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Found 8 results

  1. Villa Del Balbianello is a lakeside villa in Italy built in 1785 expanding on an existing structure from the 13th century. With later additions added throughout the years such as relics added from an explorer. It was also featured in films such as Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones (2002) and James Bond: Casino Royale (2006). Also a set on LEGO Ideas:
  2. sander1992

    [MOC] Geonosian Starfighter

    Hi everyone, I have been busy working on a mechanism for the Droid Factory for Geonosis. That is still ongoing and last weekend I was working on something else. I have build two Geonosian Starfighters. There is another picture in the Flickr album. Feedback is appreciated. Sander
  3. Hi everyone, I'm back with some new old creations! Those are models that I built between 2008 and 2011 and which have now been disassembled. This is my Midi-scale model of the Acclamator-class assault transport seen in Attack of the Clones, the outstanding Dark Horse "Star Wars: Republic" comics, the 2003 Tartarovsky Clone Wars cartoon, the 2008 Filoni Wars cartoon, and the videogame Empire at War. I built this when I was 13 or 14 years old, so please don't be too harsh on me, I like to think I've improved since then. MIDI Acclamator-class assault transport - starboard by Ephseb, auf Flickr MIDI Acclamator-class assault transport - rear 1 by Ephseb, auf Flickr MIDI KDY Acclamator-class assault transport - dorsal by Ephseb, auf Flickr There are more pictures in my Flickr album: And as always, you can find more information and data here: And keep your eyes open for the next model! Same scale as this one, but much stronger in-universe...
  4. Gerechtigkeitsliga

