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Found 29 results

  1. The Brick Boss

    Pooda Reviews: 60330 Hospital

    Hullo everyone! Poodabricks here and I'm here to talk about the new hospital, which I recently acquired. Though I took it apart and now use it for extra pieces. To set the foundation, I.....don't usually see medical themed sets in City like I used to and for hospitals, they usually had a six year waiting period. But then the 60203 ski resort set came in 2019 right after the hospital in 2018; messing up that system since it was technically a medical themed set. With that being said, this hospital actually came two years early, in which it should've been 2024 when they next hospital would come. I still prefer older hospitals however, with the one from set number 4429 being my favorite. I'm not at all complaining. Far from it actually! Matter of fact, it always annoyed me that the cops and firefighters got all the glory (the former getting the most) while the third first responder (the paramedics) were given the back seat. So kudos to Lego for giving the medical field more respect. For this review, I'm not only going to be talking about the good. But I'm also going to be talking about what I personally didn't really care about. Take note that everyone is entitled to their opinion. I'm not speaking for anyone else. So please take my opinions as though you were holding a grain of salt. So 馃憦馃従 let's get into reviewing this amazing set. 1. The Minifigs The minifig assortment is just perfect. I'm going to start off with the unnamed minifigs in this set. My favorite minifig from the available ones HAS to be the clown minifig. I'm assuming he is the mascot for the VitaRush soda company that is based in Lego City. Either that or they also specialize in clown clothes. My guess is that he is supposed to be influenced by Ronald McDonald who is also a clown character that represents a restaurant, the child friendly aspect of it that is. He's likely there to cheer the boy with the injured arm who is there with his grandma. There is also a new mother with her baby, which I actually think is kinda cute along with an older gentleman whom I believe is the father. There is also a cleaning lady, two paramedics and an elderly doctor whom is the chief medical officer I assume. Since I mentioned the paramedics, I'm going to say that I don't really care for the suits that they are wearing as it is a bit too.......British oriented for my liking. I preferred the medic suits that were available with sets like 60179, 60203 and 60204. I preferred those because they were more diverse and weren't really based off a particular country. Named characters are Dr. Spetzel, Dr. Fleiber and Wallop - who is one of the stuntmen in the series. I'm surprised they didn't include Dr. Contagioustein from the first season in this set though. But I don't know Lego's plan. Perhaps they'll include him in an ambulance set. 2. The Vehicles Vehicles included are an ambulance (duh) and helicopter (because Lego has to include a helicopter in almost all of their City buildings), a bike and a wheelchair (that counts as a vehicle as it has wheels and someone can sit in it. I don't hate the way the ambulance and helicopter look. People across the entire Lego community (not just here) have shown their dislike of the ambulance's shape. But to be doesn't bother me. Despite it being "American" style, it makes a nice change for Lego to go out of their way to make a cutaway shape instead of the traditional van look that they went with for the last four ambulances. It's fun when Lego decides to break tradition with its City sets sometimes thus why we got a school and we're getting a grocery store this summer. Sorry! I just can't stop talking about that set. Perhaps I shall look out for more surprises next year in 2023. But its a bit early to speculate there. Once again, I'm not fond of the colors of the ambulance or the helicopter. It seems like for this entire hospital, they were trying to make it look British style. The colors of the previous ones were much better as they matched the building. That's all I really have to say about the vehicles. Though I would've tried to make it longer so that it could fit another paramedic inside. But that's only nitpicking. 3. The Building First off, let me start off by pointing out the first of a two things; a CT scan room and a play area for children. Let me be one of the first people to say that I love that Lego literally went out of their way to put the first ever CT scan room in one of their hospital sets. I love that little feature where you can put a minifigure on the bed and roll him under the scanner to pretend like he needs an X-Ray. So that's a feature I adore. I also love the little play area next to the lobby for little children. That's just perfect for a child who is visiting. This is also the second hospital to contain a maternity ward. In this one, there is a lady with a labor gown included. It looks as though she has already had the baby as it is clearly out in the little baby hospital bed. I also love the lobby and desk area - which also acts as a snack bar where you can obviously buy one of two types of sub sandwiches. 4. Conclusion and Rating So overall, I give this hospital a B. I love the lobby area with the funny gag of the sub sandwiches. I also love the shape of the ambulance - though I'm not fond of the color scheme. I adore the play area, CT scan room and maternity ward being in this set and more time and space given to it. I also think the little clown coming to cheer up the injured boy with his grandma is pretty cute. I'd definately recommend this set to anyone who plans to build a table town with road plates as this is just right. Its not perfect - then again when is a Lego set perfect. But its definately better than some other buildings that we have gotten this year. ahem school ahem police station ahem. But anyhoo! That's my review for the day. Let me know what you think in the comments. I'm out.
