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  1. Hi, Lego ideological team, designers and fans.

    Here is a Lego-master Stas.

    I haven’t written to you for so long, because I  lost my mother on Christmas in 2017 and I can’t use the computer myself.  In memory of her, I want to present you a project, which we once started together.

    I want to know the opinion of adult fans about my LEGO idea project dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the LEGO pirates project. If you like it share it on social networks, please support! With respect Stas LEGO master.Waiting for your feedback, likes and comments on the site LEGO idea.

  2. Staslegomaster

    Brickington Sails Forth!

    I prefer classic pirates mini figures in videos. Wouldn't you like to use them?
  3. Staslegomaster

    Random pirate MOC

    I do.
  4. Staslegomaster

    Lego Halloween Nightmare

    Is the pirate's mate LEGO ghost rider? Please quote question and then I'll get toknow your answer automatically. Thanks.
  5. Staslegomaster

    CCC XIV - Secret Cottage in Farnor Forest

    It's very nice and it reminds me of an English poem about a cottage in a forest, a little man was standing at the window inviting a rabbit to join him...The treesare really nice.
  6. Staslegomaster

    Redcoats vs Bluecoats Chess

    Sorry for the question - did you see in LEGO ideas my Pirate battle island? It was accepted twice but then rejected when I resubmitted it. Ixcluding the towers our chess look alike very much. And I will certainly support you if it is in LEGO ideas.
  7. Staslegomaster

    71006 The Simpsons House (Press Release)

    thanks for the review. don't you know where to find spooky simpsons halloween contest of 2016 results?
  8. Staslegomaster

    At Midnight in Terelli...

    Good morning, Your Royal Magesty. That's a nice story.
  9. Staslegomaster

    EB Xmas Raffle 2016 - Your ideal Snow entry thread

    It's good to have a Christmas Contest. But can you teii me where to find results of the Trick or Treat Halloween Simpsons Contest? (to my e-mail, please). Can I put a link to my picture to your contest?
  10. Staslegomaster

    My first pirate Moc... that was unexpected

    Such a nostalgic view! Pirates is my favorite series. Could I see it on Classic This is a small but very picturesque pirate creation with some interesting, eye catching details. It reminds of a few pirate sets of early 1990-s, golden age of LEGO pirates. I can see some pieces from those ages - am I right? I always liked pirates. I like the playability of your creation and that you combined a few different ideas in one set. Perhaps we can exchange building techniques because I like some of your ideas. I think your project can be more popular if you devote it too the forthcoming jubilee – 30years of pirates, as I did.
  11. Hi, are the results of the Trick or Treat Contest published? I can't find them anywhere. Thank you.

    Some time ago if somebody quoted my post I got e-mail. Can you explain why not any longer? I'm a dynosaur in computers.

  12. Staslegomaster

    I'm the captain now

    But why is he standing with his back to us?
  13. Staslegomaster

    HMS Reckless (WIP)

    What set is the 3-corned hat from? It's very unusual. Please compair it to my 10 gun ship in the ideas if you like. How many ships did you use to create this one?
  14. Staslegomaster

    Ranking the Pirate Ships 1-15

    Please use my links. And what do you think about big pirates 2004? Their ship isn't in your rating.
  15. Staslegomaster

    [MOC] Venice 1486

    It's an awesome detailed historic creation/ It would be nice for LEGO city.. Is it your favourite?