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  1. TheGeneralMoe

    MOC: UCS Imperial Star Destroyer

    Before and After pic comparison, the leap between the two models i built.
  2. TheGeneralMoe

    MOC: UCS Imperial Star Destroyer

    Thanks! Unfortunately i did make instructions for it, but if people want to build some version of this i am willing to give a rough guide.
  3. TheGeneralMoe

    MOC: UCS Imperial Star Destroyer

    Around 76cm long and 34cm high.
  4. TheGeneralMoe

    MOC: UCS Imperial Star Destroyer

    It has arrived: My UCS Moc of the Devastator. This is my largest and most accurate model to date, started off as a rebuild of my older model which was disproportional and poorly built in some places. The Model confines al the main features including a battery of 8 turbo lasers, 2 hangers with docking arms, underside tractor beam and swappable tractor beam targeting arrays that can change the ship between a Imperial I class destroyer to a Imperial II class destroyer. The model comes on a removable start and has no interior features, apart from storage for extra parts such as plugs to fill in the stand gaps in the hanger and the secondary Tractor beam array. The bridge and superstructure come in 2 removable parts to ease the weight of his heavy model. The two destroyer variants: Glory to the Empire! This is the topic for the build process, to see how it was done: Full album with additional photos here:
  5. TheGeneralMoe

    MOC/WIP Imperial Star Destroyer rebuild

    Last update. The hanger has been built, now the Destroyer is finished. I will be posting pics of the completed model soon, on a separate topic. Thanks to those who offered help and support!
  6. TheGeneralMoe

    MOC/WIP Imperial Star Destroyer rebuild

    Engins! Looking a bit bare, though i have done more work on them since.
  7. TheGeneralMoe

    MOC/WIP Imperial Star Destroyer rebuild

    Working on the final detailing, hangers and engines. Some tricky builds to pull off, but nearing completion. Bridge has interchangeable tractor beam arrays, with the spare one being stored inside the main hull, which can be seen in the top picture, near the rear.
  8. TheGeneralMoe

    Rogue One Chess Set MOC

    Looks real good. You should put the higher ranking pieces on higher platforms to make them more important. I would like to see this done with the light and dark shades of tan as the chess squares, to make it more beach like.
  9. TheGeneralMoe

    Updating Your Minifigs

    If people want to know what figures to use the arms with insignia on them, it's generally the ones with the crew jumpsuits and not the Guards and pilots in dress uniform. People can get references on this site, mainly from the officer detachment:
  10. What is the best method for holding the bottom panels in place? I assume this model doesn't use magnets like the UCS IDS does and from what i can tell the bottom panels would be much heavier!
  11. TheGeneralMoe

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Do people know what sets the Pointed Mouth variant of the FO stormtrooper comes in? Like, when did they start adding them into sets? Apparently the print was changed to reflect TLJ version of Stormtroopers, which could be seen on the executioner mini figure.
  12. TheGeneralMoe

    MOC/WIP Imperial Star Destroyer rebuild

    Destroyer nearly done. The engine need to be built and greebles added to the hull and superstructure.
  13. TheGeneralMoe

    MOC/WIP Imperial Star Destroyer rebuild

    We are about to reach critical mass. Heh, it's all coming together now, but still plenty of work to do. The superstructure and bridge will be complete soon, then the engine and hangers will be attended to, as well as the remaining details.
  14. TheGeneralMoe

    [REVIEW] 75207 - Imperial Patrol Battle Pack

    They could have included a Patrol Trooper with the Han Solo speaker instead of the hound. Then this battle pack could have something else, like mud troopers.
  15. TheGeneralMoe

    MOC/WIP Imperial Star Destroyer rebuild

    Superstructure and bridge are going well! Added the turbo lasers to the hull as well. Balancing the bridge on the structure just to give an idea of scale.