  2. Hi everyone! I hope you are all well and healthy during these difficult times. This is my first SHIP (Seriously Huge Investment in Parts) and my entry for this year's SHIPtember. It is 147 studs long and features a full interior. I built most of it during the month of September and finished up the interior in the following weeks. This ship is an idea that I have had for over 10 years now and I am so excited to finally have realized it. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did making it. This build is dedicated to all the brave medical professionals that have worked so hard this year to keep us all safe, including my awesome sister who is a D.O. and who this ship is named after. It serves as a reminder that as long as we have heroes like them and we listen to them, we can make it through this difficult time and survive into the far future where such a spaceship could be a reality. The HSS Ceyda is a moderately sized, but fully equipped hospital spaceship (HSS). Once built by the Lego Space Federation to help out in the Great Blacktron War, she now mainly goes on humanitarian missions, traveling from system to system to offer medical services wherever she can. She is equipped with an emergency room, surgery room, sterilization room, radiological services (including CT), rehabilitation center, doctor's office, dentist office, optometry office, laboratory, pharmacy, wards, cafeteria, 10 escape pods, and more. The ship has no weapons, but it has an extra powerful shield generator to protect its passengers. Attacking the HSS Ceyda is considered a war crime by the Space Police. In case a distress signal is received nearby, the ship carries an ambulance shuttle that can be dispatched to go and bring potential patients back to the hospital. Above the hangar is a landing pad only for the ambulance and a decontamination airlock so that the paramedics can land and bring patients into the hospital without carrying in any space germs. There are tools on the ambulance landing pad to service the ambulance, but for more extensive repairs, the ambulance can enter the cargo and repair bay in the back. The landing pad can be removed for better access to the hangar. All throughout the ship there are teleporter pads known as "Televators" with which people can quickly travel to different parts of the ship simply by saying where they want to go. I designed the ship to split into two halves for easier transportation. On the backside of the hangar, there is the main entrance to the hospital as well as ladders which lead up to the crew's quarters. Here you can also get a good look at the laundry room. The roof of the wards section of the ship can be removed to access the interior. There are four wards with a total of 16 beds as well as 2 bathrooms. One of the patients in the ward is a tribute to my best friend Randy who sadly lost his battle with cancer last year and was a big Spider-Man fan. Each bathroom features a toilet, a sink, and a shower with handle bars and a fold-out chair for paraplegics. The escape pods are located directly under the wards. In an emergency, the patients are automatically lowered into the pods and ejected. At the front of the ship, there is a cafeteria where both patients and visitors can come to eat. Diners can entertain themselves by viewing the stars through the large windows or watching the TV in the back. Under the cafeteria is the rehab center gym where patients can regain their strength or lose some of the calories they gained at the cafeteria. On each side of the ship are large engine rooms where the engineers can maintain the ships's engines. Underneath the bridge is the captain's cabin with a bed, wardrobe and desk for the captain. Only the captain can teleport here. The captain's chair is located toward the back of the bridge from where he can easily oversee his crew. Next to it is a holo-map and behind it is a Televator which can only be accessed via a secure access code. The bridge crew members each man a control station in front of the large panoramic window. In the back of the ship, it has 2 main engines and 4 auxiliary thrusters, as well as the entrance for the cargo/repair bay. Here you can see the cargo/repair bay doors when open. The back wall can be opened and all 3 decks inside can be accessed by removing them like drawers. Here is an overview of the three decks once they are removed. Let's take a closer look at them, starting with the first deck. This one contains the reception and waiting area, pharmacy, laboratory, doctor's office, administrative office, dentist office, optometrist office, and a restroom. Several patients are waiting to be seen, including an Explorien who got a little too close to an egg while exploring an alien planet and now needs to get rid of a facehugger. One of the Mars Mission aliens is checking in as he accidentally impaled himself. Another alien is getting his prescription from the pharmacy. Meanwhile, there are reruns of Ninjago are playing on the little wall-mounted TV. A technician is doing some lab work while Dr. Zarifi (my sister) is entering her office to see a patient. Here you can see the restroom and the optometrist office where Dr. Fram (my real-life eye doctor) is having my sigfig perform vision tests. Meanwhile, an alien is having some dental work done and a robot is performing administrative task. The second deck is reserved for the crew members and can only be teleported to using a secure access code. In the Cargo & Repair Bay there are stacks of supplies and Octan concentrated power crystal fuel cells as well as a workstation for making repairs. There is also a small mech for moving heavy objects. Opposite of the Cargo & Repair Bay are the crew's quarters. There is one for male and one for female