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  1. durazno33

    [MOC] King's Castle - The King returns

    That's a fun castle. You did a great job with the shape and profile so it looks nice proportionally. I also like the throne room, great room and great stairway.
  2. durazno33

    Largest fantasy castle diorama?

    This display from my AFOL group had about 306 x 32by32 baseplates area. There were a number of us who put it together for the Fan Fusion 2023 in Phoenix. It is probably not the biggest ever but it was pretty big.
  3. I don't think you are that far off from the truth. Having one blank shield sure. But 3?
  4. Is there a picture that shows what is depicted on this shield? I hope it isn't blank.
  5. durazno33

    Lego should bring back Wild West

    I don't know how successful it would be. I recently sold off my western collection and one lone ranger set and had a hard time doing so. I set what seemed liked reasonable prices for used sets based on past sales on eBay. I had to keep lowering my price week after week because there wasn't interest. I did sell some sets that way but I ended up selling the last couple to a Bricks and Minifigs store for a low price after 2 or so months of being listed for sale on Ebay and Offerup. Now maybe if Lego puts its marketing machine behind the effort they could have some sales but I think their efforts would be better focused on more generally popular themes. It is sad I have to say this but I was genuinely surprised at how bad the market was. It might be that it is the used market vs new market but vintage sets traditionally were valued in online markets. That does not seem to be the case in today's market.
  6. Sounds like we can find common ground. I was a bit too harsh in my statements. I had fun providing feedback for the builds in the competition. Thanks for running it.
  7. How is asking for how the results were calculated for the critics category self entitled or a lack of sportsmanship? It's yet another "over the top", emotional declaration. Releasing the scorecards doesn't favor me over any other entrant so I fail to understand how it is a sense of entitlement. I simply tried to be personable shared my personal reasons behind wanting the results shared which don't speak for any of the other participants. Since a personable appeal wasn't valued, I am still advocated for all the scores to be released which benefits everyone. So how is that a sense of personal entitlement? Having been in many online competitions before and having run some for my local LUG, I know there is a lot that goes into organizing these and there is a certain maturity that the moderator must have when dealing with participants. My frustrations started with the results of the critics competition just being brushed aside after the voting for the general entries was so open and transparent. I think that needs to be a key part of the competition, open and transparent judging. Not personal attacks when someone asks for more transparency.
  8. F1Stzz makes a lot of good points. Thanks for taking the time to put your thoughts into words. Now for something to make the competition better. Part of being a good leader is being able to have difficult conversations while staying in control of one's words and exercising restraint. Doing this helps keep the conversation, if not friendly, at least civil. That being said, statements like this from the leader of the competition are neither civil nor in control. I started the conversation asking for details on the decision making process and was answered with distain and scorn as if I had personally attacked him. Not quite sure how to quote from a different thread so just putting this in quotes I'm pretty sure the second statement is a violation of the Eurobricks TOS. If the leader of the competition had read my comment, he would have seen that I was not making any claim that I won but on the contrary, I wanted to see how well I did as a way to do some personal assessment and reflection. Instead of simply providing a statement declining to provide the scores, he inferred that the critic judging competition was over on August 20th as that was the last date of any feedback on the critics despite the many entries and comments that were given afterward. This wasn't helpful to me or to help sooth confidences that other participants might have in his decision making process. His words and actions speak for themselves.
  9. durazno33

    [CONTEST] Return of the Classic Pirates - WINNERS

    You missed my point. I joined the critic competition because I wanted to try my hand at a new form of competition. Without feedback from the judges or explanation justifying the winner, I leave feeling like I wasted my time and am unlikely to participate in the future. I don't want that. I felt like this was a good contest. Without the details behind how the critics were ranked, all I have is your statement about my efforts before August 20th. There were many entries that were posted that last week for the first time and the last critic chart did not include them. If it is too much work to do a complete analysis AND report on it, I know that future critic contests probably won't happen and have my answer.
  10. durazno33

    [CONTEST] Return of the Classic Pirates - WINNERS

    Really? I made probably 75%+ of my critics posts after that last update including a couple video reviews. I don't imagine it would have been enough to win but still. For me it is not a question of if I won, but instead would help me gauge if I want to participate in another such competition in the future. I would use the amount of effort I put in to help me gauge the amount of effort I would need to put into future such competitions to help me improve my efforts. But if the winner was selected with a statement like, "the leaderboard didn't change much after that point"? what confidence can one have in the integrity of the competition?
  11. durazno33

    [CONTEST] Return of the Classic Pirates - WINNERS

    Maybe my web pages are cached or something but I guess I'm at a loss as to which post you are talking about. Was it this page where the update is?
  12. durazno33

    [CONTEST] Return of the Classic Pirates - WINNERS

    I agree, I thought maybe I had missed something on that board but no, it hasn't been updated for a month.
  13. durazno33

    [CONTEST] Return of the Classic Pirates - WINNERS

    So the votes for the entries is publicly available but where are the scores of the critics? I'm sure the critics would love to see some feedback for all the many hours of reviews and feedback that they gave to everyone.
  14. durazno33

    [CONTEST] Return of the Classic Pirates - WINNERS

    Some really good entries for sure! Way to go!
  15. durazno33

    [CONTEST] Return of the Classic Pirates - Vote Counting

    I've participated in contests with voting and contests with "qualified judges". Both have their pro's and cons. Voting can end up as a popularity contest of the creator. A person with the most friends can win. However, barring that, generally builds that appeal to a lot of people get a lot of votes. The "qualified judges" approach can lead to more objective selections based on a rubric of difficulty, creativity, and other qualities. However, judges are often chosen from winners of previous contests and end with judges voting for which ever build adheres to their preferred buildings style or other currently popular building styles (cough greebling) and over emphasizes "clever" part usage. There also can be forms of buddy-buddy problems when judges overvalue entries from important members of the Lego community. Like I said, neither is perfect. It depends on the integrity of the community or the judges. Maybe a combination of the two? A system where a larger group of qualified judges rank order the builds and then the community votes on which of the judge's result set they agree with more. If the judge's score/review receives low marks, it's importance is ranked lower in importance than other reviews. Winners would then be selected based on general selection by a judge and popular selection of that judge by the community. It would be a more complicated but might balance out the two approaches.