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  1. Sacred Tyree'De grounds, El Oleonda, December 622 The sacred House of the Ancestors, one of the holiest sites for the tribes of El Oleonda, was located somewhere between Fort Arltrees and Seawatch. Like most of the temples and the villages of the Tyree'De, it was built among the ruins of the ancient civilization that inhabited the island: majestic cities and temples laid in the jungle and on the heights, mysteriously abandoned centuries before. It was surprising how fast the Tyree'De (a blend of indigenous people and stranded Lotii sailors) had developed their own culture, religion, and myths, and how fast that small group had become one of the most important tribes of the New Haven islands. That day, however, Tristan was not there to talk with the Tyree'De about their fascinating culture: he was there to win the native tribes to the cause of Oleon, and help the Empire to win the incoming war. The Tyree'De had always been friendly, and many warriors had joined the army as scouts and auxiliaries, but other tribes had remained neutral or openly hostile. The Tamaco people, in particular, had sided with the Monomonto since their arrival on the island. While the Lotii forces were encircling Seawatch, the Tamaco warriors had intercepted all the Carnite messengers before they could reach Fort Arltrees, and had forced Tristan's scouts to maintain a certain distance from the Lotii positions. As Tristan discovered, however, the relations of the Tamaco with their new lords had deteriorated quickly. In the highly hierarchical Monomonto army, the natives were not considered as allies, but as “ashigaru”, that is subordinated peasant soldiers. After a Tamaco chief was beheaded by a “samurai” for insubordination, most of the native warriors deserted in mass. With the mediation of the Tyree’De chief, Tristan met the leader of the Tamaco. The sacred grounds, where no weapons were allowed, were the ideal location for the difficult talks: decades of rivalry with the Tyree’De were difficult to forget, but at the same time an alliance with Oleon was probably the best defence against a Lotii reprisal. The Tamaco leader proved to be a reasonable man: for sure he was a though warrior and a proud man, but he listened carefully the proposals of the Olee’Ion war chief… and, in spite of the warnings (clearly impartial and prejudice free) that Tristan had received from the Tyree’De, he didn’t even try to eat his liver! Outside the walls of the sacred land, the blue warriors were fraternising with the natives, exchanging gifts and showing them their mighty thunder spears. Armed warriors secured the area: the meeting, with the war chiefs of the main tribes of El Oleonda (Tamaco, Tyree’De, and the newly arrived Olee’Ion), represented an inviting target for the Lotii warlords. The situation, however, seemed completely calm, and no incident had occurred among the different groups. As the discussions went on, a large banquet was prepared, as the sacred traditions required: if the talks had been successful, all the warriors- the ones with the blue coats, the Tyree’De with their red bandanas, the Tamaco with the painted faces, and all the others- would have eaten together. Otherwise, all the food would have been burnt for the gods of war, and the two chiefs would have fought to the death on the sacred ground, or they would have been considered coward and blasphemous. Despite the sacred traditions, however, everyone hoped for the success: together, the tribes were stronger and, despite the rust between Tyree’De and Tamaco, nobody really wanted a bloodbath. Moreover, that food looked so inviting… ———— While Tristan was discussing with Atanak (the Tamaco chief), Lieutenant Marcel Dubois (the major of Fort Arltrees) took the chance to visit the fascinating House of the Ancestors. In the Tyree’De culture, that building represented all the members of the tribe who had gone to the World of the Spirits: in that place, the tribe remembered them, and the shamans tried to receive their wisdom in times of need. Food offerings were deposed on the central table, while objects of the Ancestors themselves were lined along the walls: weapons, masks and amulet, but also glass bottles, Lotii coin and old maps, memories of the sailors stranded decades before. Discovering the mysterious Tyree’De culture, however, didn’t seem to be Marcel’s only interest… and the beautiful daughter of the tribe chief, apparently, reciprocated him! ——— Overall view: ------------------- Many fantastic builds have been published in the last weeks, and I'm far from keeping up with everything. With this, I'm trying to progress my story, show the effort of Oleon to befriend most of the natives of El Oleonda (not only the Tyree'De) and answer at least some of the last development on the island.