crew members, although all genders are welcome on board. The corridor in the middle leads to the engine rooms on the sides of the ship. Both quarters have a row of bunk beds, a small desk, and an adjacent bathroom with shower. Both the inner (blue) and outer doors (gray) of the Cargo & Repair Bay can be slid open and closed. The upper deck is connected to the ambulance landing pad so that critical patients can be brought directly to the ER or into surgery. On the other side of the upper deck is a room for radiology services, including an MRI machine, and a lounge where the crew can come to take a break.and have lunch. The bed of the MRI machine can be rolled in or out and there is a small room from where a crew member can operate the machine. The surgery room is state-of-the-art and features robot arms with which the surgeon can make precise operations from behind his control desk. Next to the operating room is the sterilization room where a robot sanitizes the medical equipment. Here you can see it flying alongside all the other SHIPtember 2020 entries. SHIPtember 2020 Poster by noblebun, on Flickr Again, I hope you liked it. Let me know if I forgot to include anything or if there's anything I could improve. Thanks for looking and stay safe out there!
  3. Hello, folks! It is with great satisfaction that I finally present the result of my most complete and detailed work that I have done to this day in the hobby: the reproduction of the old building of the Santa Casa de Miseric贸rdia of Juiz de Fora-MG, dated 1900. There were 310h of assembling, distributed in almost 2 years of planning, more than 32000 pieces used in a work with dimensions of 1, 67cm x 0, 98cm x 0, 51cm, weighing about 35kg. I tried to follow the minifigure scale and reproduce, with the building solutions that I could find or develop, the maximum details of the building of the time aiming to accomplish the greatest visual impact possible to the public. Having this concept as a focus, I transformed a work into two, with two completely different points of view. From the front, we can observe the classic hospital building, whole and imposing. Behind it, a cut in the building shows its fragmented interior in different environments and depicting scenes from the old days in a very lively manner. We can perceive in the center a meeting of the Brotherhood, a common group that governs all the Santa Casas, in the Ombudsman's room with a sample of typical furniture of the time, as well as in the corridors of access to the surgical center, wards and pharmacy. The motivation that led me to reproduce another historical building with LEGO pieces continues to be the awakening of the collective consciousness to the importance of preserving the historical heritage and its cultural legacy. Unfortunately the building reproduced no longer exists, but that isn鈥檛 a reason not to value its history and memory. However, for this case, a special motivation facilitated the work: the celebration of the 165 years of the founding of the Santa Casa de Miseric贸rdia of Juiz de Fora and the 170 years of the city of Juiz de Fora-MG, my beloved homeland. The next step, as laborious as building the sculpture, will be organizing an exhibition inside the hospital that shows not only LEGO pieces, but also its playful potential to inspire people to know their own story. Coming soon! Santa Casa de Miseric贸rdia de Juiz de Fora 1 by Adolfo, no Flickr Santa Casa de Miseric贸rdia de Juiz de Fora 2 by Adolfo, no Flickr Santa Casa de Miseric贸rdia de Juiz de Fora 4 by Adolfo, no Flickr Santa Casa de Miseric贸rdia de Juiz de Fora 7 by Adolfo, no Flickr Santa Casa de Miseric贸rdia de Juiz de Fora 8 by Adolfo, no Flickr Santa Casa de Miseric贸rdia de Juiz de Fora 9 by Adolfo, no Flickr Santa Casa de Miseric贸rdia de Juiz de Fora 12 by Adolfo, no Flickr Santa Casa de Miseric贸rdia de Juiz de Fora 19 by Adolfo, no Flickr PS: MOC by Alex Paschoaletto
  4. Hi! Today I`d like to show you my alternative build for the LEGO 60204 It is a seaside villa with sport car and helicopter. And video review with tutorial. Hope you enjoy it!
  5. Hi guys, My last creation, a modular hospital... I 've done one many years ago, i made a topic with it, but the architecture and the level of details doesn't satisfy compared to my new creations and my city... So i tried to do something reallistic and functionnal for a little clinic... Hope you'll like it Who Broke his leg? A Modular hospital by Jean Macou, sur Flickr Who Broke his leg? A Modular hospital by Jean Macou, sur Flickr Who Broke his leg? A Modular hospital by Jean Macou, sur Flickr Who Broke his leg? A Modular hospital by Jean Macou, sur Flickr Who Broke his leg? A Modular hospital by Jean Macou, sur Flickr Who Broke his leg? A Modular hospital by Jean Macou, sur Flickr Who Broke his leg? A Modular hospital by Jean Macou, sur Flickr Who Broke his leg? A Modular hospital by Jean Macou, sur Flickr Who Broke his leg? A Modular hospital by Jean Macou, sur Flickr Who Broke his leg? A Modular hospital by Jean Macou, sur Flickr Who Broke his leg? A Modular hospital by Jean Macou, sur Flickr Who Broke his leg? A Modular hospital by Jean Macou, sur Flickr Who Broke his leg? A Modular hospital by Jean Macou, sur Flickr Who Broke his leg? A Modular hospital by Jean Macou, sur Flickr Who Broke his leg? A Modular hospital by Jean Macou, sur Flickr Who Broke his leg? A Modular hospital by Jean Macou, sur Flickr Who Broke his leg? A Modular hospital by Jean Macou, sur Flickr
  6. As a classic Town set, 6380 Emergency Treatment Center did not have a back to the building. I've modded the building in order to have a full interior while trying to keep the original recognizable. This is a WIP and I'll update when I have more to it. When finished, it will have a front and back entrance, reception area, patient exam room, bathroom, doctor's office, and break area.
  7. de-marco

