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Found 5 results

  1. Let me know if there's place that you'd like me to visit :)
  2. Hi guys, This is my last creation, a mall inspired from an art nouveau building in the little town of Beziers in the south of france wher i'm living. So i tried to reprocuce it and i used somme parts the GB headquarters and the apu spuermarket. At the first floor, ther is a supermarket, 2nd floor diferent stores (paul smith, hugo boss), and the on the roof a french café. Enjoy Galeries lafayette...a french mall by Jean Macou, sur Flickr Galeries lafayette...a french mall by Jean Macou, sur Flickr Galeries lafayette...a french mall by Jean Macou, sur Flickr Galeries lafayette...a french mall by Jean Macou, sur Flickr Galeries lafayette...a french mall by Jean Macou, sur Flickr Galeries lafayette...a french mall by Jean Macou, sur Flickr Galeries lafayette...a french mall by Jean Macou, sur Flickr Galeries lafayette...a french mall by Jean Macou, sur Flickr Galeries lafayette...a french mall by Jean Macou, sur Flickr Galeries lafayette...a french mall by Jean Macou, sur Flickr Galeries lafayette...a french mall by Jean Macou, sur Flickr Galeries lafayette...a french mall by Jean Macou, sur Flickr
  3. There was a time that a big piece of brightly colored plastic with some lights on it, gently rocking back and forth, could make us so happy. Coin operated rides are something you grow out of, though, so it has been a long time ago that I enjoyed riding on one of these. Luckily, it turns out that building one is definitely a joyous activity! [MOC] To Space and Back for 50 Cents! by Bert Van Raemdonck, on Flickr The motivation behind this build was the LEGO Ideas "Moments in Space" contest. The objective was to build a small creation in the theme of space. It had to be in the same vein as those small promotional sets you get for free when you spend enough in the LEGO Store or at Shop at Home. I tried to follow this guideline as well as I could, really trying to design a promotional set. One thing I wanted to include, was some kind of mechanical play function. I recently acquired the nutcracker promotional set, and I found myself really enjoying fiddling around with it, endlessly actuating the lever: motion just fascinates me. My mind immediately jumped to the concept of a coin operated kiddie ride, as it moves so hypnotically and since it fills me with warm memories. I started by creating a mechanism that creates a smooth and somewhat realistic motion with a compact mechanism, to keep the build somewhat in proportion with minifigs. In the end, I'm pretty happy with how nice the motion looks, and I'm sure I would play with this endlessly! This motion is made possible with a bar mechanism attached to the sun-shaped dial. I spent most of my time tweaking the positions of the joints to make the motion as realistic as possible. I also used friction pins in the hinges so you can leave it in any position and it will stay in place, so you have more options for display. [MOC] To Space and Back for 50 Cents! - On the Operation of Rockets by Bert Van Raemdonck, on Flickr I also tried to make it as displayable as possible by first of all making it look like an actual kiddie ride such that it should be right at home in a Town layout outside some big store or in a mall. So the rocket got a shape that would be appealing to children nicely fat and round with an interesting shape of the nose (for those who were wondering, the rounded tip of the nose cone is one of those pieces that are the lower half of a balloon), nice lights, a steering wheel that does absolutely nothing but makes all of the difference to children, the typical slanted coin slot and stairs at the back to at least give some explication how that kid got up there. To make it more attractive, I made the base entirely in the space theme. The mechanism isn't actuated by some obvious crank, but by what looks like a sun, which totally blends into the base. All other planets in our solar system have been included as well, with colors and sizes as close as I could get them and a fun little combination of parts to create Saturn. With all of those touches, I hope it looks convincing enough that children would beg their parents for a coin to have a ride on this thing! [MOC] To Space and Back for 50 Cents! - Please, Mummy, Please, Please! by Bert Van Raemdonck, on Flickr That's it! I hope you like it and brought back some wonderful childhood memories! It certainly brought back the same level of enthusiasm for space as when I was a child. Maybe the Falcon heavy launch had something to do with that as well... Anyway, check out all of the contest entries for more spacey fun in a tiny package! ________ The LDD file for this build can be found here.
  4. niteangel