  2. Project Link: Support for free using the LEGO Ideas website to help get this project to 10,000 in hopes that it becomes a LEGO Ideas set! Make LEGO King Kong Happen! Shorter url version: King Kong Two-Legged Lizard + References Dragon Dinosaur + References Trex + References Spider + References Display all figures and creatures at front If you like the set it is also available on LEGO ideas to support for the chance of it becoming an official set! link if interested: The Log Posed The Trex Spider from the Ravine Two-Legged Lizard attacks John Side of Wall The Cave The Natives The Gong Ann on tree Back of Spider Dragon looking Dinosaur (Son of Kong)
  3. As Salida Este continues to grow, the Eslandolan colonists recognize that the success of this settlement is due in large part to the combined efforts of the Halosians and the native islanders. The MCTC has strived to make sure they work with the natives to benefit all. As the MCTC has developed the island’s resources, using the island’s indigo plants to create dyes used in manufacturing textiles, native customs have been respected and the islanders, who were quick to pick up the mercantile ways of the newcomers, have acclimated themselves to Eslandian society and find themselves in roles throughout the booming economy. To show their respect for the native inhabitants of Ferro Azure, the MCTC has commissioned a statue of Sallah, a revered native leader from a century ago, and placed it atop a fountain. The fountain is located at something of a crossroads, a plaza shaded by trees, and people from all walks of life in Salida Este walk by it every day, whether for business or pleasure. Watching the people who pass by, one can see people from all parts of society in Salida Este. Here a couple of merchants—one native, one Eslandian—discuss a potential deal. An Eslandolan soldier in typical local attire slowly passes by atop his horse. An older native couple, both involved in management of the local textile factory, are out for a walk… …while a young native girl and Eslandolan boy share a special moment. A local artisan uses the fountain to explain to his son how a water pump works… …while his cat eyes a possible feast. Here’s another look at the full build: To be licensed as an art & culture property in Salida Este. I got the idea for this fountain a couple of months ago when I stumbled across the blue animal horns on bricklink, and I knew exactly how I wanted to use them. Sallah was originally going to be a merrynight figure, but I didn't get the build done in time for that storyline. All C&C welcome.
  4. The people of northern Halos are accustomed to seeing windmills of various types across the continent and in their island colonies. But many have not seen the type built by the natives of Ferro Azure. Instead of the familiar blades spinning on a horizontal axis, which use gears to transfer the rotational power to a vertical shaft, the windmills built by these island people use paddles to catch the wind attached directly to the vertical shaft. Walls around the paddles help channel the wind so that it only hits on one side of the axis. Otherwise, they would work against themselves and would not spin. The mill seen here, near Eslandola's colonial settlement of Salida Este, shows wear from years of use. The bright yellow paint is worn away in places, and some of the indigo plants that grow naturally on the island can be seen around the paths. Here the miller's wife greets one of her friends, whose son carries a basket of grain on his head. The miller will grind flour for many families, and store the final product in barrels and sacks under the steps on the side of the mill. Here one his helpers is storing a new barrel. A customer has come to pick up his sack of flour. He looks upset, but it is only because his son did not come to help him retrieve it. Some more pics of the build: To be licensed as a medium factory. --- I had been looking for a different kind of windmill to build and discovered this design. My build would have been better if the paddles were more delicate, made of reeds or such instead of planks, but I'm still happy with how it came out. All C&C welcome.
  5. Some of the natives of Ferro Azure have developed a very entrepreneurial spirit, in keeping with their Eslandolan friends. Here in the New Town sector of Salida Este is a boardinghouse owned and operated by a native family. Hasan is the family patriarch. He spends much of his day sitting on his bench, greeting passersby and providing a low-key pitch for his boardinghouse. His daughter Natalena makes sure everything is in order in the boardinghouse, including cleaning of common areas and cooking meals. Here she has taken a break from her chores to say hello to a passing town guardsman. We also see one of the boarders heading out for the day. Hasan’s son, Budi, is helping his sister with the garden, and is picking vegetables for dinner. Hasan hopes his son will find a paying job with the Eslandolans to provide more income for the family. Here’s another look at the boardinghouse. To be licensed as a medium artisan. All C&C welcome.
