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  1. This is awesome. Love this take on that scene.
  2. durazno33

    MOC: The Stage has arrived in Town

    Here's a close up of the stage coach stop.
  3. Cactus Brick will be putting on a Western Display at the 2018 Phoenix Comic Fest this week. To prepare for the display, we had a building competition to encourage creative thinking. Yesterday we held the competition and voted on our favorites. Here are some pictures of my entry to the display. Come check out the rest of the display this week in Phoenix. More pictures on Flickr
  4. durazno33

    Black Falcons CMF

    I like the variety of accessories and minifigure parts that you use here. Good theme and variation!
  5. Here's a quick tutorial on how to make a small barrel rack. This could be fun to include in a saloon or brewery.
  6. durazno33

    [MOC] Central city building

    Pretty cool build. I love a lot of the little details and the number of things you were able to squeeze into the building. I loved the exteriors and the use of colors to separate Paul's from the pharmacy. The top story was a bit narrow with the hall on one side. Good job!
  7. Hey all, I recently compiles this list of building tips and tricks on how to make more advanced Lego trees. The video includes ways to build sturdier trees, ideas for adding different angles to the branches, and ways to increase the foliage of a branch. Check it out on my YouTube channel.
  8. durazno33

    Asian Pagoda with Garden for Ninja Training

    You do have a good point about the height of the floors. Just now I looked up some pictures of real pagodas and they generally have short floors and wide roofs like you said. I went with a much narrower building, just a tower really. Good eye for detail. Thanks! It was fun to create. Thanks!
  9. durazno33

    Asian Pagoda with Garden for Ninja Training

    I generally draw a rough sketch on paper and then start building. When I run out of pieces or need specific pieces, I then place a Bricklink order. In addition, I am lucky enough to have a store nearby that sells used Legos where I can find many of the pieces that I need at a fair price. I haven't gotten into LDD because I prefer the physical pieces.
  10. durazno33

    Asian Pagoda with Garden for Ninja Training

    The Pagoda was washed out in the main picture because of the white background. I used a flash in the picture below and it shows the color a bit better though they still are darker colors. Thanks for you comment.
  11. This pagoda scene was created for display in the upcoming Cactus Brick display in September. This MOC won first place in the club competition for creating Ninjago related creations. It also tied for most eye catching of the creations entered into the competition. Enjoy!
  12. durazno33

    Mercantile Wharf on the Colonial Expansion

    Thanks! Yeah, I put a lot of the time on this build on figuring out the different roof techniques. I'm glad it paid off. Yeah, I wasn't sure which forum to put it in as it very well could go in the historical forum. Thanks!
  13. Here is my section of the Cactus Brick display that was put on at the Phoenix Comicon. The club coordinated on making a large diorama depicting the colonial's efforts to battle the pirates for domination of the sea. Enjoy! The storage area The Long Dock There are more pictures available here: Additional Pictures
  14. So I put together this Lego cart below and I thought the build style was fun enough to share. The "column" pieces made good hay bundles and the side panels gave just enough room to hold them to make a good sized cart. But there was another problem. The horse was too short and it make the cart tilt forward. That's when I got the idea of putting either hooves or horse shoes depending on what you want them to be. The horse was taller and even had a fun style element. This made me wonder, why doesn't Lego put hooves or horse shoes on the horses? It makes for a fun extra element so maybe I'll start adding them to my horses now. The video shows how to make the cart and will give a few more angles than this title screen can show. I also included a couple stop motion scenes to add a little fun. Enjoy!