    [MOC] Vintage ambulance

    Vintage ambulance building instructions Parts list
  8. de-marco

    [MOC] Ambulance

    Ambulance building instructions Parts list
  9. This is the general shape of the Hospital building. I hope to have time this summer to make the interior, the stairs, the ramps and of course the yard. I have a strong feeling that the yard will be finished first :) LEGO hospital 2 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO hospital 1 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO hospital 3 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO hospital 5 by Severus A, on Flickr
  10. This model is inspired from 6691 set which was produced between 1981 - 1983. It was one of my favorites sets in childhood. There are many differences but I intended to keep the Classic Town spirit. I've added a working door on the right side, windows on sides, I've used nowadays elements like curved slope bricks for actual design and I also made the model a little smaller. LEGO Ambulance Helicopter 6 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO Ambulance Helicopter 5 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO Ambulance Helicopter 4 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO Ambulance Helicopter 2 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO Ambulance Helicopter 1 by Severus A, on Flickr
  11. BrickBuilder7622

    [MOC] Hospital Room

    My goodness, life has become busy. Five months since I have posted here. Wow. Coming to that point of MOCing where I see that it is better to sometimes go not so much for a large-scale build, but for something smaller enhanced with details.
  12. VK-318

    [K - A08] Assimilated

    Location: A08 Crentium Tags: Civil Building ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "According to the doctors, the wound healing went well. Your wife should be scar-free, in spite of her recent encounter with advanced torture methods." "Agent Raven." With difficulty, I tore myself away from the ledge. "It's an unexpected honor. What bring you here?" "Fifty-eight pirates killed and goods recovered valued into seven figures." "Is that how many I shot? I lost count." "You lost count." Her icicle expression didn't change - it never did. But I thought I heard a touch of surprise. "In any case," she continued, "this mission was not authorized. Indeed, your vessel was found absent from the battle line during an engagement with an enemy fleet. Upon inquiry, I discovered that you had deliberately gone AWOL to pursue your unauthorized rescue mission. This is grounds for dismissal, and charges of desertion." "I'm afraid you're wrong, Agent," I said politely. "Only employees can be charged with desertion, and if you will examine our contract, Silvia and I, along with the Variga, are independent contractors, and not subject to most disciplinary actions." "Correct." Ragen lapsed into silence. I watched. She had plainly known that we were not punishable before she came, else she would have argued the point - and backed up her argument with troops. So why was the CEO of all of the Kawashita Group's Andromeda activities here, aboard a hospital ship in orbit over a no-account world on the galactic fringe? "The toxin the torturer used," Raven said, interrupting my musings. "It's a very new design. M.A.N.T.I.S. only developed it a few months ago, a by-product of something else. They still haven't properly finished testing it, and obviously that filthy traitor Laszlowe didn't bother giving the pirates the safety information anyway. According to the doctors, the toxin appears to interact heavily with many varieties of stimulants." "Which means?" I had heard the mock casual tone Raven was using many times before, from all manner of people. It was the voice of someone who was carrying bad news, and liked it. "The stimulant used in the torture process appears have to interacted with the torture-enhancing toxin, leading to permanent neural scarring. In short, the effect is permanent." "I beg your pardon? Does the Kawashita Group not have the technology to repair neural damage? Is it not, in fact, the selfsame device in which my wife is currently being recuperated?" My voice was tightly controlled, and I spoke through almost-clenched teeth. "So it does, so it does. But that level of therapy is reserved for employees only." I