  6. While adventurers have set out to find the most beautiful orchid in ancient temple ruins, very little is known about the origins of those ruins yet, et alone about the Celestian natives in general. Juan Alfonso Fontonajo and his companion have discovered a hill somewhere in the highlands of Celestia - and on top of that hill stands an ancient statue of a winged man riding a tiger. What is the history of this statue? Who have the natives of Celestia prayed to in former times? On the neighbouring island of Cascadia temples to the feline gods have already been discovered, deep in the jungles. But what is the connection between the cults and history that have been unveiled on Cascadia to that of Celestia? On Cascadia the Myzectlan still uphold their city as a refuge deep within a mountain vale, protected from the once (and potentially still today) maneating large carnivorous cats. But scientists like Montoya have set up a relationship to the natives of Cascadia, and researched their culture, their history and their doom. This has yet to happen on Celestia. And as the curious eye may or may not see, a native scout is closely watching Fontonajo's expedition already. Will he approve of Fontonajo approaching the strange altar on the hilltop? For now one difference seems to be obvious: While in Cascadia most shrines were hidden deep in the jungles - because of the secret and forbidden nature of the cult especially in its early days - this statue stands highly exposed on top of a hill for everyone to see. So how are the natives of Celestia? Are they like those on Cascadia? Do they emerge from the same ancient civilization, share the same blood and the same culture? Have all of them become primitive huntsmen? Or have they always been? Have they once lived on Cascadia, or vice versa? Or maybe those two peoples are not connected in any way, after all? Only time will tell, and only when scientists and adventurers have made their discoveries, written them down, made the connections between the puzzle pieces - only then will we finally know who and how the natives of Celestia really are - and why. For now it is most obvious that there must have been a religious cult involving large felines, at some point in the past at least. The altar is still in decent but not perfect shape, which may also be a result from the sun shining relentlessly at the rather dry hilltop. But who is the winged rider on the tiger's back? Is the tiger the worshipped one, or is it the humanoid with wings? Does the statue display a real hero, or rather a fictional divine being? What is the relationship between the two? And is it pure coincidence that a jaguar is drinking at the small pond at the foot of the hill? Surely other feline cats have recently been spotted on Celestia. But what is the releation between them and the inhabitants of the islands? An incident happened with a white tiger which was recently discovered and then killed shortly after. But are there also deep hostilities between the natives and the felines? Would the felines even attack wandering Halosians? Not even that is known yet. Only one thing seems certain for now: That Juan Alfonso Fontonajo and his company will continue their exploration of Celestia. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks a lot to @Ayrlego, @Lord Buckethead and @Bregir for your support and feedback during the construction of this MOC. I am happy to have the chance of exploring Celestia with you - and hopefully soon some others as well. The island and its natives bear some great potential which we have the great chance to develop together. The general colourscheme with lots of olive green, mixed with some dark green, has been inspired by @Gideon's fantastic entry to category C of the most recent challenge. The orchid is a copy of that from @Kai NRG's delayed yet wonderful entry to the challenge. Looking forward to all other MOCs for the Celestian Natives. :-) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. Seeing the natives of Celestia, hunting, somewhere in the inner regions of the island, it is rather hard to believe they were once the highly civilized ancient culture of which the ruins of huge temple complexes have recently been discovered on the island. Will Halosians soon find out more about both history and fate of the Celestians, or will the Halosians in their blind strive for colonial expansion keep ignoring the indigineous people of the islands they colonize?
  8. To Captain Jonathan Cooke, Colonial Governor, Cocovia Dear friend, We have arrived safely on the island of Cascadia, and have rendezvous'ed with the forerunners of the Royal Pioneers. Hopefully, we will soon start to set up a more permanent camp. The commander of the Pioneers assures me that as soon as the rest of his unit arrives they will start setting up fortified positions. And I must say, I the wealth of nature here is astonishing. We have stumbled upon masses of nondescriept plants, beetles and felines, and I cannot wait to dive upon the reefs, or explore the inlands. However, I write to you to draw your attention to something I am sure you will find interesting, you being the very image of the nautical being. We were surveying a bay for its usefulness as a harbour for our camp, when this oddly shaped vessel stood in, its crew offering us pelts and fruits. I have forwarded a serious of drawings young mr. Baker have made. He is proving to be a most valuable companion in documenting what we find, and I trust you will find his illustrations fascinating. Your humble servant Montoya Note: I have never seen anything like these sails, and I am certain you are able to conclude much more from these drawings than myself. Note: Notice the armament, a sort of ballistae. They seem unaware of gunpowder, but showed how their steel spears thrown by this contraption would pierce a heavy plank at a hundred yards! Note: The strange pulley up front appears able to change the rake of masts. To what extent that influences its sailing properties, I have no idea. _______________________________________ Thanks for looking, guys. C&C welcome. This is not as advanced as my other (ongoing) ship mocs, but I bought those longboat hulls and wanted to try them out. And this is where it ended. She will be licensed as a 5T.