    [MOC] 1. Battle of Geonosis

    This is the "First Battle of Geonosis" taken from Star Wars Episode II. This Moc was part of the "Lego Star Wars Days 2015" in Legoland Günzburg Germany. I build it with an other user form IDS (Imperium der Steine).The challenge was to build something new. Ok, there are many buildings, but no one in the size and color. And this was the hardest find so many bricks in dark orange. But i did it. But now the first two pics. More will follow..... BoG1 by Gerechtigkeitsliga, auf Flickr BoG2 by Gerechtigkeitsliga, auf Flickr
  5. 3 ABY (38:8:1) Tatooine Nar Bilu and her crew was send out to investigate information about the Black Sun in the desert east to Mos Eisley. Vision was clear when they left but within an hour or two they were caught in a hail like sandstorm. Nothing could be done, except land the obtained dune speeder in the sand. A small miscalculation crashed the vehicle on a hard rock and throwing the crewmembers 25 feet out of the cockpit in one of the sand dunes. Nar Bilu and her pilot were unharmed, so far. The sand is taunting their skins. It is time to find shelter as soon as possible. As Nar Bilu checks her com, a distress signal beeps not far from here. As she discussed the transmission with her pilot, a silhouette of an enormous vehicle places a signature in the yellowish storm. A sandcrawler stops at their crash site and ten Jawa’s exit the vehicle and start plundering the crashed dune speeder. A single shot seizes the small men of their task and Nar Bilu approaches them with her weapon held up in the air. After short negotiations, she agrees the Jawa’s may plunder the wreckage in exchange for a small vessel, which was stored in the sandcrawler. Along with her pilot, Nar Bilu chases after the distress signal, which seems Rebellion. Arriving at the location, an sand covered Empire ship sharpens her senses. Under a sail she notices a rebellion soldier covering from the storm. The only survivor of this battle. prelim pictures Episode II I really love the story, but I found it hard to build something nice and clean, so advise would be helpful. Also having only one of the 3 main sets wasn´t helpful. The allowed plates and a few signature parts of the A-Wing are missing in my collection. Extra parts so far: Sail (4549623 – Ewok wing) Baseplate (4616163 – Scorpion Pyramid) Emperial helmet (4659193 – Stormtrooper helmet sand) One extra minifig
  6. ... we crash landed in the heavy sandstorm. Our drop ship was luckily heavy enough not to be thrown around but still there were some casualties. The storm did not last long and the surviving troops divided into small groups to search for any way of transportation. From what I knew about Tatooine, it was about four days walk to Mos Eisley. I decided to go for the huge wreckage of a cruiser with two stormies under my command. On the way we found a small speeder that could use some fuel and a spark plug. It's fuel pipes were also broken. Arriving at the debris of the cruiser we found everything in one place. Seems like that Jawas have already done some sorting. We better hurry fixing the speeder before they return with the crawler to pick things up ... Extra parts used: only the two troopers, two blasters and my extra helmet if that counts ...
  7. The suns have set, and it's getting pretty cold on this godforsaken sandbox. But I shouldn't complain. At least, I'm alive. I was keeping a close eye to the ground, searching for signs of rebels, the Black Sun, or something else that could threathen our troops (not that that rebel scum could harm us in any way, but better safe than sorry. Besides, I had to make sure our groundtroops wouldn't fall into the pit of some desert monster. Well that was a threat!). I knew we were approaching the rebels, so I was extra focused. At first, I didn't even notice the slight shaking of my TIE. But when it grew worse, and when everything was getting way to dusty, I noticed the sound. The motor of a Star Destroyer couldn't match that sound. It was enormous, and it was all around me. It made my head and my craft spinning. Black was everything I could see when I regained consciousness. The inflatable cushions had worked, and they had saved my life. Drowsy, I managed to get out of my craft. It wasn't easy, since it lay at an unusual angle and because I had to be careful with all the debries. The suns were just above the horizon, and in their light I could witness the wreckage that once was my TIE Fighter. In the neighbourhood, I could see several Stormtroopers. Some were moving slowly, others didn't move at all. A commander came towards me. I convinced him the TIE was of no use. Obviously, it couldn't fly, and I had a power leak. The transmitter was broken as well. But I offered to stand on guard, because I don't now how to treat the wounded and I do now how to look around. So I ended back on top of my TIE. [soNE Ep. II] To rob a thief by Bert.VR, on Flickr And just moments ago, when the suns had set, a Sandcrawler appeared on the horizon. Hurrah! Life! Although it were those filthy Jawas... but they had a vessel capable of crossing this dessert. My mind worked like a mad man. Since a couple of years, the Jawas stayed away from us (this probably had to do with those few worthless Jawas that were killed in pursuit of some droids, I think). So just like our own companions, they must think we're all that. They just here to steal our equipment, but if we act quick enough, we could reverse this. I hurry of my TIE to inform the commander. He approves of my plan, and everyone still able to hold a gun is being prepared. The Jawas are coming closer, and we are ready. Our ambush isn't very refined, but it'll have to do. Soon, we'll be out of this place, highjacking a Sandcrawler. Soon, those Jawas will shiver and bring us to our companions in one of the mayor cities. Soon, we'll be able to shake this sand out of our suits. We're about to rob a thief. For those interested, here is what I saw through my binoculars: [soNE Ep. II] Sandcrawler close-up by Bert.VR, on Flickr This is what I didn't want to see... my TIE... broken. [soNE Ep. II] What a mess! by Bert.VR, on Flickr And O, In the first shot Tatooine may seem like a beautiful place, but when viewed from a different angle, you can see what kind of mess it is... It does manage to stay upright, however. [soNE Ep. II] What I don't want you to see by Bert.VR, on Flickr Extra parts: none, except for the baseplate and the minifig. That's why the colors are terribly of and I had to take (read: render) a picture with contours. It turned out pretty cinematic, I think. LXF-file: find it here Thanks again for organizing this wonderful contest! This really got my creative juices going. It was a great contest to have as my first one.
  8. The sandstorm almost covered every piece of machinery in site, luckily the three of us who were still together found an old speeder. The model was one of the worst released, its color scheme looked like it was hurled on, the sandstorm didn't help. But it was our one chance for survival, we would be able to search for other rebels and find a space port, 'you get what you get' I thought, My character working on the underside of the wing, extra pieces, C&C is welcome,