boiled over. "What?!" I reached for a gun, then remembered that I had been disarmed before being admitted. "You know exactly what I've already done to bring Silvia this far. And now you tell me that nothing will be done to help her? Do you really think that's wise?" I hissed. Agent Raven fixed me with an icy glare. "Don't threaten me, ever, pirate. This once, I'll overlook it." She stepped away from the window. "As a matter of fact, something can be done." "The other corporations no longer pose an existential threat to the Kawashita Group," Raven said briskly. "Octan and M.A.N.T.I.S. are too involved in their own troubles to hinder us; we have all grown to the point where the damage of war would take another year to repair. The battlefield has changed. "We must now confront the forces of organized crime. Slavery, that most vile of all crimes, plagues our neighbors, and it is only a matter of time until its creeping touch is felt on our own worlds. Piracy leeches at the trade routes so newly established, and cuts our profits nearly by half in some systems. Corruption threatens to topple corporations from within, and gang violence is already acting to destabilize the civilian populations so newly planted in this galaxy." "A grand speech," I said acidly. "What do you suggest I do about it?" "The fleet of this company is strongly oriented toward conventional action - occupation, invasion, and large-scale interfleet engagement. Our commanders are trained for this, and our warships are designed with this mission in mind. We lack an effective pirate-hunting force. "For this, a unique skillset is needed. One must have personal experience with organized crime - preferably from the inside, the better to root it out. One must command a team experienced in shipboard and close-quarters fighting, in order to detain and recapture as much as possible and effectively rescue prisoners. And one must have access to a small vessel, capable of intercepting enemy craft, disabling fight-or-flight mechanisms, and moving to board." "What does this have to do with Silvia?" I asked tightly. "I want to you lead an anti-piracy task force. It's mission will be to eliminate and discourage acts of organized crime, acting either in support of the fleet or alone as needed." "But..." There was going to be a catch. "You will sign a revised contract. From now on, your are an employee, assigned to the first branch of the Andromeda Division of the Kawashita Group. You will take orders from the First Branch Executive and myself, and you have a zanpolit aboard to ensure that you do. In exchange, I will personally authorized full neural recovery treatment for Silvia Kramer." I pondered for a moment. Piracy must truly be eating at the company's bottom line if the most famous pirate hunter in the Kawashita Group, known even back in the Milky Way for her infiltration and elimination of the Dust Demons less than a year ago, was coming to me to solve the problem. As far as the contract was concerned, there was no question. I would have sold my sold my soul to Lord Business himself if that was what it took to help Silvia. "Done." I signed the contract and handed it back. Raven left without a word. So, we were employees now. It was worth it, I knew, but what had we given up? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So, yeah. I probably should have checked a couple of weeks ago to see if I had any of the parts required to build Agent Raven. Nope. I hope this simple imitation will suffice. Finally back from finals! Hooray!
  13. I'm currently working on a Modular Hospital MOC in LDD. These are the results so far (rendered using BlueRender): Birds perspective: Front view: Inside view: About the model: The lower right wing will be a garage for an ambulance (hence the barrier on the sidewalk). On the opposite side, lower left, there is a gift shop with flowers, balloons and a teddy bear. Across the gift shop will be room for an elevator. At the main entrance (those are sliding doors) there is a reception/desk. The second floor contains a room with two hospital beds (one currently containing a patient). In the other wing an operation room is situated along with minifigs of a surgeon and a patient. The rest of the second floor I don't have planned yet! I'd like to hear your thoughts and comments Also, first post here! YAY!
  14. Mr Greeble