  9. Personal Diary, Montoya, 35th day of Montoya-Cooke Expedition Upon entering the cove, I immediately noticed the indigenous structures erected on poles in the water, and asked Cooke to approach it. The natives seemed to expect us, as they were standing on parade with what appeared to be full ceremonial gear, including large shiny brass-shields, gold ornaments and metal-headed spears. Obviously, these people have at least basic practical knowledge of metallurgy, which appears to me a rarity outside the socalled "civilised" world. (One might question how civilised we truly are, considering the amount of ressources we spend improving our ability to smash eachother on the head….) The natives welcomed us most kindly, and as their language seemed to be related to that spoken by the natives of Nelissa, we were able to communicate rather well. The granted us presents of fresh fruits and large brass plates, and the chief told me that many foreign ships had been spotted recently. As we were the first to make landfall, and if we behaved with reason, he was willing to strike an alliance, and help us with supplies and repairs for now and in perpetuity. (He seemd rather well-versed in the challenges of sea-travel. I suspect they are a nautical tribe, who came here by some sort of ship.) In return, we are required to protect and respect his people and customs, and help them to advance. We sat for long hours in the Chief's hut, discussing the situation, and I found that his tribe was rather sizeable and scattered throughout the island, as well as culturally advanced. After the meeting, he allowed me one of his best men as a guide to the Island, to show me the natural wonders here, and we agreed that I might return later to learn more of his people. I shall be leaving with young Baker and a few hands in a few moments. Oh, what discoveries these lands might hold! My mind is fairly overflowing with delight! In the meanwhile, Cooke has embarked upon his habitual frantic naval activity, preparing the cove for God knows what and measuring every little nook and cranny of the anchorage. One wonders the crew abides, with all the wonders here to behold. Custom and loyalty seems to have more leverage on people than I would have believed, and Cooke almost seems to swell in physical size, when exercising command. The men do seem to love him. As he sent off the HMS Otter, I managed to ship a few letters of business, as well as a scientific paper that will certainly make a noise in the Royal Academy! Captains personal log, 35th day, New Terra Expd., Second Entry 48o 43'' 15' E, 68o 23'' 36'; In sheltered cove Entered the cove shortly after noon. Landed at native village. Montoya established contact with natives, who seemed to be friendly and willing to trade. Carried out initial sounding and mapping of cove, which proved to be a fine natural harbour. Dispatched HMS Otter to seek Corlander Royal Navy Expeditionary Force: Suggested setting up base of operations, with proper defenses. (See "Hydrographical Remarks" and "Tactical Remarks" below") Moored HMS Athena in the sheltered cove, broadside to entrance, and established look-outs on shore. Resupplied greenstuff, water and meats through trade with the natives. Montoya and Baker, with a few hands, landed to explore island and establish further contact with natives. Hydrographical remarks: The cove is a fine natural harbour, protected by the elements by two rocky peninsulae of 10-20 m in height. The entrance measures approximately 20 m across, with a fine channel suitable for all vessels. The cove is appr. circular: measures 250 m at the widest point. Depth of the harbour is consistent at about 20 m (See soundings on attached chart) as little as 30 m from shore. The bottom is soft sand, perfect for anchorage. Northern beach is well suited for careening. Tactical remarks: A single battery could entirely command the harbour from the seaside, while the nature of the landscape and the heavy jungle will effectively make a landbased assault impossible. Further, the jungle offers plenty of wood for spars, masts, planking, firewood, etc. and the natives supply a fine, strong, white rope, which, by the look of their own designs, require no tarring to last. It will prove to be a fine base of operations, refitting, and resupplying, and I have thus suggested sending in a platoon of Royal Navy Engineers to fortify the cove. Montoya ensures me that, treated fairly, the natives will support our presence. They have agreed to an alliance. ________________________________________________________________________________ Hereby my entry to challenge 1b. It isn't exactly my best build to date, but I am farily happy with it. The pictures didn't turn out perfect either, but being away from my bricks, I can't redo them. It was fun writing the story from two different perspectives (and different narrative styles), and I hope it makes sense! C&C is welcome, as always.
