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  1. niteangel

    [MOC] Modular School

    Wow this is amazing! Packed with details and stuff, from the roof to ground floors. Lovely!
  2. niteangel

    [ MOC ] VCPD - Police Station

  3. niteangel

    [ MOC ] VCPD - Police Station

    Thank you everyone for the compliments and support! And thanks Eurobricks for featuring it on the front page as well! Sure! You can check them out here! Thanks again!
  4. niteangel

    [ MOC ] VCPD - Police Station

    Hi everyone, long time no see! I would like to present my latest creation, after a long pause in my LEGO life due to a new family member, and this time it is about setting up more important public services to the citizen of my brick city, the police station! Despite the limited space, the new police station is packed with all the necessary features for its daily operation. The Command Center for Operation and Response Team (CCORT) stands in the city under sand blue, black and grey major colors, getting rid of the usual bright blue palette. Here is the shot with the people and vehicles: I am an architect (in reality) and I always want to put some architectural language into my creation (you know, to inspire others and to educate the younger ones when I have talks and workshops with them), and I am glad that this time this piece of work is an extension of what I learnt over the years, with expressions in colors, patterns and massing. The ground floor is all for the cars. You can find the main entrance where bigger transport cars can be parked, and connects to the two smaller garages in the back which have their own entries too. Giving way to the vehicular entries, the reception is moved to the first floor led by a wide staircase which becomes a welcoming and prominent feature along the street. Above it are the detention section, interview rooms, and one record room. Going further up will be the main office for the officers, accompanied with pantry and the female restroom. Half of the area is a double volume space to receive more daylight through the big window. There’s also a meeting room which can be used as a war room if needed. Above them will be the laboratory and equipment room, where evidence can be analyzed and where weapons and tools are stored. There are also the male restroom and one meeting room. Speaking of the restrooms, both of them have shower in case the overworked officers need to take a break. Finally you will reach the top floor where the director’s office and flight control room are located. One can also reach the rooftop which is an Orca pad. The parking receiver is usually closed, and extends out upon Orca landing. The charging equipment sits on the side. Seldom do we see an Orca here actually since it’s usually parked for charging and equipment check. Now, VCPD (V City Police Department) has a solid base for daily operations, providing all the services and support to the citizens in the town! Hope you all enjoy the design and you can see a little more photos here. Cheers!
  5. niteangel

    [ MOC ] Mail Box at V City

    Thanks everyone! I guess it is easy to reach this kind of appearance with LEGO bricks, showing smooth and clean lines and surfaces. The hard part is how to arrange the spaces within such clean language and look. Let me take a good picture of it next to the other buildings!
  6. niteangel

    [ MOC ] Mail Box at V City

    Hi, thanks for the comments! Sorry for being late to reply, and here is a shot of my lift shaft: You can see the lift will be held by the walls (when all the floors are inserted back) and so it won't fall out, and nothing sticks out so that the building can still be attached to the other one side by side without problem. The lift is not a square but in a slight L-shape, and that is why it will be "pushed" into the black wall part (you can imagine by looking at the bottom of the shaft). Hope that helps!
  7. niteangel

    [ MOC ] Mail Box at V City

    Thanks! Our towns are constantly evolving, and we have to enter the world of contemporary styles! ;)
  8. niteangel

    [ MOC ] Mail Box at V City

    Thanks carebear!
  9. niteangel

    [ MOC ] Mail Box at V City

    It took me actually a month to sketch and design, while the building work took around a week...pretty fast actually when most of the bricks are ready, haha... Thanks Henchmen! Actually, you are right, I didn't just sketch and jump to this design. I actually did 5-6 sketches to reach this final design, before using the bricks to test the idea out. :) I only showed the final sketch right before the actual construction work. Good guess! Thanks everyone!
  10. niteangel

    [ MOC ] Mail Box at V City

    Finally! This is the Mail Box! I took quite some time off from my last creation, and now I finally realized what was in my hand for quite some months. This yellow building is my latest modern architecture creation, and clearly, it is the place where you post your letters and get other mailing services, the post office! Many people would use up most of the inches for a corner building design, but I want to reclaim the space for the people. How about a negative building? I decided to remove the walls along the pavement, and create a nice, welcoming semi-outdoor space. Then the building will start to "climb" onto the remaining walls, as if they are inserted into the planes. I used grey for the horizontal box indicating that this is the public area. You can do your mailing at the counter or get help. You can also buy postcards and other mail products. The above is the black box, which is the office, the staff-only place. You can post your letters outside. Note the local and air mailboxes! The blue one is stamp vending machine. Buy, stick and post! On the other side of the yellow wall is the loading bay, and you can see things are just scattered around, with parcels pending delivery...the other side is the lift shaft, with a workable lift! The mail car parks here, and ready to be loaded and go! The first floor is the office where the postmen sort the letters. Looks like they need to have OT today... The second floor is where the manager sits. You can also find special delivery section here. They are brainstorming about how to deliver these silver bricks. Who is that artist? He is the designer for the post products, like the first-day-of-issue! The computer? For the drones! Yes, the drones! With these little robots, speed delivery will be really...speedy. No need to wait for any man or car to send your urgent letters! Hope you enjoy this! Now start posting!
  11. niteangel

    [ MOC ] The Grand Mall

    Thanks! And I like what you said about architecture. It is a kind of art, and people have different tastes for different art. About the light colors, I should be posting better pictures. My bad! My MOC does not have any instructions, sorry about that. However, I am more than happy to answer any question if you are working on your own emporium expansion!
  12. niteangel

    [ MOC ] Modular Disney Store

    Thanks everyone! Indeed, there is no window here since most of the modern shops have artificial lighting and ventilation. With no windows, the shop can utilize all the wall space for the wall-bays and shelves. Of course, if there are windows the shop will be even better, but I like to maintain the current design to keep the concept of a castle first. Thanks for the useful feedback!
  13. niteangel

    [ MOC ] The Grand Mall

    Thanks to all! I guess I just made a really bad decision on the background when photographing the build, but anyway, here maybe a better view of it. I am not sure if I should open another thread about this, which is about my modular builds being exhibited at my mother school, the School of Architecture, CUHK, as part of the 25th anniversary. Maybe I will open a new topic on this!
  14. niteangel

    [ MOC ] The Grand Mall

    It's okay. I guess it needs a little more luck for any cool projects besides the number of votes! :P Thanks for the words! Indeed, I think I will need to shoot it against another background. Stay tuned! Thanks for all the comments!
  15. niteangel

    [ MOC ] The Grand Mall

    Thanks for all the comments! I think it is quite interesting since it sparkles off different views on architecture. I intentionally use light colors for the new expansion, because any brighter / bolder colors will compete with the old building. It is wrong, to me, that you use something strong like brown or dark blue to make it too bulky. Using glass is not a bad idea, but I see more solid feel with actual walls. I still do some skylights though if you notice. Choosing a light color is not easy either. Light pink or red won't work, while light blue isn't too nice (too sad to me). The new light turquoise serves just right: bright, refreshing, sophisticated. I think I am good with this color scheme. Thanks again!