    [M-E01] Hospitalized

    Location: E01 - Donwarr Tags: Building(?) Previously: Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V Beep...Beep...Beep...Beep...Beep... Aaaahhhhhh! W...Wh...Where...Hello? Hello! Can anyone hear me? Hello...?... To be continued... C&C welcome!
  15. Reekardoo

    LEGO Modular Hospital

    Behold HOSPITAL cabinets idea... posted in ideas (support if you'd like to have it as a set) The whole concept behind this idea is to divide into sections several parts of the hospital with their specific medical specialties - in this example we have a stomatologist (commonly named dentist) a general medicine or pediatrician office (you decide XD) and a recovery room. You can check other ideas for this at my flickr/ portfolio account- - somewhere in the mix of all my ideas. WIth one set you can connect 3 modules vertically or horizontally making it a regular standard square building or you can buy several sets and expand as much as you want or your wallet allows it XD Thanks for reading all this through. I hope I can count on your support to take this project into the next level. Cheers!
  16. 8BrickMario

    Is a Hospital coming?

    While we don't have any 2017 seems that there are quite a handful of new pieces that suggest a hospital theme or modular building. Now we have crutches, a head bandage, a wheelchair, and a baby, so it seems logical that they might all show up in a medical environment in the future. We're long overdue for a proper hospital in any form, so these new parts seem to be hinting toward something... Thoughts?
  17. Severus A

    [MOC] Ambulance. 4 Studs.

    I am a Classic Town nostalgic and sometimes I miss the real 4 studs models :) In fact I think they are still useful for City dioramas. So I've built this tiny ambulance using the nowadays elements except the wheels and the back hinged door. LEGO ambulance 1 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO ambulance 2 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO ambulance 3 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO ambulance 4 by Severus A, on Flickr LEGO ambulance 5 by Severus A, on Flickr
  18. And... done. Finally finished the hospital and that is all I will upgrade for now, next step is the interiors and modding the green grocer to be playable from the back... which I will leave myself some time for. So for those that came late here is a link to the police station: And fire station So one more time... here was the problem: Which is the odd one out? :) So here was the plan: And here the results another: And one more: And now from the back... here I have to say I did nothing with the interior yet, almost totally out of usable bricks at this stage... something for my next project... also you will note I stuffed up my colour order of the floor tiles... such is life, something for next time. So now that I am done, what do they all look like together? And another: And one from a lower perspective: And there you go... that will be it for a while as I do some other things but it was a lot of fun and I think the results are respectable. Got to love lego. Biz
  19. Legoboy22