  10. Participants: Maxim I (ESL), TitusV (ESL), Tomsche (COR), Sebeus (OLE), LJ Hornblower (Nat), Peter G. (Pirates) Story 1: Flotilla In Need On a chilly morning, Lord Damaximus and his fiancee Margot, Lady Elysabeth and Lord Smaugton were doing business in Quinsville. After talking recent politics and the death of King Stephan of Oleon, the Eslandolans boarded their ships and set sail. The Purple Rain and Golden Star headed for Elysabethtown to take in provision for their further voyage. The ship passed some of the newly discovered islands (especially the one with the cannibals was interesting)... The so peacefull voyage stopped abruptly when the two shipped crossed the "Beatrix" and "Pegasus", both ships under command of promising Oleon admiral Sebeus. Out of the blue, the Beatrix started firing at the Purple Rain.... Luckily for the "Purple Rain" and "Golden Star", the Eslandolan flagship "Margot" set sail out of Elysabethtown... The moment the crew of "Beatrix" saw the "Margot" getting near, they stopped their fire and tried to flee ... Together with the "Margot", the Eslandolan flotilla managed to arrive safely in Elysabethtown... Story 2: The Arise of Pirate Captain Sebeus Back in his young days, Sebeus dreamed of being the greatest Oleon admiral ever. As a young kid, he always played with wooden ships and knew the tricks of sailing better than most so called captains... His talents didn't remain unknown, and he was spotted by the high admirallity of Oleon. King Stephan himself took care of the boy and tought him everything he knew. Due the many hours spent together, Sebeus saw King Stephan as his Godfather. So the moment King Stephan died due to a mysterious reason, Sebeus felt betrayed by his Oleon brothers and went rogue. He took the "Beatrix", the ship he was promised to command one day and together with the "Pegasus", they set sail to the unknown. The first vessels they came across were flying the "Eslandolan flag". 'Perfect' Sebeus thought as he had heard the rumours of the Eslandolan King claiming the Oleon throne. After the first salvo, someone was suddenly yelling "Margot". Sebeus got a chill. Even with the "Beatrix", he had was match against the pride of Terra Versa, so he ordered to stop firing and set sail again. He also knew he would not be welcome in Oleon's society anymore. And thus he started the legend of Captain Sebeus, the new terror of the Brickseas... [OOC] as many have noticed, real life Sebeus is not that active anymore due to real life. Still, he was very surprised to hear the King of Oleon had died as it was named after him and he set up Oleon. As he will still be too busy the upcomming months, he proposed to become a NPC pirate captain (like Bloody Bill for example). He hopes to get amnesty when he has building time again... So at Ska, you got a new Pirate Captain to add in the next MRCA!!! Story 3: The revenge on an Oleon Trader Not long after the previous events, a group of Eslandolans managed to sneak by a small Oleon Trade ship and captured it. The moment they went aboard, the Oleon cowards surrendered. [OOC] we asked first permission if we may capture the ship. Yes Tomsche, we Eslandolans first ask if we MAY capture a ship instead of just capturing it.... The BoBS lay-out at Brickmania Wetteren 2016 I hope you enjoyed the pictures!! It was a very nice weekend! Next Brickmania Bobs Lay-out: Limburg (Belgium) 27 & 28 august. More BoBS lay-outs can be found here
  11. The Kingdom of Ténotclaxca Nickname : The Kingdom of King Azuma Colours: Red and Yellow Quick explanations : This is the official page of the Ténotclaxcan tribe, the main tribe of the island of Berelli. It is a story purpose topic, approved by SkaForHire. Please don't use it to BUMP old builds from more than a month ago. It's not a settlement, nor a new faction ! So no membership will be allowed. Everyone who is building in the realm ruled by king Azuma of Ténotclaxca is invited to post a link of their build in this topic, in order to follow what is built in the natives villages. This topic is made in order to develop the story around the tribe of the Ténotclaxcans, the tribe that, according to them, rules the island of Berelli, recently discovered both by Corrington and Eslandola. All the informations you will see here are from MAESTRO Eslandolan trade company and Corrington scientists observations. Quick glance : The main tribe of Berelli is named the Ténotclaxcans, this name come from the name the natives gave to the island of Berelli : Ténotclaxca. They are open minded natives with proud traditions. That's not preventing them to be great traders too. Their main activities are oriented towards agricultural development, with great bananas plantations and towards fishing. They are naturaly pacifists but their warriors are well trained jungle scouts and are very dangerous in jungles and mangroves. