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  1. durazno33

    Historic Themes PAB Thread

    I'm thinking the problem with a thread like this is that while it allows people on this forum to know when useful things are available, it also provides a central location for scalpers to know what kinds of things the castle crowd is looking for and when they are available. This could lead to even more parts becoming unavailable. Though, it would be impossible for a scalper to buy all the parts we list here, it would still be real convenient location for scalpers to get this information.
  2. If you want to learn more, here is a playlist with a bunch of videos about MILS.
  3. If you're looking for modifications, I swapped out the arms with maroon colored arms to better match their maroon tunic. Makes for a more vibrant minifigure.
  4. durazno33

    [MOC] White Eagle Knights

    Great looking build. I like how you reversed the tunic. One modification I did that seems to fit well is swapping the arms out for ones that match the tunic's color. How would that look with this layout? Example:
  5. Jay Bricks posted an article about some new build a minifigure options that came out today. A new castle torso reusing the "black falcons" chrest as maybe the "white falcons"? https://jaysbrickblog.com/news/are-lego-introducing-a-new-castle-faction-the-white-falcons/
  6. durazno33

    MOC Medieval Haven

    Lots of detail.
  7. Post not needed - please delete
  8. durazno33

    Lego 90 year set voting split and throughts

    Those animals are toys but they are closer to art than to a child's toy. Many of the larger UCS Star Wars sets are geared toward creating an accurate replica of the original movie model and they do a great job at that. However, are they toys at that point? Would a child pick up the UCS super star destroyer and start playing with it? No, it's too heavy since it was created as an model toy not so much a child's toy. Does it mean, Lego shouldn't make creations like the UCS super star destroyer? Of course not so long as they think they can sell it to enough interested parties. Don't get me wrong, those piece you showed are amazing works of art. But my point is that Lego system bricks are more widely used for toys, models, and art projects by children, AFOL's, and artists and therefore are a better representation of what 90 years of Lego is than the Bionicle sets and pieces.
  9. durazno33

    Lego 90 year set voting split and throughts

    Those are some amazing builds for sure. But many people with the correct knowledge and skill can make awesome things out of anything such as this amazing dog statue. Does it mean Lego needs to produce Bionicle pieces for the specifically for the people who want to make sculptures out of Bionicle parts? Maybe... but they are a toy company first and an art company second or third. I really enjoyed your revision. :)
  10. durazno33

    Lego 90 year set voting split and throughts

    The market wasn't flooded with too many Bionicle sets any more than the market was flooded with 30 years of system parts. When customers were offered to buy system bricks and Bionicle in bulk or in a "fill a cup with parts they wanted" lot, almost no one picked the Bionicle parts. The big bin of Bionicle parts formed from the left overs because very few people in the secondary market were wanting them. The Bionicle sets I could assemble from my parts barely sold if at all as a set (granted they weren't new). It wasn't an over abundance of stock, just almost no one was interested.
  11. durazno33

    Lego 90 year set voting split and throughts

    Let me put Bionicle's problem another way. When I was in the Lego resale market, Lego system parts would sell for $10 a pound (0.45 kg) and Bionicle parts would sell for $10 for a big bin. The only other stuff I sold at such a low price per volume were the Mega blocks I would find mixed in with the Legos.
  12. durazno33

    Lego 90 year set voting split and throughts

    During the 2000's Lego strayed away from smaller pieced sets with many pieces toward sets with huge pieces with limited reusability. That trend also correlated with a decline in sales and near bankruptcy as a company. Bionicle as a theme is the only theme of that large bulky brick era that actually worked with fans and had a large success base. I'm curious if the reason Bionicle had such a group following is because they had a series of comic books written about them. To me, Bionicle doesn't represent the core of what classic Lego is, but is more a deviation into another fan base... the fan base of comic books. Bionicle is a stray from the core of what Lego is, building and rebuilding into whatever the user could imagine because of the building limitations caused by the pieces. (a Bionicle character parts are highly specialized to be made into Bionicle characters and not houses, cars, boats, airplanes and all the other things that Lego is) It wasn't until Lego returned to smaller pieces, with more reusability that they have really seen an uptick in sales and revitalization. This is why, although a popular theme, Bionicle doesn't represent the core of what Lego is and more represents a gained fan group during a period when Lego strayed from it's classic legacy.
  13. durazno33

    Lego 90 year set voting split and throughts

    Yeah, that discussion is a mess with so many sub conversations. With Castle (1978), Pirates (1989), and Space (1978), Bionicle's classic theme from 2001 makes it a very young classic. Since it is also not a system theme, it doesn't fit as a very apt 90 year representation of the core of what Lego is or was.
  14. I saw an article with preliminary voting counts for the 90 year Lego anniversary set poll estimating that Bionicle was the top pick followed by Classic Space and then Pirates. That seems incredibly ridiculous and obviously rigged. Bionicle wasn't split into 4-5 different sub-themes so obviously it was going to get a higher single chunk of the votes. And Bionicle isn't really even a classic theme having come out in the 2000's whereas most of the other themes were before the year 2000. And to hear that classic space would be in the top is also a bit sad because we already got a classic space remake with Benny's spaceship from the Lego movie just a couple years ago. Though for castle, we are getting the Lego Ideas Blacksmith set and for Pirate there was the Pirates of Barracuda Bay so we've been getting some vintage style sets for sure. I'm hoping that the folks behind the poles realize how rigged the voting was with split voting and implement a fair resolution but who knows. What do people think, do Pirates, Space, and/or castle deserve another re-imagined set or should Bionicle get this one?
  15. I was going to buy the Harry Potter set for the centaur but this new centaur is so much better! Should make feeling the bags so much easier to find with that big body. Still might get the Harry Potter set just for the darker brown centaur body.