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Found 7 results

  1. I built this station with set the 2007 CITY set 7997 in mind. I got the original set in 2007, along with a double rail crossover for my Birthday that year. I wanted to make it a full building but didn't have the parts. By 2008, I had discovered Bricklink, but the station was in pieces by then and was not re-created until early 2012. The station was a stock set, while I searched for ideas. Eventually, I came across a build by a fellow Eurobricks user named Lazarus that incorporated a modular basis, a full building (street & track-sides) & a appealing design. I saved a picture of it and made my own design based on his. I included really neat features, (such as the arched lattice windows made with a fence) but I went too far and made it impossible to transport to train shows and LUG meetings. The platforms were very flimsy om the XL baseplates, and during the move to my families current house, it shattered into small chunks. So, I went back to the drawing board, scrapping everything but the building itself. Here is the end result, which is strangely near where I started with set 7997. It has one platform, plentiful outside seating on the platform, and is red instead of yellow. There are many changes from the set, (no stairs on the platform, for example.) but the heart and soul of that 2007 set is still there. The row of studs on both track and street sides should say the station name in printed 1 x 1 tiles. This sign currently says "IRONWOOD", as that's the name of my city layout. The model is now 8 studs deeper, allowing for more room for my hands when being worked on. Here we can see the street side of the station with it's new wheelchair access ramp. Here we can see the interior of the station, with blue ticket machines, seating, and snack bar on the first floor. The train tracking / switching controls are located on the second floor along with the employees - only coffee machine with paper cups.. This printed part here provides the computer display screen. Here you can see the modular breakdown of the model, which includes the following: -Station building (lower floor) -Station roof and Tower control room (upper floor) -Tower roof -left platform section -right platform section The LDD file is here, in case anyone wants to built their own version. (I will be building this version soon, most likely before Christmas.) Comments, Questions & Complaints welcome!
  2. Shadow_brick

    10179 cockpit/tunnel mods

    So any ideas on how to improve the tunnel and cockpit on the old one? I sadly don’t have $800 to shell out:( so I’m modding my 10179, so what I’m looking for is a way to remove half of it to exspose the interior and have no big gaps in between panels. Thanks:)
  3. Hello all! I am the General Moe, and i create stop motion films. My first taste of Lego Brickfilms came in 2007, when the Lego page featured some stop motions in the star wars section. I was hooked! An Average Death Star Day was my favourite by far, and i have a love for the Brickfilms of the past. So i decided to create a series that harkens back to the classic age of lego stop motions! I deliberately recreated the style of the old films. This involved lowering the frame rate and camera quality. A plain and consistent lighting was used, with the occasional flicker and set mistake. The parts and figures used were all kept pre-2007, and the sets were built in the simple, straight forward style of the early brick films. Most importantly, the practical effects! People were very limited back them, so i imposed those limitations on myself as well. I hope you enjoy theses films and bring back the memories of the time spent on the Lego Star Wars homepage!
  4. legomilk

    Modular Building 10182 Café Corner

    10182 Café Corner Official release March 18th. 2007 Add realistic architecture to your LEGO Town! Developed by LEGO fans and designers working together, this detailed and realistic street corner scene features plenty of special colors, rare LEGO pieces and creative building techniques, as well as authentic interior details and modular construction to let you enlarge the neighborhood as your LEGO collection grows. Built completely on minifigure scale! Includes 3 townspeople minifigures! Street base measures 10" x 10" (25.4 cm x 25.4 cm) and building stands over 14" (36 cm) high! Realistic features include opening front door, café tables with umbrellas, striped awning, "Hotel" sign, trash can, street light, bench and more! Top two stories lift off to reveal inner rooms and staircases! Connectors at base of model allow you to join 4 Café Corners together! • Built completely on minifigure scale! • Includes 3 townspeople minifigures! • Street base measures 10" x 10" (25.4 cm x 25.4 cm) and building stands over 14" (36 cm) high! • Realistic features include opening front door, café tables with umbrellas, striped awning, "Hotel" sign, trash can, street light, bench and more! • Top two stories lift off to reveal inner rooms and staircases! • Connectors at base of model allow you to join 4 Café Corners together! Images link to HR versions which can be +4000.pxl All Pictures © 2007 The LEGO Group and used here with permission!
  5. MOCS: http://www.moc-pages...home.php/103595 YouTube: LEGO Technic MOC Dodge Avenger 2007 ein.creative criterion copyright 2016 The MOC work is based on my first car (Dodge Avenger 2007) as a prototype, using servo motor steering, dual l-motor drive, front and rear wheel suspension. Because it is a medium-size works (wheel size 56*28mm), effective control of body weight, and 20:12 double l motor output to the differential, actual driving speed is quite fast.
  6. Lord-Vorahk

    Why Hydruka?

