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  1. niteangel

    The Avengers Building

    Thanks to you all! I am glad that you all feel the architectural qualities in this piece of work!
  2. niteangel

    The Avengers Building

    Thanks Withacee! The non-90-degree walls are real challenges!
  3. niteangel

    The Avengers Building

    Thanks! One of the most difficult challenges is to make sure everything is firm and tight with the rotated bases for each section of the buildings!
  4. niteangel

    The Avengers Building

    Our world needs let's make them stay! Hi all! It has been some time since my last building, and here you go, the new Avengers Building! After much controversy, the new building was finally permitted to be established and built in V City. Many people was too obsessed with the Stark-tower type of Avengers building, while I have another vision. The gradually slanting facade walls create an interesting elevation that looks different when you walk along. The idea of slicing up the building generates the dynamics for the blue-toned building, and at the same time creates privacy inside it with the folds. The snow-cap like cladding is a gesture of destruction, peeling off to show the inner skin, and gives a contrast of solid and transparency. The four prominent vertical ridges gives a strong feeling of anchoring to the ground, going all the way to the top. Due to the complex facade designs, the building opens up in the back to access the interior, which contains the lobby, war rooms, dormitory areas, equipment room, laboratory and storage spaces. Some areas are shielded from the windows due to privacy with interesting folds of walls. The Iron Legion is always ready, for any identified or unidentified threats near the premises... Yes, in this universe, we have both Captains and Iron Man... "Monica, did you go to the wrong building? This is not your department..." From bottom to top: the conference room, war room, dormitory area with restroom and kitchen, equipment room and storage, and the roof top. Stop fighting on the roof and destroying my building, you two! Top: What? Did you swallow it again? Bottom: Still fits, still...fits! "Monica, again, this is not a place that you can just walk in. Restricted area! And sorry, white Vision is offline still..." "I will see you in 5 seconds, okay?" "Not the lifting hammer again. You know who can do it...not just you." "If you're nothing without this suit, then you shouldn't have it, okay? God, I sound like my dad." "Wrong universe but right timeline, huh, this is interesting." "New enemies behind me...?" Hope you like it! Now, the Avengers can assemble!
  5. Oh no, I also had a missing cape for Spidey! I thought it was my own bad luck but it looks like a prevailing problem across the globe...gosh!
  6. niteangel

    [ MOC ] Modular LEGO Store!

  7. niteangel

    [ MOC ] Modular LEGO Store!

    Here you go!
  8. niteangel

    [MOC] Umbrella Store

    Truly amazing, beautiful! I would love to see this in reality!
  9. niteangel

    [ MOC ] Modular LEGO Store!

    Thanks everyone!
  10. niteangel

    [ MOC ] Modular LEGO Store!

    Thanks, I also think it is good to have a natural touch to the design, which is not common. Thanks! It is indeed an official LEGO piece! Since the wooden figure encourages additional art work on itself, perhaps it can also be dressed up for different occasions and holidays. We will see! Thanks for the comments!
  11. niteangel

    [ MOC ] Modular LEGO Store!

    Hi everyone! It is me again and I am bringing a new modern piece of architecture to the brick city this time! Celebrating my 9th piece of modern architecture in the archiBRICKture series, the modular LEGO Store is a colorful and clean building where both adults and kids will find all the joy with the LEGO bricks! The design rips off all colors except on the front door, above where you can find all the different colors of LEGO bricks, the signature of this brand. Next to the door is the giant wooden sculpture of minifigure, and people will have no difficulty to locate the store! The new building introduces different curves and round corners to soften the block massing, giving the facade a subtle but interesting look. The curves also go around the facade cut-out for the minifigure statue and the glass wall behind it, which allows sunlight to enter the shop. There are 3 floors and a rooftop. Inside, you can find all the popular box sets including the latest ones, a Pick-A-Brick corner, a children play area and a LEGO factory machine display. On the rooftop, you can have some refreshments, or share ideas if there is any MOC event. So now you have a new place to haunt, what are you waiting for?
  12. niteangel

    [MOC] Modular School

    Wow this is amazing! Packed with details and stuff, from the roof to ground floors. Lovely!
  13. niteangel

    [ MOC ] VCPD - Police Station

  14. niteangel

    [ MOC ] VCPD - Police Station

    Thank you everyone for the compliments and support! And thanks Eurobricks for featuring it on the front page as well! Sure! You can check them out here! Thanks again!
  15. niteangel

    [ MOC ] VCPD - Police Station

    Hi everyone, long time no see! I would like to present my latest creation, after a long pause in my LEGO life due to a new family member, and this time it is about setting up more important public services to the citizen of my brick city, the police station! Despite the limited space, the new police station is packed with all the necessary features for its daily operation. The Command Center for Operation and Response Team (CCORT) stands in the city under sand blue, black and grey major colors, getting rid of the usual bright blue palette. Here is the shot with the people and vehicles: I am an architect (in reality) and I always want to put some architectural language into my creation (you know, to inspire others and to educate the younger ones when I have talks and workshops with them), and I am glad that this time this piece of work is an extension of what I learnt over the years, with expressions in colors, patterns and massing. The ground floor is all for the cars. You can find the main entrance where bigger transport cars can be parked, and connects to the two smaller garages in the back which have their own entries too. Giving way to the vehicular entries, the reception is moved to the first floor led by a wide staircase which becomes a welcoming and prominent feature along the street. Above it are the detention section, interview rooms, and one record room. Going further up will be the main office for the officers, accompanied with pantry and the female restroom. Half of the area is a double volume space to receive more daylight through the big window. There’s also a meeting room which can be used as a war room if needed. Above them will be the laboratory and equipment room, where evidence can be analyzed and where weapons and tools are stored. There are also the male restroom and one meeting room. Speaking of the restrooms, both of them have shower in case the overworked officers need to take a break. Finally you will reach the top floor where the director’s office and flight control room are located. One can also reach the rooftop which is an Orca pad. The parking receiver is usually closed, and extends out upon Orca landing. The charging equipment sits on the side. Seldom do we see an Orca here actually since it’s usually parked for charging and equipment check. Now, VCPD (V City Police Department) has a solid base for daily operations, providing all the services and support to the citizens in the town! Hope you all enjoy the design and you can see a little more photos here. Cheers!