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  1. Anne Mette

    [MOC] LEGO Clikits Layout

    I have a lot of small LEGO Clikits icons, and one day I decided to build a model using some of those. I have tried to combine the LEGO Clikits icons with LEGO elements in matching colors.
  2. Anne Mette

    [MOC] Finland

    In Finland forests, lakes and saunas are very characteristic. I have tried to include this in this LEGO model, which should illustrate something typically Finnish.
  3. Anne Mette

    [MOC] Life

    Life is what happens while you are busy.
  4. Anne Mette

    [MOC] Pluto’s Christmas Tree

    Wave Rounded Small with Pin (Candle Flame): Cone 1 x 1 with Top Groove: Minifigure, Collar: Minifigure, Head Standard Grin Pattern - Blocked Open Stud:{"color":90,"iconly":0} Minifigure, Beard, Medium Short: Brick, Modified 1 x 1 with Studs on 2 Sides, Opposite:{"color":5,"iconly":0} 2 x Tile, Round 1 x 1 Quarter: 1 black and 1 red: Plate 1 x 1:
  5. Anne Mette

    [MOC] Pluto’s Christmas Tree

    In Denmark, it is a tradition to watch Disney's Christmas Show (From All of Us to All of You) every Christmas Eve at 4 PM. Pluto’s Christmas Tree (from 1952) is always in the show. For me, watching this cartoon has always been an important Christmas tradition. When Chip and Dale came as LEGO minifigures I got the idea to build a LEGO model of this cartoon.
  6. Anne Mette

    [MOC] Corona

    The consequences of the Coronavirus have inspired me to build this LEGO model. The virus may have originated from an animal market in Wuhan. This is how I imagine a Chinese animal market. We cannot cross the border, and some people can't visit their boyfriend or girlfriend. In the news I have heard, that an elderly couple every day meet at the Danish-German border to drink coffee together as they are not allowed to visit each other. Many LEGO exhibitions have been cancelled. We cannot visit the elderly at their homes, but some people play songs for them in front of their windows and balconies. People's worst fear: Running out of toilet paper. Keeping distance has become important. In several places, stripes have been drawn to help with that. There are almost no departures and the airplanes are parked at the airport. Unemployment has risen. The burglars are also unemployed, because people are at their homes. There are very busy at the hospitals and every day people die of COVID-19. Many people have died, leaving relatives in mourning. In Denmark where I live, people had to work at home. Kindergartens and schools had closed, so people had to work and look after their children at the same time.
  7. Anne Mette

    MOC: Stress

    Everybody can be suffering from stress and many of us know friends, colleagues or family members suffering from stress. Stress may be caused by all the things that you or others think you need to do, without having enough time to do it. I hope I can bring stress problems a little into focus by this MOC.
  8. Anne Mette

    MOC: Friends Animal Park

    Since there are so many animals in LEGO Friends, it seems obvious to build a Friends zoo. I got the idea at LEGO Fan Weekend in Skærbæk in Denmark last year where my first Friends MOC “Rainbow Holiday Center” was located next to another Friends MOC, which was a zoo, but just built in a different way than I would do it. Together with my 19-year-old son Lasse I started building the layout between Christmas and New Year. The layout was completed and exhibited for the first time at a Danish LEGO exhibition in the beginning of May. We also expect that it will be exhibited at LEGO Friends days in LEGOLAND Billund 6-7 June. More photos: Video:
  9. Anne Mette

    MOC: Rainbow Holiday Center

    Yes - it will be exhibited in Skærbæk (LEGO Fan Weekend in Denmark)
  10. Anne Mette

    MOC: Rainbow Holiday Center

    After I have built my sad grey town, where I only used a limited number of colours, I wanted to build something very colourful. I thought the many colours fits well with the LEGO Friends Theme. Therefore the holiday center has been occupied by Friends girls. The last weekend in June the layout was exhibited at LEGOLAND Friends Days in Billund. More photos can be seen here:
  11. Congratulations to LasseD. I'm looking forward to see it live at Klodsfest (Danish LEGO exhibition) in Roskilde in May.
  12. Anne Mette

    MOC: France

    The French Embassy in Denmark has invited the Danish LUG Byggepladen to a MOC competition and exhibition: "Build France - as you see it". For the competition I have built this MOC. For me France is: "Tour de France, The Eiffel Tower, Napoleon and the motto from the French Revolution: "Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité" (Freedom, equality, brotherhood).
  13. Anne Mette

    Everyday Life

    I have used around 40 sad heads from the mimes.
  14. Anne Mette

    Everyday Life

    It is inspired by the one in 10218 Pet Shop.
  15. Anne Mette

    Iridescent Flight

    Wow! Great idea and very well done