    Who remembers these guys? They formed the second pair of small sets from 2007, and I have to admit that I never got either of them, so I can't really say anything for their build quality. What I can say is that they had no recoloured parts, no new parts, and, story-wise, no personality. They were just Rahi. I can't help but think that they weren't a good choice for the sets. 2007 had, in all likelihood, the best Matoran design. The only real hinderance was the use of Mata arms to allow for the shoulder-blaster, and in fairness, with the parts available at the time, they couldn't have done better (I find that Metru forearms and CCBS limbs can do the trick nowadays). Good designs, nice parts usage, great mask recolours, and they looked much more like upscaled versions of the classic body style than the Metruan did. However, we only got four small sets, and then two of them weren't Matoran. Sure, we got more Matoran later, Sarda and Idris, but they were only available in a larger set, and somehow only got one mask recolour (Was it too much to ask for a blue Huna and a red Ruru?), and were the same colours as the two Hydruka, leaving us without a small Onu-or-Ko-Affialated set for the year. To make matters worse, there were two Matoran characters, Gar and Kyrehx, who didn't get sets, but had small, but important roles in the story.And instead we get these two. All I can wonder is... why?
  7. I was looking through the bionicle review index and saw that several sets were not reviewed. I have an extensive collection of bionicle myself, so here's my best try at filling in some of the gaps. bionicle review: gadunka set name: gadunka set number: 8922 theme: bionicle piece count: 176 price: US $20 EUR £14.99 date released: 2007 I apologize for some of the blurry photos, I haven't mastered my camera skills yet. As far as his story goes, gadunka was originally a tiny sea creature, who was exposed to the mask of life, which transformed him into this giant monster. with his newfound strength, he went on a rampage attacking the toa. later on the mask reversed its effect and transformed him back. I don't have the box, so I'll go to the instructions. instructions: Here we see gadunka in an attack stance, standing over a pit of some kind. I liked the 2007 box design. it appears as if you were viewing it from some kind of scope or radar. and the underwater effect is represented well. the figure front: side: back: Gadunka is a very peculiar titan, he has an unusually wide and thick torso, and a huge gaping jaw, which makes for a very bulky look. His weapons include three claws on each hand, and a squid launcher. the color scheme is primarily dark blue, with silver and some lighter blue highlights. torso: It's an interesting build. using three inika torsos and a 2004 matoran torso. the lighter blue hordika limbs provide connection for gadunka's arms, his head connects the two ball joints up top. his legs connect to the four ball joints to the sides. two "squids" are included. although there are supposed to be an orangish-yellowish color, my cats chewed them up. so they have been replaced with blue ones. here he is next to toa nuparu for size reference. He's not much taller than the average bionicle, but he is much thicker and wider. arms: The arms have kalmah armor in silver, (which was new at the time) dark blue rahkshi legs, and three small blades. (I believe those were introduced in 2007 as well) the hands make use of these small ball joints. which provide a good range of motion the middle one however, does not move. squid launcher: the infamous squid launcher. these have a pretty bad reputation. I actually like this things. although the idea of using live squid for ammo seems kinda odd. One thing I don't understand is if gadunka is just some kind of creature, how did he obtain a squid launcher and figure out how to operate it? legs: Interesting parts on the legs include silver piraka feet, vahki legs, inika arm armor, and these support type things. Again we have a very bulky look portrayed. which works well for this figure. head: The head is huge! you could probably fit one of the old matoran in there! the blue skull piece is glow in the dark, and it uses silver ehlek spines for teeth, a dark red clawed piraka foot for a tongue, and neon green bohrok eyes. Here's gadunka and toa nuparu in battle. Overall, it's a good set with decent pose ability and some interesting parts. it's bulky and intimidating compared to other bionicles. for a price range of about $20, i would recommend it. thanks for reading.