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  1. I was going to buy the Harry Potter set for the centaur but this new centaur is so much better! Should make feeling the bags so much easier to find with that big body. Still might get the Harry Potter set just for the darker brown centaur body.
  2. durazno33

    5+ year Castle Build Finally Finished

    Thanks for the feedback! I worked hard to raise the build up so that it wasn't just a flat build and it sure took a lot of bricks to do. Thanks for appreciating it.
  3. durazno33

    5+ year Castle Build Finally Finished

    Like I show in the video, there is more to the city section that adds another 35-ish baseplates worth to this that I couldn't fit in my room. If not for Covid, this would have been premiered at the Phoenix Fan Fusion with a bunch of other builders to make a 19 table castle display. Sadly... Covid.
  4. I finally finished my Lego castle display and put together this video to talk about it. I hope you enjoy it! Lego Medieval Display Video
  5. Does anyone recognize which set or source this shield is from? As far as I know it is a Lego store exclusive which is kinda strange to me. (This is not a sticker by the way) Either way I was really excited to see a new shield design from Lego and with such detail.
  6. 4 members of the Cactus Brick LUG assembled our Winter Wonderland in a combined effort to celebrate this time of year. Enjoy! More pictures here.
  7. durazno33

    MOC: The Stage has arrived in Town

    Thanks! Yea, I was saddened by how few people build western style MOC's. Glad to see you have a healthy collection of them.
  8. I like the yellow stage coach. It looks like a sharp competitor to the red one. I also did some modifications to the Lone Ranger mine. I'll have to post some pictures of it at some point.
  9. This is awesome. Love this take on that scene.
  10. durazno33

    MOC: The Stage has arrived in Town

    Here's a close up of the stage coach stop.
  11. Cactus Brick will be putting on a Western Display at the 2018 Phoenix Comic Fest this week. To prepare for the display, we had a building competition to encourage creative thinking. Yesterday we held the competition and voted on our favorites. Here are some pictures of my entry to the display. Come check out the rest of the display this week in Phoenix. More pictures on Flickr
  12. durazno33

    Black Falcons CMF

    I like the variety of accessories and minifigure parts that you use here. Good theme and variation!
  13. Here's a quick tutorial on how to make a small barrel rack. This could be fun to include in a saloon or brewery.
  14. durazno33

    [MOC] Central city building

    Pretty cool build. I love a lot of the little details and the number of things you were able to squeeze into the building. I loved the exteriors and the use of colors to separate Paul's from the pharmacy. The top story was a bit narrow with the hall on one side. Good job!