definitely welcome as I am still just starting out with designing with LDD. Thanks for your time! -ARTOBRIX
  8. Minions Big Banana Race

    We all love Minions at Digital Wizards Studios so we created a fun, exciting mini movie featuring the Despicable Me Minions. Welcome to the Big Banana Race. What do you all think?
  9. An average walk in a dark, eerie park turns out to be much more than just clippity-clomping hooves down a path... Starring: Matthew Kimball - Mary Charles - http://www.bricksinm...orums/user/1329 Benjamin Ely - (that's me!) Liam Siegler - Special thanks to Guy Commanderson for allowing me to use his awesome music! You can listen to the full background track here: https://soundcloud.c...son/possessions Made for BRAWL 2016 on Bricks in Motion.
  10. Lego Lawn Mower

    Waiting for your comments...
  11. Hi everybody! Have a look at my last Parody in Lego about the song "Sorry" from Bieber. Enjoy.
  12. Lego Donald Trump Parody

    Hello, Here's my last Funny Video in Lego. It's about Mr Donald Trump. Enjoy!
  13. Hey! Here's a new Short funny Movie about the Lego 60126 Set : Tire Escape. Enjoy!!! You can Visit my Channel for more fun: There is quite of an [unwanted] Easter Egg in this movie... I will let you find it.
  14. Hi There! I'm Brick Archiect and I really love Lego System. I like to see Brick Film and personal builds! You can visit my YouTube Channel at: Enjoy!!!

    New Adwenture Lego Museum Robbery.. Have a good time..
  16. I think this was my second mini movie. Camping in the wild and scary things will happen.with a twist (of course) in the end.
  17. Hi! This is one of my first minimovies (so do not be too harsh with the assessment). Its "old comedy" style..but i know it could have been a little sharper picture. But still - im pretty satisfied with the result. Have made some other movies and trying to improve for every new one!
  18. A bit of a study in landscaping that I thought I'd have some fun with "Tis but a scratch" DSC_8444 by slobey79, on Flickr
  19. Hello All! This is one of my favorite Useless creations I have ever built As you can see it is a couch on steroids with tanks treads Top view Back view Bottom view Sort of side view Let me tell you some days you just need to take a break Or have a party Homers Favorite ride! Looks like Sariels Hamster has evil plans for this Video thank you for reading!
  20. Which are you?

    I cannot officially create a poll b/c I have less than 500 posts, but if an admin feel so inclined this one might be a fun one. I saw this comic the other day and thought that I would just share. lol.... I liked this. We as LEGO fans are likely all very passionate about our hobby. But, not sure that categorizes us ALL as geeks. I am not sure what I am, but as with all scales like this, there is some error. I'm gonna go ahead with nerd (my username, after all... is nerds.. for... prez (president). Although involved in academia in the past (practicing doctor now), I think that ship has sailed, so not really sure if geek applies as much as my passion for my hobbies. I have to admit, I was not aware of the distinction between a nerd, geek and dork until now, and other than IMO it being funny, don't really care about the distinction, so..... I don't think dork really applies either (my wife would disagree. She would think that I am all three). Therefore.... I surmise (see that academic term there... ) that I am a nerd. I think nerds rock....... and if one were to run for president of the world I would vote for him/her. One that is passionate for his/her hobbies has to have a passion for life... right? Which are you? Nerd? Geek? Dork? All of the above? Again.... if someone wants to make this into a poll I think it might be fun.
  21. Idea from funny shirt

    Let me know if you like them.
  22. Brick Flick: Quality

    Enjoy! Feel free to leave a comment telling me whether you enjoyed it or if you didn't/why not! Thanks!
  23. Iron Man's Troubled Suit

    Trying out some new things, made a little short with Iron Man having some issues with his suit to test out those new things.