    Minifig scale Wheelchair MOC

    Hello everyone, I thought i needed a wheelchair for my work in progress hospital. I know the park is coming out in summer, but why wait. Designed here is a prototype wheelchair that I think fits with mini figures well. Open to improvement so please comment. Medic is happy :) Thx in advance
  20. tommi5

    Hospital in Lego City

    I built this creation, because I think there isn't enough lego sets like this. You can only find fire and police stations among the lego sets. So please support my Lego Ideas project: There you can find more pictures.
  21. My entry to Cat. A of Challenge IV. With the civil war going on, the Katoren hospital is packed full, and patients are still being brought in: Lots more pictures here: Link I would like to receive UoP credit for: General Building - Interior Design C&C welcome
  22. Edit: instructions no longer available.
  23. mediumsnowman

    MODs to 4429 Helicopter Rescue

    I was looking at set 4429, the hospital from 2012, and decided it was too small. Now, I shall present my expansion! I added a baseplate, fully enclosed the garage, pushed out the wall to accommodate an emergency room, and expanded the recovery room. The upper section can be removed for access to the ER. Having problems with my computer, so more pictures on my Brickshelf gallery (when moderated) Comments and criticism welcome!
  24. A little background. While my sets were mainly disassembled from the 1990's, the vehicles for the most part were NOT. Prior to the emergence of the World Wide Web. my mother had picked up a bunch of used lego at a garage sale for me. Until I acquired set 6395 (Victory Lap raceway) I was utilizing the funky window and hospital symbol pieces as wall and building window pieces. That is until I acquired a stretcher, then the gears in my adolscent brain started turning. That strecher especially with a person on it wasn't going to go in pretty with regular lego blocks as walls at the back of the ambulance??? I wonder if that's why these have the grooves and all of that?? Which took me to the rear end of the ambulance. The unfinished look of studs didn't appeal to me, so after much messing around. I ended up with the result that you see below: Even at that age I didn't want the slopped front window and rear window look so I blew my old flat windscreen on the front, the sunroof pieces don't look bad but sets like 6688 look bad to me. After looking at the pics, please don't point out the lack of QA on the stud gap on the middle of the hospital. So . . . I'm a little curious if the anyone can tell me if this was in an idea book or genuinely my own idea. I really like it regardless. As soon as I parked the ambulance beside the one from the 6380 my first reaction . . . . aside from cringing with the yellowing . . . "I have to moved the rear axle up further!!"
  25. niteangel

    [ MOC ] Medical Ship "White Whale"

    When Tony Stark decides to leave the arm-dealing field, he sets up Stark Resilient, which aims to put his technology to the city to benefit the needed people. This time, he puts his arc reactor on the medical ship, and that helps reduce the transport time for patients to the hospitals and makes in-the-air surgery possible. The arc reactor engines are small and powerful, so that the ship can have more space for other uses. Tony meets the team of medical staff at the launch of new medical ship. Overview of the ship, which is quite bulky. Probably that gives people a more "caring and steady" feel for transporting the injured. Side view, and front view below. The cockpit has two seats, and the higher back one can be closed sideways so as to give access to the front seat. And yes, it is a little futuristic era to see the blue transparent panel. Maybe the front should have the same, now I realize! The top is the core of the energy source. The new repulsor engine in action. Normal; flipping out shields and turning backwards for rear thrust.... The back, which has two doors to ensure that the inside is sealed off from the outside, since this ship allows in-the-air surgery. The inside is a well equipped surgery room, with all the necessary medical supplies and tools. "Relax, and we will soon arrive at the hospital for a more thorough check." Thanks for checking!