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Found 14 results

  1. TheRedBarron

    Strangely Molded Part

    Piece in question I got the cmf spider-man today and was wondering if the strange thing on the web piece was just left over from the molding or something else. Also is it worth anything?
  2. So I recently got a new computer, which necessitated upgrading to Windows 10. I was able to find workarounds for most of the annoyances that caused (as evidenced by the Windows 7 style taskbar in the image below), but when I installed LDD and tried to launch it, it came out looking like this: Crazy scanlines all over the place, and an error message I can't read. You can't really tell in this picture, because it's been shrunk, but each line is only about one pixel in width, they're just grouped together real close in places. The lines stay there when I actually open the build editor. They seem to be in a fixed pattern rather than appearing randomly or moving around. As far as I can tell, the program seems to function more or less normally, but I can't see 90% of what's happening on the screen. I can't even tell if the font is displaying normally or not. I've already tried reinstalling it and repairing the installation, but the problem persists. What is happening, and how do I fix it?
  3. When I was writing a topic I noticed I couldn't upload pictures anymore. When I choose a file and upload I get an error message to ask for assistance. I messaged an admin but I did not get any response. I also tried to make the images smaller to reduce the size but that also failed. I'd really appreciate it if anyone can help me!
  4. I'm having some trouble with the Technic forum lately. Old reviews appear to be cutoff, this one for example: Also the 8110 Unimog, and 8436 crane truck, and probably others too. I did read the 8436 review a few months ago (read before the forum upgrade), not the others though as far I remember. I think it might have to do with the forum upgrade, but I don't know, anyone else having the same issue?
  5. So I decided to install LDD on my "new" computer. Everything went smooth as normal, until I got a popup saying: "OpenGL driver is missing or outdated". I thought okay, this must be a mistake so I skipped past the popup and went and finished in the installation. When I launched the app, the whole program started glitching out and it was completely unusable. With that I went to the product manufacturers websites of my computer for any driver updates and lo and behold, everything was up-to-date. So my question is: is it possible I downloaded the wrong program for LDD? Or should I go elsewhere to solve my problem?
  6. splatman

    403 Forbidden

    Earlier today, I went to visit Eurobricks, I only got the 403 Forbidden error. What on earth was up with that? Did anyone get the same error?
  7. Hello, yesterday I encountered a strange problem when importing a .ldr file into LeoCad. It simply wouldn't show my 2 x 3 plate with hole, ldraw part 3176.dat. The part renders fine in MLCad, LDCad, LDView and the like, but it shows only the 4 studs in LIC (instruction creator) and LeoCad's part window, while not showing at all in the rendered models using the latter two. You can see the difference in the two images attached. My question is - is this a known phenomenon? Are more parts affected than just this one? How can a part like this be used in LeoCad or LIC? Thx m.
  8. So today I went to start off and plan a MOC in LDD and then when I went to save my build the screen froze and wasn't responding, therefore I had to shutdown my computer to get my computer to respond again, and it kept happening when I went to try and save something the next time. I can save documents and files on stuff like Microsoft word, basically everything but LDD. Do I need to update LDD for the file to save? If so please inform me because I am pretty frustrated. Thanks!\ -Xan
  9. I'm just installed LDD 4.3.8 on my pc, then I found that I have black bar on top of the tools section. Check Picture Here : ps. don't know how to post it And second, the program not run in full screen if you look at bottom right you'll found the filter section half showed. I have to use this program for final project or anyone have another program please help me My Rigs CPU - Intel i3 3.40 GHz GPU - Nvidia GT 630 Ram - 8 GB OS - Window 10 Thank You All
  10. I recently went to Bricks and Pieces to order some parts. I accidentally hit the "element design number" button without entering the part I wanted, but I still got results! A few Sand Blue and Md. Blue pieces popped up as well as a window pane and a pile of Duplo gold! Does anyone know why LEGO has this in their system? It's so random...
  11. Hi I have recently returned to using this software as I have a need now. I was prompted to download the update. I did so and all seemed well. Started creating and LDD crashed and couldn't save and gave me a long line of script if I showed details which I do not understand. Looked online for help and no joy. I tried a restart of my mac and also tried deleting LDD and re-installing that. I still have the same issue. A secondary problem I have enconted there are no templates the section under all 3 catergories are empty. Please help
  12. My goodness, it's been a while since I've been on EB. Anyway, I recently purchased the LoC set Ultimate Speedorz Tournament, and noticed a rather amusing error. The instructions tell you to put two buzz saw pieces on Laval's Speedor and two axe blades on Cragger's. However, Laval's "Tratratrax" card depicts the axe attachment that Cragger is instructed to receive, while Cragger's "Grapt" card shows a grappling hook attachment that isn't even included in the set. The buzz saws don't get a card whatsoever. My nephew and niece are both intrigued by the Speedorz gameplay and have made sure that I noticed the error and corrected it fr them - I MoCed up a "Grapt" to attach to Cragger's Speedor and have given the "Tratratrax" to Laval's Defendor XII. This means I get two more buzz saws for MoCing... Too bad I have tons of them and barely any grappling hooks! =P
  13. I've been using the font size option on the rich-text editor (mostly to indicate whispering in Heroica), but many times clicking on the drop-down arrow will crash the tab I'm using. It's rather annoying, not to mention the amount of re-typing I have to do each time it happens. Is there anything that can be done to remedy this? (I'm using IE--yes, I know--on Windows 7, if that helps.)
  14. Fintendo64

    Wierd Findings...

    Whilst rooting through my lego box, I have found something very peculiar... Not one, but TWO Red Futuron minifigs with what appear to be molding errors on their backs. These must have gone unnoticed for many years, but it means they won't be able to survive long in space without oxygen packs. Anyway, they dont fit studs and I have no Idea how they appeared. Can any of you guys shed some light on this mystery?