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Found 5 results

  1. Every couple years I come back to see what’s going on these days in the world of Lego, something that I’ve noticed is the lack of decent sets these days. for an example, 2005(6) and 2008 saw two big sets being the Turbo Tank and MTT and Sand Crawler, these many years later were re-released as these tiny compact sets that cost just as much. In fact, it’s not with just larger sets, it’s with the medium sized sets as well like the AAT for example. Maybe I’m just cynical? It feels like back in the 2000s there were some really special things that Lego produced, such as the glow up lightsabers, and I feel bad for the group of kids growing up on this line of productions. There’s something about Lego Star Wars that has gotten worse, maybe it’s the overly compact scale downs of sets, however, it’s just very rare these days that even while looking through videos, do I see anything that compares to the days over a decade ago.
  2. Captain Nemo

    MOC: 2nd Annual Superman vs. Flash

    Well hello again! It's almost time for Brickworld (You could count the hours!) but that also means it's time for another epic Superman and Flash race! (Because the two events are related?). So hold onto your hats, because here they co...oh wait...missed them...wait here they come Well just watch for yourself! 2nd Annual Superman vs. Flash Special Brickworld 2014 Edition Based off the first Superman vs. Flash creation, this 2nd Annual Brickworld version features three main sections divided across three vignettes. The 2nd Annual Race: Starting furthest from the finish line, section one features the tail end of the race, where Gorilla Grodd attempts to slip up the Flash. Section two features the mid-race, where Lex Luthor and Bizarro attempt to squash Superman once and for all; while the third and more familiar section features the finish line of the race. Before we look at the sections themselves however, I'll bring up some info on the creation overall. It's based on my 2013 creation Superman vs. Flash, and holds many similarities to its inspiration; such as having some of the same characters, like Lois and Jimmy; as well as having some of the same visuals like the flowing flags and the flying newspapers. From Left, Back row: Upset Aquaman, Jimmy Olsen, Gorilla Grodd, Lex Luthor, Bizarro (Onlinesailin Custom Minifigure), the Gingerbread Man, Captain Boomerang, Captain Cold (Custom made by myself), Heat Wave. From Left, Front row: Martian Manhunter, Superman, Flash (Christo Custom Minifigure), Batman, Wonder Woman, Perry White, Bad Hair-Day Lois, Crowbar Joker, Robin. The most obvious difference between the two is the new much larger size and the updated speed lines, which are based on those seen in my creation Flash vs. the Rogues. There has also been a significant color swap from black and grey to dark tan and grey, which significantly changes the look and feel of the creation. The build has now been expanded to show more of the surrounding Metropolis area. To get a better feel of this, I constructed a Daily Planet fountain, with a large globe--this may acutally be my favorite part of the creation. I also added a Daily Planet Newspaper stand to give a better location to have flying newspapers come from. Another significant addition was the two palm trees. When building this creation, I was inspired by another builder’s depiction of Metropolis; Xenomurphy’s epic 2011 creation Superman & Young Justice vs. Brainiac; which features the Daily Planet in a more tropical Miami styled Metropolis. The palm trees fit with the atmosphere I created, plus they look spectacular in the wind! Section 1; the Banana Affair: The first section of the race is the farthest from the finish line, and also the smallest—but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t back a punch. Gorilla Grodd has laid a slippery trap for the Flash; using a well-placed banana (Which he does not like! Does not like!) to take down the scarlet speedster. But, just as foolish of a plan as it was last time, and as ridiculous as a plan as it was for the Riddler; we know by now that Flash is immune to comic takedowns by bananas—next time try the yellow banana thing on GL Grodd! Section 2; the Kryptonite Drop: The second set shows more trouble faced by our racing duo, although this time directed at Superman. Notable bald-baddy Lex Luthor has teamed up with Bizarro (A great custom minifigure by Onlinesailin, based off his expensive SDCC appearance), have gathered up a large collection of Kryptonite in a sack and are ready to drop it on Superman—if only they could have agreed in time who would pull the drop-cord! We also see a rather hilarious addition in this section—a third racer, the Gingerbread Man! Oh run as fast as you can Gingy, but not this year…not this year. Section 3, The Finish Line: The third section is the largest and most familiar to those who view my creations. It is the finish line where Superman and Flash race by the spectators to the victory line—causing huge commotion to ensue because of the supersonic winds that follow them! It’s because of the wind that we get some more commotion in this section. Lois’s hair is still messed up like last time, but we also get another spectator’s hat blowing in the wind, and another poor fellow is about to be drenched at the worst of times! There’s an old lady being mugged (Ironically, what with all the Superheroes around), and we also find Aquaman pouting at his now lack of water, and members of Flash’s Rogues; Captain Boomerang, Captain Cold (A custom figure I made in early 2013), and Heat Wave; coming late to the party to spoil what’s left of it (The after party?)! Enjoy, and see you at Brickworld Chicago 2014! ~Nemo
  3. Captain Nemo

    MOC: Batman vs Firefly

    Batman vs Firefly The Dark Knight battles the dangerous flying pyromaniac, Firefly, on the burning wreckage of Gotham's Pioneer’s bridge. Inspired by Arkham Origins. Enjoy! ~Captain Nemo
  4. Captain Nemo

    [MOC]: Captain America vs Red Skull

    Captain America vs Red Skull The Star-Spangled Superhero takes down the Red-Headed Menace of Deutschland! Featuring a Custom printed Red Skull head by Christo; given to me in a trade with RaincloudDustbin. Thanks man! Enjoy! ~Nemo
  5. Captain Nemo

    MOC: Spider-Man vs. Rhino

    Spider-Man vs. Rhino The Rhino is rampaging! Will Spider-Man be able to stop this stampeding beast and protect the innocent children?! Wait! You want me to fight this guy?! Enjoy! ~Nemo