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1. Leadership King Azuma : The young new king of the Ténotclaxcans. He add access to the throne a bit to soon, at the trgic death of his father by the hand of Oleon soldiers during the first encounter the tribe had with them. He is thinking he rules the entire island, but, although he has the religious support, some Ténotclaxcans, grouped in the south of the island are not recognizing him as the king. And the far north east of the island is so dense in vegetation that the Ténotclaxcans are going very rarely in this area, except some shamans for ritual purposes. It is said by the Ténotclaxcans themselves that the jungle is special in this area, the forest could have some conscience, and could plan very intelligent traps to kill who ever would try to threatened it... Zumo de Kapayas : She is the high priestess of the tribe, rank easily seen thanks to her ritual double parrot hat, one of the specialty of the Ténotclaxcans is their magnifiscent hats. Every member of the tribe has strange headgears to show their rank or their job in the society. She is the protective aspect of the religion of the tribe. She is leading the tribe spiritually when the king is leading the tribe on the island. She gave her support to the new king and have organised the main diplomatic encounters with the "men of the west", the new arrived colonial forces of both Eslandola and Corrington. The Oleon forces are not welcome since their first encounter with the Ténotclaxcans ended in a battle where Oleon men where thrown at sea and where the tribe lost his previous king. Pinya : She is Zumo de Kapayas' daughter. She is the most enthousiast friend of the MAESTRO men in Berelli. She is ready to help them develop the land for the new welcome settlers and she is ready to share her views of the Ténotclaxcan religion. She is promised to a shaman career and will succeed to her mother in this job. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. Landscape : Here is the map of Berelli showing only the Ténotclaxcans positions : The Island is mainly covered with jungle and mangroves. The realm of King Azuma is mainly centered aroud the 4 main rivers of the island. The far north east is made of very dense forest and mangrove, it is very dangerous to go there without been well prepared. The south is normally good agrarian land, but since the tensions between King partisans and King protesters, the land is no more ruled with wisdom and care. This situation made the welcome of the Corlander explorers a bit cooler than the one Eslandians settlers received. A view of the jungle of Berelli, by SkaForHire A meeting in the Berelli jungle, by Elostirion One of the Kings' grave near Portal Cove, by Faladrin Ténotclaxcans in a ritual to the Mother Sea in Portal Cove, by Faladrin _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. The Army : Ténotclaxcans have not regular army in the same way of the main western coutries. Here, every citizen, male or female, is able to handle axes, spears or dart blowers. In case of an attack, all the tribe is at war lead by the king himself ! A boarding team used in small rapid raids, by Faladrin The "navy" force of the tribe is quite limited. They have few pirogues, dangerous for river attacks, or mangrove ambushes, but a part from little catamarans, used for fishing, the ships available for the Ténotclaxcans are not much. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 4. History and Culture : The Ténotclaxcans worship a main god of the creation, also nicknamed the Monkey God, due to his monkey appearance. They have an animist vision of the nature mixed to that religion, and every spirit of natural manifestations are subject for rituals and offers. The power of the society is held by both the King and the High priestess. The Ténotclaxcans are pacifists; so the main decisions are mostly centered around what to plant and where to go fishing... But since the arrivals of men from the west, the society is changing. It has been said that the strangers were here to accomplish an old prophecy, it has also been said that they were nothing, just good enough to be thrown to the fish. The Ténotclaxcans are divided and some tensions between King partisans, thinking that the "men of the west" are the prophetic men they were waiting for, and King haters, thinking those men are dangerous and should be sent to their boat are becoming threatening the peaceful tribe. It appears some villages have local traditions that others Ténotclaxcans are not following. There is more a diverse mix of local traditions all linked by the religeous power that always find a way to justify why some are doing like this and others like that. Many old traditions are more old techniques passed generation to another. For example, some fishing techniques are unique to some villages. Pearldiver in trouble, by Elostirion Hot Coals ritual, by BrickOn The continuing of the story will be unveilled in the future _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5. Diplomacy : Since the arrival of men from the west, the Ténotclaxcans have to build some diplomatic position, something new for them. Zumo de Kapayas and her daughter Pinya are the main leaders of the Diplomatic encounter, by now. Intern troubles : Due to his access to power too soon, the young King Azuma is facing dangerous foes inside his own kingdom. He had to act strongly against some other tribes he is maintening under his rules. But another sorcerer is trying to make secession and is leading some of the natives to a way of human sacrifices and to war. Hopefully, Corrington and Eslandola are here now to help the King to make good order in his kingdom ! An Andequota woman is asking Corrington help, by Skaforhire The Torturer of Berelli, by Skaforhire Ténotclaxcans relationship with : - Corrington : Friendly - Eslandola : Friendly - Oleon : Unfriendly - Sea rats : Indifferent Saved
