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Found 6 results

  1. The Magnolias on 10th --- The newest luxury development at Wasabi District! Some facts: -Over 10,000 pieces (I stopped counting at 10k) -6 32x32 baseplates -12 modules, including roofs. 9 out of 12 modules fully detailed (interior) -3 Stores: Five Guys, Godiva, 7-Eleven -The most difficult Wasabi District project ever! Check out the rest of my Flickr account for more pics! and follow @wooootles on Instagram to find some WIP/under construction pics! Thanks for checking it out!
  2. What is the oldest set you have seen in a shop, relative to the time you saw it (i.e. how long had it been discontinued for at the time)? For me, the only one that comes to mind is the Toy Story Buzz Lightyear ship, which I believe my local W H Smith sold until around 2015. I've probably seen older sets than that in shops at some point though; I think I remember seeing sets with 4-digit codes around 2017/18 but don't remember any further details. Also, I remember my local Toys R Us stocked the 2006 X-wing until around 2011 (before the next one came out), but I'm not sure if that was discontinued or if it just had a longer run (I don't remember any other shops stocking it). Note: if there are already any threads for this topic (I don't think there are any active ones) feel free to link to those as well!
  3. Hello, For years I have been sitting on a few store displays. I decided to google their worth and was suprised that not all are on Bricklink, ebay or even google. So I was wondering, have any of you seen these display cases before? What would they be worth? Edit: pictures added Edit: Thank you for the tip on how to add pictures, Peppermint_M! Also, I've been referred to This is a fan site that keeps track of how often star wars store displays are sold on ebay. My star wars display was apparently only sold twice and has a rareness rating of 4 out of 5. Of course, this is only for the star wars set. And it's only the rareness. Does anyone know how much they would be worth?
  4. Hi All, I want to share some information regarding the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Software here. The software is available as a 120.-€ education version and as a free "home" version. When I bought the education version, I faced some issues and made some experiences which might be worth to be shared as I couldn't find the information in the www, yet: The 2 software versions are based on the same core software. The education version is enhanced with "data logging" functionality and more than 50 "training" sessions for the programming elements, sensors, etc.. One who is interested in learning to program and a starter (like my 9 yrs. old son) has a real benefit with the education version and I can say that the additional content is worth to spend some money for it. The home version is provided as download in all available languages while the education version is being sold in "market specific" language bundles. I couldn't find any official information about that, but when I bought my software in the Netherlands I got a BENELUX version key which allows me to download the software only in the languages "english", "dutch" and "french". This is somehow strange as "german" is an official language in parts of the BENELUX countries ... Unfortunately, one does not see this "limitation" as the EV3 education software has the same LEGO part number (2000045) in all countries and the available languages can only be seen after the activation / registration of the software. The LEGO EV3 education software is shipped as an activation key which allow to download language specific installation files from the lego education website. After the activation, the LEGO EV3 education software is registered to the user account and cannot be removed any more, which implies that it cannot be resold. Note: Reselling is also excluded in the license agreement. An interesting discussion if this is compatible with the European copyright laws as they generally allow reselling of "used" software. The bricks firmware is also available in a "home" and an "education" version. The education version is enhanced with a "online data logging functionality" which allows to remotely monitor (via Bluetooth/USB/WLAN) the sensor values on a computer. The source code of the firmware home version has been released by LEGO and is available via‎ So, that's it for now. If someone has specific questions regarding the software versions, I will be happy to provide an answer, if possible. Cheers, BrickDaddy
  5. I recently visited a Bricks and Minifigs store in Beaverton, Oregon. It's a shop that sells new and used LEGO sets, loose pieces and minifigs. There are only a few of them in the US right now, but they are a franchise trying to expand. Has anyone else visited one of these shops? What did you think? Is anyone here a regular customer? On the day I went they had several discontinued sets on display, still in sealed boxes. The prices seemed to be about in line with collectible prices for some of the more desirable, larger sets. They also had several smaller, more recent sets from themes that are not as in demand. These seemed to be priced about the same as original retail. At the counter, under glass, were several minifigs. This seems to be the main attraction for customers, as this was where most of them went to upon first walking in. They had most of the CMF figures, with the prices generally higher than you'd pay on Bricklink even figuring in shipping costs. They also sell complete used sets, which are assembled and displayed on shelves. I didn't look at the prices for those. In the center of the shop are two large tables, one filled with loose building pieces and the other filled with minifig parts. You can build your own minifig of 5 pieces (legs, torso, head, hair or headpiece, and one accessory) for $3, or get four for $10. That price is slightly lower than at the LEGO stores, but the pieces are used of course. Also, since complete minifigs seem to be their best seller, I suspect all the most desirable parts are not dumped on the table but are kept to complete figs. On the day I was there the selection was kind of weak, with lots of very common accessories and parts. I found some broken pieces, too, and several torsos with missing hands or arms. Still, my young nephew built some figs he really liked. The loose building parts are sold either in bulk or as single pieces. They are not sorted, but jumbled together on a table. The pricing for individual pieces was kind of vague - there's a sliding scale from five cents upward based on the size of the piece. I suppose you have to ask the clerk the price for a certain piece, as the chart only has a few examples. You can also buy pieces in bulk, but the price seemed very high to me. A plastic bag of about 1 quart in size is $20. The number of pieces out for sale was not large enough that you'd expect to find a large quantity of a certain piece or color. Most of the pieces were in very good condition, but there were a few that looked well-used, with scuffs and scratches. It's a great idea, but the overhead of keeping a brick-and-mortar shop open means the prices are higher than market value for good, used LEGO pieces. They are even higher than new pieces from the PAB wall at the mall down the road. As someone who is more interested in pieces than sets and minifigs, it's not a shop I'd be likely to frequent. The minifig prices are higher than Bricklink, but comparable to what they bring on eBay.
  6. Hi all, I'm sure there's another topic about this somewhere, apologies if there is, and if this needs to be moved that's fine. Anyway, I picked up the coporate alliance droid tank and it's now sitting at one of my shelves at home, why?- as soon as I had brought it and had taken it home there was a slight rip on the side of the box, my camera isn't working at the moment so I haven't got any pictures but where the tabs are on the box, the rip is below that. Anyway, I'm not going to take the risk of opening it just in case some the figures are missing, then again, it could just be a small tear... The question is though should I return it or should I open it? I mainly got the set for Jango Fett and it would be a shame if he wasn't there because someone had taken him out. Has this hapened to anyone before?