    [ MOC ] The Grand Mall

    Hi everyone, just a few days before 2017 arrives and I managed to get this building done! As the economy of V City (my LEGO world) is going strong, the old Grand Emporium needs an upgrade too. Unlike many people who would buy more of the set and stack the stories up, I took a different approach from an architect's point of view. I got the inspiration from the book shelf of mine, and thought what if I added more books to the shelf? I would push the books aside and insert the new ones. And I got the idea for the new annex of the department store. The new building is just like new blocks inserted into the old one, and the expansion is not merely an increase of volume or floor area, but also a re-establishment of the icon. The new shop becomes a new landmark in the city (again). The design is clearly an insertion, but not invasion of the old. The new wing has a larger entrance, while the old revolving door is still kept. Let's start with the G/F. This floor is the supermarket, with one side having a double-volume space. You can also see that I kept some iconic features from the old emporium, namely the gift deco and escalators. All these link to the old memories... There is also a little information counter, if you are lost or if you have lost something. Going up to 1/F is the kitchenware section, and you can find the fashion section next to it. Wait, is that...Scarlet Witch? Further up is the 2/F kid section, with a fully stocked LEGO shelf! You can also find other toys here. The other side of the kid section is a book section. Mums can play with their kids too there. Snack corner is near the escalator, while you can find the restroom too. The roof originally was not used for anything (or a rest area for the window cleaners?), but after the renovation, you can enjoy a drink at the sky bar. Sometimes you can find the Avengers too. The model is also "slice-able", as you can open it up to reveal all the different sections inside. So the new Grand Mall is in business, and you can start getting some new things for the new year. Enjoy!
  5. CM4Sci

    Winter Village: Shopping Mall

    Hey everybody! Today, I'm proud to present my entry to the Expand the Winter Village Contest for 2015... the Winter Village Shopping Mall! Usually, the Winter Village sets are set in, well, a village. This year I wanted to try something nobody had ever done before for this contest. A mall! The idea came to me a few months ago. This was heavily inspired by JANGBRICKs' amazingly stunning which you definitely should check out. After remaking this in LDD, this adds up to around 965 pieces. I don't think that's too many considering the 10229 Winter Cottage had 1490 and sold for $99.99For whatever reason, I completely forgot to take pictures of all the minifigures by themselves. The minifigures include: A mother, a father, a child, a female police officer, an ice cream woman, a LEGO store employee (without the yellow getup, I didn't have anything for it) a jewelry store owner, a clothing store owner, and once again, the snowblower man appears. This year he seems a little different.. a little familiar.. Alright, now to the mall. As usual, this building consists of a ton of tan walls. The floors are a mixture of light and dark grey tiles. The entrance has a concrete path leading up to the automatic sliding doors. Two brick pillars (?) with lamps curve into the sand green, snow covered roof. The dish in the middle can be pressed in to light up the chandelier inside. Unfortunately, the light wouldn't show up in the photos. It lights up, I assure you! The inside of the entrance has a small ice cream shop to the bottom left, and a small plant on the right. On top, a small seat with a table and mug. In the middle, the chandelier! Which was a pain in the butt to design, I might add, I couldn't figure out a design I liked. I thought this was alright. On the right, an escalator totally not ripped from the Grand Emporium set. To the actual shops! It also seems I forgot to have my photographer friend take pictures of the front of this section, whoops! The bottom two stores are a LEGO Store, and a jewelry store. On top is a small pizzeria with a clothing store next to it. Both of the stores can be removed separately for easy access! The LEGO Store has a small cashier checkout and Pick-a-Brick Wall, along with a shelf of LEGO sets. I even added a small window display you usually see in LEGO Stores. The jewelry store has a table with two beautiful rings. Also inside is a small checkout counter with another ring. Looks like the man is purchasing a beautiful ring for his wife. The clothing store has a curved counter with a lamp and a cash register. The other half of the store has small tables with clothing, and shelves with both adult and children pants. Two mannequins included. Finally, the small pizza place has a cash register, a soda machine, and what's supposed to be an oven behind the counter. BONUS PIC: Turns out the friendly snowblower man is Santa Claus! Who has come out of his disguise to spread Christmas joy in the winter village mall! Well, that's it for the mall! Thanks for looking, and feel free to comment your thoughts below! Check out all the photos in their ginormous size in this Flickr album. Happy Holidays to all! See you guys around the forums!