  12. This is my entry for Challenge II - Defending Yer Claims, category B. This event took place during the initial wave of exploration in New Terra, before Oleon established a permanent presence on the island. Most revered chieftain, there have been trespassers on our sacred island! They came from one of those huge canoes with sails big like the clouds in the sky. We met a band of their warriors in the tall forest and they were clothed in blood! They were also carrying magical blowpipes which were bellowing lightning and smoke at us. Our brave warriors were at first stricken with fear of the magic, but when we saw that they could die like any man and that their blowpipes were not as fast as ours we rallied under the ancestral cries of war and defeated the invaders. Their companions paddled back in their small canoe to their big canoe with sails like clouds. The abomination left through the mists for other waters. May the Ancestors help us to keep our waters and this sacred island safe from more of these filthy invaders! Probably Oleon’s endeavour of pacifying Île de Zeus will not be without bloodshed either... The whole scene Closing in on the enemy Brave warriors Reload! Reload! I see them! They can't hide in those blood-stained clothes! My poisonous arrow hit it's mark. Another is ready! I tried to play a bit with more direct off-camera flash to simulate sunlight, do you like it?
  13. Captain Jonathan Cooke had a habit of taking a morning swim, as life on the quarterdeck does little to maintain one's physical fitness. This day was no exception. His command the HMS Athena had just anchored nearby an uncharted island, and the crew was preparing the launch for an expedition to explore the island. In the meanwhile, Cooke had dived off the quarterdeck head first, and taken a long underwater swim. As he jumped, he had just missed the lookout shouting "Boat on larboard bow!", and had inadvertently headed directly for the strange boat. As he surfaced, a curious sight met him, as he saw a large canoe with four rowers and a helmsman at the stern. On the bow, a raven-haired, exotic beauty was standing in perfect balance with the waves, playing a strange flute, sending out harmonic tunes. Cooke was thrown into a trance-like state for a moment, until an oar missed his head by inches, and he was pulled back to reality. The natives seemed unaware or indifferent to his presence, and rowed on. Cooke placed himself low in the water and took care to observe every conceivable detail. He knew Montoya would appreciate any detail he could give. The canoe was outfitted with nets and weights, obviously for fishing, and the men all had painted faces. All wore adornments of brass or gold and their attire was made of a multitude of materials including both hides and cloths. Back on the Athena, Cooke shared his observations with Montoya, who had been observing the spectacle closely through his looking glass: "…but I wonder what that music was for… It was obviously a fishing trip!" Young mr. Baker suggested with an enthusiastic smile: "Perhaps it was to keep the rhythm of the rowers?" Cooke shook his head: "There was no particular rhythm to the music - it was more free flowing, like a song." With a fascinated look, Montoya leaned in: "It is probably part of a ritual - perhaps to please the gods of the sea to give them a good catch. Such is seen in many primitive cultures… Even the fishermen and farmers of Oleon are known to host similar rituals!" Suppressing a joke, Cooke the added: "And the canoe was of a most curious design… Long and slender, but very steady on the waves… I could not quite discern the construction techniques…" Baker and Montoya took elaborate notes as the discussion went on, while the crew was making the final preparations for the expedition. An expedition that now had a goal - the cove from which the canoe had come! _______________________ Thanks for viewing - I will be looking forward to your feedback - this is my first try at an underwater scene. Originally, I only had the surface part, but it seemed a little bare, so I added the scene below. Considering all the diver-sets I had as a kid, I really need to find a use for all those sea creatures!
  14. Native Outrigger Canoe This is my Challenge I category A entry. In the waters around the newly discovered islands there are already some smaller crafts sailing. One common type of vessel is the outrigger canoe, used by the natives for fishing and for travelling between the islands. A number of sightings of these craft have been reported by the early explorers of Oleon. So far the natives seems peaceful…
  15. The natives also know how to sail! they go out to fish, maybe even trade with other islands. This couple has caught enough fish for today and are heading home. @moderator, I mistakenly put 'cat B' in the title, can anyone change that to 'cat A' ? please, thank you)